THE HEZITORIAL ANALYSIS: Cases of Misconduct Against Yonkers Police Continue Unabated Despite The Blue Truth Series of Articles By HEZI ARIS

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ehezi_charicature1The Journal News article, “2 Yonkers Cops Named in 14 Misconduct Lawsuits“, penned by Erik Shilling, published on April 6, 2014, divulges allegations against YPD Officers William Pataky, and Alex Donna Della. Their individual conduct, as unique as it may have been with respect to the standards set for all members of the Yonkers Police Department (YPD), should “standards” pertinent to all issues with respect to police work in the fourth largest city in New York State must be, are lackadaisically permitted to be skirted, maligned, abused, even dismissed, by the likes of Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, at the directive given him by Yonkers City Hall. It is the political insinuation and direction by Yonkers City Hall on the hierarchy of the YPD, specifically with respect to the conduct of Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner that is simply anathema to the intention and outcome of the Blue Truth Series of articles that have graced the virtual pages of the Yonkers Tribune since May 24, 2013. The purpose for delving any deeper into individual allegations of wrongdoing was to afford Yonkers City Hall, specifically Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, and the YPD, specifically Commissioner Gardner, to dislodge the political insinuation often demanded the YPD submit to ameliorate City Hall’s political intrusion because City Hall had and still has an agenda… to control the YPD, despite City Hall not needing to denigrate the YPD by demanding illegal conduct of them. Let’s face it Mayor Mike Spano cannot lead the 500 man / woman operation of the YPD no matter his tactics. In fact, it was Yonkers City Hall’s intrusion into the YPD, when directed by the likes of former Mayor’s John Spencer, Phil Amicone, and presently by Mayor Mike Spano, who have individually and collectively conspired to undermine the “good” work of the majority of Yonkers Police Officers throughout the hierarchy, in order to permit the likes of others who trample on the rules and protocols of conduct to thrive within the department when they should have long ago been dismissed; excised from the system.

Yonkers has succumbed to the silence of “Yes!’ men and women no mater their climb to ever higher offices of power, diminished, if you will, by their every kowtow to those before them without a compelling response to put an end to the culture of being undermined from within today’s brutalized YPD. It is without challenge that the Yonkers Tribune asserts the renegades are undermining the evolution of a better department were it not for the very few who soil the historical patina of excellence of the YPD. It’s the few who continue to soil the 98 percent who do the best possible under the circumstances at present.

The Journal News cites these articles to make their allegations:

Yonkers cop used PCP arrest to coerce sex: lawsuit

Yonkers pays nearly $3M in decade over police misconduct

Read the complaints against Yonkers police

While The Journal News asserts that, “taken together, the lawsuits paint a grim picture, …” They have yet to grasp the entire picture. The Journal News only goes so far, they allege a story, if proven correct in court later this year, will either be proven or disproven. That should not be the focus, as it is only indicative of a few renegades who have run amuck. The focus must be on Yonkers City Hall because they are the puppet masters; YPD conducts itself at the behest of Yonkers City Hall. How you ask? Let’s examine how the system is corrupted by examining the very standards permitted to endure, promoted as it is by cover-ups and denials, and protected by and with the full knowledge of powerful insiders who derive their “heft” from Yonkers City Hall. Those who do their bidding get rewarded. Those “already” chosen are permitted to run the roost for their benefit.

Illegal searches of homes and cars, illegal arrests, stalking and intimidation… all circumstances that break acceptable conduct of the YPD are permitted to flourish for the elite few. Trumped up denials and assertions of good conduct from the protected “friends and family” membership allow misbehaviors, so as to reward misconduct by gaming the system. For every frivolous arrest, some might define such police conduct as biased and circumstances convenient to those “permitted” to game the system to be authorized, because it is. Of those arrested, the majority are black, less so are the Hispanic, and the least number badgered and arrested, are white. Why you ask? Simple…because there is money in these arrests.

For every one of these arrests, an officer whose base pay is approximately $80,000 per year can come away with $100,000 more in overtime pay. You see, for every arrest, a Yonkers Police Officer is granted 4 hours of overtime so as to be able to attend the pertinent court cases relevant to the arrest. Management, that is, the Office of Yonkers Police Commissioner Gardner should be reviewing the “value” of these “collars” (arrests) to ascertain its studied outcome based on outcome. Many, if not most, deflect attention from the most important cases Yonkers encounters. Yonkersites are instead forced to blow taxpayer money so the “friends and family” fiends can abuse the system devised by Yonkers City Hall for overtime earnings and eventually pensions, that the personnel should not be able to maneuver to their benefit. When Yonkersites recognize these patterns of police behavior is encouraged among the select “chosen” few by Mayor Mike Spano’s political directives and by those who claim to speak for him is anathema to the YPD, only then will these issues and concerns be recognized for what they are: these aberrations of governance must be wiped out. All it takes is for Mayor Mike Spano to issue the directive . Yonkersites are waiting for Mayor Spano to do the right thing.

