Statement from Senator Liz Krueger on Monserrate Report

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Krueger_Liz  "Following Hiram Monserrate's conviction*, I requested his resignation from the New York State Senate. Based on the information before the public, I found his behavior deplorable and his conduct well below the standard by which elected officials should be held.

"Soon after, the bi-partisan Special Committee on Inquiry quickly began an exhaustive review of not just the evidence leading up to Monserrate's conviction, but his conduct since–including his unwillingness to participate in the committee's process after publicly alleging his full cooperation.

"I appreciate the seriousness with which this committee compiled their report, and after reviewing its findings, stand by my belief that Hiram Monserrate has no place in this or any other legislative body or elected office.  Senator Monserrate still has a chance to finally do something right for the people of New York and resign, but as that seems unlikely, I am fully prepared to take action and vote for his expulsion."

Read the report:

* Refer to: Statement from Senator Liz Krueger in response to Hiram Montserrate's Conviction.

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Hezi ArisStatement from Senator Liz Krueger on Monserrate Report

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