Zherka Lawsuit is an Alleged Fraud on the Court By Hezi Aris

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The original lawsuit by Plaintiff Selim Zherka (publisher of The Westchester Guardian) filed February 29, Edelman_michael
2008 ( Download Morgethau_Zherka.pdf
), in the United States District Court – Southern District of New York against Defendants Michael F. Bogdanos (New York Assistant District Attorney), Michael R. Edelman – pictured right –  (partner in law firm of Worby, Groner & Edelman), Philip Amicone (Mayor of the City of Yonkers), et al, demand compensatory and punitive damages caused by conduct allegedly engaged in by the Defendants in violations of Plaintiff’s rights. The issues cited include the alleged misuse of police force to distribute copies of The Westchester Guardian on Yonkers owned public property, among other concerns. The issue about Michael R. Edelman, allegedly referred to as “the Consultant,” is being sued in his individual and personal capacity for his time when employed by and in Mayor Phillip Amicone’s re-election campaign effort.  “The Consultant” is Edelman’s so-called “handle” as used by him on the Politics on the Hudson blog operated and maintained by Gannett Surburban Newspapers.

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While the lawsuit ascribes some quoted passages to Edelman in the Politics on the Hudson
blog, the fact is they are to be found outside of the blog quoted by
Gannett Suburban Newspapers. The fact that the alleged comment(s)
is/are quoted more than once in the lawsuit verbatim, negates the “Fact
Statement” of the lawsuit. The “Fact Statement” is thereby incorrect.
Its use therefore allegedly exacts a fraud upon the court by its very

A Civil Action lawsuit by Plaintiff Genaro Morales
(a personal friend of Selim Zherka, a partner of Zherka in certain real
estate related businesses, and a retired member of the NYPD) against
the Plaintiffs named at the top of this article, is an addendum of
sorts on the original lawsuit. In the June 26, 2008 suit, Edmund
Hartnett (Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett), John Fleming (Executive
Assistant to Mayor Philip Amicone), allegedly a/k/a “Mob Buster,” and Lawrence
Porcari (Assistant Corporation Counsel), allegedly a/k/a “Ethan Edwards,” and the
City of Yonkers.

An examination of the blog entries on LoHud.com
and the YonkersTribune.Typepad.com, prove conclusively that the
allegations brought by “Sam” Selim Zherka alleging that Mike Edelman,
blogging as “The Consultant” stated that "Zherka was a kingpin
in Albanian organized crime" and that the feds were protecting him for
years" were not said by any blogger claiming to be "The Consultant." A
comparison of the language stated in the Zherka lawsuit with all blog
entries on LoHud.com and YonkersTribune.Typepad.com reveal that an
anonymous blogger posted the language that Zherka is complaining about.

In addition, the legal papers submitted by the
Manhattan County ADA, who has evidently opened a grand jury
investigation of Zherka according to Zherka’s own legal complaint, categorically states that he had no previous relationship with any of the defendants.

In speaking with Mr. Edelman about the lawsuit he said, "I do not condone what some bloggers alleged about Mr. Zherka, but in no event were the words printed mine, and the blog entries verify this fact."

Yonkers Tribune publisher Hezi Aris said, I believe in a
free press; I don’t believe that the judicial system is the venue to
impugn someone’s reputation, unless the facts as stated, back up
the allegation. In this case they do not.”

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Yonkers Tribune feels obligated to advise you that
a recent application filed against The Journal News with the
Westchester Supreme Court to try and obtain the identity of certain
anonymous posters is being contemplated by the Judge Rory Bellantoni
Court.  There are many legal protections for your right to participate
in on-line discussions passionately and anonymously, although of course
they are not without some limits. If you wish to educate yourself
further about the legal parameters, the Electronic Frontier Foundation Website is but one excellent source of information, as will the precaution of considering the use of the Hide My Ass  service to hide your IP address.

Hide My Ass  is an anonymous free proxy service aimed at hiding your online identity from scrutiny by “Big Brother” types. Use the Hide My Ass  service to hide your IP address and bypass your work/school web filter with ease. Stand up to Yonkers City Hall and
the Yonkers Board of Education. You can now bypass City Hall and the
Yonkers BoE from blocking you from visiting and commenting anonymously
on the Yonkers Tribune Website without their systems recognizing you.
The icing on the cake is that the service is free. You’ve been denied
access to one of the most popular and timely Websites in Westchester County; no longer.

A hat tip and thank you to a computer techie extremely well-versed on the Internet and a YonkersTribune acid-tongued blogger who will no longer be denied access.

eHeziZherka Lawsuit is an Alleged Fraud on the Court By Hezi Aris

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  1. anon

    well..now here it is almost two years later..and a federal judge has found that the lawsuits filed by zherka against bogdanos and difiore were bogus..she even found that his attorney “at the very least misled the court” but alleging that the consultant made a “statement of fact” when no such statement was made…the
    judge also found no connection between bogdanos and difiore at all..none… and the judge was informed of the existence of a sitting grand jury in manhattan county investigating drug dealing and money laundering…its just a matter of time now. One other thing..the editor of the guardian Richard blassberg Is no longer writing his vile defamatory comments….Sam must have decided the downside outweighed
    The upside after tony castro got beat badly

  2. Anonymous

    Bogdanos has no proof or reasoning for involving himself in an investigation on Sam Zherka. The only reasoning behind it that makes any sense is the simple fact that he wanted to ruin Sam Zherka’s reputation and credibility as a business man. What kind of DA would do such a thing ? NOT AN HONEST ONE!

  3. Anonymous

    Bogdanos has no proof or reasoning for involving himself in an investigation on Sam Zherka. The only reasoning behind it that makes any sense is the simple fact that he wanted to ruin Sam Zherka’s reputation and credibility as a business man. What kind of DA would do such a thing ? NO A HONEST ONE!

  4. Anonymous

    Its ridiculous to see the Westchester county District Attorney , Janet DiFiore, want to charge a group of Senior boys with a felony charge as punishment for a harmless prank, but sits back and doesn’t do anything to the police officers that violently attack and brutalize people. DISGUSTING !

  5. Anonymous

    Janet DiFiore and Matthew Bogdanos should go chase some real criminals instead of making up nonsense about honorable business man

  6. Anonymous

    All those who are getting sued by Sam Zherka will repay him for all the irreparable damage they have cause to his reputation, business, and family life.

  7. Anonymous

    I’d love for Matthew Bogdanos to show any sort of proof to the alleged drug dealings and operation of prostitution supposedly being committed by Sam Zherka .. oh wait he can’t because there is no such thing going on .. so much for an honorable DA

  8. Anonymous

    It is disgusting to know that we can’t even trust those who are in charge of keeping our cities safe because the people in office who are supposed to do that do the opposite. They clean up after the bad guys and try and put away the good guys .. people like Matthew Bogdanos and Janet DiFiore aren’t doing anything beneficial to our cities so why bother having them in office.

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t understand what would make Matthew Bogdanos, a somewhat honorable DA in my opinion, go and engage in investigative activities attempting to ruin Sam Zherka’s reputation and businesses.

  10. Anonymous

    Bogdanos and DiFiore knowingly tried to ruin a man’s reputation (Sam Zherka) just to keep the dirty truth from coming out. Thats disgusting! This is the kind of DA’s new york has. Despicable!

  11. Anonymous

    Some people may not be big fans of Sam Zherka, but i am and I am happy to say that there is atleast one person who is publicly airing out all of our so called “honorable politicians” and letting the truth be known about them.

  12. Anonymous

    Albanian mob connections … tax fraud … money laundering … Bogdanos is a nut! What is he basing these allegations against Sam Zherka on ? Oh yeah there is no evidence to prove any of these allegations. Another DA that is nothing more then a liar … in my opinion.

  13. Anonymous

    What kind of DA charges someone, who has just been brutally beaten by Yonkers police, as if they were the criminal. Irma Marquez was charged with Obstruction of Governmental Administration and Rui Florim was charged with assaulting a police officers knuckles, shoulder and foot along with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice. This is ridiculous, someone needs to do something about this woman!

  14. Anonymous

    DiFiore is the worst DA Westchester has ever had .. what kind of DA covers up Yonkers police civil rights violations and brutality? A woman like this should not be in office.

  15. vinny

    In my opinion Matthew Bogdanos, and Janet DiFiore are the definition of corrupt. Everything they do and say has no benefit to anyone but themselves.

  16. Anonymous

    Little Z. is hallucinating again. When Mr. Zherka gets to court, he will be thrown out of court.
    But not if he gets to Mr. Bogdanos’ court. Then, he might stay a lonnnnnnnnnng time in a place where the sun don’t shine.

