A Letter to Rob Astorino by Hon. NICK SPANO

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Spano_Nick2Dear Mr. Astorino;

I am disappointed at the double standard you exhibited in defending your “D-Day” fundraiser that has offended many veterans because of its inappropriate images of veterans’ graves and its equating of the Governor to our enemies in World War Two.

Asked by these veterans and others to return the funds, rather than address the issue, your response was to criticize the Governor for accepting funds “raised by a convicted felon,” which your campaign staff confirmed was me.

Let me direct your attention to another convicted felon who donated to a political campaign, and how you reacted then. The convicted felon would be your father, the former Chief of Detectives of Mount Vernon, who served a year in federal prison after he pleaded guilty in 1994 to stealing money during an F.B.I investigation into police corruption. The political campaign would be yours for County Executive, to which you father made donations exceeding $1,200 some years after his release.

You showed support for your father following his arrest, saying in the newspapers that you were “proud of him.” Asked about him again when you announced your campaign for governor this year, you said “he paid his price, but we’ve always had a great relationship that continues to this day.”

You are a former Christian broadcaster, and claim to be guided by the principles of your faith. Yet it seems that , in your opinion, the right to pay the price for transgressions and move on is limited to your family, and that it does not apply to others.

How do you explain why it is fine for you to accept a donation from a convicted felon, yet not acceptable for anyone else?

If you wish to be Governor, I ask that you do a better job in considering the requirement to apply the same standards to all New Yorkers, and that you not reserve redemption and forgiveness only for members of your own family.

If you believe that a “convicted felon” should not be allowed to participate in the democratic process, then practice what you preach and start in your own home. To do otherwise would be completely hypocritical.


Nick Spano

eHeziA Letter to Rob Astorino by Hon. NICK SPANO

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  1. Anti Ass-torino

    Choose the highest crime area in New York City and make Ass-torino live in the neighborhood for at least a month. He must commute, using subways and buses, walk the streets, shopping and just living and average life. Then he can experience what no gun control looks like.
    He should bring his family also. The ‘wild west’ atmosphere with constant random shooting is exactly what he needs a dose of. Then maybe he can be a viable candidate.

  2. Upset

    Hey PEE WEE,
    You are a laughable stooge. Have some dignity. You are a wuss, going against proven
    real leaders. What heat have you been tested with ? Just take it for what it is, they needed a candidate, a suit, get it. You fit the suit.
    Every parade needs a grand wizard to lead it. “Every parade,” you are the one this time, don’t get carried away with yourself.
    A consolation; Remember you will always have Hugh Fox to rely on, that is until he can’t parasite off of the taxpayers money that you are paying him with anymore.

    1. Shaun McQuinn

      Robert ASStorino…………..Worthless POS. I call em’ like I see em’, Mr. ASStorino. Lying twisted SOB. You’re not worthy to to be Governor of SQUAT. Go the F%+?# away……………LOSER. ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. Credentials

    What are Astorino’s credential’s? All He knows is how to delay the Federal Housing by
    blaming it on zoning…..
    Hey ASS-torino you had no problem building a ten story, Fifty family building on North Broadway in Getty Square, Yonkers, NY. As part of the Federal Housing.
    You and that pimply faced, bearded woman EX-MAYOR, Amicone.
    You couldn’t wait to shove your problem up Yonker’s Ass.
    Now your foulness is being exposed.
    You have about as much of a chance at becoming the Governor as there is of finding James Hoffa singing with Elvis Presely at Amicones bankrupt Ridge Hill Restaurant.

  4. Playland

    I heard Astorino is lowering the height for the rides at Playland.
    This way he doesn’t have to pay Hugh Fox-(FIX) to accompany
    him. PEEE—-WEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Shut up and go away

    BTW, Hezi, please take the “HON.” away from fat Nick’s name in the title of this article.

    No matter waht he did before, when he became a convicted criminal, he lost the designation – FOREVER, at least in this world. Maybe he can get it back in the next world. Hope so.

    It is a disservice to all good people to afford an admitted and convicted felon, the title of “Honorable”. That is reserved to people who are a merit to society and community. Any criminal, any felon is not.

