Yonkers Police Department CLSA President Lt. Thomas Phelan and Richmond Community Services Board Director Hon. Nick Spano on Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris – Thursday, August 21, 2014 @ 10 a.m.

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WHYT Radio-BTR logoYONKERS, NY — August 20, 2014 — The “featured” BlogTalkRadio program “Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris” opens the Thursday, August 21, 2014th broadcast day at 10:00 a.m. EDT with Lt. Thomas Phelan, president of the Captain’s, Lieutenants, Sergeants Association (CLSA) in Yonkers.

At 11:00 a.m. we focus attention to the Hon. Nick Spano, the newly appointed chairman of the board of Richmond Community Services, known to provide a range of support for people with developmental disabilities, such as community residences, and day programs, as well as for their families.

Engage us in conversation by calling (347) 205-9201 to share your perspective – you are only asked to please stay on topic. Listen live or on demand: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/WestchesterOnTheLevel/

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eHeziYonkers Police Department CLSA President Lt. Thomas Phelan and Richmond Community Services Board Director Hon. Nick Spano on Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris – Thursday, August 21, 2014 @ 10 a.m.

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  1. Question

    Doesn’t it all seem so trivial to be trying to slander a fifteen year veteran regarding a detective shield when Keith has so many issues on his plate already? Especially when a new article just hit the tribune about a twenty five year veteran getting railroaded out of the PBA. How is it that we pay Quinn all this money and he becomes a witness for Keith?Shouldn’t you stay out of these personal issues of Keith’s Andy? And why are you allowed to sit in on our PBA meetings anyway? It’s police business you loser!

  2. Rui

    I will drive the mayor for the rest of his life if he would just kick that union bully to the curb just like they kicked me on the curb up in Greenburgh.

  3. Driving Monkey

    Yes Detective Mingy, you will be gifted a shield you never earned. It’s the least the mayor could do after all that chauffeuring you performed. That’s all it takes for a shield nowadays, be a designated hack. Nice job Mike.

    1. Family affair

      Yo moe! Don’t be trying to steal my OT driving my brother around to family parties and going on city funded vacations !!!

      1. Lesson learned

        Hey “family affair” or should I say “Keith Olson” wink wink. Well guys, once you give an ingrate a platform this is how he will repay you. The only allegiance Keith has is to himself.

    2. No teeth please

      Isn’t it about time you stop the nonsense and save some cops jobs. Go get your knee pads like your good girl paddy and do what you do best.

    3. Wrecker

      Yeah we heard he did drive mike around prior to being mayor. We also heard he has been friends with the family a long time and did that without pay and on his own time. Now what the heck does that have to do with another highly decorated cop that we also heard was sunk before the DD board by the likes of Moran, Monaco and Barbato? Just another example of why Olson needs to step down and let the healing process begin. Totally shameful this is allowed to go on but yet they pass through Donahue who had a couple of years on the job and had a hook with a certain tow company. No pun intended. Get your act together and stop trying to begrudge others a career move that they earned. Friends with city hall is no secret but fifteen years of dedicated service to the City of Yonkers should never go unnoticed.

  4. 4th pct resident

    I sure hope John Mueller does not leave us and go somewhere else I worked real hard and made a lot of phone calls because he loved the 4th pct residents, if he does leave us crime will skyrocket over night it will become a battle zone isn’t that what you told us to tell the mayor?

  5. grill man

    didn’t keith and the joker call every business every clergy, politicians, local civic leaders to not transfer Mueller out? Now he wants to go to the 3rd floor….

    1. first things first

      Nick and Tommy need to get rid of that lying fat slob and that want to be chief Mueller, but I will not transfer before hand. Although no agency will work with me, except some girl from social security. Lol, lol, lol

  6. grill man

    word is out Mueller and keith are kissing nicks ass to make the joker the next chief,can you believe this?mueller and olson will be in a lawsuit doubt the admin.will want extra heat,keith heard you and Quinn got served with a order to show cause…lol
    joker will never be chief no one trusts him….lol

    1. meet and greet man

      Let’s see, the joker Mueller kicks up new ideas just about every hour and that’s about how long it takes for another agency to walk away from that screwball. Lol

    2. Olson's Angels

      Joker Mueller
      Snoop moran
      Bill baby olson, the teenager flaker Patak, union trustee
      Union trustee Vera, Olson said I am still in good standing and I am still in charge.
      Fernandez I want ray out for challenging and questioning the changes to 207c……
      Joe ski….I did not beat my wife, and yes I am still your 4th pct trustee and I voted ray out too. Olson said Vera can stay when he finds the right C.I. lol, lol, comedy central

  7. Bad Olson

    I’m pretty sure Keith Olson took an oath to protect all PBA members regardless of political affiliations. Since he has taken office he has sunk more members than the japs did battle ships and he currently continues to do so without any repercussions. Way to go you big lugnut!

