THE HEZITORIAL ANALYSIS: Mayor Spano Needs to Lift Yonkers Out of Its Inconsequential State By HEZI ARIS

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

The grief shed over the recent passing of one-time Yonkers City Manager Martin Rochelle will move people from denial to acceptance in five stages. The irrefutable model first postulated by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in “On Death and Dying,” recognized as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance having stood the test of time. Juxtaposed to such understandings, Yonkers has collectively moved from first to last. The economic assault transforming Yonkers, best known as the City of Gracious Living, in denial of its birthright, had its first opportunity to move from denial to anger. It unleashed its scathing anger during the mid-1980’s in the desegregation case that captivated Yonkersites, presided by Judge Sand, and was deemed “groundbreaking” for revealing the connection between schooling and housing desegregation. Yonkers’ narrow-shouldered politicians, groomed on agenda driven drivel, rather than serving the public interest hid behind the mesmerizing drama on the political stage with the protagonist, the City of Yonkers, expressing its hubris, admitting its disdain to integrate its mind-set to the findings in Brown v. Board of Education, concluded in the ‘60’s that segregated schools “damage the personality of minority group children” and “decrease their motivation and thus impair their ability to learn’.”

Remembering Yonkers nebulous chapters under a process of opening and closing with monotonous regularity caused a proud city to reluctantly embrace its loss on a national stage, as if to show our lack of concern, albeit our disdain for integration being recognized, as it was across the nation; likewise our disrespect for magisterial pronouncements.

The City of Yonkers has with uncertainty and reluctance embraced its loss of self-esteem, as if to show we do not mind. Parochialism and frivolity have eclipsed our desire for a leader to define our place and standing among our neighbors. The stars of politics are entertainers and introspective by their very nature. Lording over the narrow shouldered generation of politicians consumed with serving themselves more than concerned over the public interest has proven cheap and easy.

Politics in Yonkers cannot be defined as venal or incompetent; it is simply small-time. There is a chance here for a leader to lift Yonkersites’ collective sights beyond the present mundane. With but one year left in his first term, the opportunity to do just that, resides potentially before present Mayor Mike Spano. The time is however short. Not much will come about until after the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year celebrations.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has yet to move beyond reacting to circumstance laid before his feet. His promises on January 1, 2012 have died a slow death since their being uttered. Not one has come about; not even the simple issue of reducing the city car fleet. Mayor Spano was quick to react to public sentiment on that issue, reacting to circumstance, and with little thought, much less expertise, chose to submit to a public outcry when issues of greater import were not then or since mentioned. Economic issues of development and the realization of a revenue stream to build a viable city searching to understand its needs and planning to anticipate and meet them have atrophied to nonexistence in the three years he has held office.

Press releases and ribbon cuttings cannot protect the mayor’s gambit that not-knowing the issues can be his defense in the courtroom of public opinion. Will next week reveal another advisory board to buffer the public knowing what they must in order to mitigate the concerns hidden among those “bodies” who issue no review of the issues they ponder, much less maintain a video archive of their proceedings to maintain transparency; not even a written document divulged in the public interest to that end.

Mayor Mike Spano, seemingly the only candidate suggesting his re-election effort may be in the wings, could transcend the smallness of politics and the reactiveness of his mayoralty by affording Yonkersites and the City of Yonkers a mission statement, an attainable objective, a vision that defines Yonkersites and CoY. Yonkersites can no longer live hand to mouth. The 16-year debacle of former Deputy Mayor and former Mayor Phil Amicone must die and his memory perish.

Mayor Mike Spano, because he is bequeathed a “strong mayor” form of government must clarify the direction that will best serve the City of Yonkers rather than for what he stands. His aspirations are for him alone; the directive for Yonkers is collectively ours.

A directive, better known as a plan, would have Mayor Mike Spano, and / or a challenger for the office of Mayor of Yonkers speak about how one arrives at a defined destination and the effort demanded to achieve the goals set. Yonkersites salivate at the prospect for direction and purpose – these are the protein of government, and the valid point for being in power, anything and everything else is inconsequential to reaching, perhaps even surmounting a collective goal. These are standards opposite of the ephemera to which politics is now in thrall.