  17. littleZ

    Why so hostile ? I don’t understand why everyone is trying to silence Sam Zherka. If you all are so sure he is wrong let it be proven. As for those, like me, who know he is right we are letting him continue with his cases because we know that the truth will eventually come out!

  18. littleZ

    I can’t stop laughing long enough to give these posts proper attention. Let it suffice to say that when Mr. Zherka gets to court all that will be relevant are the facts. Perhaps you aren’t aware of all the facts. His attorney will illuminate you.

  19. Anonymous

    Zherka is scared s…less of free speech until he wants to hide behind it himself, him and that crazy Blassberg. But they don’t want anyone else to have it.
    They must have something to hide, 9:15. And they sure do lie all the time.

  20. Anonymous

    little Z at 2:38, you said that the only ones afraid of the Guardian are the ones who have something to hide. The same can be said of those who are afraid of Hezi and the Tribune, so, you have something to hide?

  21. littleZ

    MR. ZHERKA HAS NOT committed any crimes. That is how he knows the DA investigation in baseless. He is not the owner of a pron website no matter how much you want that to be true. The only people who are afraid of the Guardian generally have something to hide. Believe me when i tell you, that Mr. Zherka HAS NEVER run from anyone in his life. I can see that you are not used to dealing with someone who knows how to fight back. Not as much fun, is it?

  22. Anonymous

    looks like when all is said and done, the man who began as the honoree of the westchester integrity has demonstrated that
    his character flaws appear to outweigh his
    devotion to liberty and justice.
    the man who says he was defamed but lies
    in his legal papers…
    the who wants to be treated “fairly” by
    the bloggers and even threatens them and
    the publisher of the site with lawsuits
    but thinks nothing of printing lie after
    lie about public officials in his weekly
    excuse for a newspaper
    a man who publicly claims he told his
    editor not to get involved with tony
    castro is seen numerous times introducing
    castro around town
    the man who claims he is a staunch supporter
    of freedom of press and speech wants to
    stamp out all speech that is critical of him
    the man who says that owning a strip club
    is an honorable occupation and denies any
    connection with a porn site featuring young
    girls and vegetables, has his address emblazoned on the sites portal…what
    does that mean…can he deny connection
    with it..what is it that he is denying
    being connected to a legal porn site..
    or is it that even sam zherka believes
    that negative inferences might be drawn
    and by the way sam..do you really expect
    the public to believe that you have been
    singled out for investigation in new york
    city because a couple of bloggers used
    the term “albanian mob”..do you really think
    anyone believes you other than your flunky
    sycophant followers..do you really think
    that in the united states of american
    you can pull the wool over the press and
    publics eyes for an extended period of time
    do you not think there will come a time
    when you will need to prove what you allege
    and do you not think there will come a time
    when the truth of your allegations will be
    revealed to be completely made up..and when
    that time happens sam..are you going to accept responsiblity or are you going to
    blame your lawyer..or how about your editor.
    but it was you sam..you on tv..you announcing that you were personally going
    to defeat phil amicone, you announcing 100,000 in escrow for evidence proving
    di fiore committed a crime…it was you
    you you…and matthew bogdonos knows it
    and you know he knows it…now it is
    between you and the ny da’s office…
    had you not announced to the world that you
    were the subject of grand jury subpoenas
    no one would have been the wiser.and you
    might have kept fooling the world..now
    the spotlight is on you..STOP RUNNING

  23. Anonymous

    Sam the Slimy Toad Zherka proved he was one of the posters claiming to be someone else on the Journal News’ political blog. He called Bogdanos a midget, which is false, of course. But it is exactly what that poster claiming to be someone did on LoHud.
    Sam also had some spelling problems at 1:17 a.m. this morning. Why is that Sam? Shall we guess?

  24. Anonymous

    Oh, my. Sue Sam Zherka! He “defamed” Bogdanos and DiFiore in that comment at 1:17 this morning.
    Hey Zherka, is it true indictments are coming down soon against you? It often takes a long time on such big cases, but that’s what the rumor is. Poor boy. Better hire a good lawyer, for a change, if you do get indicted.
    If you are indicted, you can say “hi” to your very close brother Ali. Oh, sorry. You won’t be able to. He is in Federal custody, charged with crimes connected to the Albanian mob. How about THAT? Quite a coincidence, doncha think? But it is the state that is investigating you. But the state probably has sought the input of others, including the Feds.
    Have a nice day, Selim Strip Club Sam Zherka.

  25. Sam Zherka

    Matthew Bogdanos and Janet Difiore will be indicting themselves when this is all done.
    Starting a frivelous investigation as a political vendetta, and as retaliation for free speech is unlawfull and when this is all done, if they still have jobs, it will be a miracle.
    Janet Difiore and Matthew the midget Bogdanos are both corrupt. Hee hee hee

  26. Anonymous

    “If someone, unknown to Mr. Zherka included his Gentleman’s Club in their web listings, without Mr. Zherka’s knowledge or permission, and he has been harmed by this, they have damaged him and his attorney will be in touch.”

  27. Anonymous

    Which, by the way, makes Matthew Bogdanos just as guilty as our corrupt DA Janet DiFiore … in my opinion 🙂

  28. Anonymous

    As far as i am concerned Matthew Bogdanos is totally and completely wrong considering he willingly agreed to engage in investigative activities to help Janet DiFiore’s objective which was to destroy Sam Zherka’s reputation and businesses.

  29. littleZ

    Mr. Zherka is not being a bully, he is standing up for himself as well as his rights. You perceive that as threatening. Maybe your perceptions are distorted.

  30. Anonymous

    Little Z stands for Little Zit Head. Just like Big Z, who could be the same mentally deficient moron as Little Z. They both, or one and the same are liars.
    Zherka is in big trouble, not only potentially with Bogdanos in Manhattan, but with the public who rapidly is learning about what a shithead creep and liar he is. The Guardian won’t last and Zherka will lose his vicious attack platform which also is full of lies, just like Zherka and Blassberg are.
    Strip Club Sam, the Garbage Man.

  31. Anonymous

    “it is a short-sighted strategy to accuse someone of voluntarily being connected to a porn sight, without confirming it first hand. It will prove to be an expensive strategy.”
    OMG that’s funny. You’re such a bald-faced, lying little asshole.
    Now go peddle your pathetic rag of a paper someplace else.

  32. Anonymous

    wait for it, by about now Zherka will post again his lullaby threat. Every night around now, “keep it clean boys…”

  33. Anonymous

    If Matthew Bogdanos is successful Zherka won’t be sitting on a curb. He will be someplace else. In a room without a view for a long, long time.

  34. Anonymous

    well little z here is the truth..mr zherka
    took a blog entry from the tribune with
    no posted author and said in his legal papers that the consultant made the statement ..not true..and proven easily
    hezi has the blog entry because it is
    hezi’s site..he also knows the IP…and
    it is not edelman …but we know that
    zherka already knows that..so how come
    he keeps starting lawsuits…you think that
    is a fair thing to do..your hero is a bully
    he uses his money to cut off discussion.
    mr edelman working for amicone kicked zherkas’s ass..working for difiore he kicked
    his ass again…but zherka wants revenge..
    well little z he aint gonna get it..what
    he will get is a damages claim in a separate
    lawsuit…one that he will have to pay since
    he is being so obtuse about the matter.
    no one by the way condones any comments about him being a gangster..who cares..its
    all about the poltics and he was a huge
    supporter of robertson..formed a pac
    remember..citiznes against injustice..
    didn’t file it..and the board of elections
    said he was in violation..but he didn’t
    care..all he cared about was removing
    amicone..why? because his business interests
    weren’t being catered too..now he wants
    his vendetta..but the federal court will
    see the evidence and zherka will be sitting
    on the curb..ie he will be out of court

  35. Anonymous

    Zherka and Little Z, who could be one and the same, would seem to be indicative of a scientific theory which holds that not all of mankind has evolved beyond the primate stages.

  36. Anonymous

    well, I don’t know, how can one tell, but PERHAPS little Z and Selim Zherka are one and the same???? Dunno, oh, now I have to run and hide? Did I just defame Selim Zherka? Did I defame little z? This is getting confusing. who is defaming who?

  37. Anonymous

    Little Z is full of horse shit. That site is said to be perverted and sick but it is not illegal. So stick it in your ear Little Z. The posters seem to have found the evidence that ties Sammy Boy right to that sick site.
    Neither you or Zherka can believed anyway. Ask Bogdanos about that. Better yet, you can read Bogdanos about that. His official statements calling Zherka, in effect, a died in the wool professional liar are linked in this very article.
    That dingleberry Zherka would sue his best friend—if he had one.
    Bug off Little Z. You are both a moron and a liar, which must be why Zherka hired you in the first place.