It’s time for a new game plan boys!

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eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL ANALYSIS: Cases of Misconduct Against Yonkers Police Continue Unabated Despite The Blue Truth Series of Articles By HEZI ARIS

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  1. John Donaghy

    Please guys, don’t take it personal, I was sent to Dunwoodie by Keith. Keith also said, if anything goes wrong, just blame him . I did not know we were investigating without any authorization. I remembered what Ko said. He said, “we don’t follow laws, we break them”.

  2. Fight Doctor

    Case closed my ass. Nobody trusts you. If you were a tough guy you would’ve cornered Pappas and said or did what you needed to. Instead you send unwanted texts to a stand up boss about meeting off duty and out of the city and just think you will be able to get away with it. Pack your bags and leave town. Don’t you have a plague to spread somewhere else you shit stain. We won’t even talk about Ray. Lets see. A fat disaster that calls the other old and senile. Make no mistakes, you are and have always been jealous of Ray cause you could never shine his shoes. Simple as that and deep down you know it.

  3. Keith Olson is a crook

    I would put Bryant Pappas in any ring or octagon or alley against Fat Olson any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Keith has about 400 lbs over Pappas lean 150 lbs and Pappas wouldn’t so much as give Keith a chance to breathe. Keith is extremely jealous of Pappas who has admirably risen to the rank of Lieutenant and soon Captain without stabbing anyone in the back or setting anyone up. Those are the tactics of the pathetic dirty Olson.


      KO called Pappas and asked him to meet and Pappas went to IAD and filed a harassment complaint.
      Montero did the same.


  4. Down in the basement

    I love the guy that keeps talking about Pappas. You are real tough sitting in your basement and hiding behind your computer. You rats speak of cowardice acts posting without a name. Thank goodness for being anonymous. Your whole inner circle are punks. The Spartan would dismantle you with one punch. Keep hiding behind the keyboard where you will be safe.

  5. Old man ray

    Ray you will never get anywhere with this BS. You crazy old coot lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol!

  6. JM Lackey

    I drive a girly jeep. I moved close to the Spano’s cause one day I want the TU. Sometimes I wear my wife’s undergarments and prance around in six inch pumps. My ass looks great. I never boast about crossfit. And finally, I’ve never lost a PBA election, not once. Who am I?

  7. Lohud reader

    Ditto, worth repeating the response below addressing the idiot who insinuated any cop helped Lohud write an article. It might not have been Mr. Olson who posted that comment but its the type of slime we’ve come to expect from Det. Olson who’s back is against the wall….

    Cyber Space
    APRIL 9, 2014 AT 3:06 PM
    Very irresponsible comment. I don’t think the Journal News needs any help writing an article based on public information. The article practically wrote itself. Wil David visits every precinct and HQ at least once a week and makes copies of what ever he needs and the Captain’s have to provide it. So do yourself a favor and learn the facts before you make such in ignorant comment.

  8. Olson the union buster

    How much of the membership money did you give to the Spano’s thus far? Oh they really needed to pay for 207C.

  9. Yonkers Finest

    here is the rat list, and coward list, we will not use the connotation faggot for Olson’s sake.
    John Mueller
    Brian Moran
    William Pataky
    Lou Venturino
    Johnny D.
    Frankie F.
    Joe Ski.
    Steve D.
    Dean P.
    Anthony the wife stealer Chiarella
    The biggest, dirtiest, disgusting, rancid smelling, gray rat in the history of Yonkers PD, is yes you guess it, the rat walking with his belly touching his feet is Keith I am not a liar Olson.

  10. Pappas is a Faggot

    Bryant Pappas is known for getting his ass kicked, screaming like a bitch for back up, and then slamming the cops who bail him out. Pussy.

  11. Spartan is a Farce

    Bryant Pappas is known for kicking people when they are down. Wait until he gets his comeuppance. Lots of people can’t wait for this snake to be buried.

    1. Blue Truth

      Ray Montero – you Bryant pappas, bob Itzla, Matt russo, Mingy santo bello and hector Cartagena are totally isolated. Not one of you dirtbags will own up to this disgusting activity but I assure you, no will ever forget what you guys have done here. Being co-authors with lo HUD articles about hard working cops to further your agenda is low even for your slime ball standards. Disgraceful Dirtbags all of you.

