Air Force One Departs for The Middle East

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Eliot Engel (D-NY), the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee
representing the U.S. Congress, has departed for The Middle East with President
Barack Obama
to Israel, The Palestine Authority, and Jordan.

will participate in a series of high level meetings and consultations with U.S.
and Israeli government officials during President Obama’s visit. Engel will
also attend the Obama speech to university students in Jerusalem on Thursday,
as well as the state dinner hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres.

is one of our closest allies in the world and President Obama’s visit is a
powerful reminder of the unbreakable bonds between our two nations,” said
Engel.  “Israel continues to thrive as a nation, even as it is forced to
confront a wide array of threats to its security, including Iran’s nuclear
weapons program, the terrorist group Hizballah, and the civil war in
neighboring Syria.  There is no more powerful message to send across the
world, to friends and foes alike, than a U.S. President standing shoulder to
shoulder with the Israeli people. I’m honored to bring the voices of the New
Yorkers I represent and the U.S. Congress to Israel on this historic trip.” 

Congressman Engel’s Office.

eHeziAir Force One Departs for The Middle East

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    eliot engel couldn’t find israel on the map. just another enabler collecting a huge sum of money to do nothing. this is the guy who whats to send the islamists in syria arms, to fight Assad. and after the arab spring, what happens? another egypt.!

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