  38. littleZ

    not a stretch its the truth … and you need to realize what a threat really is because what Mr. Zherka is saying is far from one

  39. littleZ

    I understand that you all have your talking points for the day, so talk about this: it is a short-sighted strategy to accuse someone of voluntarily being connected to a porn sight, without confirming it first hand. It will prove to be an expensive strategy. If someone, unknown to Mr. Zherka included his Gentleman’s Club in their web listings, without Mr. Zherka’s knowledge or permission, and he has been harmed by this, they have damaged him and his attorney will be in touch. If someone disseminates inaccurate information, with the intent to defame Mr. Zherka, again, his attorney will be in touch. That is not a threat, that is a promise. Mr. Zherka is entitled to full protection under the law, just like everyone else. Free speech does not include the right to defame, slander or libel people. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts, and when the facts are in evidence Mr. Zherka will be vindicated. It is not a good idea to parrot idiocies in a public forum … just a suggestion.

  40. Anonymous

    Thank you, 11:36. A Google search with the key words “Carol Bengis” + Yonkers Tribune gives a link to the article. It can be read right there by way of Google or else in the Trib achives. It is titled “Sam Zherka Stripped,” was written by Hezi and was published in the Tribune on November 9, 2007.
    It is a very disturbing article about Chuck Lesnick, Rocky Richards, Carol Bengis, Richard Blassberg and Sam Zherka. The ties that bind are laid out.
    Undoubtedly, an official investigation is called for re: the anti-development groups, Lesnick’s staff, funding for the anti-development groups, Zherka’s possible role and real estate interests, open or secret, any others with possible real estate interests, and so on.

  41. Anonymous

    right on 10:31. There really should be an investigation. Real estate interests are involved in all of it. It’s twisted, and hatred for both Fiore and Amicone from Zherka’s camp is playing out. Who else will he use to destroy them? He used Robertson and his camp(and Robertson was willing for sure) and he’s used Castro et al. But Fiore and Amicone are still standing.
    The other person from Lesnick’s office is Carol Bengis, if that’s how you spell the name. I wouldn’t know what connection she has to anyone in Zherka’s camp. According the article about those emails from her and Rocky Richards (if that’s who did the emails) to Zherka’s camp, they actually enjoyed the fact that Amicone was having difficulty and that it was going to cost the city plenty in a lawsuit…. I don’t know, didn’t see the emails, but there were inferrences about it. None of this is certain, but just pieces of a puzzle and it’s troubling.

  42. Anonymous

    Hezi knows when he published that story on this site. He can post it again just as it was then if he wants to. At least say where it is in the archives.
    Blassberg knew another one of Lesnick’s staff, not just Richards. But he knew Richards too because of Tony Castro. I can’t recall the other woman’s name right now, but she is on Lesnick’s staff too. The e-mails were sent. That was the main point of Hezi’s story.
    Would it be a shock if Zherka was secretly funding the anti-development forces and other things like that? NO. Would it be a shock if that connection in Lesnick’s office was part of it? NO again. It would not be a shock. Zherka has both the money and the motive.
    He sank a load of money into Roberston’s campaign, both on the books and through a PAC he never registered. He did TV commercials attacking Amicone, sent out mailers attacking Amicone, etc. Lesnick and his staff should be officially investigated to get to the bottom of all this..and the anti-development orgs also should be investigated.

  43. Anonymous

    Yeah, I think there is something about this. And Zherka gives a walloping amount to Dennis Robertson, who was against Amicone and also said he’d put off the developments, and the extremist environmentalists went crazy for Dennis on that, and now who corrals those same extremists onto a task force – Lesnick, and delay is their forte. A bitter campaign manager of the #1 opponent of DiFiore is certainly a dear connection to Zherka’s camp. What’s really going on. You just have to wonder. Too many dots to connect? Anyone figure out all this? What other pieces of this puzzle?

  44. Anonymous

    Last year, in perhaps October or November…a guess…it may be in the archives…Hezi wrote a story that Rocky Richards was in e-mail communcation with Zherka’s wonder dog Richard Blassberg.
    Blassberg had a prior relationship with someone on Lesnick’s staff….business relationship….Can’t remember all the details…but that is the gist of it…the computer used was in Lesnick’s office or was used by one of his staff….that is a direct link between Zherka and Lesnick or Lesnick’s staff….through Blassberg. The Castro connection to Richards is another one….Blassberg and Zherka want Castro to replace DiFiore…they also hate Amicone.
    You raise a VERY GOOD QUESTION.

  45. Anonymous

    Castro? Was Rocky Richards his campaign manager? And now she’s the chief of staff for Lesnick. Small world, and Lesnick/Rocky seems to maneuver delays against Amicone’s priority, that is, the rejuvenation of Yonkers with well-planned development. Is that a Zherka-influenced stalling process? You just have to wonder what’s really going on. Why the delays? Who benifits or is so gratified by that, to see the Mayor increasingly worried about it. Who’s pulling those strings within the city hall system? It just doesn’t seem right. Just wondering.

  46. Anonymous

    He lied about the “vegetable porno” site because, although it is legal, ostensibly, he didn’t want to be connected to such a perverted site. He just runs an upscale “gentleman’s club,” to use his words.
    But according to that poster, Sam Zherka also runs or is closely tied to a web site featuring anal gang bangs and “vegetable” porn. Not nice for a so-called legit publisher to be doing, is it, based on that poster’s information?
    And where there is one site there could be a dozen more. Could be. That is opinion and is based on the other poster’s information….which does make sense. It all can be dug out…all of it.
    Right now, if that information is correct, it is a public relations nightmare for Zherka, Blassberg, Tony Castro and others. The Federal Courts and Matthew Bogdanos also will find it of interest.

  47. Anonymous

    Edelman should alert his and all other attorneys to this information, which now seems to be confirmed by that poster….a clear tie between the gross and disgusting “Veggie” porn site and SAM ZHERKA.
    Those few politicians and a retired judge (LANGE) who occasionally do an article in the Guardian will be embarrassed and shamed. Not to mention the advertisers. And when the public finds out! Boom!
    According to that poster’s info, both Sam Zherka and Little Z. LIED. Just like Bogdanos said. Can’t tell the truth. Just like the Guardian doesn’t tell the truth.

  48. Anonymous

    Why would a porno web page name itself after Zerka’s club, feature his strippers with their dance schedules, and have his club’s address unless the web page was somehow run by Zerka or one of his companies?

  49. Anonymous

    That IS the address of Zherka’s club in Manhattan, so there is the evidence. Little Z was lying, as always. Just like “Big Z” always lies.
    Sam Zherka has corporate entities in the 516 area code. But 561, even if if that is real, could be a number that bounces back to New York. That West Palm address is just a maildrop.
    The poster at 4:25 has proved the connection. Save that website…print out a few pages. Sam, Sam the Carrots and Cucumbers garbage man. Very fitting.

  50. Anonymous

    The site is back up and in the middle of each page there is a line of print that reads as follows:
    “*Club VIP located at: 20 West 20TH Street, New York, N.Y 10011”
    That appears to be the address of Zerka’s club.

  51. Anonymous

    someone is running for cover..because
    had the lawsuit not been brought..you guys
    would not be vetting zherka’s business
    interests…by the way the area code for
    palm beach is 561…which means that there
    could be a legitimate error..but that would
    still not necessarily mean that there is
    no connection at all…corporate records
    will have to be examined thoroughly..but
    don’t you think that the majority of the
    public will be disabused of the notion
    that sam is acting in the public interest
    when they learn of the above..

  52. anon

    The listing on the Network Soultions site has the phone number as 516.
    There well may be a typo but it would be on their side which is very possible.

  53. Anonymous

    That is just a postal drop in West Palm, and it could also be an answering service that bounces back to NY. So what Little Z posted means nothing.

  54. Anonymous

    2:03 insists he has the evidence. Maybe he will turn it over to the proper authorities. But they can get all they need anyway. Nice work by 2:03.
    No one believes a word you or your boss Zherka say, Little Z. With reason.

