BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Union Undisciplined By HEZI ARIS

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The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

The Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (Yonkers PBA) and its leaders have been under scrutiny for quite some time at the behest of its President Detective Keith Olson. Olson has dragged his association under the Broadway-like lights replete with his personal and flagrant disregard for internal procedures that are seemingly as outrageous as they are arrogantly boundless. Since winning election to the office of President of the Yonkers PBA Keith Olson’s attitude and conduct toward Yonkers residents, as well as to the membership have fueled the negativity that most police departments face today. He has gone on the record defending those cops that have been proven to have gone rogue; he has himself faced internal actions. His conduct and attitude toward local politicians suggests that he has full blown immunity. His perch as Yonkers PBA President is further embellished by union funds. Does being a law enforcement official, or being a member of the Yonkers PBA, a private police association, exonerate internal police misconduct?

Are Police Officers’ actions, acting under the dark veil of union representation, to be held harmless of the law? Olson’s insulting attempts to publicly defend those who fly under that stained Yonkers PBA umbrella may be indicative of the propensity by many nationally calling for police departments to be reigned into compliance of legal and balanced conduct. The integrity of such demands are born out of historical conduct proven to having been engaged by disparate police departments. Likewise, the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) has suffered the intrusion of politics forcefully insinuated into the micromanagement of their eventual conduct. It is the very insinuation of politics demanded of the YPD that has caused the diminution of effectively holding onto standards and decorum abiding by societal expectations of them inscribed into law.

Rogue conduct by some members of the Yonkers PBA have diminished the effectiveness of the YPD, coerced illegal conduct by the YPD, and nurtured a police department within the YPD that is manned by rogue police. Those rogue cops no longer abide by the chain of command. They have instead been unleashed to serve the political elite in Yonkers City Hall as morale and conduct is maligned by their rebellious demeanor. The gang undermining the YPD with impunity have molded a police department that can no longer police itself. The City of Yonkers has taken a hands off approach when dealing with union officials like Det. Keith Olson who have clearly crossed the line of propriety.

The last criminal probe into the Yonkers Police Department was smeared with cover-ups, office break-ins, and heavy denials. It is such acceptable ingredients that seem to be the popular Yonkers PBA cocktail. Internal police reports and pending Federal Lawsuits filed by Yonkers civilians and Police Officers may be the ticking time bomb that prompts external changes and engenders a recognition and need for some type of governmental oversight. That commission or oversight may even force widespread internal Investigations into the inner workings of police personnel who shield themselves from alleged misconduct with union money, bullying tactics, and intimidating union representatives that sit in during internal probes. Once considered a, “No, No”; yet no longer considered the aberration it has become.

Does the community expect to get honest answers when after such interviews are concluded, the union representative sitting in during an internal investigation immediately calls the union leader and reports what transpired during the interview? There are reports that current Yonkers Police Officers have refused the presence of PBA representation for fear of being outed as a rat and for reporting what was said by union thugs to PBA President Olson. This antiquated process only hinders internal investigators from performing a fair and thorough investigation of all involved, including citizens as well. Thus, the internal investigators are caught between a rock and a hard place, and at times may have been pressured to change the outcome of the inquiry. This is the very intimidating union tactic that is used on a daily routine. Is the Yonkers PBA really concerned over the rights of its members? Perhaps it is more concerned over what is said. Why not have “real attorneys “ sit in during the process to insure client attorney privileges? Why not have independent investigators review internal probes, and/or complainants. After all, big names like Chief John Mueller, among others, and certainly Olson never appear before Internal Affairs without paid legal counsel. Are there any financial records with respect to how much money the PBA members shelled out for legal fees for the past few years? How much has Olson used for his defense from the Quinn Legal Fund thus far? It would be telling in learning who is writing the checks and what the billable hours are for each legal action. Such is the scared and anxious face of the Yonkers PBA under Detective Keith Olson.

Police unions acting under the umbrella that they are a private association; and can make up rules or mislead Internal Affairs investigators for fear of being called a “rat” is why many would suggest that the Yonkers Police Department can’t investigate itself. Private or not, association or not, no union personnel is above the law and should not operate in that manner. The hubris of Yonkers PBA President Olson is indicative of an in your face bully whose behavior is no longer a surprise to most insiders.

As the Yonkers Police Association celebrated its centenary, it now appears to be struggling with some serious and persistent internal issues that have sunken Yonkers Police morale to an all-time low, as members find themselves pitted against fellow members. Giving out free tickets to the PBA Installation Dinner won’t change the morale, nor does it give anyone a pass for internal police misconduct. Cover-ups and perjury is unhealthy for any police department; flanked by smear campaigns for impeaching members, transferring members and assaulting members at Yonkers PBA functions. This behavior has become indicative and systemic, backed up by blistering and devastating internal reports and other sources.

