RUMORS: Politicos in Albany Speaking About John Spencer Running for NYS Comptroller By HEZI ARIS

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DiNapoli_ThomasSpencer_JohnYONKERS, NY — March 29, 2014 — With everyone who is anyone in Albany seemingly present and accounted for as the New York State Legislature accommodates both Senate and Assembly bills to conclude the process required to adopt Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s FY 2014-2015 Budget, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer’s name is being heard whispered as a possible contender to challenge New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. Spencer served two terms as Yonkers Mayor, challenged Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senator of New York but lost.

A call to Mr Spencer’s cell phone has yet to be returned.

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eHeziRUMORS: Politicos in Albany Speaking About John Spencer Running for NYS Comptroller By HEZI ARIS

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  1. john spencer

    someone forwarded me this nonsense article. first off,,my cell phone was not contacted. second, to report on ‘whispers’ seems to be the modus operandi of this outlet. totally irresponsible,,,and as always, inaccurate. Also, to have these nameless ‘cowards’ who make comments that are truly inaccurate, and at times, slanderous and hateful is a disgraceful manner in which to attempt to report anything. I hope this answers your brainless article about me running for anything. I, as you see, I do have the courage to use my name. john spencer.

    1. SammyScorp

      Mayor Spencer, you mean the Yonkers Tribune isn’t always accurate? Hezi just types up any rumor he hears and calls it “news”? THIS site? Say it isn’t so!


    2. Brainless, disgraceful, cowardly hater ?

      The standard Spencer datribe against anything he percieves as negative towards him is typically filled with the same words, i.e. “coward”, “hateful or haters”, “disgraceful”, “brainless or no brainer”, etc.

      This is a planned out method, contrived by him and his former chief of staff to appear regal and to condescend to any critics or criticism.

      Unfortunatey, for those who truly know the man and his entorage (and their history), there is nothing regal about them, nor is there any justification for their condescendence. They are simple and they lack credential.

      Which brings us to the point of wheter or not he could seriously be considerd to serve as Comptroller of NYS. Of course not. He has no credits in either academia or the business world which might qualify him. He is guilty of great exxageration of his credentials. His resume in government as “CEO” of Yonkers (as he and Kathy love to state it) is abysmal considering that they are the ones who ruined the finances of the City by huge giveaways – pensions, salaries, spending, enough cars to keep Detroit going, bonding and high paying do nothing jobs. BTW, they should have looked at the job, not as “CEO”, rather as “Mayor” which implies public service, not self service. They did the exact opposite. They performed a public diservice.

      So Spencer should not be concerned and feign phony outrage at the Tribune. Whether or not true, Hezi is free to speculate and to write on rumors (which are the thoughts of another human being). If innacurate, so what ? Bottom line, this writer took it as a joke that Spencer could be NYS Comptroller – as big a joke as him being US Senator.

      Finally, the Spencerian method of attack, as demonstrated in his comment, is actually that which should be phsycoanalyzied. His critics may be the sane ones, enitled to make the criticism under rights granted through an old document known as the Constitution of the United States of America.

      Then again, by the same rights, he’s entitled to his weird way of speaking and writing.

        1. Brainless, disgraceful, cowardly hater ?

          At least the Italians don’t spend part of their adult life sleeping on the park bench.

  2. threesidesto truth

    The schools received raises also, just as big as the other unions. Still has no bearing on not telling anyone you did not get 55 million for 2 budget cycles.

  3. spencer created the mess

    Remember the budget shortfall for the BOE was created during the Spencer years when he took the $300 million settlement and gave the muncipal unions raises and did not raise taxes instead of investing in Education. We have been behind every year since.

  4. Too Westchester heavy

    With Yonkers own John Cahill running for AG and Astorino running for governor we cant have another Westchester republican.

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