Mayor Mike Spano, enabled by his submissive staff, have collectively learned to remove grand visions and rhetorical flourishes, recoiling from what might be inferred to be messianic thinking into a distant future that he has been incapable of constructing even three years out into his first four-year term in office.

There is an unsatisfied demand for seriousness and leadership that has eclipsed all present and future contenders for holding office. Gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout and Deputy Gubernatorial candidate Tim Wu have shown that no matter the political perspective or agenda, the obstacle of little money, no name recognition, and lack of media cannot hold back ideas. It is the ideas that can, with time, eclipse the politicians bought off from contesting presently ensconced regimes, or appeasing non-aggression pacts for self-gain. One can fight City Hall. Even Mayor Mike Spano can fight City Hall. At issue now is whether he cares to serve Yonkersites or serve his family and friends.

The months leading up to the November 2015 mayoral election is the most propitious time for any political aspirant to challenge the status quo; the public will be paying close attention. While Mayor Mike Spano enters his re-election year with force majeure very much a part of his office, others can and may challenge him to accede to the helm.

The symbolism of working-class self reliance has been a tenet long espoused and yet misunderstood by Yonkersites for being too difficult to attain by the aspirant holder, even when they earn the public’s willingness to give them the opportunity to do just that. Yonkers’s political elite have been either too quick to forget that cities can also aspire to more than that accomplished so far or never understood that the two concepts are not always aligned in lock-step.

It is not that Yonkers needs to head toward any one direction in particular. Rather, the mere fact of having a direction, whatever it is could be would be galvanizing. Its very telling will transcend the salacious carnival of one celebrity or another captivating our time and minds, and the nonsensical sensibilities we have accepted as our “norm”.

It seems politics as we presently know it may not be a battle to be won but rather a challenge that may be transcended and thereby eclipsed by the leadership qualities of one among us. Who will it be? At present, there is none other than Mayor Mike Spano.

If that is the fact to be revealed less than one year from now, perhaps Mayor Mike Spano will rise to the occasion by considering a plan most Yonkersites may be proud to symbolize their abilities and their drive. Yonkersites gave Mike Spano that opportunity. Perhaps Mayor Mike Spano will reciprocate. At issue is whether even if so desirous, he is able to conceive a concept that may be best described as a “win – win” for the City of Yonkers. Anything less will not necessarily be the cause of his demise, but it will make it harder for Yonkers to extricate itself from the present “smoke and mirrors” malaise.



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eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL ANALYSIS: Mayor Spano Needs to Lift Yonkers Out of Its Inconsequential State By HEZI ARIS

Comments 54

    1. onewhoknows

      Don’t count on it. She was on the skids there when she came to Yonkers.

      Four reasons why she should go:

      1: She is divisive and pits people against each other to protect her own position.
      2: She takes credit for other people’s accomplishments.
      3: She is sneaky and dishonest in her dealings with virtually everyone.
      4: She alienates everyone she comes in contact with.

      One reason why she won’t:

      Like everyone else, the mayor is afraid to cross her.

      1. Veritas

        You forgot that she is ugly, unintelligent and utterly incompetent. A lawyer who could not possibly get a job anywhere.

        She was put in Yonkers by Larry Schwartz. As long as Cuomo is in Albany, Gerry stays where she is.

    2. Can't come soon enough

      Fresh air on the second floor can’t come soon enough. That skanky smell will linger for a while but eventually the foul odor will be gone forever.

      1. saltydawg

        CityofHills that players think they’re really important…’s ALL smoke and mirrors. Players, you’re not fooling anyone, even those that have been sitting quite

    1. jimmy

      also was brandon nader racing on the saw mill pky when the Yong man died or is this another spano cover up.Please we want to know

  1. Whale

    Was there ever a public announcement that Anthony Landi was appointed Deputy Public Works Commissioner? I guess something had to be done to keep face and keep Borelli & Meier out of the news, snow season is upon us.