The roll call from Yonkers PBA President Olson and his cronies has been consistent: “lie and deny”. Thereafter initiate frivolous petitions that are pointless and baseless. The Yonkers PBA union leader may have taken a page out of cattle farming, because he has been leading his mostly new members to the slaughter house as evidenced by the Yonkers PBA’s contract in which they gave away 207c to City Hall and were clearly outmaneuvered by the Yonkers Firefighters’ contracts.

The Yonkers Police Department is struggling and those unfamiliar with the YPD will be quick to blame Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, but it is not because of the PC. The YPD’s root problems were initiated by the inner workings and backstabbing conduct by a rogue Police Union leader. It is no secret that Olson is and will continue to be a cancerous growth for any Police Commissioner or any other endeavor he may be aspiring to engage. The Yonkers PBA pushed for John Mueller using all methods and PBA assets to get him where he is currently stationed. This circumstance transpired on the backs of hard working uniform members. Yes, most of the Yonkers PBA Board members are making the most of what little overtime there seems to be while the uniformed personnel are given shift changes, and are thrust into weekend charts to plug up overtime without a sincere peep from the Yonkers PBA. If Olson is not bragging about dispensing his own justice regarding his Greenburgh road trip, he grinningly tells his members that times are rough, and overtime is not guaranteed, that is unless you are a Kool-Aide board member. Overtime pay is clearly inputted into the computer for all to see. Meanwhile PBA union Trustees are raking in the cash engaging in frivolous non-uniform overtime. When those union “groupies” or Kool- Aide drinkers are not filling out there union status overtime slips, they are usually found fanning the Yonkers PBA union leader with signatures of union petitioners that are in reality threats to silence members. In essence, it is a straight up attack on stopping whistleblowers and chilling the First Amendment Rights guaranteeing the freedom of speech. In fact, Olson’s latest petition is still in transit or floating around next to his used, stubbed cigars in his City-owned vehicle. It appears that the rogue union leader, who compiled files against others, and stealthily attacked fellow PBA members has landed himself and others in the sight of the Southern District United States Court.

As robberies and shootings rise alarmingly in the City of Yonkers (CoY), street arrests seem to be on the rise. During 2015, right after the Dario Tenor investigation a widespread criminal probe into the practices of some plainclothes police personnel, who were Yonkers PBA Trustees, have been led to jail at costs that will likely cost CoY taxpayers unheard of millions in litigation costs alone.

Since the Dario Tenor investigation Yonkers arrests dried up like a water well somewhere in the Sahara; units were restructured and renamed. So for almost a year the arrests by Yonkers Police officers for a variety of crimes came to a screeching halt and so did the workload for the court clerks. Most of the arrests were from calls of service, and not the usual “stop and frisk” that seem focused in targeting specific groups. Yonkers may need to rebuild schools, but they also need to address internal police misconduct and the lies and denials of union officials. It may in fact behoove our Albany Delegation representatives to be more concerned about representing its constituents, than a tainted union leader who attacks free speech with misconduct or parking tickets.

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Union Undisciplined By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Tenor tunes

    Oh that’s right, the Yonkers PBA leader and there attorney vowed to fry all supervisors for what Vera had been doing for years. Way to go Yonkers PBA President.

    1. No respect

      The bosses have to start being bosses and stick together these cops will rat you out in a second!!! Talking back to supervisors and they don’t do shit. These young Sgts want to be bosses after 4-5 years on the job and can’t make a decision and know nothing about police work all are a bunch of pussies and have no respect of the cops. Should need 5 years before taking the Sgt test.

  2. farmer Billy

    Is Billy Pataky going to buy property next to the other union trustee? We know Pataky flakes and plants on young civilians.

  3. Karma boys

    The dirtbag left with a $236 000 in his last year. That’s what you get when your driving an ATV drunk. Now he will never have the use of his right arm. Maybe he can feed Olson cheese with his left arm.

    1. Who needs search warrants?

      Yonkers PBA is next. Hey Brian Moran did you have a warrant when you looked through the DD Captain’s desk and office and complied information that was police department property. Can’t make copies of overtime slips? Thrash bag

  4. stairwell Olson

    Is that what you mean when a union president attacks his own member from the rear in from of politicians?

  5. crime family

    Yes, they should for labor issues and for the creation of a safe work environment for the employee as well as the community they serve. Although union leaders like Keith Olson and some of his union board members have outright cross the line from searching places without warrants,committing perjury, tampering with evidence at crime scenes, assaulting and threatening his own members, civilians, including unauthorized internal investigations which include police officers intentionally alternating facts of Internal incidents.
    Union strong also means personally going out and targeting civilians from the community who do not support their dirty ways. Now that’s sure is union strong. That’s so strong it cost Dario Tenor his life and threatens others. If you speak out, we’ll the rest is history. Where does someone sign up for union strong within the Yonkers PBA? Did O’Keefe do more than that ?