  55. littleZ

    that was a typo … excuse my mistake
    Primal Ventures Inc
    Primal Ventures
    6742 Forrest Hill Blvd. Suite 278
    West Palm Beach, FL 33413

  56. littleZ

    how do you know if he is or isn’t suing … are you his personal friend or assistant .. NO … so you wouldn’t know until the news is made public if that even the case … but regardless the age of the girls on that porn site Sam isn’t the owner of it and i have proven that by posting who the owner of the site was … and as far as 2:03 post, he has no proof Sam owns that site he has pictures saved off the site in case it needs to be used which is won’t because Sam has no involvement with it so there was no point in saving those pictures unless they were for personal reasons .. who knows

  57. Anonymous

    Florida? Funny, but that’s a 516 Long Island area code Little Z. Ooops….guess who has businesses registered in that same area code? Sam Zherka.

  58. littleZ

    its funny … you say that Sam is being exposed all the time but last time i checked the only exposure he receives is being proven innocent of the disgusting things you accuse him of being involved with

  59. Anonymous

    Come on Little Z. Teenager porn can mean 19 or 18. No one accused Sam of being a child pornographer or of using underage girls.
    As for that corporate data…who knows where the connections go? But 2:03 says he has the evidence. By the way, Little Z, how did YOU come up with that data so easily if the site is down? And do you expect ANYONE to believe Sam wouldn’t have sued in a second if someone used the name of his strip club for that site without his authorization or participation?

  60. Anonymous

    Because Strip Club Sam Zherka is a sleazy hypocrite in my opinion, 2:55 poster. And he is being exposed all the time for the disgusting bum he is, which also is in my opinion.
    The Guardian advertisers will jump ship as all this gets around. Free speech you know. Freedom to organize boycotts. And just wait till all the Bogdanos material gets passed around! All legal. All protected.

  61. littleZ

    i find it hilarious that someone actually has the nerve to say that they have proof that Sam owns that site when in fact you can easily access the real owner of that site which is
    Primal Ventures Inc
    Primal Ventures
    6742 Forrest Hill Blvd. Suite 278
    West Palm Beach, FL 33413
    who in fact has no relation to Sam Zherka what so ever .. so i’d love to see the proof that Sam owns that site

  62. littleZ

    Why you ask … maybe because there aren’t teenagers stripping there … its adult women who make their own decisions … a strip club is perfectly legal … but having accused him of owning a TEENAGE PORN SITE … lets be realistic people no father in their right mind would do that

  63. Anonymous

    2:03 is very good. He says he has the evidence that the Veggie porn site is Sam Zherka’s. Sam, Sam, the Veggie Porn Man.
    Keep that evidence handy, 2:03, just like you said you will do. It looks like just another day with more Zherka lies. What else is new? Bogdanos the D.A. has him figured out perfectly, in my opinion.

  64. littleZ

    Did anyone think maybe Sam doesn’t live on his computer the way you all do … anyway … when Sam said he would be checking in every week to make sure there is no slander or defamation who in their right mind would interpret that as a threat?? … i don’t know … and as far as “Sam owning a porn site” your all mistaken … i suggest you go do your research to find out who owns that site so all of you can feel pretty dumb for accusing an innocent man of such things … why would a man who has teenage daughters himself own a site like that? do any of you think before you begin to blog on this site because it doesn’t seem like it … & who is Bogdano to say that Sam Zherka is incapable of telling the truth … he is the one who is a compulsive liar … in my opinion

  65. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t worry too much about if the Zerka Club VIP web page at vipclubxxx dot com was up or down, if you’ll pardon the expression. I took a look at it and then copied eight screenshots as file captures to my laptop.
    Including the “veggie” screen and the oh-so-charming “anal gang bang” link page. I also did a couple of screen captures of Club VIP girls, complete with their ‘dance’ schedules. I noticed each page gave the club’s address as the same 20th street location on Zerka’s ‘other’ web page.
    You’re all shocked to read that, I’m sure.
    So now, the site is preserved for posterity. You never know- somebody might need to see them someday.

  66. Anonymous

    gee I see plenty of comments
    since july 15th…is your computer
    broken or something and zherka
    is taking quite a beating from
    average citizens

  67. Anonymous

    PS: If that site wasn’t his, Zherka would have sued in a split second if anyone else used the name of his strip club in it.

  68. Anonymous

    As the DA wrote in his court papers on July 10 (the link is in the story above), Sam Zherka is a complete liar, and has no regard for the truth. The DA must already know about that site and if he hasn’t already done so, he can subpoena all the records for it, including the ownership to see if any laws were violated and also to find another example of Sam lying. But is Sam lying?
    As the other poster said, it is quite a coincidence that the site is exposed on the Y-Trib and then it suddenly is down and Sam Zherka then surfaces to deny it is is. As the DA said, Sam Zherka can’t be believed about anything. The site may be down now, but all its records and history exist. The DA can get all of that if he wants to. So can Edelman’s lawyers, etc.

  69. Anonymous

    Anybody but me notice that the Zerka porn site at vipclubxxx is down?
    What a coincidence. People start talking about his porno web page, he posts a denial that it exists, and suddenly the link stops working.
    Too bad everybody saw the whole “veggie” thing already, right Sam?
    By the way, if it wasn’t your site, how come it had your club’s name and 20th street location on the opening page?

  70. Anonymous

    Sammy you crud. Your threats mean nothing to the posters on this site. You are nothing but a glorified goon when it comes right down to it. Almost all porn sites are legal anyway unless it is kiddie porn or unless underaged girls or animals are involved.
    So shut up and take your threats elsewhere. Why would someone saying you operate that site possibly be libel???? It would not be. Almost all porn sites are legal, you dope. Or is the Manhattan D.A. investigating many, many things and you are trying to deny that site is yours? He already called you a LIAR anyway. Go to hell, Sam Zherka. Strip Club Sam.

  71. Sam Zherka

    Let me make this very clear:
    I do not own, manage or am I affiliated with any web site named vipclubxxx. or any porn site for that matter.
    I own and manage the website thevipclubnyc.com.
    Please do your self a favor and do not print with out knowing or having the facts. Posting as a matter a fact that I own a porn site that Im not affiliated with is false and might fall under libel.
    The truth is the ultimate defense!
    I am not into porn, do not own that or any port site. I do own a gentlemans club, named the VIP CLUB which is a constitutionally protected business(First Amendment, under free expression and free speech).
    Please continue blogging and keep it clean.
    Free Speech, no defamation or slander.
    Thank You
    sam Zherka
    I do

  72. Anonymous

    I see there is a poster who hates the pirros
    the spanos and the martinelli’s..and he seems to be a zherka fan..so indeed this appears to be a poltical vendetta…and
    as an old sicilian myself..vendetta’s never
    end well for those who pursue them…
    you don’t like mike because of his political
    friends..you must be kidding..or you must
    be myopic either one…

  73. Anonymous

    If 1 p.m. reads the newspapers today he or she will see there was another strip club busted in Manhattan. 21 arrests. Dope dealing, prostitution and money laundering. Not just dancing and stripping, 1 p.m. But FELONIES.

  74. Anonymous

    How many members of the Adminstration have been at a strip club? Don’t get indignate with the person who owns one if you are a patron. After all there would be no strip clubs if there were no customers. What do you think is the percentage of males over 30 who have never been to a strip?

  75. Anonymous

    Ali Zherka is in the Brooklyn Fed jail. Sam Zherka is being investigated by the state. But who knows, the Feds may be part of that too! And who knows who may be singing on Sam? It could be a choir of singers. Grand jury in session. The sands may be running through Sam’s hourglass right now.
    Brotherly love! Isn’t that nice?

  76. anon

    I just hope that if Strip Club Sam is indicted and sent to jail as a result of the investigation that is currently going on in Manhattan that he gets to room with his bother who is apparently in jail in Brooklyn awaiting trial on federal charges.
    They could decorate their cell together and everything!

  77. Anonymous

    Sam, Sam, the garbage man
    Pushes porn whenever he can
    Makes the girls strip and pout
    So the dirty old men can cheer and shout
    Sam, Sam, the porno man
    Debases girls whenever he can
    Makes the girls cry and whine
    Shoving veggies where the sun don’t shine
    Sam, Sam, the lawsuit man
    Sues whenever, wherever he can
    Has a lawyer who’s just a jerk
    Doing all of Sam’s dirty work
    Sam, Sam the garbage man

  78. Anonymous

    The last two comments appear to be Mike commenting about himself.
    In many an instance Mike has twisted the truth and made hurtful comments about other people to suit himself and his friends, Spano, the Pirros and the Martinellis among others.
    Now he would depict himself as a good guy?
    There have been many who could have taken him to task before this but didn’t knowing that they were up against the defunct machine that he was then part of.
    The old Sicilian saying goes “Do good deeds and forget them, Do bad deeds and don’t dare to forget them”
    You reap what you sow.

