THE HEZITORIAL INVESTIGATION: ‘No Show’ Jobs Betray Yonkersites’ Trust in Governance By HEZI ARIS

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

There was a time, years ago, when people signed in with a time card to advise of their arriving at work; they also signed out when they departed. Eventually this protocol lost favor. Eventually, no checks or balances to what was written onto the time-sheets and documentation to validate those assertions were ever made. The “system” was based on people’s word. If you said you attended a neighborhood association meeting, it was taken for granted that you had. No one checked such “facts”. No one checked if you were at your desk. Most times, when arriving at City Hall’s 4th Floor, you could not find a councilmembers’ Aide at his/her desk. Few were to be found at 9 a.m., possibly another 1 or 2 at 10:30 a.m., but not every day. In time no one signed in or out. The Aides had maligned the system for the benefit of their councilmembers, and at the councilmembers behest. Those that participated for one rationale or another, campaigning, attending school, attending a meeting, going shopping, what have you, outsmarted the system that had only an honor system imposed for every Aide to abide to assert legitimate times on their time-sheets. Cheating, lying, expanding time spent could only have been accomplished if all councilmembers turned a blind eye as they encouraged the Aides to outsmart the “system” that was intentioned to afford everyone the respect of being believed without question.



Times change. Few can be trusted; even fewer should be trusted. The betrayal of the public trust has been operating for many years. The Yonkers Tribune now knows that this conduct has been permitted at least from the time of former Mayor Phil Amicone. It continues to this day. Some people assert that members of one party have engaged in this conduct more so than the other. What is certain is that every member of the Yonkers City Council is aware of these outrageous thefts of services. The Yonkers City Council leadership, consisting of Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Majority Leader Jon Larkin, and Minority Leader Michael Sabatino are aware of it. Aides Keisha Skipper is engaged in this scam. So is Ivy Reeves. Constance Braun knows that this conduct has and continues to takes place.

Former Human Resources Commissioner Paula Redd Zeeman used the same ploy for her personal behalf. In fact, under Paula Redd-Zeeman’s watch this illegal conduct was permitted to thrive.

Keisha Skipper claimed she was undergoing radiation treatment; so did Paula Redd-Zeeman. I would not contest such contentions. But they cannot prove their assertions on their ‘approved’ time-sheets. The old adage that “birds of a feather flock together” is an understatement. How can you be too sick to attend the responsibilities of the Yonkers City Council and that of your Councilperson and still attend to election and re-election efforts, NAACP meetings, community organization meeting, the YWCA, Aquehung, etc., and still claim nee to recuperate? If you can’t perform for whatever reason, take a sabbatical.

Too many people claiming to serve the public are instead serving themselves. When will corrections be made? How many more years must it take for these people and others to conduct themselves with respect to Yonkersites or be jailed. I suggest every Aide check in with Corporation Council every day. Let the 3rd floor keep tabs on these people’s hours at work. No telephone check-ins. They must sign in with an electronic stamping time clock. First pick up the time card, have it signed by the person who presents the card to the Aide in order to identy the persone signing in is the Aide, then have the Aide stamp it, and then return it to the person at the front desk at Yonkers Corporation Counsel. And the person at the front desk must be different every day. And because of the extra time it costs to ascertain and validate the time worked, the Aides should be charged for this daily routine. Perhaps the penalty and the shame will have them abide in deference to the taxpayer’s money and earn their salary rather than steal from the Pubic Trust. Seems draconian and made fr a child to learn respect of a system that demands respect of the taxpayer’s money. The taxpayer’s money trumps all these sorry-@ss tales of woe.

City Hall is admonished to get this done right; no loop holes, no special “wink, wink” allowances. Get it done within the next three months. Have Corporation Counsel draw up the papers, make everyone sign the documents, and present it as part of the Yonkers City Charter. Anything and everything else is a sham. Yonkersites have had enough. If this annoying pattern of City Hall approved theft is permitted o continue, who would be surprised to have U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara ringing the doorbell at 40 South Broadway.

Once mitigated, Yonkers can celebrate a job well done. Instead of a ribbon cutting, I suggest a party. Pizza anyone? But only the best… from Yonkers, of course.

eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL INVESTIGATION: ‘No Show’ Jobs Betray Yonkersites’ Trust in Governance By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Where Art Thou, Governor McGreevey, Junior?

    O Dear Governor McGreevey, Junior, Why dost thou protestest so, my rotund, newlywed lad? The truth hurts, but it shall set you free. And don’t forget to invite me to the baby shower, so I can tacitly participate in the charade with the other sychophant guests. I’ll even bring a gift. Warmest Regards, Your Favorite Yonkers City Council District One Constituent

    1. Give me a break

      Thanks, Ivy. You finally posted. Not much of a response to the significant issues raised in Hezi’s story, but I guess you don’t have much to rebut in that instance.


      To the “McGreevey” poster who continues to make the issues raised herein a smear campaign about someone’s sexuality is either a moron or just thinks that if he/she has a one-note response often enough it will resonate. If he or she is a city employee, I will no longer wonder why Yonkers is screwed.

