Exclusive: Bernice Spreckman to Step Down By Hezi Aris – UPDATE May 8, 2011

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Spreckman_Bernice YONKERS, NY — Yonkers Tribune’s cadre of acid-tongued bloggers have learned Bernice Spreckman, Westchester County Board Legislator representing the 14th District will step down after completing this her final term in office since 1995. She is expected to make her intentions known within days. Her prowess as an advocate are well respected throughout Westchester.

Ms Sprechman was inducted into the Westchester County Senior Citizens Hall of Fame in 2002 and designated “Woman of the Year” by the Westchester County Federation of Women’s Clubs in 2003. She was selected as the 2004 recipient of the Rose Kryzak Advocacy Award by the NYS Senior Action Council. 

In the wings are former Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Liam McLaughlin, justin Tubiolo, prominent member of the Hyatt Neighborhood Association, and 5th City Council District candidate Joe Crotty.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has impressed Ms. Spreckman to retire but has now demanded Ms Spreckman renew her efforts for re-election because Mr Astorino is displeased byu the potential candidates being proposed. Most interesting. The ever reluctant Ms Spreckman is playing the game by switching positions. One day its yes, next it's no. She has survived on maybe. Yonkers might as well give her more time to survive the telling of her conduct herein. We will eventually learn what her payoff will be to stay or depart. Its all about Bernice and Harry and her family. ANother "nice" person in politics who cannot tell when it is propitious to depart the scene. Beides, what has she delivered in the almost decade and a half in office. Does anyone know? 




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eHeziExclusive: Bernice Spreckman to Step Down By Hezi Aris – UPDATE May 8, 2011

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  1. Need a Republican

    Why elect a 90 year old who can’t speak any more?
    She is DONE. We need new representation that supports Rob Astorino!

  2. Look at the facts!

    Desperate Martinelli supporters want to turn Breen supporters against Murtagh. It was Not Murtagh or Crotty who took the photo. Take a look at the broadcast and see who was seated across from Breen. Ask who benefits from knocking Breen Down. It ain’t Crotty or Murtagh!


    yeah, right Jack. Not a bad gig…getting paid to take taxpayer trips, year after year, after year. Oh, yeah. She’s not a Democratic, so all is right with the world, you relic.

  4. yonkers bystander

    Any truth to the rumor that Yonkers firefighters union president Barry McGooey is planning to run for this office on the Democratic line? Could be quite a contest with the redhead against the bald-head

  5. Jack Treacy

    Bernice was a great representative of the people she served as a member of the city council and the legislature.God Bless her and Harry.

  6. anon

    Additionally, maybe this will put an end to the McLaughlin being Deputy Mayor rumors. You clowns have no idea what you are talking about.

  7. got to be someone

    the dems better find a better person that this clown george. his ties to leslick and his look will not get him far

  8. Kevgas will win

    Crotty will be opposed by Democrat George Kevgas. Both candidates in their mid-twenties. A breath of fresh air.

  9. anony

    Not a chance.
    The Conservatives and the Independence Party won’t back Liam.
    Joe Crotty is the best candidate.

  10. A republican

    It’s a no brainer for this seat to go to McLaughlin. The district is his old council seat. He wins it easily.

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