      1. Ted the Black Janitor

        Ray Montero is a crazy asshole who was fired from the YPD and has so many personal problems it’s pathetic. Sad and lonely old fuck.

      2. Cyber Space

        Very irresponsible comment. I don’t think the Journal News needs any help writing an article based on public information. The article practically wrote itself. Wil David visits every precinct and HQ at least once a week and makes copies of what ever he needs and the Captain’s have to provide it. So do yourself a favor and learn the facts before you make such in ignorant comment.

  12. Dick Tracy

    First of all we are talking about Billy ” punching bag ” Pataky. There a lot of street cops who work all over the city who have more arrest than that flaker and have no pending suits, and complaints to boot. Mr C. before you attempt to state your assessment, please get your facts right. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I think to classify Pataky as a chimpanzee is off the mark. Why is it that Pataky is widely known as a ” punching bag ” in the department. Most police officer don’t chase teenagers for a bag of weed. He and Keith have one thing in common. They are both cowards and liars.

    1. Yonkerslotto

      Speaking of thieves, maybe you should look into the squad. Lou V., Brian M. and Joe M. run more scams than anyone. Wonder what their combined saleries were last year. Can save a bundle without their infinite wisdom. If the CO tries to reprimand them then he is called a thief. Those guys were real street cops back in the day. Lol

  13. lucky teenager

    Count your blessing you never met PO Pataky. He would have yelled and cursed you out, then hit you wish resisting a at your young foolish days.

    1. Billy C.

      Lol, “got juice”my ass. Mike cares for Keith like I care for this aggravating hemorrhoid I’ve had in my ass the last two years. And Pataky may have the people skills of a chimpanzee but I still don’t believe the outlandish allegations made by sleeze ball perpetrators. Especially the racist lawyers and so called activists these criminals use that themselves don’t respect and resent our countries laws. Karen, Randolph and Bostic can all go eat a bag of dicks. As always, stay thirsty my friends.

  14. yonkers all the time

    normal bell curve you get some at the bottom most in the middle and some super acheivers. that’s what makes a JOB .I am not a yonkers cop never wanted to be one don’t till this day . I did have some CONTACT with them in the past . they always demonstrated the same amount of respect I gave them . when I was belligerent and drunk I went to jail …………. ahh one night I was a teenager a long time ago and I deserved it. I learned quickly if you treat the police with respect they will accord you the same. I can only say thank you for all your of the officers mentioned and I had some dialouge recently. his approach may have been a little awkward but the conversation ended and to be honest he was amicable at the end . good luck stay safe

  15. Pedro the waiter

    keith how many members attended the pba dinner, how many outsiders, and last but not least how many free tickets you gave away at the members expense to fill up the room…………….

  16. Olson the fat thief

    Can you please tell the membership how much cash you raised for Wayne S., and how much did you give him?

  17. Old man ray

    Hezi once again you show why you couldn’t even get a job at lohud, you are a horrible “writer”. Real facts usually make for good articles hence you will never be able to write one.

  18. Mississippi NAACP

    We were just waved down by another church van, and they were also looking for Pataky. We told them to be careful and not call Pataky’s house before he locks up their youngest.

  19. got juice

    Clearly Keith Olson has the administration in his pocket, The mayor has his 50th birthday party at the casino this month and Keith Olson is on his committee so stop hating on him.

          1. PBA Members money

            Actually keith is contributing a lot of the members money probably at least 5K

    1. Lawman

      Hope the guests have permission from PAROLE department.They know
      Its ILLEGAL for convicted federal felons to have contact with each other.
      Also how many guests will be wearing anckle tracking devices.
      Then on the other how many guest’s will be wearing recording and filming device’s. Happy BIRTHDAY.

  20. Cop cover ups

    Guess Stefanic could not cover up for his son like he did for his niece who was sending naked pictures of underage girls over her phone. Once he found out she was being investigated he contacted every parent of the kids she sent the pictures to and told them their children would be charged with felonies if they co operated with the police

    1. Itzla theThief

      Special thanks to Erik Schilling and his co authors, Bob Itzla, Ray Montero, Bryant Pappas, Robert Santobello and Hector Cartagena on this fantastic expose regarding police corruption.


      Just like the fat scumbag your are OLSON, you have been throwing people under the bus your whole career. Maybe this year you will choke on your words. You stand up at your small gatherings, and tell real cops how you have other cops personnel files, the only thing you ever did was rat on the whole department with your bubby Hartnett. The PC needs to start with you for official misconduct. By the way you f–kin water rat call Erik Schilling yourself and give him an interview on how you have been committing official misconduct for years. Then at the next meeting slap more lies on the new members who did not get a taste of your rat self…. your so corrupt that the Feds can smell your fat rat ass.

