LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s Get in the Driver’s Seat with Electric Cars By HEATHER LEIBOWITZ

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letter_to_the_editorimageWe’re in the middle of a technological revolution that is helping to clean up our air and reduce our dependence on oil – the rise of electric vehicles. Today, America has more than 220,000 electric vehicles on the road. In just the last two years, annual sales of electric vehicles have increased by 500 percent.

That’s really good news. It’s not just because electric cars are speedy, quiet and cool-looking – they are also one of the most important tools we have to break our dependence on oil, clean up our air, improve our health and protect our climate. According to a new report, electric vehicles could prevent more than 1,758,000 million metric tons of global warming pollution annually in New York by 2025. That would be like saving more than 197,817,000 gallons of gasoline per year, or eliminating tailpipe pollution from 370,000 of today’s cars and trucks.

It’s time to charge ahead and make electric cars as convenient, affordable and widespread as cars currently powered by oil.

New York should follow through with the electric vehicle action plan that Governor Cuomo announced at the end of May. The progress we’ve made so far should give us the confidence that we can take electric cars to the next level. It’s time to charge ahead.

Heather Leibowitz, J.D., is Director of Environment New York, www.EnvironmentNewYork.org

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eHeziLETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s Get in the Driver’s Seat with Electric Cars By HEATHER LEIBOWITZ

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  1. Environ-Nazis

    Environ-Nazis to the rescue!

    When they can build an economically practical electric car that won’t cost a fortune for the batteries (that die in a few short years), and NOT have my tax dollars subsidize it, and have many “charging stations”/”infrastructures” buil, I would consider it.

    This is just another Govt fleecing of the manipulated sheep that walk aimlessly about this country!

    Just look at all of the Alt-Energy companies that the Govt subsidized (with my tax dollars) that went “belly up” since the Boy King go into office.

    I find it ironic that the US Govt refuses to allow VW to import some of their new diesels that get 60 miles to the gallon! Oh, that’s right, I forgot, big oil wants to take every dollar of yours!

    When China, India, and those other “wonderful” nations start giving a rat’s ass about the “environment”, then so too shall I.

    Keep your propaganda to yourself Honey, I’m not buying into your Bull Shit!

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