  79. Anonymous

    That new reply by Matthew Bogdanos is a joy to read. Zherka is a complete liar, he writes. And maybe even better — there is a sitting grand jury regarding Zherka. Wonderful news. Tick, tock Sam?

  80. Anonymous

    just an observation but the poster
    above who is hoping that mike looses
    his car and his lifestyle must be
    a bitter, jealous, horrible human
    being.Mike comments on politics
    I don’t happen to be a republican
    but he has never given anyone reason
    to be that nasty in all the years
    I have watched…this whole political
    thing is becoming nastier every second
    people appear to have axes to grin..why
    don’t you do something constructive

  81. Anonymous

    new papers just in..see Hezi’s headline in
    blue…catch this stuff…its in the reply
    affidavit submitted by the ADA to the
    additional allegations made by zherka
    on the motion…
    it is stated as follows: )to zherka’s
    allegation that no grand jury is seated
    and the investigation is politically motivated)
    bogdanos reply is IT HARDLY NEEEDS TO BE
    guess sammy boy is out of luck on that
    one..becuase now the da has confirmed
    a sitting grand jury on the return date
    he also states that the “allegations
    of conspiracy between DiFiore and her husband are SURRILOUS..and that
    Now that is from a totally separate
    entity, in new york city, considered
    the most scrupulous and thorough da’s
    office in the nation..
    going once again to show that this
    lawsuit is not only frivolous, not
    based on fact..but that it is a lawsuit
    which wastes the resources, time and
    energy of lots of people, judges, da’s
    etc..which could be spent doing the
    job they are getting paid to do instead
    of dealing with a purely political vendetta
    brought by a man who actually appears to
    be under criminal investigation
    and for the jackass who seems to get
    a thrill out of the fact that he thinks
    edelman is at any risk at all..your
    deluding yourself….just like sam

  82. Anonymous

    Edelman has no reason to sweat. Zherka loses. And bet on it, there were and are many different posters on this story.

  83. Anonymous

    To 1:50 p.m., 12:47 is a “minority” only because Mike E has probably put up 95 out of the 100 postings on this alleged story.
    Then again, he should know, if he were a lawyer, that lawsuits are not decided by public opinion and this one cannot be decided by Nicky’s opinion because it is in Federal Court.
    Lovett is a very competent lawyer who wouldn’t waste his time on frivilous lawsuits and who now has his sights set on Mike E and others. That must be very uncomfortable and disconcerting for the defendants.
    All the “spin” in the world won’t help them if they have committed a defamation, regardless of the charachter of the defamed person.
    Let’s just wait for the trial and judgment. Could the Bentley and the St Andrew’s membership be in jeopardy?
    Sweat it out.

  84. Anonymous

    Teenage girls, eh? If the DA finds one underage, so long Sammy. Porn pusher? Sludge? Spawned. People don’t like Sammy at all.

  85. Anonymous

    So, Sam- just saw the web page. Nice. How much DO you have to pay teenage girls to shove “veggies” in their private parts?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    If you somehow- I guess the word to use would be “spawned”- would you like it if YOUR child was preyed upon and made to degrade herself for money by some filthy old man like, say- YOURSELF?
    One last question. Just how does one impune the reputation of some creature who makes his money by peddling this vile, abusive, disgusting porn?
    I would have thought accusing you of being a gangster would have been a step UP.
    But- that’s just my opinion.

  86. Anonymous

    I believe Zherka has more than a dozen suits against Yonkers alone. And as many as two dozen or more against other communities, people, etc. I think he is one sick, depraved dirt bag. I also hope the Manhattan DA nails him good.

  87. Anonymous

    Copied from the comments off another YTrib post- this one says it all:
    “I am very proud of you boys. You are keeping it nice and clean.”
    Thanks for the compliment.
    It means so much coming from a scumbag who has a webpage for his strip club that features teen girls shoving carrots up their ass:
    What a class act you are.
    Go and get lost you lowlife, porn-pushing piece of shit.

  88. anon

    What Mike Edelman is doing is truly honorable. He is using every effort to stop the waste of court time in an invalid lawsuit.
    Despite repeated attempts to clarify the truth he persists in telling the truth no matter how much he is ignored.
    The courts will be very grateful for his efforts at stopping this nonsense before the resources of the people are wasted.

  89. Anonymous

    and some people are just an ass….its hardly shrill to put the lie to a zherka
    charge..Hezi did it..and so did most of
    the posters inlcuding mrs sotterholm..you
    are in the distinct minority..on this site
    on this topic…so don’t count your chickens

  90. Anonymous

    From an outsider’s perspective, most of the posts on this story appear to be Edelman’s.
    He sure seems concerned about being sued, even though he writes as if he’s got the case in the bag in his favor (I guess he became used to that with “Over the Hill” Nicky in the past)
    Don’t know Zerka and believe less than half of what people say about others on this blog. However, the bright side is that he’s rattled Edelman’s cage. Good old Mr. Cocksure of Himself sounds shrill, which I have allways thought him to be.
    As the old saying goes some people are all mouth and no ass.

  91. Anonymous

    Zherka has again last night threatened all
    bloggers saying how proud he was and
    that he would be checking back every week
    to enforce his previous threat ie “to
    inspect that there is no slander or defamation” kind of smacks of a totalitarian
    police state doesn’t it..because remember
    zherka said he would sue even if the comments were borderline..ie even if
    they were not defamatory….so he wants
    to “control” the site..to be the sole
    arbiter of what is said about him
    and clearly the only thing that one
    could say about him is that he
    is acting in an undemocratic way, totally
    he is a creature of the totalitarian
    regime from which he came…

  92. Anonymous

    Since Margaret Setterhome speaks at most public hearings, it does matter who she is. It’s obvious she is not familiar with this area and popped up suddenly out of nowhere to opine.

  93. Anonymous

    Zherka doesn’t care about truth. All you have to do is see that Guardian to know that. He will bluff and pretend until the clock runs out on him.

  94. Anonymous

    if you are so reasonable why don’t you
    take a good look at your own lawsuit
    because your lawsuit totally misidentifies
    the blog according to hezi..are you too hard
    nose and stubborn to realize when a mistake
    is made..or did you make the mistake intentionally to “get back” at someone who
    has taken political shots at you because
    you backed dennis robertson and spent
    thousands of dollars to defeat amicone.
    I doubt you fully understand that starting
    a suit in this country has to be in good
    faith..you can’t make up allegations and
    then attribute them to someone you don’t like..courts don’t like that sam, and
    they make sure that when it is done
    the person misleading the court never
    does it again..

  95. Sam Zherka

    I am very proud of you boys. You are keeping it nice and clean.
    You see how fun true Free Speech can really be.
    Continue doing what you are doing,
    Free Speech not Defamation and Slander!
    Enjoy your blogs, Mike, Lawrence and Joe Spezio.
    I will visit this site and others at least once a week to inspect that there is no slander and defamation. Continue blogging. im honored!
    Good night, and god bless

  96. Anonymous

    Zherka has proven himself to be an aggressive bully who thinks that his
    money can intimidate free speech…bogdanos
    is a manhattan da…your statement that there is any relationship between difiore
    and bogdanos is another big lie…zherka
    is into the big lie technique and he relies
    on people with little education to parrot
    what he alleges…when we are finished with
    zherka he will be lucky to still have assets
    in westchester…he will pay millions
    not hundreds of thousands in damgages.to
    the multiple defendants he has lied about
    in his legal papers….it will cost him
    dearly apart from the hundreds of thousands
    he owes to other people for debts he has
    not honored..what honest business person
    that you know has judgements against him
    people are supposed to pay their bills
    and apparently zherka has not done that
    for those zherka fans….this will be
    brought to the attention of the court
    and they will see he is a man who does
    not honor his debts even when a court
    enters a judgmement

  97. Anonymous

    I agree with the comparison. Alarm clocks with duct tape & road flares are as close to deadly weapons as Zherka’s fish wrap is to factual journalism.
    In my opinion….

  98. ed192

    Hendrick Hudson Seniors arraigned on felony charges because of a senior prank!!! This bullcrap is unheard of , ONLY IN WESTCHESTER !

  99. ken M 75

    Matthew Bogdanos clearly agreed to engage in investigative activities to destroy Zherkas reputation, and to protect that of his close friend Janet Difiore. I bet Bogdanos and Difiore are having tea and crumpets at this very moment.