      1. tainted

        Bac twice the limit and still trying to blame the Yonkers Firefighters. That how the Yonkers PBA rolls. Good thing they didn’t plant anything on you guys. The tried .

    1. party is over

      Step down Olson, your dirty union Yonkers PBA President. Then you can lie all you want while your sucking down cheeseburgers. Chef Mueller can flip them as fast as Anthony the Cheetah can steal a cop’s wife and as fast as Pataky and Moran can search without a warrant. Lol

  6. exposed by the Yonkers Tribune

    Great work again by the Yonkers Tribune. Now where is the outrage and the calls against the Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson who has not only commit perjury against other Yonkers Police Officers , but has also coached his board members to conceal official misconduct.

  7. team perjury

    Johnny i did not have a beer fest Mueller, Keith all you have to do is deny and lie Olson, Neil I dont need a search warrant Vera, William ” planter” Pataky, Brian no search warrant needed Moran, Lou Venturino, Johnny ” Fingers” Donaghy, Anthony ” Cheetah ” Chiarella, James ” I have your files ” McCauley, Johnny ” give me another drink before I write another ticket Viviano. As according to the fat lying Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson, these are the best of what the City of Yonkers has to offer. YFT who?

    1. whistle blower

      Yes do what you have to do. Too long have union paying members have been threaten and targeted because they spoke out. The time is now to report internal corruption and misconduct by union officials.

    2. only reporting the truth

      The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson has been doing this for a long time. Time for other media groups to get invoved. He and other have been lying for years.

  8. Preet

    Now is the time. Puleo did nothing compare to the Yonkers PBA Union President and a handful of his dirt union trustees. Puleo and Olson have been regular business for years. Now is the time to clean up Yonkers .

      1. On the level

        Keith Olson and others are the dirtiest union pigs in town. They have tampered with personnel files, searched vehicles and places without search warrants and then committed perjury to set people up. Just asked Kader about his summons. John Mueller the guy with that permanent smile lied to Internal Affairs about his beer fest and amongst other things. He is no leader at all. The District Attorney’s Office could never trust him. No difference than Vera or Pataky.

  9. another break-in ?

    Call the Yonkers PBA Union President and inquire about how many lies he told to keep Vera around even though a civilian was killed based on ALL lies. By the way also inquire about that search warrant course being offered by Olson and Moran. It’s free.

  10. District Attorney's Office

    The District Attorney’s Office knows just how dirty the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson operates. Olson made a big mistake by setting up civilians, CLSA and other union members. Did you really think you were going to get away with tampering and perjury. The truth is ugly when it’s heard by all. The Yonkers Police Department and it’s citizens will begin to heal when Olson and others are removed. After all Olson even got caught snooping around the D.A.’s office. Say it ain’t so KO.


    Looking for a way into the Yonkers PBA Union? Well first you have to swear to their motto. ” lie against any and all”. That’s the oath you have to take to stay as a Yonkers Police Officer in good standing. The rest is easy. Just ask Pataky, he is the best of the best and a union trustee of the most corrupt union in the State. Wow when do they teach that specialty course ” who needs a search warrant”.

    1. Southern District unavoidable

      Wondering which one will shed light on what exactly had been going on within the Yonkers PBA. Lies and intimidation will never suppress the truth. Took McCabe 4 months to get his money from your draw. That’s after you ran up and give it to someone else. By the way Hector is still waiting for you to punch him. That was your message, right Olson? Was it going to be front the rear like you did Rob ? Lol

      1. Olson's good times

        Talk about being less than a man? Are you going to attend the Tenor Federal Law Suit? Hope you bring your planting crew. Hope they don’t ask who broke into the narcotics office?

        1. $237, ooo dollar Yonkers PBA Union Trustee Pension

          Will he miss a traffic shot? That’s what he made in 2015 for being Olson’s PBA pet rat or AKA ” Yonkers PBA Union Officials “. Didn’t he attack another cop too?

      2. Preet

        Never a better case than the inner workings of Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson. Just ask around. An easy audit guys.

  12. cricket wireless

    Keith Olson can’t hand in the Tribune petition because:
    People had enough of his lies
    People including many others on the Yonkers Police Department know it is all true
    Most of all his least petition only had 52 forced signatures which included 20 of board . Nice petition from a dirty PBA Union leader.
    His latest petition to retaliate against the media didn’t even get off ground. Most YPD members had enough of the lies that stem from Olson. Vera carried and signed the last petition.

