OP-ED: Yonkers Police Serve Serve Our City By Detective KEITH OLSON

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YONKERS, NY – April 18, 2014 — In articles centered on Yonkers Police Officers Alex Della Donna and William Pataky, the statement is made: “Taken together, the lawsuits paint a grim picture of the officers’ behavior.” That could not be more misleading.One article recounts the story of James Jones, an admitted “ex-convict” and as the article states, “no stranger to law enforcement.” Mr. Jones claims that on Nov. 20, 2012, he was arrested and beaten by Police Officer Pataky, whom he claims to have recognized. Jones also claims that Officer Pataky called him a racial epithet. There is one major problem with Mr. Jones story: Not only was Officer Pataky not involved with Mr. Jones’ arrest, he was not working that day and was nowhere near the Nepperhan Community Center. He was on vacation. The Yonkers Police Internal Affairs Division has verified this.

Often career criminals, or as the article calls them, “ex-convicts,” file these lawsuits. Many are violent felons and drug dealers. In addition, they are often filed while sitting in jail and with free legal assistance. The articles fail to highlight that seven of the 14 lawsuits listed were filed by criminals from jail and that at least three of the lawsuits against Officer Della Donna were dismissed due to lack of cooperation from the accuser. Why not file a lawsuit when there are no repercussions for making false accusations and when you have nothing but time on your hands?

Decorated, dedicated officers

The most active officers, with the most arrests, most likely would receive the most complaints. In this case, Officers Della Donna and Pataky, with well over 4,000 arrests combined, are among the most active and decorated cops not only in Yonkers, but in Westchester County and beyond.

Since joining the Yonkers Police Department in 2007, Officer Alex Della Donna has received more than 60 awards for outstanding police work. In fact, this publication will be recognizing Alex’s efforts for the third time this coming May with yet another Journal News award. His tremendous efforts as a police officer have resulted in more than 2,000 arrests and have resulted in the recovery of more than 150 firearms. These numbers are both astounding and unprecedented.

Police Officer Billy Pataky, who joined the department in 1998, is also the recipient of roughly 60 awards. Billy has participated in well over 2,000 arrests and has helped take 30 firearms off the street. His dedication to protecting the people of Yonkers was evident when he saved a man’s life by pulling him off the train tracks while a train was bearing down and when while off duty, he pursued and captured a gang member who was armed with a handgun.

These officers, like most members of the YPD, have put their lives on the line time and time again to protect the people they serve. That is not to say that we are perfect and incapable of the occasional misstep. However, we deserve the benefit of the doubt. When our accusers are criminals, some of whom have spent their lives harming innocent people and helping to destroy neighborhoods, you have to question their credibility.

Department achievements ignored

For a more complete picture of these officers, we must fully consider all of their efforts and achievements, not just a handful of accusations. The same goes for the Yonkers Police Department. I know that I speak for the majority of the men and women of the YPD when I say that we are long overdue for an in-depth article on all of the positive work we do, not just the occasional blurb in the back pages.

How about reporting on the incredible charitable efforts of the men and women of the YPD, which has resulted in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of the charities we’ve helped include the St. Baldrick’s Foundation whose goal is to cure pediatric cancer, and Yonkers’ own Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, just to name a couple.

It would also be nice to see an in-depth article on the dramatic crime reduction that has been achieved in Yonkers due to the efforts of police officers like Alex Della Donna and Billy Pataky. Since 2012, major crime is down more than 20 percent and Yonkers continues to be one of the safest cities of its size. This trend continues in 2014, with a 21 percent reduction in major crime. A reduction in crime like this does not happen by accident and it would be nice to see credit given where credit is due.

Detective Keith Olson is president of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association.

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eHeziOP-ED: Yonkers Police Serve Serve Our City By Detective KEITH OLSON

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  1. rabid rat trapped

    what ever happened to commissioners open ed.???? probably didn’t want it next to the rabid rat story…lol

  2. The Bastard Of Bolton

    I think it is time for a new hunt. I would love to let my hounds hunt down the Fat Rat. He needs to be more obedient and domesticated. But then again, what good is a domesticated rat? I think that I shall never see a bitch as big and fat as he. But let my hounds run wild and see – a Fat Rat falling into misery! Childish words for an overgrown child. Perhaps it would be better if I just removed some parts from him. We shall have to see.

    Let the hunt begin. Internal Affairs will be busy I’m sure in the coming times. It is too hilarious that they already think he is a joke.

  3. White Wash

    We are wondering how you got your stats? How accurate they are, and out of those stats how many were charged with resisting and how many written reports are similar? The op ed seems to insinuate that because of the number of arrests it is okay to violate someone’s civil rights once and a while. No there are many cops out there serving the public and in the entire career will never have racked up as many suits as Pataky. You see your stats have to be examine thoroughly, not slapped together for an op ed piece. Billy Pataky is not the only cop on the street that have recovered guns. Really Keith, the guy should be featured in a movie, more than 150 guns? How many careers did he have? We know he had three fights with other cops because of his behavior. Is that part of his 2000 arrests? Wow. Your op ed is laughable and full of holes. You do not need to highlight someone’s questionable career to justify the means.
    You see KO, when you sit behind a desk to long you lose your ear to the streets. The streets chatter and that chatter don’t support any of the nonsense you put your name too. The department has a problem alright and it starts with you.

  4. cops against corruption.

    The city of Yonkers is sitting on a mine field. They have a bunch of rogue cops being led by Keith Olson. Olson has been under internal investigation for the past three years for official misconduct. He has emboldened a union thug leader like Pataky who has been running rampant for a while. We don’t want them either.

  5. Olson is just as rogue

    You should have defended yourself and spoke about how you tampered with investigations and evidence against your own cops. Is that not more than a weed arrest. Scumbag

  6. Silence would be better

    Hey Keith Olson,

    I think those officers actions speak for themselves, they have done great work and when the accusations are proven to be false they will have the last laugh so to speak. You’re not doing them any favors by keeping their names in the spotlight longer. You know we don’t have trial by media. Alex and Billy will be fine, you stop being a media whore and keep silent, you ass.

  7. What?

    It is nice Mr. Prez that you come to the defense of your members, however, I ask, if it was not for a long standing policy that the PBA President is upgrade to detective, would you really be able to call yourself “detective?” I can state that I have never been charged with a crime nor spent time in jail and I have been personal harassed by Pataky on three occasions. Yes, I filed an IA complaint. Anyone can be arrested, how many were convicted? So, instead of trying to protect the guilty speak for the innocent – the rest of the fine officers of YPD.

      1. Stands as charged

        Billy Pataky is a rogue cop. Keith what do you have to say about Billy putting his hands up to other cops. We all know that he has been fucking with teenagers for years and got away with it because they did not know their rights were violated. There is a lot of police officers working out there with much more time with less allegations. Pataky is rogue.

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