MTA Prepares For Challenging Friday Commute

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Mta_metro_north_railroadMetro-North Plans Saturday Schedule at 40% of Capacity; New York City Buses to Run at 80% of Capacity; New York City Subway Plans Normal Schedule

YONKERS, NY — February 13, 2014 — The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is preparing for challenging Friday morning commute as another wave of storms dumps more wet snow on the New York area overnight. Most MTA services will operate with reduced schedules Friday morning, but the weather forecast is still uncertain. Service remains subject to change at any time, including temporary suspensions on some portions of the MTA network.

Hundreds of employees are working through the night to clear snow from station staircases and outdoor platforms, but the additional snow accumulating overnight may present challenging conditions for customers during the morning commute. All customers are advised to use extreme caution, hold handrails and stay away from the platform edge for safety.

Throughout the MTA network, special trains are clearing tracks with snow throwers and de-icing equipment, heaters have been activated to keep switches from freezing, and employees are on standby in critical locations to respond quickly if problems occur.

Anyone planning to travel Friday should consult before starting their trip.

New York City Transit Subways

MTA New York City Transit expects to run a normal subway service for the Friday morning rush hour, though some express services may run as local trains because of track conditions.

Sections of outdoor subway lines operating to and from Westchester, specifically the Dyre Avenue Line from East 180th Street to Dyre Avenue is subject to temporary suspension between midnight and 4 a.m. to allow for intensive snow clearing operations:

New York City Transit Buses

Bus service is expected to run at 80 percent capacity overall, but some suspensions are possible on a route-by-route basis. All bus tires will be equipped with chains for additional traction.

Metro-North Railroad

Metro-North Railroad’s service territory is expected to see final snow accumulations of 18 to 25 inches by morning. The railroad plans to operate a Saturday schedule on Friday, which represents about 40% of normal weekday service. Customers should check for point-to-point schedules, but be advised that they are subject to change. Off-peak fares will be in effect.

Customers are advised to limit travel if possible and anticipate crowding and delays. Thursday ridership was only one-third of normal, and Metro-North expects a similar decline in ridership Friday.




eHeziMTA Prepares For Challenging Friday Commute

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