A Team Yonkers Message with Respect to Fire Commissioner Sweeney By Mayor MIKE SPANO

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Yonkers Fire Department Commissioner Robert F. Sweeney

Yonkers Fire Department Commissioner Robert F. Sweeney

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

YONKERS, NY – July 29, 2014 — After two years leading our Yonkers Bravest with valor and distinction, Robert Sweeney has decided to end his tenure as the Yonkers Fire Commissioner and pursue other opportunities.

On behalf of our Yonkers residents, I thank Commissioner Sweeney for sharing his in-depth knowledge, instinct and experience as a firefighter for over 35 years with the men and women of our fire department. His work ethic, dedication and commitment in ensuring his firefighters and our City are always protected and safe will leave an everlasting impression on the Yonkers Fire Department.

To assist in the transition while we seek to fill the position, Deputy Chief John Darcy will serve as interim Yonkers Fire Commissioner effective August 13. Chief Darcy, who has worked closely with Commissioner Sweeney during the last two years, is a proven leader and will uphold the standards that Commissioner Sweeney has worked so diligently to create.

We wish Bob all the best in his new endeavors and thank him for leading the best fire department in the country and serving Yonkers and our residents with honor.

Mie Spano is Mayor of the City of Yonkers.

eHeziA Team Yonkers Message with Respect to Fire Commissioner Sweeney By Mayor MIKE SPANO

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  1. Honest John

    Tony, Billy,George and Their Cliques(Crews), made everyone on The Fire Dept their hostages.
    Never return to their octopus tentacles of corruption and strangulation.
    They still have a massive grip on the fair shake honest Fire Fighters in Yonkers….. They are waiting for a come back… Old City Hall was in on it…..
    New City Hall needs a New Comm. Sweeney to fight this…
    No More Insiders….They are All in on The Fix….. Smiles and Game Faces for the Fooled Public…
    Can you say “CHEESE” rat’s love cheese.

  2. garbage can

    Speaking of garbage I see nicky and mike have a new roll off truck guy dropping boxs without permits. Make sure new guy you tax sundeep and his crew and cash only……

      1. cockeyed

        He isn’t a newbie I just hope he knows to put a extra 3 tons on the bill they got the cash.They really think there the ones getting over

    1. Out soon, but not soon enough

      Those Commissioners should be driving the trucks. Actually Liszewski belongs inside the truck. And soon he will be there.

  3. Reflection on Spano

    Can’t keep a fire commissioner from quitting? What’s the average tenure now? Just over one year? 2 fire commissioners quit in about 2 1/2 years. Doesn’t say much for Spano and his crew.

    Chuck Gardner has been interviewing also. He should be resigning before the end of 2014 himself. Seems like he has had it with City Hall meddling with the PD and ordering people around.

    No one with any sense of self worth would want to work for Spano. Every Commissioner feels the same way. The only difference is most of them couldn’t get a job anywhere else so they just grin and bear it.

    1. COY

      So true, the current DPW comm. and old DPW (Lisewski) now in charge of finance, evident that all they both know is moving garbage. A typical Spano day.

  4. Anonymous , claiming to be a City Haller but is not the one he claimed to be says

    I told that **** to go back to NYC if he couldn’t handle the heat up here in Yonkers. All that little ***** did was complain that he didn’t have any staff or friends to talk with. I tried to help him get some pals for him but I couldn’t convince the Council to make Deputy Commissioners civilian positions. The god damn unions screwed me over in that one and Sweeney**** had no balls to keep the unions quiet. I’d have pulled out my ***** and pissed on the unions. I even showed Sweeney**** how its done but he had no balls attached to his ***** so he couldn’t do it. Now that good for nothing ***** can go downtown and be the **** he really is. I need a man with bigger balls than mine. There’s no one here in city hall who even has balls, never mind man **** *****. Can’t wait to go home to the north country and tea bag my husband.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Please respect the fact that there are many people, with varying sensibilities. The language was passionate and a bit over the top with inferred imagery and epithets that detract from your sentiment. Please maintain tighter reign on your use of language which leaves you a wide berth to express yourself.

    Thank you for understanding. Kindly, Hezi

  5. Rich

    Who you kidding Mike he was a yes man, and I am sure you will be looking for the same. George refused to put up with your bull, only a matter of time Mikey you will be on the outside looking in.

    1. candid

      George only wanted to protect George’s boys at the expense of promoting and hiring non-club followers. But, what else do you expect in YO. He just showed his cards publicly and had no choice after that. Non-clubbers were happy to see him go. Next comm. will be a puppet.

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