    3. Cop cover up your a joke

      It’s funny Christine Celli how you’re daughter takes NAKED pictures of herself sends them to all her friends and everyone but you’re daughter is guilt of something she herself did and continues to do but it’s everyone else’s fault typical brain dead attitude shows how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree that is some household you guys have going there you and your brain dead daughter and lets not forget your charming husband Napoleon (JOSEPH CELLI THE DRUNK) I feel sorry for you’re daughter cause she can’t help who her MOTHER is sad that her up bringing has brought her to have such a low self esteem that she has to put herself out there like that for all to see and all MOMMY can do is blame everyone else SAD SAD SAD the blind leading the blind or should i say BRAIN DEAD

  21. Start with PBA pres!!!!

    Lets get it straight YPD cops are probably the best around considering the leadership that they have,the only problem is that only a few rotten apples screw it up for the rest of the team. Pataky and olson need to step down and go back to the academy and understand what real cops do…………..

    1. Time to sanitize

      If the City keeps denying that the Yonkers PBA leader is not himself of committing official misconduct, how do you expect to stop dirty cops like William Pataky. Here is a guy that was permitted to work alone in the streets without any supervision. His actions are a direct example of that. When rogue cops such as Pataky see’s, that their union leader plays dirty too, it emboldened other border line professionals to ignore rules and regulations, including certain basic human rights. Start with the dirtiest rodent first.

  22. Xman

    So now some people are questioning the cops going out making low level crime arrests? To me it shouldn’t matter, a crime is a crime period, little crimes often lead to bigger crimes. The YPD does a great job enforcing all laws. I don’t care if it costs the city overtime, that’s managements problem to minimize it but at the same time letting the cops rid the streets of these criminals. Summer is coming, keep the streets safe.

    1. punching bag

      pataky is not the only one working the streets and definitely not the only one making lots of collars, but he is the one with numerous complaints and lawsuits can you answer that for us RAT!!!!!

    2. ratchet up

      Xmen ask Olson why he gave up the Housing Unit, 511, burglary unit, domestic unit, traffic court, Pal, ect…. its that not spots to fill

    3. bad lieutenant

      Who are you getting, Bill Pataky is a piss poor example of a street cop. He’s been removed from the streets because he picks on teens. When he tries to step up to the big leagues, he usually gets slapped around.

  23. david berkawitz

    Is she the ex lover of the TURKEY stealer from the homeless that worked at city hall a couple of years back she got the worst case of ????. Penicillin won’t work
    She just wanted to spread the love.

  24. Tom R 10708

    Ask the reporters why they will not devote as much print space( even any at all) for the YPD awards in late May.

    EDITOR’S Note: Because we don’t get invited. If/when I am, I am told 24 hours before the fact. If I want the list of those being honored, I have to foil for the list. Ask you boss why? Not me. Ten again. don’t forget, I don’t drive, I coin a daily radio show from 10 a.n. to 12 Noon every weekday…. That’s why things are the way they are for me. it wouldn’t hurt the department to share the joy, but they would rather hurt you thinking they are hurting me. Demand better… perhaps they will do better. I know you do a gargantuan task. I am not the enemy. Kindly, Hezi

    1. Myth Buster

      To Hezi Aris

      I like your response when someone commented that you journalists spend lots of time pointing out what’s wrong with YPD but won’t show support for good cops at the awards ceromonies. Hopefully you will be invited next time, I don’t think the Commissioner purposely omits anyone. Unless you’re referring to the separate PBA dinner awards, I could see the union president going out of his way to ban you and most press.

      You are usually spot on in your editorials, most people could tell you support
      99% of the cops who break their backs to keep us safe. It’s the corrupt 1% of
      any department that journalists like you guys go after. The exception being News12 who have proved to be anti-cop no matter what. Almost every cop feels News12 goes out of their way to spin a story against any cop, myself included.

      But this time Mr. Aris, I have to disagree with you painting with a broad brush cops who get paid to make arrests. The way you generalized the extra pay was very misleading. You made it sound as if something is sinister for getting paid to come to work on your day off. Every job in the country (not just cops) pays their employees overtime to come in to work on their day off or work in excess of 40 hours. After all, we do have labor laws in this country. And not every arrest generates any overtime, in fact most don’t. Cops who work day shift for example would not get paid overtime to go to court during their regular shift. If a cop makes an arrest on the nightshift when court is closed then he or she has to come back to work on their time off when the court is open, that’s only common sense, nothing sinister about that. Too bad some of the street predators choose to commit robberies and rapes at night. If we could just get these hoodlums to cooperate and only do their crimes when courts are open then that would solve all our problems.