    Please take it down

  6. vy78

    Nothin like seein the lowest dregs of the Yonkers and the County of Westchester political sewer fightin it out in the mud! They’ve been busy rippin everybody else off!

  7. Shut up and go away

    Nick Spano has no right to public comment anymore. He’s a crook, pure and simple and he should shut his mouth.

    He violated the public trust and should be muzzled. BTW, always remember that he gave us Zehy Jereis and Anthony Mangone.

    P.S. He’s a hell of a republican, supporting a “extremist” wacko liberal democrat like Anrew Cuomo. Tubiolo should use the party bylaws to remove him from the party (LOL) Fat chance.

    And how dumb is Astorino having the Tubiolos (aka Spano lovers) all over his offices. BTW, word is that one of the “T”s was the one who confirmed that Astorino’s “felon” comment was directed at fat Nicky.

    Then again Astorino ain’t no genius.

      1. Shut up and go away

        Nick Spano is defenseless. He is a convicted felon – crook. Period. He should shut up and go away.

        Probably will go away again anyhow

  8. Priceless

    Politicians squatting at veteran events: $50
    Politicians taking money: $500
    Politician Felons criticizing elected politicians: Priceless

  9. Mustache Pete

    Nick, is it true you encountered daily shower rapes and had to suck c@ck for a bag of ramen noodles while in the pen. Cause I was told so by someone in the know, you slimy POS.

    1. don't want welfare help nicky

      My husband won’t be out of prison anytime soon. There is big talk mike won’t win the next election or be in prison like you nicky . I really need a permanent city job out of Mikes office who will help me?

  10. CSLewis

    Nick Spano has the audacity to cast dispersions on Astorino? The Spanos were on welfare for all those 16 kids while papa Len sucked off the government tit with his no-show jobs in government. Nick was on the payroll of practically every carting company in Westchester as a consultant. That means kickback for business thrown their way. Spano, just like his father and male siblings, has had his little squeeze on the side. Basically, he’s a pig casting stones at someone who has more integrity in his right foot than Nicky could have in three lifetimes.

    Love the grammar and punctuation that the Spano supporters display. Must be those Yonkers public schools.

    Shut up Nick and go away.

  11. Yonkersvoter

    Dear PLEASE if Mr. Astorino lives to be 100 years old her will never be a quarter of the man Nick Spano is. Mr. Astorino is a hyprocrite and a self righteous boob. He is a tiny man in both stature and principles.

  12. Vinnie

    Astorino is nothing but a phony. He pays lip service to conservatism and the Tea Party while he loads the County Government with all kinds of patronage employees who don’t show up for work and who don’t contribute to the benefit of Westchester Taxpayers. He used “funny finance” to give the appearance that he was moderating tax increases and then Moody’s caught it and lowered Westchester’s credit rating for mismanagement. Lohud has requested public information for
    -County employee start dates (which will show how many cronies Astorino hired),
    -highest paid employees last year ( some shocking details here),
    -employee attendance records at the “NO SHOW” Board of Elections (or an explanation of why there are no attendance records),
    -an accounting of legal expenses against HUD
    Where is it?
    Usually the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. mjs

      Vinnie, he’s taking his political cue from your brother and the SPANO familia. Problem is your swollen heads loose sight of reality and the law and you go away.

  13. Senator Spano fan

    So glad you finally decided to stand up to this guy! He has been taking cheap shots for a few months. Good work Nicky.

  14. Typical Spano

    There’s a big difference between a felin father giving his son money and another felon unrelated to a candiadate hosting a fundraiser for a candidate. I don’t think anyone would criticize Mike Spano accepting money from Nick Spano because he’s Mike’s brother. But Nick Spano hosting a fundraiser for any other candidate is a poor reflection on that candidate – even Cuomo. Sorry Nick, your criticism and claims of double standards are ridiculous and transparent.


    Mr. Spano,

    Of the 16 issue of the patriarchal Spano clan, and their offspring, how many young man in your family ever served in the military?


        yeah, just like our former mayor who wrapped himself around the flag and never served in HIS war.

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