  100. littleZ

    What kind on District Attorney is Janet DiFiore … she doesn’t charge cops who shoot another cop … however she charges 19 young boys who played a HARMLESS senior prank with a felony and they are now facing 1 1/2 to 4 years in prison … what kind of nonsense is this … this lady needs to be stopped … first not giving justice to a grieving family then being unjust to innocent teenage boys !! This lady is something else

  101. littleZ

    I’m sorry to inform everyone but your all 100% wrong … Sam Zherka didn’t loose the lawsuit against the Yonkers Public Library … he won the case … whether it was the big bulky new racks, that he had in there in the first place, or the little metal ones he put in there now anyway you wanna put it his newspapers are still in the library so to me thats a win … The library wanted the papers out all together and they didn’t get that … that sounds like a loose

  102. littleZ

    “with lifetime appointments
    and no agenda but making sure that
    justice is done.” are you delusional or what … look who we have running out courts … people like Janet DiFiore and Matthew Bogdanos … how can anything be about justice when such corrupt people (in my opinion) are running major parts of it

  103. Anonymous

    Zherka wanted his day in court..he will
    get it..and he will get exactly what
    is coming to him….The Federal Courts
    of the United States of America know
    exactly how to deal with a case like
    this one….they have brilliant law
    secretaries trained at the finest law
    schools..they are not political hacks
    they know a sham when they see one..
    and they are more than willing to
    impose sanctions and damages on anyone
    attempting to use the federal courts
    to intimidate others…This is the strength
    of our form of government, an independent
    judiciary…with lifetime appointments
    and no agenda but making sure that
    justice is done…live by the sword die
    by the sword…zherka started it…
    now he will face the consequences….

  104. Anonymous

    Oh YES! Zherka’s maggot comments and threats against Hezi and this site’s posters should be sent all over the county and metropolitan area, shown to the judges and added to any legal papers. He ADMITS he doesn’t care if a statement is really “defamatory” or not, and said he will sue anyway. He can’t win any defamation suits either.
    He proved in those hateful remarks that all he wants to do is to intimidate and shut down his crtiics. He abuses the courts and is trying to use them for his own dishonorable ends. Also, what genuine publisher would sue the citzens (taxpayers) of the same communities where he is supposed to want his rag paper read by them? No genuine publisher would ever do that.
    He even sued the Yonkers Public Library, and he has LOST. That article is in today’s Journal News. He sued a library! Sickening.

  105. Anonymous

    it doesn’t mattter who margaret Setterholm is…she is a very wise lady…and sometimes
    it takes a LADY to put a man in perspective

  106. margaret setterholm

    To Selim Zherka,
    If someone is desperate for respect, they ought to look at their own day to day behavior and choices and dignify all that. REspect yourself first. Then, after that, perhaps others will then respect you, and if they don’t, you should still respect them. To show others respect, no matter how they treat you, is considered by the wisest ones to be a very high test of good character. Not many people can pass that test.
    Margaret Setterholm

  107. Anonymous

    sometimes repetition is necessary..this guy
    zherka is a serial abuser..he abuses the rights he has ACQUIRED..as an american ..he
    abuses the right of free press..he abuses
    the legal system..he intimidates his political opponents…you know that 200m
    that he told hezi to be ready to pony up
    I bet thats what it costs him in legal fees
    and damages to the reputations of those he
    has sued without cause…maybe more….
    big mistake to sue without a leg to stand on
    but no problem for mr VIP..I am sure
    the strip club provides ample money
    for him to pay up

  108. Naked Jim from Greenburgh


  109. Anonymous

    5:46 was criticizing the Zherka supporter who posted under the screen name Soleil but complained no one used real names. LOL.

  110. Anonymous

    isn’t that the whole point of the story
    that the post relied on in the zherka
    suit in fact came from this blog and
    had no name….like it or not…you
    just made the case against zherka..
    there are no posts on the tribune
    unless someone chooses to do so..
    and that includes the post about
    kingpins…so zherka looses big time
    just on that alone…can’t wait
    till the judge reads zherka’s maggot

  111. anon

    Mind boggling how people post without a name?
    That was posted by someone who left a first name only, no last name no city.

  112. Anonymous

    By Zherka making all that public about the Manhattan investigation, he put himself in the soup. No one else did, as the Manhattan DA responded very forcefully to that accusation stating there was no conspiracy, that he didn’t even know any of the bloggers, including Edelman.
    And for Lovett to take the escrow money for the rewards on DiFiore and Bogdanos? Yes indeed. What about that?

  113. Anonymous

    how about his lawyer agreeing to accept the
    escrow money and participating in the
    charade…does he think that there is evidence of a criminal act..and if he doesn’t should he have accepted the money
    and participated in the press conference
    in the first place..and did the attorney
    at least look at the allegations before
    he put them in his lawsuit to make sure
    that the blogs said what they did?and if
    he didn’t did he violate the code of
    ethics? and why did they release to the
    press the contents of their lawsuit
    before they filed it…and why did they
    reveal the criminal investigation of
    sam zherka by bob morganthau’s office
    when it was not public knowledge at the time

  114. Anonymous

    How about Sam Zherka having the arrogance to go on the local TV news and offer a reward of about $100,000 for the arrest or conviction or disbarment of DiFiore and the Manhattan District Attorney? Wasn’t that awful and a terrible cheap shot by Zherka? Wasn’t that defamatory? I believe most residents would say YES IT WAS.

  115. Anonymous

    How about Sam Zherka having the arrogance to go on the local TV news and offer a reward of about $100,000 for the arrest or conviction or disbarment of DiFiore and the Manhattan District Attorney? Wasn’t that awful and a terrible cheap shot by Zherka? Wasn’t that defamatory? I believe most residents would say YES IT WAS.

  116. soleil

    Ok in your opinion Sam Zherka is so horrible for what was said in the comment he left but those who began this all by commenting about him on this site as well as LoHud are not wrong in anything they said ??? they said 500x worse things about Sam and on top of it all everything said was lies so what makes them any different to the point where they aren’t wrong in what they said but he is ?? anyone that thinks that is a complete and total hypocrite

  117. Anonymous

    Zherka should be sued and also he should be sanctioned by the courts for what he already has done. He is a fake, a fraud and a liar, in my opinion.
    He also threatens people like the common thug I personally believe he is.

  118. Anonymous

    no it is you sir who should get a grip..
    its not the word maggot…that shows
    him to be what he is…its the rest of
    the statement as the above poster
    and all of westchester now recognize.
    the cat is out of the bag and the game
    is over for sam zherka…his lawsuit is
    a betrayal of the public trust in his
    capacity as the owner of a newspaper that
    holds itself out as a truth teller..
    his attitude is one of condescenscion
    toward anyone that might be crticial
    but he has no problem making outragous
    comments about all those with whom he
    disagrees.in his rag he calls “the guardian”
    now with his statement he has revealed himself to be the kind of man that people
    should simply ignore

  119. Anonymous

    Here is a belief. The real Sam Zherka was shown last night by his own words. He is a sickening bully who thinks he can threaten and scare everbody. Sam Zherka is a phony hypocrite who really is just a bum and now everyone knows that. That is opinion. His deplorable comments are being sent all over and being read by many, many persons, regular citizens and others.
    You want names? Here is a name for you. Little Zorro.

  120. ed192

    Would you guys get a grip already ! What are you 7 years old? Maggot this, maggot that ! Is him refering to you as a “maggot” ruining your repuation or affecting your family ? NO , so it is not at all the same as the negative lies and rumors circulating about him.

  121. Anonymous

    except for that very nice lady who told
    mr zherka exactly what she thought of him
    and to your point..blogging is supposed
    to allow you to make statements anonymously
    that is what the bloggisphere is all about
    and that is why people all over the nation
    have fun on line….without the necessity
    of subjecting themselves to ridicule for
    their opinions…in this particular instance
    the article hezi wrote makes clear that
    there is an aroma of coercion in the actions
    taken by mr zherka in bringing his lawsuit
    with the misstatements of fact..and given
    the threats he made last night..people would
    be foolish to post their names because mr
    zherka has made it clear that his standard
    for starting a suit is not necessarily
    defamation…it is the standard he used
    in his lawsuite..not defamation..imagination

  122. soleil

    its mind boggling how EVERYONE on this site post without a name .. people lets be adults and own up to what your beliefs are !!

  123. Anonymous

    apparently the gathering storm is gathering
    around sam’s use of the english language
    to express his true feelings…but that
    is good for the democracy..whenever zelots
    lurk..they are bound to trip themselves up
    because they lost their objectivity and
    ability to analyze a long time ago ..colored
    by their own prejudices and fed by the
    predjudices and conspiratorial mindsets
    of others around them

  124. soleil

    Okay and you all entitled to you opinion just as i am … and in my opinion all of the 6 or 7 people being sued by Sam are maggots and they deserve to be sued by him because they did state slanderous lies about him on the internet trying to ruin his reputation

  125. Anonymous

    Alright then. In my opinion Sam Zherka is a maggot who devoured his own slimy carcass with his despicable, threatening remarks last night.