    1. MRF

      Anthony and Tommy are on the board yes that’s right.
      Westchester County solid waste commision. Wouldn’t
      be surprised to see landi inc.trucks hauling all that dirt
      on saw mill rd onto city of yonkers properties and give
      the bill to taxpayers maybe nick will be there to in his
      new rolloff.

  2. Third Warder

    What voters failed to realize and what Murtagh failed to point out was Mike Spano was a LEGISLATOR. He always received “marching orders” he never gave them. In addition, what business experience did this high graduate have? Did he even know that you are not suppose to spend more then you take in? So he took orders – on who to hire and what jobs they would have.
    We got what we voted for.

  3. "CAPTAIN" watch your back our ill stick a knife in it

    Well everyone’s favorite “Captain” is at it again. You all know what he did to me and how he called me up at 2 in the morning and laughed at me that the mayor was coming after me , this from a so called “friend” who I broke bread w and who sat back and watched me and the other men run into burning buildings, cuase he was to scared to. Their is not ONE person on this job that I love so much that has ever called this “CAPTAIN” a good fireman. I was told when I got on that this job this is what every man should strive for to be considered a “good fireman”
    Not good old Johnny boy. He would rather sell his soul out and sell out the men of the YFD to better himself and fuck everyone else on the way.
    Well just this past week this very same “CAPTAIN” spent an exuberant amount of time and energy to have a Probie fired for making a harmless mistake No one wanted this guy FIRED AND HIS LIFE RUINED but our “FAVORITE CAPTAIN. HE WENT as far as dragging the Commisioner of the YFD , the Cheif of Personnel and a FF who happened to be related to the property in ? Down to The Bronx to “interrogate”the FF father In law and get him to say that the probie was drunk and that he kicked his door in. When this gentleman would not lie or bend the truth this “CAPTAIN” became very aggetated and stormed out of the this gentleman s house. He than contacted the NYPD to have them aquies to his witch hunt and they stated they also felt the Probie in ? Made an honest mistake as he had just entered the wrong house as his friend did indeed live 3 house down in an identical house and the only reason he was brought in was because he did not have ID on him.
    So the homeowner was not upset because he agreed this young gentleman w his whole life ahead of him made an honest mistake
    The nypd who isn’t sticking their necks out for anyone anymore also stated that their was no crime commited here but an honest mistake
    City hall got involved and stated it wasn’t a big deal and would be handled by the YFD Commisioner how he say fit
    The Commisioner after being dragged all over Valhalla , Yonkers and the Bronx and made look like an asshole by this Witch hunt came up w the same conclusion as everyone else involved.

    THE “CAPTAIN” than threatened the Commisioner and the Chief of personnel and told them either you fire this Probie or I am not going to continue to run the Academy
    So I’m happy to announce their is still some integrity left on the YFD. The ” Captain”. Aka. Worst fireman on the Yonkers Fire Department was himself FIRED from Captain in charge of Training and told not to return to Valhalla. Thanks to the YFD who wouldn’t continue to let “John Folkerts ” ruin another mans life.
    To my brothers at SQ 11 please please please be careful , he really is the worst fireman In the Yonkers Fire Dept He will get you hurt one day and remember he tried to get one of your brothers fired for total bullshit so do u think he is going to have your back. If you think I’m lying open any one compartment on the sq and have him take all the tools out and show u how to use them, he won’t cause he can’t.
    John tried to hang this kid for his own political gain, how much worse can 1 Brother be towards another. Charles Barkley said it the best your a “SCUMBAG” John Folkerts.

    Be safe …… And be careful because folkerts might try and ruin your life.


      Did folkerts really try and fire this guy all on his own. Be careful folkerts I heard every cop in Yonkers is Looking to pull u over w a few in you because you tried to jam this guy up and his brother is a cop in the 2nd precinct.


