Jim Bostic Allegedly Delinquent in Paying Staff at Nepperhan Community Center By Hezi Aris

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YONKERS, NY — Jim Bostic, sacred cow and director of the Nepperhan Community Center (NCC) is again allegedly delinquent in paying his staff. Funding for NCC is comprised of Community Development Block Grants and other subsidies. Bostic has proven himself to be a poor manager over his cash flow needs, evidently incapable of planning to meet the recurrent remuneration requirements to pay his staff. This is the second situation for which Bostic is allegedly responsible and for which he has not responded. Read the June 6, 2008 story published in the Yonkers Tribune Website entitled, Nepperhan Community Center in Arrears Paying Staff By Hezi Aris. An inquiry and request for response was left at NCC at 4:00 pm with no reply yet. Similarly, a request of Councilmember Patricia McDow through her City Council aide has yet to be returned on this issue.

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Another situation for which there is community silence, is the
allegation that there was a one-time incident in which 300 some-odd
gang members met at the Glenwood Power Station for the sake of gang
initiations allegedly during May or June 2008. The Yonkers Police Gang
Unit has during the last few months not been able to corroborate any
semblance of the allegations made at public hearings held at the NCC,
and postulated by Jim Bostic, and Councilmember Patricia McDow. Again,
no corroboration from either of these so-called community “leaders.”

eHeziJim Bostic Allegedly Delinquent in Paying Staff at Nepperhan Community Center By Hezi Aris

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  1. Anonymous

    Look out for those poverty pimpers and so-called ministers of religion. Greg DuSablon was also another so-called “religious” man.

  2. Anonymous

    Let me ask you something. If he is the great gang buster and has such insight into their modus operandi and trends, how come he took so long to unearth the supposed gang activity, numbering in the thousands, that took place for YEARS, according to him at the Glenwood Power Station? Right under their noses!!! Is that remotely credible, do you think?

  3. Anonymous

    He is in over his head. His heart is in the right place and he means well, but he is mistaken if he thinks that Greg DuSablon’s story won’t possibly be his own if his financials are not in order.
    I don’t think he would steal, but one never knows. Everyone thinks they won’t get caught or that they are so well connected, no one will turn on them. hmmmm! When you are taking public funds and taxpayer funds, anyone has the right to ask questions and ask for accountability.

  4. Anonymous

    now this deserves an investigation. it would be TERRIBLE, if the great community leader, Jim Bostic stole money from his peps.
    all kidding aside, hopefully its just a rumor, i wouldn’t want Mr. Bostic to blame city govt for this.

  5. Anonymous

    Bostic does many good things for the community. His battle on the Glenwood Power Plant was unfortunate as it eroded some of his support in the community and with one of his key supporters on the Council but they seem to have moved beyond that and the City seems to have a concensus about keeping the Glenwood Power Plant standing.

  6. Anonymous

    Bostic recieves quite a bit of funding, more than most community organizations…..and can these books be opened. Why not put the books online. Get some trust rolling here. Time for him to step aside if he can’t manage. He can still perform some functions, like a counselor, but not managing, no. Or he’s headed for the same downfall as the YMCA leader, duSablon, and that was sad. Better to step aside now and get a financial manager for the place or that role will be his downfall since he can’t perform it, obviously.

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