EXCLUSIVE: Westchester County Conservative Party Chair Hugh Fox, Jr. Arrested for DWI – Resigns from from Westchester County Astorino’s Administration By HEZI ARIS

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UPDATED at 6:07 P.M., August 26, 2014

2nd UPDATE at 8:00 P.M., August 27, 2014

WHITE PLAINS, NY and YONKERS, NY – August 26, 2014 — Hugh Fox, Jr., New York State Conservative Party Vice-Chair, Westchester County Conservative Committee (Party) Chair, and Assistant to Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, was yesterday arrested on charges of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Fox was involved in an automobile crash sometime during the 4 pm to Midnight shift on August 25, 2014. The accident took place on Martine Avenue. Both “Foxy” and the driver of the other car are OK.

2nd Addendum – Update as of 8:00 p.m., August 27, 2014. Yonkers Tribune has learned that Hugh Fox was spotted at the bar in Mulino’s. The Zagat Survey of ’03-’04 advises “The Who’s Who of Westchester gravitates to the high powered White Plains Northern Italian restaurant that pleases even the skeptics with service so attentive you feel like you’re the only one there…” Recognizing Mulino’s “attentive service” making you “feel like you are the only one there” brings one pause. If that is the case, why did the bartending staff not recognize Foxy’s” ever greater inebriated state? He was a regular at Mulino’s. It is the legal responsibility of a bar tending staff to be on the lookout for people who become overwhelmed by alcohol. One must thereby now question if Zagat’s acclamation is valid in 2014? It does seem as though Mulino’s is somewhat responsible for their lack of action in thwarting “Foxy” from departing the restaurant in a state of inebriation.

Initial Addendum: Inquiry of Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s Communications Director Ned McCormack gained a call-back at about an hour after inquiry was made of his office. Mr. McCormack advised that both Foxy and the other party involved in the crash are in good condition. The other driver did not seek medical attention; he intact refused medical attention.

Mr. McCormack also advised that Fox had resigned as Assistant to Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s Administration this morning.

eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Westchester County Conservative Party Chair Hugh Fox, Jr. Arrested for DWI – Resigns from from Westchester County Astorino’s Administration By HEZI ARIS

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  1. JUST READING A Bunch of Bitter Comments lol

    I am glad to see all you cry babies have a place to Gossip like Wash women . I can plainly see that this comment area is just a place for people to spew unfound Rumors. Also I can see its a bad case of why do they get everything and not me lol .
    Straighten out your own Pathetic Lives and stop living through People that you have no clue about. Or just simply say it to there face and stop hiding behind a Keyboard.

  2. candid

    thankfully, he didn’t kill anybody. it’s something that happens and when you get caught, it’s like the first time you every did it, yeah right!
    just like uncle nick the felon….he got caught once, but how many times was he criminally involved before….like a fat kid in the cookie jar.

  3. just the facts

    so, everyone here is addressing their comments to whether or not Fox manned up or is a good
    guy or good conservative….that is not the point..Fox got his job because minor parties
    eg conservative independence working family are allowed to cross endorse a major party
    candidate…only 6 states allow it..and there is a good reason why…it empowers these minor
    party leaders to extort jobs for themselves, their friends and their families from the major party
    candidates if they endorse the winner….Giulio Cavalo admitted as much when asked why he
    wasn’t going to support rob astorino..so under normal circumstances just an arrest for DWI
    would not necessarily prompt a resignation…after all Fox has NOT yet been found guilty…
    but since his job was a function of his conservative chairmanship he ran for the hills probably
    with the understanding that after the election for governor he would be re hired….because
    next time around astorino will need the conservative nomination to win in westchester again..
    bottom line is stop the cross endorsement crap and stop giving these leaders leverage over
    who gets jobs and whether candidates take positions on issues that suit the minor parties
    rather than taking a position they believe in…STOP THE EXTORTION

    1. light at the end of the tunnel

      geez, all that and I thought they were commenting on Fox getting arrested and charged with a DWI………….

  4. sad

    I don’t know the man, but isn’t it interesting the number of people who are jumping all over his mistake…. meanwhile, we have a convicted felon as the chairmen of a multi-million dollar not for profit; another with multiple, strikingly egregious DWI’s who still manages a city department and a city government rife with self dealing and profiteering…. and we’re throwing stones at someone who actually has accomplished something for our county…. something wrong here

  5. dirty south yo

    Thats nothing didnt that piece of human garbage take out 5 cars in hastings and run till the wheels fell off and hit a tree then due it again up the line then 2 more dwi and still has a city of yonkers supervisor job at dpw must know alot of dirt or had alot of trash picked up.

  6. Rocco Turso- Conservative Chairman Harrison NY

    Hugh Fox is a man just like any other man. He shouldn’t be judged on this one incident.
    Chairman Fox who brought the Conservative Party back to where it is today.
    Supporting both Republicans and Conservatives who think alone the same fiscal lines.
    Mr. Fox is an honorable man who did an honorable act by resigning his Westchester County job. I wish him well.

