Parking Enforcement Jeep 1020 Parked in Handicap Space at City Hall Parking Lot

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YONKERS, NY — MARCH 19, 2014 — Yonkers City Hall Parking Lot is supposed to at minimum accommodate long-term / monthly pass parking holders. Despite the logic, the parking facility is consistently full to capacity by 9:15 a.m. every weekday, even though there are fewer tenants subscribing to the the parking facility. Parking Violations, among other non-parking permit drivers can easily avail themselves of parking space available at Chicken Island; across the street. Chicken Island is the overflow, the back-up for parking overflow, so as to accommodate the long-term parking patrons. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize this quagmire can easily be resolved. It’s time to write the memo. Someone please move unit 102 from Level 2. Thank you. It’s the right thing to do!!!

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eHeziParking Enforcement Jeep 1020 Parked in Handicap Space at City Hall Parking Lot

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  1. Rose

    As a resident of Yonkers, I think whoever parked a city vehicle in a handicap spot should be ticketed or towed. How this article became a bashing and slander attack against Jamie and Vincent Spano is beyond me. It is obvious that it is a jealous and malicious person. Grow up!

  2. Roz

    How did an article about a parking enforcement jeep turn into bashing Jaime & Vincent Spano? Sounds like a jealous ex to me and/or some very jealous people.
    As far as the parking enforcement jeep being parked in the handicap space, that’s a different story. Whoever parked it there should be held accountable.

  3. Spano is a Spano

    What happened to the hiring freeze Spano announced in early 2012? I guess that didn’t apply to family, friends or baby’s momma’s. Mike is just. Spano. Simple as that.

  4. wishful voter

    that truck was there to install the handicap sign for the newly minted Mrs Vincent Spano, AKA Jamie McGill aka girl that Vincent spano knocked up and quickly married and quickly got his brother to hire her so the taxpayers of yonkers can foot the bill for her healthcare!! and brother mikey was ordered by Vincent to put that sign so she doesn’t have to walk far to her do nothing job!!! good work Mayor McCheese!!!!

  5. casual observer

    The hubris has spread from the top down. The patronage jobs, have given the political hacks a false sense of entitlement. Just look at the new hires in City Hall in last month and half.

    1. Spano sucks

      Please list any and all jobs given out by Mike/Nick in the last 2 years. List who they are and what their political connection they are and how much they are being paid ….

      1.Vincent Spano “new” (deleted by editor) wife. How much is her salary. ??

      Incendiary comments. Besides they re married, expecting a child. Move on. Kindly, Hezi

      1. honesty is dead

        2 Lenny’s girlfriend. You know, the one with the gigantic cans. She worked at Human services as a secretary for just under 100k

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