Two Yonkers Grads to Attend Elite Colleges

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NEW YORK, NY–Two Loyola School seniors and Yonkers natives, Molly Tobin (right) and Erika Moffa (left)Tobin_Molly, have been accepted to elite colleges, it Moffa_Erikawas announced today by Loyola School.  Tobin will be attending Boston College and Moffa will be attending Providence College.

Tobin selected Boston College to begin her quest to become a nurse.  Besides attaining over a 90% average in a rigorous academic workload that included six Advanced Placement courses, Molly served in leadership positions for several Loyola School clubs, including Amnesty International (co-president) and Kairos (she was selected leader–one of the most-coveted titles at Loyola).  In conversations with others she has mentioned joining the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, or its international counterpart, upon graduating from college.

Moffa is a Loyola School Student Government Officer who is also a varsity athlete.  She also was selected by a panel of faculty and students to serve as a Peer Leader, an advisory role to a small group of freshmen. Last year she participated in the school’s  Spanish Exchange Program in Seville.  This year she was honored with Loyola’s most prestigious award for current students, the Magis Award, which is bestowed on students who ‘have helped to make Loyola School a better place.’

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eHeziTwo Yonkers Grads to Attend Elite Colleges

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  1. state skool

    first congratulations and good luck . elite ? why because it costs so much ? a friend of mines daughter was accepted to an ELITE state school s u n y binghampton . she is from a working class family and could not afford a private college .her parents were factory workers …you know the proletariat. they were the back bone of this once industrialized city . ahh well . the familys dentist was the son of a scrap yard owner. he graduated from binghampton u and then n y u school of medicine. he now has a thriving business in Westchester ny .he told me he used to break down batterys in his dads yard daily to help his father …..a scrap man. kudos to the kids and I personally wish you tremendous luck ,as well as the state student .

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