CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Timing of Ribbon Cutting at Corner of Walnut Street and Van Cortlandt Park Avenue is Politically Suspect By HEZI ARIS

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Pineda_CorazonYONKERS, NY – August 14, 2013 – The August 13, 2013th ribbon cutting highlighting the city steps as proof of Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Wilson Terrero’s resume of effective governance proved wanting. It puts into question why it has taken almost 4 years for him to convince anyone in government to move the process forward so as to lix the long dilapidated city steps. The steps are located a few feet from the Mr Terrero’s claimed residence, the building at 145 Oak Street. Some neighborhood people have spoken with the assurance of anonymity that “Terrero’s sudden interest in the community is nothing more than a ‘publicity stunt.’” 

Corazon Pineda, contesting Mr Terrero’s in the upcoming September 10, 2013, Yonkers Democratic City Committee Primary contends, “The 2nd Council District has been neglected in the hands of Terrero for four years too long… I will not stand for this anymore.”

“As I continue my grass roots campaign,” continues Ms Pineda, “I am being greeted by a wave of well informed and enthusiastic supporters. I am confident in my ability and humbled by the overwhelming support I have been receiving from my community. As the incumbent continues to make "convenient" repairs that have been long overdue; the people of the 2nd Council District should question his motives and priorities. I am pouring my heart into my district "my name says it all" it will be an honor and a privileged to represent you. I can start on September 10th.” 

PINEDA-082213-City owned lot on the corner of Linden and Poplar 3

         Neglected Yonkers owned lot at the corner of Linden and Poplar.

PINEDA-082213AP-City step from School St to South Waverly ST

Curbside entrance to city steps leading from School to South Waverly Streets.

PINEDA-082213AP-City step from School St to South Waverly ST-2

Unsafe pathway descending to South Waverly Street from School Street.


eHeziCAMPAIGN TRAIL: Timing of Ribbon Cutting at Corner of Walnut Street and Van Cortlandt Park Avenue is Politically Suspect By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Louie

    This young lady is just another Virginia Perez. She thinks that by using her looks and English speaking ease that will fool the Latino voters. After all, Virginia did.


    Hey Corrazon…how did you learn so much about the 2nd district when you have only lived there since March??!!!

  3. Who's to blame?

    I hate all these politicians in Yonkers and those trying to unseat them are event worst. Wilson Terrero is supposed to clean up the area? How about the people that live in those neighborhoods take some responsibility and keep their own neighborhood clean. Is it Wilson terrero’s fault that the people that live there throw mattresses
    In the street like the picture shows? Don’t get me wrong I don’t think any Yonkers politician is worth a damn, but lets deal with real issues that they can affect not made up ones.

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