LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CSEA is Shocked and Saddened by the Resignation of Bernard P. Pierorazio By LIONEL TURNER

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Letters-YONKERS, NY — January 18, 2014 — CSEA is shocked and saddened by the news of Superintendent Bernard P. Pierorazio resignation at Yonkers Public Schools.

We are not aware of the full details of what happened nor the context.

However, due to the complexity of the issues facing our school district such as funding, Common Core, diversity and job security, we at CSEA 9169 suggest any movement on a new direction should be the collaborative effort of parents, politicians, educators, business leaders, civil service, and community leaders. Our city demands it!!! 

We here at CSEA 9169 have always and shall always continue to support and serve our students, members, and community!


Lionel Turner


CSEA 9169

eHeziLETTER TO THE EDITOR: CSEA is Shocked and Saddened by the Resignation of Bernard P. Pierorazio By LIONEL TURNER

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  1. Fernando Fuentes

    You are a Pro….Our family loves and admires you.
    There is a life after the Board of Education and you will find it..
    Warm regards,
    Fernando & Isabel Fuentes

  2. threesidesto truth

    Cant control his(our) money. Plain and simple. The taxpayers get blackmailed into upping the anti every year automatically by state legislation to boot. By the way , there is no pay grade above his, just dishonest accounting firms that paint the picture you want to continue to be employed by the boe, council and city.
    And of course he will get the support of the parents and staff when the bill of lading is the last thing on his mind.
    And shall we talk about what the first question is at a boe job interview(who do you know), and how about the teachers who were about to get tenured whom were let go to make room for friends and family of school staff and administrators?
    Three sides to it my friends. Follow the money and wisdom shall be yours.

  3. sad

    With Bernie’s experience and easy nature, he has not only successfully led our school system, but has sustained remarkable support from most parents and staff. Anyone who believes that this “crisis” is a matter of his not controlling approved budgets, which are reviewed and approved at several levels above his pay grade, is either a remarkable moron, or has a Spano’s ass firmly attached to his/her lips.

  4. threesidesto truth

    Cant control his money, but it is not his so it is ok.
    Is that the kind of math we are teaching in school now? I remember taking abstract math courses after calculus. Have we changed the courses to really get abstract?
    Where is the money is the only question. That’s his job.
    He may be an excellent educator, but guess what, not his job unless the teachers union allowed him to scab.

  5. Joseph Braunstein

    The loss of Mr. Pierorazio as superintendent is a sore loss to the students and faculty of the Yonkers school system, city, and state of NY. His service as an educator, teacher and role model encompasses a lifetime of dedicated service to the community where he has improved countless lives through his knowledgible, wise efforts at every level of the school system. May his example prove an inspiration and high standard for whomever succeeds him. Sincerely, Joseph Braunstein, math teacher (retired)

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