“Promises Kept”…to the Far Right By BARRY CARO

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BRAMSON_NoamIn response to Rob Astorino's first commercial, and the press release regarding the ad from the Astorino campaign, Noam
Bramson's campaign spokesman Barry Caro issued the following response,  "The promises
Astorino has really kept have been to the far right: he brought gun shows back
to the County Center, vetoed a bill to provide women safe access to health care
clinics, and fought against marriage equality — all while our overall property
tax bill went up by more than $500 million. Those 'promises kept' were made to
the Tea Party and you can be sure they won't be showing up in any Astorino
campaign commercials."

eHezi“Promises Kept”…to the Far Right By BARRY CARO

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  1. commonsense

    So Bramson thinks that peacefully and legally exercising one’s constitutional right to free speech and assembly should be against the law? Bramson sounds like he would protect these rights only for those views in which he is in agreement. Sounds like a totalitarian mentality.

  2. bob

    One thing about Bramson campaign – they have no problem lying. It is without question that Astorino has not raised taxes for 3 straight years. The so-called “safe access to health care clinics” was vetoed because it violated free speech outside abortion clinics. And last time I checked, guns were legal. NO ONE SHOULD VOTE FOR BRAMSON – he is a fraud and a liar.

  3. What lies the Bramson folks tell!!

    Taxes went up 500 million?? Any taxes raised wwere raised by the Democratic Governor and Democratic leaders like Noam. Under Noam the taxes in New Rochelle went up every year for almost a decade and he decimated the surplus. It is gone. Astorino has LOWERED taxes since he got in office.The tax levy is lower today than when he took office. Hezi, why publish the Bramson campaign’s lies????

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