      Why would they let Folkerts run the academy anyway…He knows nothing about the job…He just kisses spanos ass and lets Sweeney have slumber parties at his house…

  4. jimmy

    Hezi ,ma by you could explain this one. you get a friend of comm Meier he fails the fleet director test not once but twice.They bring someone else to straighten out what tom t messed up and they move tom t to deputy commissioner .I guess it1s true what they say f**f up move up

    1. mechanic

      Hey Jimmy
      Hezi will not dig into this story. he is up Meirs butt. This clowm Teiderman is a running joke in the city. There is nothing wrong with hiring your friend but this guy is borderline special ed. He was given his chance but not only failed two tests but cost the city millions in vehicle repaiars because of his incompentence
      Where are the Feds?

      Note to Mechanic,

      I asked about this issue, but City Hall will not give a straight answer. If you know what the story is, give me a call (914) 562-0834. And thanks. Kindly,


  5. Deputy sue

    Well, in the first six month the deputy mayor from northern Westchester managed to destroy a 20 year excellent relationship with Yonkers 628 !

    She almost destroyed the relationship with the teamsters also.

    The developers want nothing to do with her and dread seeing her coming.

    The same dread is seen on the faces of Yazurlo and the board of ed when she walks in the door.

    Even the commissioners in the coy hate her arrogance.

    Maybe now that her protector Larry Schwartz is leaving…her other protector “Nicky” will finally convince little brother that she is doing him lots if damage.

    That’s if “Nicky ” can be his own man and stand up to Cuomo.

    Wake up Mikey. She is just bad for you and Yonkers and I predict she will be gone.

  6. ANYONE other thank Mike Spano

    I would vote for anyone other than Mike Spano. Shit, I would even vote for John Murtaugh next time if I had to. Mike Spano and the Spano crooks need to be thrown out ASAP.

  7. Teamsters for Barry McGoey

    I’m a life-long resident of Yonkers and a 24 year Teamster working for my City of Yonkers. In all my years I have never seen such a disrespectful and corrupt administration in City Hall. Mike and Nick Spano and their collection of carpetbaggers are bleeding the City of Yonkers dry. They treat the employees like sewer sludge, have no respect for our contracts and hand out overtime and big salaries to their friends and families.

    Barry McGoey is the most honest and hardworking leader in the City of Yonkers. He has done a great job of leading and representing his firemen and the Fire Department. The other union leaders in Yonkers couldn’t shine his shoes.

    Yonkers needs a leader and a fighter like Barry McGoey to fight for Yonkers and to get Yonkers the state funding and respect it deserves.

    Barry would have the support and vote of most of us Teamsters and I bet most of the cops, teachers, and other City employees. We’re all tired of the Spano dynasty and the drama and lies that go along with it.

    Run Barry. There will be hundreds of firemen and thousands of other City employees right behind you.

    1. sad city

      99% of coy employees don’t live anywhere close to the city how are they going to vote.The Mexicans will soon have control of city hall as they do the streets and schools.

    2. Incompetent and Apathetic

      Stupid question perhaps, but if we are discussing the need for non-politician to step up and hopefully, straighten up Yonkers, it seems to me from what I’ve read that McGoey is just short of a politician himself. Is that not as bad?

  8. Congress and President Obama amended Hatch Act back in 2012

    On December 19, 2012, Congress passed the Hatch Act Modernization Act of 2012 (the Act). President Obama signed the Bill on December 28, 2012 and he Act became effective on January 27, 2013. Now, only state, D.C., or local government employees whose salaries are paid for entirely by federal funds are prohibited from running for partisan office. All other state, D.C., and local employees, even if they are otherwise covered by Hatch Act restrictions are free under the Hatch Act to run for partisan office.

    1. At least Obama did one thing right

      Obama must have seen how crappy Mike Spano was doing in his first year and decided to help the citizens of Yonkers out by lifting restrictions on state and local employees running for elected office. Maybe Obama-“cares” after all?

  9. City of Slippery Slopes.......

    Batman couldn’t straighten out Yonkers. What makes you think McGoey can? Better people have already tried! Yonkers is done. Like Thursday’s turkey! Stick a fork in it!

    1. Name one person better than Barry Mcgoey ??

      Batman couldn’t straighten out Yonkers?

      Better people than Barry Mcgoey have allready tried to straighten out Yonkers?

      Name one person better than Barry Mcgoey who has ever tried to straighten out Yonkers. Go ahead, just name one.