  7. Bonkers in Yonkers

    Well, well, well: If he was Kerry Kennedy, he would have walked!

    If he was Gordon Burrows, he would have shown up to his office today as if nothing happened at all!

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Judge not lest ye be judged?”
    Fox may be a lot of things, but he had the decency to man up to his actions and voluntarily resign his office as not to bring any negative attention to his boss!

    That was an honorable move!

    Granted, drinking and driving is not good, but I didn’t hear the typical mantra of our “Victim State Nation” such as:

    I have a problem.
    It wasn’t my fault.
    The spaceship distracted me.
    My father beat me.
    I am repressed.
    Waaa, Waaa ,Waaa, and Waaaaaaaaa!”

    I am relieved that no one was hurt and that it was only a “fender bender.”

    Fox has helped out MANY people, and I for one, wish him the best of luck!

    Good luck Fox!!!!!!

          1. Cesspool Central

            What’s the matter Disgusted? Didn’t get a job in Yonkers and now have sour grapes?

    1. Throwing Stones

      Fox will be genuinely missed among those of us who know all the good he has done for Westchester County and the many hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) in dollars he has saved the taxpayers by working his ass off keeping a close eye on public works projects.

      By the way, he is still the Chairman of the Westchester County Conservative Committee and the best Conservative leader Westchester since Vincent Natrella.

      1. Veritas

        Well said. And he outsmarted Nicky Spano and took back control of the party from Gail Burns.

        How many democrats and RINO republicans ever man up and take responsibility for their actions?

        And to “Disgusted in Westchester”, I am sure that you feel the same way about all of the Andy Spano leftovers who are bleeding Yonkers dry with their fat cat salaries, right?

        1. Disgusted in Westchester

          I don’t condone their salary increases. Where was the business community when the Yonkers budget was submitted – why didn’t they catch and scream about these salary increases as they did when Andy Spano tried to raise salaries in 2008 or 2009? As for their employment by Yonkers, they’re well qualified, given their years of service and their experience. And unlike Fox, they’re not double-dipping, just working.

          1. Bonkers in Yonkers

            Well qualified?

            No one in Yonkers is double dipping?

            You have just confirmed what I already knew.

            You are an idiot!

          2. Cesspool Central

            Sue Gerry is qualified? And so is Denise? Sue could not be elected dogcatcher. A lousy lawyer and an unqualified political hack.

            Saida Jereis. Hmmm? Is she related to Zehy?

            How nice of Mike not to take a raise. He made millions working for Patricia Lynch.

            These hacks in city hall do nothing except line their pockets and destroy lives. They take. They could not care less about who they screw. No integrity. No honor. No qualifications.

  8. jimmy

    Only one DWI,heck he could never work for the City Of Yonkers,2 more and yonkers will make him deputy commissioner.By the way Mr Aris did you ever find out what roll Mr Nador(excuse the spelling if I am wrong) played in the drag race on the saw mill pky that killed that young man on ashford ave,or is that another political cover up.Just wondering

  9. tritzie

    MILKSHAKES anyone? This has been on-going since he started working there. Someone should keep on eye on his milkshake buddies from the 9th floor. A lot of good stories there!

  10. Fox has 2 faces

    He has been pulled over numerous times. The only reason he was charged was because he
    was involved in an accident that could not be covered up.
    He is the only person in the conservative party who is personally pro abortion.

    1. Throwing Stones

      Fox is not pro abortion. He has not been pulled over numerous times (or any other time, as far as I know). It still doesn’t take away from the fact that driving while intoxicated is a reckless act.

      Just don’t turn this into a political crucifixion, especially since some of you throwing stones really need a new hobby.

    2. Cesspool Central

      Fox has one face as far as I can see. You, however, have a forked tongue.

      Fox is prolife so stop the spewing. There are plenty of pro-abortion members of the conservative party. Just look at all the Spanos. Too bad they didn’t abort themselves then maybe Yonkers would still be a decent place.

  11. FOXY

    I wonder how Fox will spin this? He should change his name, maybe Snake would be more fitting name for him. I hope your bad luck doesn’t change.

  12. Good Fella

    Fox is a good guy who made a mistake many folks make. He is a gentleman and has helped countless people during many years of service. He saved the life of a woman in the County building recently. Wish him well.

    1. JR

      Whether he is a good guy or not, if he was driving intoxicated or impaired – that is not a mistake, but a conscious and dangerous decision on his part. There is no justifiable excuse for such reckless conduct by someone who should know better.

      1. Throwing Stones

        County car? No one is driving him? Reckless, yes, though what probably happened here is that Fox was working another 15-16 hour workday and he was exhausted. Doesn’t excuse the excessive drinking but the back story here is that Hugh Fox is usually the one keeping everybody in line.

        Not throwing stones but maybe just maybe this is a healthy wake up call, for all of us.

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