  8. Shots fired!

    time for members to stand up and clean up house start off with the king rodent him self better known as the Moquette row river rat..AKA the the scammer…AKA the embezzler … you know who…………lol

  9. Theft of service

    If anyone cares to know who “THE REAL TRUTH” poster is, it’s none other than Brian “I steal my friends wife” Moran. Scumbag rat. How is it that asshole is a DD Sergeant when all he does is walk in circles out in the parking lot, wearing out the pavement while he talks on the phone and posts negative comments about the mayor and his family on the tribune. What a two faced sleaze bag.

    1. clean up list for the D.A.

      Olson, Quinn, Vera, Pataky, John the Joker Mueller, Brian Moran, the PBA break in guy and warrantless search master, not to mention a couple of other rodents
      Can anyone believe these guys

  10. Birds of a feather

    Speaking of Neil, what was it that Ray was thrown out of the union for? I think the word they used was for causing “detriment” to the association. What the fuck, For sending an email? For double fisting a douche bag like Pataky? Didn’t Neil man one of the ballot boxes during the Ray inquisition? Didn’t he cast a vote to cast Ray out of the Union? Really Neil? Well all I can say is “Thanks Neil” I hope you will now vote yourself out of the union. Keith I must say you really know how to pick them. Neil is your boy. We’re all just glad you only got him housing.

    1. dd rat snake

      Talk about sucking the fat out of Olson’s ass? Hey dd Moran, you show up to work and you rub the fat mans tits for an hour and then you talk to rogue union Trustees like baby Olson Pataky who flakes young teenagers, and when you get bored with him you talk to guys like Neil Vera the fairytale of the department. Then after sucking the fat off those corrupt union thugs, you go out in the parking and call some “Cops” girlfriend or wife. Hmm talk about anybody else scumbags. Then you break into the Narcotics Office. What were you looking for? Does the D.A’ office know? Real dd snake rats

  11. Mr. Spearman

    It’s very shameful when Keith Olson and his friends come on to this blog to talk about the politicians they claim to be friends with by spewing insults and innuendo. You guys aren’t fooling anybody. You beg the Mayor to put all your friends in sweet spots and then talk shit about them and blame it on the blue truthers. Nobody, and I mean nobody is buying the lies you are selling Keith. Be careful not to get harpooned down in LBI. Heard its whale week down there.

  12. Great balls of fire

    Did anybody see the live talking Rat on YouTube? I tell ya, the wrong people get stricken with ALS. Keep stealing from the PBA and cops. Under the current PBA leadership there has been nothing but wild fires burning out of control. When is somebody going to douse this idiot union head with water. Ohhh wait, the idiot already did that himself. Lololololololololololololololololol silly “CORRUPT” coots, with the emphasis on “CORRUPT”, lololololololololololololololololol

    1. Jail bird

      Who the fuck cares about Cuomo you wingnut. He’s a fucking thief and liar just like the Yonkers PBA president. Maybe they can both share a cell together and fly kytes.

  13. sad

    I just wonder what the state, or public opinion would be if any other convicted felon was tapped to take over a multi million dollar not-for-profit?
    Seems to me that there is a double standard here. One rule of conduct for us and another for the “family”….. just sayin

  14. Nick spano

    Thanks for having me on the show ! Richmond and the members of the staff have been helping people with disabilities for decades and I appreciated the chance to speak about a really great program. Thanks again !

    1. The Real Truth

      Hey Nick

      Not sure if it’s really you posting on here, but if so let me say this. Tell your brother’s so-called Blue Truth boys to cut the shit already. It’s gotten fucking old. You guys protect the biggest Blue Truth Cheerleader two-face Mingy Santobello while he ridicules your own brother’s 207c policy. He couldn’t make Detective on his own merit so your brother gifts him an 18 month stint in Narco so that he gets his shield through the back door. Then he fakes an old back pain injury and goes out on 207c leave for half of the 18 months!!! And you guys still want to hand him a shield?? Fucking Amazing! All he had to do was work 18 months straight in Narco and he couldn’t even do that. Fucking loser!

      1. So who is running the cops???

        So. I thought Chuck was running the PD and not “civilians” ? I guess not if the “civilian” mayor is handing out gold shields. You know It’s bad when cops don’t run a police department.

    2. Michaelspano

      Good job bro., way to smooth things out. You are doing a great job with that “non-for-profit” wink, wink. Let me know when the heat is off and hook me up too.
      Also, did Rooney drop off the cake last week, I need to make a deposit soon my account is low.

  15. Tax Payer

    On your show today why don’t you ask Mr. Phelan why is his dept. is misleading News12. They say they took away the guns and badges of two corrupt cops recently making us believe that they’ve been fired. More misleading lies, those two cops are still being fully paid by us taxpayers. This city and administration is full of cover-ups and corruption.

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