      The problem with politics and especially politics in Yonkers is that we only get to pick between a few rancid slimy politicians at election time. Its the same old ugly ducklings year after year election after election and mayor after mayor.

      The ONLY way to straighten out Yonkers is to elect a non politician. Barry Mcgoey would give the people a real choice to make on election day. A life-long political hack or an extraordinary citizen non politician.

      My money is on the real man Barry Mcgoey

      1. Same Ol' Same Ol'

        You’re either delusional or your actually Barry McGoey! If McGoey ( or any other so called “non politician”) does get elected it doesn’t take long before they become rancid and slimey like the rest!

        I could name 5 off of the top of my head in the last 10 – 15 years that either walked away in frustration or hitched a ride on the slime wagon with the rest!

  10. Draft Barry McGoey for Yonkers Mayor

    Barry McGoey should run for Mayor and right this ship once and for all. He just has to be convinced that if he runs he would win. He would get the Ind Cons and WF lines without a problem. He could primary Spano on the Dem line and possibly win. The Rep have no viable candidates even considering a run. Barry McGoey wins hands down and so does the city of Yonkers.

    1. Foiafightas

      Like barry would give up the ability to retire with a fat padded pension after just 20 years as a foiafighta to run for mayor. Sure.

      1. Barry has run the numbers and they add up

        Barry has already been to see a rep from the retirement system and has run his numbers and years of service. His pension would actually be bigger if he retired on the fat “padded pension” based on the salary of mayor. The pension issue is a non issue. The only question is whether we can convince him to win. If he runs he will win.

      2. pad time

        I can see your angry about you status in life by making baseless comments .as far as the pad,,, considering…a sitting president of any uniformed services DOES NOT WORK OVERTIME DURING HIS TENURE in office clearly exemplifies you lack of knowledge to the reality of the situation.

          1. pad time plus

            worked overtime as a fireman for thirty years plus and retired..kissed some political ass got them votes and got rewarded

          1. why

            must have ben a very big incident.or a very small shot for some bullshit reason. the stipend is your overtime …and lets not forget the credit card …dam I wish I got one of them flak the free coffee and 2 dollar bread

      3. Laugh Spano ass wipe

        Laugh yourself to sleep Spano ass wipe. Other than Andrea Cousins, nether Nick or Mike Spano ever had a real opponent in a campaign. Mike Spano thinks he is going to have a free ride into a second term. Haha haha haha the Spano underwear is going to be soiled very soon.

  11. Incompetent and Apathetic

    Having lived all over the U.S. and experienced working with different city governments, both large and small, I have been incredibly disappointed with the level of incompetence in the “leaders” of Yonkers. I am equally appalled at the level of apathy demonstrated by most Yonkersites; there is just no pride whatsoever in this city.

    1. beatenorleft

      So true, there is NO FIGHT in the citizens of Yonkers. That’s why a longtime state paper pusher was able to win as mayor. Spano’s biggest effort he put forth was changing political parties to run for mayor. He’s an empty suit, just like the council. No elected officials send their children to Yonkers schools, that’s evident how bad things are. The only people who live in Yonkers are those trapped for other reasons and the Mexicans.

  12. FYI

    Martin Rochelle was an Assistant City Manager ONLY. And speaking of economic development, but ever became of the Chicken Island RFP??? No takers???

  13. Phil Foley

    Very nice thought provoking article! We need to go back to electing the mayor and city council members every two years. With term limits they become “lame ducks”
    for their second four year terms. Two year terms brings more interest in the needs of all citizens and does not foster apathy.

    1. Fox hunter

      Yes, 2 year term limits are a must. All of the council are complacent and lack any vision or even passion. Hell are any of them actually alive?
      They are silent and that in itself tells us the “limit” (pun intended) of their abilities.

      2 year term limits would be great, the only problem is the single party system where we are given no choice but the usual suspects. 3 donkeys on the west side and 3 elephants on the east, with the council president a coin toss, (all in the backrooms, of course)

      Let’s get a 2 year term limit, for all in Yonkers onto the ballot next year.

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