EXCLUSIVE: THE HEZITORIAL – INVESTIGATION – Incoming City Council President Liam McLaughlin to Disappoint Many Yonkersites Before Taking Office By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicatureYONKERS, NY — December 15, 2013 — The deep ties incoming Yonkers City Council President has engaged and nurtured during his many years in office have him churned up the likes of Kathy Spring Spencer. She will be the next City Council President’s Chief of Staff. Her salary approximately $120,000 per annum. While it is fully appreciated that Kathy Spring Spencer and Liam McLaughlin have a good working relationship her return to City Hall diminishes the likelihood of a “new beginning” for the incoming Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin. Many Yonkersites’ hopes will be dashed by this move alone. Kathy Spring Spencer’s reputation precedes her and is likely to still be wanting.

Close associate Steve Tvert will likely hold some office under McLaughlin’s auspices but it has yet to be proven. 

In the meanwhile, McLaughlin’s incoming entourage has begun the process of measuring the offices of the City Council President. The walls will be painted, new carpets laid; but most costly will be the interior accoutrements, desks and the like will be taken out of the budget allotted for the president’s office. Will the costs ever be revealed? Not likely. Do we have the money?

Were this process not hush, hush; rather if it were made public, this under the radar conduct will put a kabosh on the public’s expectations. This is the typical conduct that emanated from Kathy Spring Spencer’s mind when she was Chief of Staff to her husband, the former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer. She earned the reputation for stealthy misconduct. Counsel from Kathy Spring Spencer is starting off from a bad place in governance. 

Yonkers Inspector General Kitley Covill has not gained another term in office. Likely as former Inspector General Phil Zisman, who maintained his responsibilities in office until the balance of his term saw Dan Schorr earn the position by former Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, so it is assumed I.G. Covill will remain true to the office until she gains approval by the next Yonkers City Council or another person will be presented to replace her.

The other issue with the Yonkers City Council is the fact that Steve Alfasi, counsel to the Yonkers City Council Republicans will continue his services having earned support from the future Yonkers City Council Majority Leader John Larkin. Mark Constantine, long time friend and law partner will also gain a position as counsel to the Yonkers City Council. Christian DiPalermo is expected to continue to represent the Democrats as their counsel.

The battle royale will be on the Democratic side. Who will be chosen the Yonkers City Council Minority Leader? Will it be Christopher Johnson (1st District) or Michael Sabbatino (2nd District)? Johnson espouses Democratic tenets with fervor while Sabbatino believes he is the conciliatory force that moves issues forward with his colleagues across the political divide. The battle pits Johnson, employed by Democratic Conference Leader Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins against Sabbatino, whose partner is employed by Assemblymember Shelley Mayer. The deciding factor may fall on Johnson’s friend Councilmember -elect Corazon Pineda (2nd District) who may lean  supportively toward Johnson. The youth of Yonkers Young Democrats may win the day. We will simply have to wait for the results. These issues are always fought behind closed doors.

The names are superfluous, inconsequential, if you will. What matters is the fact that the public interest will again be dismissed by the calculating and cold  Kathy Spring Spencer. This will be the beginning of a long legacy of disappointment from a city needing more than a repeat of the suffering they endured at her hand in the past.




eHeziEXCLUSIVE: THE HEZITORIAL – INVESTIGATION – Incoming City Council President Liam McLaughlin to Disappoint Many Yonkersites Before Taking Office By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Louis

    Mike Spano is a Dem in name only and only became a Dem to keep awarding jobs to Spano kin and those who helped Spano kin in the past.

  2. Phat

    Didn’t Amicone fire her after a falling out….allegedly. City of hills continues on and nobody should trust the spewed nonsense in that bldg.

  3. Yonkers is Bonkers!

    I posted this was going to happen several months ago!
    I stated that Carrot Top is only out for Carrot Top and once he gets in you will see the “Spencer” name again!
    Well? Surprise!
    We get the Scumbags we deserve because we keep voting these Scumbags in.
    I believe the citizenry does have a responsibility to “know” who the candidates are and what they stand for however, I am here to tell you that I have never witnessed so much malfeasance, trickery, underhanded dealings, back room deals, and Hollywood type deceptive advertising then I did with this last election.
    I know people are busy with their lives, but if you are an “informed voter”, you would have all of the necessary information to “connect the dots” as they related to who is in bed with whom.
    We no longer have a two to three party system of Government!
    We now have the “Spano Machine” and it is going to be here for a long time. The Spano’s have the DEM and GOP parties all sewed up!
    Other than that, I’m sure we will all be fine (sarc.)

  4. Liam can now make it right

    The best is yet to come,
    You can assure nothing. It will be written in the annuls of history which will assure us that Liam had our best interests at heart.
    Speaking of which, if you survey the track record, there is some unfinished business that can be made right that Liam did have a major hand in starting.
    They were not good for the city as I stated below. When you make a statement as you did, please back it up with some sort of fact when you “assure” us.

  5. yonkers resident

    Yonkers Constituent seems to turn a blind eye to the fact that he and his ilk are nothing more than parasites of the Yonkers political machine who because of their political connections get jobs despite their lack of real qualifications.

  6. The best is yet to come

    Having had the opportunity to work with both Liam and Kathy I can assure you they both have the best interests of Yonkers at heart. Kathy’s prior experience as Chief of Staff for the Mayor’s and Council President’s Offices will ensure the Council President’s Office is run professionally and efficiently.

  7. Liam can now make it right

    Yonkers constituent, you have a point. The first thing Liam can do is see what happened to the 4 million dollar loan he gave Capelli before he left office. He can “re-judge” some of the projects that have done nothing but bilk the Yonkers taxpayer, and the money wasted of those that never even got off the ground. If he can just do Yonkers business without selling out the taxpayers, he will be a star.
    Do you think it is possible, or will he be doomed to repeat the past both practice wise and alliance wise?

  8. Yonkers Constituent

    Kathy like you stated was the Cheif of Staff for the City of Yonkers, so what makes you think that she wouldn’t be able to do a great job as the next City Council President’s Chief of Staff? Steven Tvert is a close associate of Liam and many other Legislators. As they all can attest to his amazing work ethic and if he does work for the City Counsel President Elect, he would be an asset to the Council President and to the City of Yonkers as well. He is a team player with a proven track record of doing what is in the best interests of the constituents of Yonkers.
    You need to find something that is actually news worthy to write about!

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