  126. Anonymous

    then you will have to familiarize with
    the core issues rather than simply surfing
    there is a reason all these people are
    gathering against zherka..read the blog
    entries and learn something about your

  127. ed192

    what is this? every site i go to theres something negative about this sam zherka guy ! I personally love his paper and feel he speaks out for the little guys like myself.

  128. Anonymous

    the whole world is turning on sam…
    even the people that thought he was
    a gentleman..he has lost credibility
    primarily due to his own statement
    on this blog which he posted….read it!
    threat after threat…intimidaton of
    bloggers and the editor of the Tribune
    monetary threats..and threats to show
    up on front doors….the maggot statement
    just shows whats in his mind…and if
    he had taken issue with only the statement
    about being a mob kingpin..and only
    sued the person that made it..you
    wouldn’t have to defend him…but
    sam decided he would “go after” his
    political enemies as well as bloggers
    who he thought defamed him…it is you
    that can’t read…everyone else knows
    the truth now….

  129. littleZ

    To Margaret Setterholm:
    No if someone called Sam Zherka a maggot he wouldn’t be suing them … because that would be their opinion … but saying he is the kingpin of the mob as if it were true is slander and defamation … maybe you should invest in a dictionary and look these words up cause you apparently dont know what you talking about!

  130. Anonymous

    Perhaps one of those First Amendment legal foundations could be contacted and a suit or suits can be filed against Zherka. He is so disgusting it is likely they would be happy to take them on for no charge at all.
    Even the ACLU also might want to take on Zherka. Legal professionals who care about Free Speech and the First Amendment might be lining up to help deal with him once they know what is going on. I believe this is a sham publisher who is abusing the First Amendment and by doing so is harming all those who cherish it and what a free press is supposed to be.

  131. Anonymous

    congratulations to Margaret Setterholm for having the courage to state her name and
    state she is not intimidated..what we need
    is an outpouring of bloggers to do the
    same thing..its kind of like a movie
    in the old west when the bad guy threatens
    the townspeople and the sheriff is standing
    alone..then one, two three ordinary citizens
    step forward with their six shooters..to
    let the bully badguys know they cannot
    get away with bullying an entire community
    and so they get on their horses and
    turn tail and run out of town….

  132. Anonymous

    10:08. It is safe to assume many posters likely would agree that is an appropriate response to, and summary of the situation.

  133. Anonymous

    zherka made statements on this blog which
    indicate his motivation…his lack of
    respect for what the law says and his
    willingness to attempt to intimidate those
    who have opinions contrary to his…
    his statement has been forwarded to
    the appropriate civil and criminal

  134. Anonymous

    Any Castro DA try is a secondary concern. Bogdanos being after Zherka right now is his primary concern, in my opinion.

  135. Anonymous

    Edelman should take that comment at 8:25 a.m. today about Zherka not caring about whether a comment is “defamatory” or not, etc. and would sue anyway. If that wasn’t bullying, threatening and intimidation by Zherka last night, what is?
    Put those observations with Zherka’s own comments to make the point. Does Zherka care if something is really “defamatory” or not? His own comments indicate that he doesn’t. More grounds for dismissal? Could be seen that way.

  136. Anonymous

    I am sure mike realizes what zherka’s goal
    is..in fact it is to probably pave the way
    for another castro da try..but mike was
    about to retire from the whole scene
    why should he fight this fight…there
    are plenty of others around in public
    office and out to do that…what would you
    do if you were named falsely in a lawsuit
    would you move to dismiss or stay in for
    the fun of it

  137. Anonymous


  138. Anonymous

    Edelman must be blind. If (IF) one of Zherka’s motives has been and is to devise a potential defense based on what he might claim would be an improper indictment that was secured only for political reasons, what more does Edelman need to see about what could be behind the Zherka lawsuits?
    He is suing political people, including the Westchester DA, the mayor of Yonkers, Edelman himself, and so forth. He has accused them of conspiring with Bogdanos in Manhattan in order to silence him. Could it be any clearer?
    That Edelman states he didn’t post the “Albanian kingpin” comment is but another piece of the same pie. Further, it is extremely unlikely Zherka can win a defamation suit. Zherka does know that, but he has bigger concerns, in my protected opinion.
    Is all of it grounds for dismissal on that basis? Very possibly it is, when combined with the Manhattan District Attorney’s official response. It also is time someone sued Zherka and put him on the defensive. He is being allowed to be an obnoxious bully.

  139. Anonymous

    as far as edelman is concerned why should
    he be the target of a bogus lawsuit when
    zherka’s motives have nothing to do with
    him..it really doesn’t make a difference
    what zherka is “trying to do”/as a named
    defendant edelman has an absolute
    right and in fact a legal obligation to
    extract himself from a lawsuit where
    the allegations are baseless..or do you
    think that mike should throw money away
    to reveal zherka’s true motives..and if
    you feel that way why don’t you send
    him a contribution..or should it all fall
    on his families back?

  140. Anonymous

    Mike Edelman should read page 7 of Matthew Bogdanos’ reply to Zherka, in the Tribune archives from May 31. If he read that instead of rambling on and on, he will see that one of the ways a defendant can challenge a grand jury indictment is to claim it was done for political reasons.
    If Edelman doesn’t think that is what Zherka is trying to do with these suits (prepare a possible defense to try to get a possible indictment dismissed), and not just Edelman’s part in them either, then Edelman himself should turn in his law license. (The preceding is protected opinion.)

  141. Anonymous

    Read BOTH the editorial, and the op-ed by Ben Smith and Gur Tsabar in today’s http://www.nydailynews.com about the way a small political blogging site in NYC beat the Bronx DA’s office attempt to get information on political bloggers who were very critical of them.
    The web site got the help of a very good law firm who worked for free, it looks like. They even beat the Bronx DA, who in terms of prestige and credibility is miles ahead of the creepy Zherka, who himself is under criminal investigation by the Manhattan district attorney.
    The First Amendment lives, and Sam Zherka won’t take it away for everyone but himself and his handout, fish-wrapper paper.
    He claims people are talking about the Guardian because it is doing things right. He’s delusional. People hate the Guardian and the tyranny its publisher Zherka represents and the lies and smears it prints in every issue.

  142. Anonymous

    Judging by the zherka statement above he
    has admitted that he will use the judicial
    system to intimidate EVEN IN BORDERLINE SITUATIONS..WHICH MEANS he will sue even
    if he knows the statements may not be defamation…taken in context his statment
    which is signed clearly indicates he really
    doens’t care if the statement defames him
    he wants to bully all bloggers and control
    any criticism of him…

  143. margaret setterholm

    To Sam Zherka,
    In your posting above, you just called people “maggots” and isn’t that slander? If someone called you a “maggot” aren’t you calling your lawyer?
    Margaret Setterholm
    I’m not afraid of you. I’m not anonymous here. Why don’t you go on Hezi’s radio show and speak for yourself. Maybe he’ll invite you, maybe he won’t.

  144. Anonymous

    well sam…why don;t you take the time to
    do what Hezi has done and compare blog entries…thats right all you bloggers
    click on the archives of the Trib…click
    on October..go to previous at the bottom
    and go all the way back to October of 2007
    when sam formed his little citizens against
    integrity committee and became the public
    figure that he now is for the election
    back then..then take a look at the entry
    on October 3rd…at 3;20 pm..there you will
    see the exact language word for word
    that sam zherka says the consultant used
    but guess what the blog is anonymous..that’s
    right no consultant anywhere to be found
    did zherka make this up because edelman
    worked for Amicone and Di Fiore..did he
    make this up because his editor Blassberg
    was tony castro’s campaign mangager..did he
    make this up to bully those who would dare
    point out he gave dennis robertson the
    majority of his financial backing..there
    is nothing defamatory about accusing sam
    zherka of supporting a democrat…and that
    is what the lawsuit is about as far the consultant is concerned..
    as far as mr procari and mr flemming are concerned they apparently said things that
    were in fact not nice and not appropriate
    whether or not they constitute defamation
    is indeed for the court to determine
    but the case against the consultant is
    made out of whole cloth to try and “punish”
    him for beating blassbergs candidate and
    beating zherka’s candidate…that is called
    using the judicial system for harassment
    and revenge and those are not permitted
    either by law or by the canons of legal
    ethics…Zherka should have made sure
    the information in his lawsuit was
    correct..and he should have waited to
    name the blogger whose entry appeared
    on the tribune if he really wanted to
    go after that language.Instead he let
    his emotions get the best of him….

