Statement from the Yonkers Legislative Delegation

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NYStateBudgetSenate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow

ALBANY, NY — March 30, 2014 — “Yonkers is facing a fiscal crisis that requires immediate action.  The final state budget will include $17 million dollars for the Yonkers Public Schools, an increase of 7.67% over last year’s amount. This is a higher percentage increase than any of the big five school districts.  In addition, by passing the Education bill, we will be taking the needed steps to address the crisis while expanding state oversight over both the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers School District.

By authorizing $45 million in borrowing for operational deficits, and by granting $28 million directly for the Yonkers Public Schools, the budget will allow the City of Yonkers to take immediate steps to fill much of the gap. At the same time, in order to prevent this kind of financial mismanagement from happening again, we are increasing direct state financial oversight by the Comptroller and the State Education Department over both the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers School District.  While the ultimate language on governance is not what we would have wanted, it was required by the state in order to receive the additional education funds. Working together, we ensured that the Superintendent and the Board of Education will continue to retain authority over all educational matters.

As the provisions of this package are rolled out, we urge our City leaders to ensure that our children’s needs are first and foremost.  To that end, we urge the Mayor to release his specific plans on how this relief package will be implemented as quickly as possible and include all stakeholders in future discussions on this issue.”

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eHeziStatement from the Yonkers Legislative Delegation

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  1. What a Joke!

    If the legislators really wanted to do something helpful, they should have fully funded the deficit instead of “authorizing $45 million in borrowing”. This is definitely pandering at its best!

    1. You can't beat this

      I agree with this poster. So they are “allowing” us to borrow more? Thanks for nothing state legislators. And, I’m still having a hard time figuring out what Spano has done wrong. He should cut all of the extras at the Board of Education before we borrow any more money!

  2. Standing up for the children

    Thank you to our legislators for carrying the message of the parents. NYS oversight is crucial to protect Yonkers from the sort of power grab by Spano and McLaughlin first proposed back in January. We wish you could have received more grants since the loan will have to be repaid. The Mayor has until April 15 to present his budget which will no doubt have to break the tax cap this year. It appears that there are many disincentives for breaking the tax cap in 2015 when we begin repaying the loan so 2014 is the time to increase our tax base like McLaughlin and Amicone did in 2003 when they raised taxes 15% to clean up Spencer’s mess.

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