OP-ED: Dumbo’s on First, Jumbo’s on Second By ANONYMOUS

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Not a fan of former Senator Nick Spano, but the amount of wool he’s pulled over the head of McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring and the Irish majority of the City Council in this matter, is amazing.

Sadly, for them, they don’t see it; don’t understand it, and are oblivious as to that which Nick has planned for them down the road.

First, understand that Nick and his crew never, never, never forget betrayals of the past and their avowed revenge for those past betrayals is as if etched in stone – unchangeable, permanent, forever and as severe as they can make it.

In this case McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring, etc., believe that Nick wanted to partner with them to take control of the schools. He would never partner with them – he hates them; politically speaking (I hate to sound like former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, but he does.).

Nick has managed to obtain control of the “administrative” functions of the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) and place it in his hands, alone. Mikey (Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano) does the day-to-day work, but Nick and Papa Len (former Westchester County Clerk Leonard Spano) control it all. McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring and the Irish majority of the City Council have no share whatsoever of that power.

In fact, this plan takes away any power that they had beforehand. The most important part of the plan for Nick is to control the Human Resources office at the YBoE. Hereafter, every single job that is given (or taken away) will be given (or taken away) by Nick, not by McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring or by an Irish majority of the City Council, and they will have nothing to say about those jobs. Unless, of course, they ask Nick to bestow a job or two upon them. Nick will do that but the pound of flesh to be given for each such bestowal will be more like a ton of flesh.

In the end, McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring and the Irish majority of the City Council will be so deeply indebted to Nick that they will be on a short leash, more like a “choker” and a leash combo, and they will be ordered to do as Nick says, in all ways and at all times. They will be neutered. They have been neutered.

Compound this by general spending (contracts) and capital projects (more and bigger contracts) which McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring and the Irish majority of the City Council will have nothing to say about. This one will especially disappoint Spencer since he loved the good old days with then Yonkers Public School Superintendent Andre Hornsby (now in a Federal lockup for corruption) when he doled out hundreds of millions in capital projects with the naked backyard pool jumper (Thomas Weibrecht) as the front man.

I could go on and on, but Nick has even gotten McLaughlin blaming the Albany Delegation for the double cross. How dumb can you get?

If McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring believe that Nick has big political futures in store for the “team”, they are even dumber than first thought. When Mikey’s time is done, Nick will install one of the Spano faithful. That won’t be McLaughlin; for sure.

When Nick finally does pull the carpet out from under McLaughlin, he will land so severely on his bald head, that he’ll lose the remaining red hairs left there.

Nick will never forget McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring berating him over inadequate school funding. That harangue would come to eventually cost Nick his senate seat. He will never forget it, and he will never forgive them.

Nick will never forget the “Dumbo & Jumbo” nomination that Spencer and McLaughlin and Spring (Kathy Spring Spencer) tagged Mikey and him with, over and over again.

Good luck. You are no match for Nick. Watch your backs at all times. Brush up on the “Godfather” movie and the “Sopranos” series.

The author is being kept anonymous for fear of retribution by Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris who knows this person to be credible in every aspect of his superlative resume of accomplishment.

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eHeziOP-ED: Dumbo’s on First, Jumbo’s on Second By ANONYMOUS

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  1. Campaign Finance Reform

    Looks like yer ol Johnnie Larkin may have dug up this here article and come to understand it.

    Now the laddy tinks that the stupid City Council is bein overlukked.

    Ah! them Irish councilmen – a bit groggy wheter there hungover or not.

  2. Blue Truth expose continues.


    Updated info on Blue Truth latest expose is being verified by inside sources.
    Topics to be of interest
    1.status of IAD investigation of Dunwoodie gate involving unauthorized investigation, tampering of evidence and illegal seizure of audio/video equipment.
    2.status of Det.Monteros illegal impeachment without due process.
    3.C.L.S.A./ Y.F.D and other unions still refusing 207c new contract
    4.pending investigation on members refusing to sign petition against Det.Montero
    5.Status update on Federal lawsuit against PBA pres.
    more to come…………….

  3. Patrick Oh' Hurlaghey

    God Bless all…and… May der road rise up ta meet yah!!!
    Rory;s at 8:00pm lads, we’ll dicuss, and cuss, as we gets discussding.
    As ye, well knows, tis 333 days until the next Grandest of Day’s again
    knocks on our doors.
    Stay Thirsty my Friends….
    Carrot Head we raise our glasses to ye.. McClean Ave’s own…

  4. Gone With The Tide

    Big wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on rollin.
    Rollin, rollin on the river…..
    Whom ever wrote the insults.. let go… it’s over……
    Rollin, rollin on the river…
    Remember! Better to swim with the current..
    Rollin, rollin……

  5. William Wallace

    Looks like they are doing a hell of a job. I can’t wait to see what good they will do next.
    Team work pays off. Well done.
    Insults and cheap shots, I will bet these are the same people who patted the above politicians on the backs.
    Ass-kissing and groveling. I guess it has failed you. Too bad isn’t it.
    Now your plan B is in effect.
    Character assassination. Too late. Games over!
    Go back home to Pee-dunk, N.Y. where you live and get a job there.
    Leave Yonkers to Yonkers-ites.

  6. Paddy

    Nice try !!!! United they stand.
    You think you can divide this powerhouse. Yonkers present and future is at stake.
    Sounds like a certain trouble maker is back!
    P.S. leave the Irish out of it. Haven’t they suffered enough.
    Up, Mac Clean Ave!

  7. Peachy

    Who is trying to break up the strong front, that these credits to old Yonkers, have been showing?
    Ah sure-en, it must be dah, dis-grunted, ousted , turds that’s been tossed out or outed. by our hero’s duh above mentioned lad’s and lassies.
    Long live the crusader’s

  8. Duggan

    Can anyone think of the boe being like dpw…bring nick a “cake” and you get a job….once a thief ALWAYS a thief!

  9. 20 months left

    soon mikey will be gone and nick cant do anything about it, they have screwed people over and over,on the other hand the feds are watching …………………….


      yeah, right, the feds are watching. The same brilliant feds who put Annabi in jail while the true criminals of this city are still trawling. Yeah, those feds?

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