      Lastly, the cops don’t get paid 4 hours overtime as you wrote, they only get paid 3 hours overtime to come in for court arraignments when they are off. And trust me, three hours is nothing when you only have one overcrowded courthouse in the 4th largest city in the state. By the time the off duty cop leaves his or her house and drives to court and goes through the entire court arraignment process, then drives back home his entire day off is pretty much gone. These cops earn their pay, there’s no handouts being handed to them.

      Like I said, you’re usually pretty fair and accurate in your editorials but I had you call you out on this one, you were reaching a bit.

      1. Post
        Hezi Aris

        Mea Culpa. I made two egregious errors. First, asserting that 4 hours are appended to a police officer after they make an arrest in order to attend the court. You advise the amount is 3 hours. I stand corrected. I apologize for that error.

        More importantly, I seem to have painted my concern with a broad brush. The writing upon a rereading and reflection was not strong enough in showing that I was speaking about those that game the system rather than the preponderance of people who entered the profession and uphold standards of excellence despite watching other who conduct themselves less so. The issue has been and always will be a showing of how leadership based on trust and conduct permits a better department. I assert that there are those within the department that use the YPD as if they own and thereby control it for their benefit. The cohesion of any organization is the standards set by its leadership. The leadership is weak and it shows because only a few are breaking the lawn in the department and are permitted to do so. The YPD has permitted its best to be soiled by those few renegades that weaken the entire department. I had hoped that with more time, it is now 10 months since I began the Blue Truth series, the YPD, and City Hall, would find a better way; instead, City Hall political interference has hurt the YPD. What will it take to make things better? Likely it will be best for the YPD to clean up its own house. I have been frustrated by the slow process which hurts the men and women on blue.



        P.S. Thanks for taking the time to confront me with your concerns. I intend to be more careful in the future. The truth is, I am human, I make mistakes, I may at times even be impatient to get things resolved, even so, it requires I be less anxious, and more focused. Thanks.

  25. Charlie Bronson

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. And only officers that mostly work shifts at night, which by the way is great for family life, make a little overtime. To correct you it is 3 hours overtime as compensation for reporting to court. I pay taxes too and I don’t mind a cop getting compensated for ridding our streets of criminals. Or maybe they shouldn’t get paid at all. Don’t cast stones Mr. Shilling until you walk a mile in a police officers shoes. Randolph McLaughlin is a weasel who should not be practicing law. He is a racist pig who hates the same laws he twists to his benefit, what a pos.

    1. Service

      Where there is smoke there is fire-stop with the walking a mile in their shoes crap-you can’t just be booming down doors on a “hunch”.

  26. Start with PBA pres!!!!

    I guess mikey spaNO when he read the Blue truth many months ago thought it wasn’t real,now 2 months ago IAD started an internal investigation one on a cop that went to dunwoodie and seized a video recorder illegally at the request of PBA pres.keith olson, and the second cop was Pataki for inciting a riot with another cop again at PBA pres.keith olsons orders,seems like the chickens are coming home to roost……………..

    1. Pappas the snake

      Special thanks to lt. Bryant pappas blue truth contributor AND this most recent lo HUD article – f$&@n lowlife snake

  27. david berkawitz

    This is just the the first of many tales of dirty little secrets OK. Much more to surface from many departments in all branchs of CoY

  28. Fed Up Yonkersite

    What has become of this city? In the news just two days I see they arrested a Yonkers police officer on drug charges, and now today we read in the paper about two corrupt Yonkers cops, the worst of which was engaging in having sex with a female he arrested?? Where are we? How can this be happening in any city today? Is this a police department or Nazi Germany? Yonkers always had a reputation for being corrupt but I really thought it was in the past. Seems like it’s worse than ever. I would call on the Mayor to clean this city up but I really don’t think he is capable of it. The state Troopers seem to have their act straight, maybe you should do away with the entire police department and have the Troopers protect us. Very disappointed with this Mayor, to think that he was the first Democrat I have voted for in over 40 years.

    1. cleaner

      One has to look at who is leading the PBA. Keith Olson is nothing more than a lap dog for the Nick Spano. Olson himself has been the subject of Internal complaints from members of the CLSA and the PBA. Bring in the Feds and start with Olson.

  29. punching bag pataky

    Seems like its true about pataky he even tried to bully one of his own at a PBA meeting a few months ago,I sure do hope IAD takes care of that rogue cop……

  30. mikes a joke

    mike has his head far up nicky ass,he seems not to understand that his brother lost a long time ago ……………………………..

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