Yonkers Board of Education Trustees Reappoint Dr. Michael Yuzurlo as Yonkers Public School District Superintendent

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mikespano_colorYazurlo_Dr. MIchaelYonkers’ Interim Superintendent to Receive Two Year Contract Extension

 YONKERS, NY – May 19, 2014 – In anticipation of Wednesday’s Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) meeting, Mayor Mike Spano said he supported the Board’s expected appointment of Dr. Michael Yazurlo as the District’s Superintendent. The Board is scheduled to vote this week on a two-year appointment of Dr. Yazurlo as superintendent, elevating him from his previous status as interim superintendent.

“As Yonkers Public Schools transition toward new leadership, interim Superintendent Yazurlo has performed admirably during this difficult, yet short period. The Board of Trustees has my full support as they make this prudent decision, which is in the best interest of our students, teachers, staff and parents,” said Mayor Spano.

Mayor Spano continued, “Dr. Yazurlo offers stability and credibility to the District  as we successfully work through the effects of the YBoE’s recent budget overstatement. By extending his contract, the Board provides the consistency and proven experience we need to reduce overlapping services between the Board of Education and the City. Then we can increase our resources in the classrooms where they are most needed.”

Dr. Yazurlo joined the Yonkers School District with over 40 years of experience as an educator and administrator, including his time as a well-respected principal at Roosevelt High School.

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eHeziYonkers Board of Education Trustees Reappoint Dr. Michael Yuzurlo as Yonkers Public School District Superintendent

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  1. Taxpayer

    I just looked at the May agenda for the BOE. I thought there was a job freeze. They are giving raises and promotions to central office. How interesting. Everyone is talking about money but the most difficult challenge for YPS will be to raise the scores of 14% passing.

  2. sad

    Dr. Yazurlo is going to be there for as long as he wants. He had a long history of doing whatever the Spano’s tell him to do. No more..no less; job security I guess. The only thing that is really disturbing is how he watched them sink the knife into ole Bernie’s back. (Bernie and Yazurlo were VERY good friends) I guess that tells you all you need to know about the good new Sup…

  3. casual observer

    Why was Nader not given the position, this is not a knock on Yuzurlo, but more proof that SpaNO is a tool. I wonder who he gets his guidance from? I guess the article last week by Hezi was true, that Nader was going to get voted out.

    1. Jumbo and Dumbo right Spencer..lol

      its ok he can buyoff all the democrats with jobs I promise he will have a primary…..

      1. Just the facts

        Heard that there is a decorated veteran with years of budget and administrative experience that is considering a primary against Mike.

        1. Mike is a DOPE

          Yeah. Last primary was with Chuck lesnick. Lucky mike won that one. Next one won’t be such a walk in the park. For sure.

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