      I don’t care who’s gay, who’s straight, who’s white, who’s black, who’s plaid. I only care about getting an honest day’s work from EVERYONE who works in government – an issue in which this smear poster is clearly not interested.

      Go back to your desk, tell people you are going “on the road” for your boss and then take a nap, go shopping, cook dinner, campaign, carry petitions, whatever it is you do during your work day.

  2. Enough

    They are not the only “thief” in City Hall. Take a look at the Annex, employees leave early, come late, are on the phone texting and taking care of personal issues.
    Order have to be implemented all over not just on the 4th floor….wake up Yonkersites and do something about it!!!!

  3. WWF Match - ReRun v. Ivy

    ReRun, Ivy is not responding because she is a bigger woman than than you. (P.S. Please make sure Ms. Skipper is at her desk when I call about my garbage pick-up). Thanks.

    1. Give me a break

      She’s not responding because she CAN’T. What don’t you get? How come she wasn’t the ‘bigger person’ when she first expressed outrage? She opened up a can of worms and now she is stuck.

  4. useless

    She has told not to comment just read like the rest of city hall all day .Hezi your on everyone’s favorites. Most start there day with you but will never admit to it even under oath.


      Don’t understand your response. What do you mean ‘told not to comment’. I would hope that she has a computer at home and can use IT to rebut any negatives she has read on this site that she feels are inaccurate. She didn’t have a problem posting in the first instance, did she? Typical. They hit and run when they can’t answer a challenge.


          Fool…do you infer from my comments that I am a fan of either Ms. Reeves or her boss (and I use that term loosely)? Do you know how to READ?

  5. Governor McGreevey, Please come out the closet!!!

    Please, stop. Everyone know it is you writing comments to deflect from yourself.


      To the “Governor McGreevey” post.

      Wow. You must think you are super slick with your veiled comments about closeted people in Yonkers government. It’s a pity your oh-so-clever sentence didn’t address some of the comments thus far, which actually addressed the charges in this story, rather than just throw out a pejorative remark. Ms. Reeves DID have a home court advantage when she ran for CCP, going to this and that meeting while on the city’s dime. Also, she has had no further posts since her initial comments of righteous indignation. Where art thou Ivy?

  6. Gail Baxter

    Crabs in a Barrel
    The credibility and accountability of City Hall employees is a the bottom of the barrel. Those who fight amongst themselves identify their position in the barrel. Period!



    I really don’t think you should have opened Pandora’s Box.

    Most would not be familiar with the comings and goings of the other legislative aide named in this story but you are more of a known quantity, having twice been a candidate for local office.

    There is ample leeway in the office of the city council for aides to take ‘comp time’ which is earned by virtue of their attendance at evening city council meetings. Some are sometimes called upon to ‘stand in’ for the respective elected officials to whom they report when the elected officials cannot attend a meeting themselves. Unfortunately, there are no checks-and-balances in this system. Even if their aides were to have to sign in and out on a daily basis, there would be absolutely no way to have someone check on their activities in the evening should they claim to have to be off-site as a representative for their superiors. There is now only an honor system in place and it is sorely lacking.

    I mentioned earlier your two attempts to seek elected office, the latter effort undertaken while you were a legislative aide for the Third District City Councilmember. There were many instances wherein you attended community and civic meetings, and not always because the councilmember was absent. You were often seen, and photographed on the city hall channel and News12, in attendance WITH him at various community events (promotion ceremonies, curb appeal events, ribbon cuttings etc.), which should never have been allowed by the councilmember. It gave you an advantage over any other candidates for the race you entered. But, even worse, it was tantamount to campaigning for public office while you were being paid as a city council aide. Totally unacceptable.

    It seems likely that you may,again, seek public office while still in your current position. I only hope the Third District councilmember does not allow the aforementioned activities to take place. It might behoove him to seek an assistant who doesn’t mind being an assistant.

    I see that you wrote your comment on a Monday morning at 10:17 am. I do hope that you had a vacation day and did not post this comment on city time. Or, perhaps, you used your ‘comp’ time.

  8. Scarf's Protege

    Scarf proudly calls Rerun her protégé. Hope she didn’t teach Rerun and Skipper theft of government time.

  9. Ivy reeves

    Under normal circumstances I don’t respond to articles but….How did my name get in this? Don’t tell me let me guess!
    Hezi be careful. I don’t live my life that way? There are 2 people who decided to drag me into this to be vindictive and mean spirited but more importantly to take the focus off of them! These are sad souls, who appear to be emotionally unstable and disparate for attention and a little power. The power they wanted they did not get! So whenever they do come in they are angry and difficult and making the environment toxic and hostile. We all got along nicely before this dynamic dual united.
    Not worried at all about those those people because my help comes from God and he has not failed me yet in the end.
    Hezi, really you could have contacted me, now I must contact you. Perhaps I can take a vacation day.

    1. Service

      Ms Reeves you have your current position because of political patronage and social engineering-nothing more-nothng less.

  10. million dollar listing

    That whole building is a joke and most are there because they can’t get a real job with their g.e.d. or they are just family members that hate each other.

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