  145. Anonymous

    Read the May 31 reply to Zherka from the Manhattan District Attorney in the Tribune’s May archive. The date is May 31. Mister Bogdanos doesn’t think very much of Selim Zherka. Could it be Mister Zherka is getting very nervous? Mister Free Speech Zherka is Mister Intimidation. MiIster Bogdanos is not about to be intimidated, and neither is free speech by the likes of Mister Selim Zherka.

  146. sam zherka

    Sam Zherka
    I promise all six or seven of you maggots, that I will go to trial, and that all the defendants in all these law suits will pay a very heavy price.
    Now about this Yonkers Tribune site, keep it clean, no defamation or slander. If you cross the line, make sure you have alot of money to defend your self, because I will be coming knocking on your door with a set of very unpopular papers.
    As far as Hezi, if any one defames or slanders me on your site I will name you as a defendant for encouraging that kind of behaviour. I will go back through the archives and If I read any thing slanderous or defamatory, on your site, put aside 200k for legal bills- You Will need it! I promise.
    Make sure there is no slander or defamation. Even if its border line, I will challenge it, so be careful.
    Free Speech not Defamation and slander>
    Now if there is some one who has something to say that is slanderous and would like to say it to my face, here is my address,
    240 North Ave. New Rochelle, NY 10801.
    914-576-1481. I am all ears. I respect a person who says something to some ones face.
    I love the fact that you people cant get me and the Guardian out of your minds.
    That just confirms that we are doing something right.
    God Bless and keep blogging.
    Good Night
    Sam Zherka

  147. sam zherka

    Sam Zherka
    I promise all six or seven of you maggots, that I will go to trial, and that all the defendants in all these law suits will pay a very heavy price.
    Now about this Yonkers Tribune site, keep it clean, no defamation or slander. If you cross the line, make sure you have alot of money to defend your self, because I will be coming knocking on your door with a set of very unpopular papers.
    As far as Hezi, if any one defames or slanders me on your site I will name you as a defendant for encouraging that kind of behaviour. I will go back through the archives and If I read any thing slanderous or defamatory, on your site, put aside 200k for legal bills- You Will need it! I promise.
    Make sure there is no slander or defamation. Even if its border line, I will challenge it, so be careful.
    Free Speech not Defamation and slander>
    Now if there is some one who has something to say that is slanderous and would like to say it to my face, here is my address,
    240 North Ave. New Rochelle, NY 10801.
    914-576-1481. I am all ears. I respect a person who says something to some ones face.
    I love the fact that you people cant get me and the Guardian out of your minds.
    That just confirms that we are doing something right.
    God Bless and keep blogging.
    Good Night
    Sam Zherka

  148. Anonymous

    individuals who type hurtful statements and lies to destroy people’s character will come back to haunt them, its nasty and distasteful.

  149. Anonymous

    Blogs are really opinions. If you go on the Journal News site and put the mouse on “opinion” near the top of the home page one of the options to appear is blogs. Edelman can add that to his arsenal against that creep Zherka.
    Zherka does much more than just imply things in that Guardian. They make up things they know aren’t true and defame people every week with no regard at all for the truth. Zherka thinks he can defame anyone and hide behind the first amendment, but he is a coward who screams and threatens when people get after him. And Bogdanos in Manhattan is after him. And he may get him.

  150. Anonymous

    Please help me understand…
    I do not know how The Guardian can legally imply negative things about the people like Reginald LaFayette. Reggie gets questioned about a County car and his stipend for no valid reason. Meanwhile, Zherka is feeling the hot breath of the Manhattan DA and files a suit against people that he thinks said bad things about him.
    Are internet blogs governed differently than free fish wrap? I always thought that a blog was the same as the “Opinions” section of the newspaper.

  151. Anonymous

    there will never be a trial..I don’t even
    think zherka wants a trial..with dismissable
    causes of action all you are going to see are motions and sanctions..a big embarassment for the vicar of “truth and justice”…and a defeat for his pawn
    tony castro…that is better than a barrell
    of monkeys…it is a barrell of monkeys

  152. Anonymous

    so what…the story was actually on the
    tribune site…and I am sure that the IP
    would show that edelman was not the poster
    after that it is quite irrelevant..the only
    thing that we need to know is that zherka’s
    legal papers are a complete lie..from the
    fact page to the conspiracy page….just
    a shill lawsuit to set up a primary run
    for tony castro

  153. Anonymous

    Hezi, since we are on the topic: are posts to the Yonkers Tribune anonymous, or are you keeping track of IP #’s? Or is Typepad keeping track?

  154. Anonymous

    Selim (Sam) Zherka became a public figure long before the last political race. He became a public figure whenever he started the Guardian, which he has used since then to attack his political and other enemies without any regard for the truth. His own paper should be “Exhibit A” against him.
    Exhibit B should be the Manhattan District Attorney’s answer to Zherka. Exhibit C should be what appear to be his allegedly false statements in the suit which Hezi quoted from in the article.

  155. Anonymous

    Limited-purpose public figures, like public figures, have at least temporary access to the means to counteract false statements about them. They also voluntarily place themselves in the public eye and consequently relinquish some of their privacy rights. For these reasons, false statements about limited-purpose public figures that relate to the public controversies in which those figures are involved are not considered defamatory unless they meet the actual-malice test set forth in Sullivan.
    and that is exactly what zherka did when
    he formed that committee to beat amicone
    he voluntarily placed himself in the public
    eye with his “citizens against injustice
    committee” his press releases and his
    appearances on cable..

  156. anonymouse

    I hear he is going to be sued for his false
    allegations …and that the court will be
    asked to sanction him and his lawyer

  157. Anonymous

    I think (opinion) that all these Zherka suits are frivolous, nonsensical and should be thown out of court. I think (opinion) he is scared he going to be indicted in Manhattan and is trying to blame everyone else for his troubles. He wants to use a “victim” defense, in my opinion. He is trying to claim everyone is out to get him. The Manhattan District Attorney called Zherka paranoid. I think (opinion ) he is abusing the courts and should be penalized severely.
    He is an angry,desperate person in my opinion, and is using his money to use the courts as a tool for himself, in my opinion. He has not a chance in hell to win any of his suits. He also defames citizens every week in that rag he publishes. He is the last person who should complain. Instead, he should be sued and be given a taste of his own medicine.

  158. anonymouse

    you should all read that post …it is
    extremely enlightening and devestating
    to mr zherka..and his ridiculous conspiracy

  159. Anonymous

    Hezi posted a story about the Manhattan District Attorney’s answer to Zherka. It is in the Trib archives for May 31. The reply by Bogdanos says that he is conducting a serious criminal investigation of Zherka. He also calls Zherka paranoid and other things.

  160. anonymouse

    just to re iterate the conclusion after
    an examination of all the facts and evidence
    by a real journalist..
    An examination of the blog entries on LoHud.com and the YonkersTribune.Typepad.com, prove conclusively that the allegations brought by “Sam” Selim Zherka alleging that Mike Edelman, blogging as “The Consultant” stated that “Zherka was a kingpin in Albanian organized crime” and that the feds were protecting him for years” were not said by any blogger claiming to be “The Consultant.” A comparison of the language stated in the Zherka lawsuit with all blog entries on LoHud.com and YonkersTribune.Typepad.com reveal that an anonymous blogger posted the language that Zherka is complaining about.
    In addition, the legal papers submitted by the Manhattan County ADA, who has evidently opened a grand jury investigation of Zherka according to Zherka’s own legal complaint, categorically states that he had no previous relationship with any of the defendants.

  161. anonymouse

    not only that the bellantoni ruling..even
    though he was sitting as an “acting supreme
    court justice” was by a judge who took his
    law from a lower new jersey court …so
    its about as binding as ..well as garbage
    and gannett Inc should have taken it to the
    appellate division at the very least. By
    the way Zherka’s guardian supported bellantoni…in his losing race..so he should have released he had a conflict in
    deciding a matter that affected a friend

  162. Anonymous

    Hezi, Are you are talking about County Judge Bellantoni and Ottinger? If you are, Bellantoni already ruled about two weeks ago. He ruled the Journal News had to turn over whatever info they had about posters who made remarks about Richard Ottinger the former congressman, if that is what you are referring to. Bellantoni also is county court, not state supreme court.
    If the Journal News has decided to appeal this ruling, which they should, it has not been publicized that they have done that.

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