      1. Fool

        You have black soul !!!! What difference does it make? You are only trying to hurt his family, now back the fuck off !!!!!

          1. tainted investigation

            What’s the matter black heart? Could not taint the preliminary investigation or blame the Firefighters?

      2. cross the line

        Really, what about the woman that got her ass grabbed at the Tyrone House? What about the perp that was beaten in another jurisdiction in front of his girlfriend by 6 other perps? The true is anyone around the fat man is a plant. Just like he motion to expel after he sucked Olson big fat tits. Karma pal. Now you go slithering away back to Olsonettes.

        1. nothing but the truth

          Come on Keith Olson, Monte told you and many others about how dirty you are and what type of rat specie you evolved from. Then again your good at calling other cops and there families names from behind your desk and from the back door. Now don’t you have a tape to steal or a ticket to issue or a supervisor to investigate? Now I am sure the Blue Truthers will give you a helping hand. You just have to ask. Don’t bring your Greenburg crew or your planting cops. Come correct.

      3. DOJ

        Hope the District Attorney’s Office don’t interfere with our case. We think we know who has Itzla’s file and where Wayne’s money is. We already know who drove the second car to Greenburg. A real bunch of tough Yonkers Police PBA boys.

    1. cRAzY old asshole

      Didn’t they kick you out of the union you fucking loser? Go away already. Everybody hates your guts you big nosed pussy.

      1. Double fist

        Do something about it or stfu asshole. Keith and his Olsonette band are all Pussies, with a capital P. If you call the PBA a union then you have to be a KO dingleberry. Now go sanitize that stinky, so called union office and then come find one of the cops you label blue truther, they’re sure to extend a hand or two for you. Send Pataky, he seems to be one of your tougher Olsonettes.

    2. references needed

      The Yonkers PBA President, Keith Olson needs more bodies for support in Federal Court. So far it’s looking like he is running short on volunteers. Also see if anyone in uniform can get some references because no one on the third floor with the exception of his school yard bossum buddy Johnny The heat is on with pending investigations and mistrust from the District Attorney’s Office. Any work in references will be accepted. KO will make up the addresses and names.

  13. more lies by the Yonkers PBA President

    Keith , are you ever going to tell the members why Pataky got slapped around by Monte? Imagine that, the Yonkers PBA Union leader throws out another member for a union thug like Pataky. Did you not punch another member in front of local politicians? What’s the matter KO didn’t get enough signatures for your lying petition. Hope you win the dirtiest union award again this year. Are you ever going to answer anything? Lying thug

  14. PBA gang of the Tyrone House:

    I motion not to grope another man’s female friend. KO just look at me when I can motion.

  15. Yonkers PBA trash

    The Yonkers PBA President is the dirtiest liar in the City. Sorry KO maybe you and Brian Moran can do another unauthorized investigation on another CLSA member. Maybe you search another apartment or office without a warrant.

    1. Open seminar

      Attention Yonkers dwellers, the Yonkers PBA Union President along with Brian Moran will be offing a non certificate class on how to search without getting a search warrant. Their special guest speaker will be none other than exunion trustee and good friend of the Yonkers PBA Union President Keith Olson, Neil Vera. He will not take questions about his famous School Street Search Warrant in which the Yonkers PBA President says he is the best of what Yonkers has to offer. Registration is at 8am from Tuesday to next Friday. Checks only, no cash. Wayne’s money is still missing.

  16. The bad lieutenant

    Who’s the four foot redhead that works four hours a day? Almost as bad as the three ton twat cheese doody that works three hours a day. It seems like the ones that are constantly bucking the system try hardest to divert attention from their scandalous ways. I wonder if the rat will cover his face during his perp walk? I wonder if the third floor ding bats realize they’re just as culpable? The current brass are running this job straight into the Hudson. We hope you’re proud of yourselves.

    1. more than legal limit

      What’s the matter Yonkers PBA President Olson? You could not frame the Firefighters or move their truck?

      1. Yonkers PBA Gang

        Keith or Snoop Moran, neither one of you low life gang of police thugs have yet to answer a question. Make sure you bring more union thugs to Federal Court. It’s not going away nor are the parking tickets you gave Kader. Can you tell us what you did with Itzla’s file? Keith or Brian Moran ?

        1. Gang with PBA union badges:

          Why don’t you get Pataky to flake the gang unit Keith Olson? Or better yet why don’t you send Moran and that drunken Lieutenant to take pictures of police officers personal vehicles? Too bad the gang unit is not going anywhere you fkin fat union rat. All the old Housing boys know you threw them under the bus. Now run along with your girlfriend’s Mueller and Moran. Your better off trying to break into the narcotics office than getting rid of whistle blowers on union dirty cops. Ha ha ha pal.

          1. Tony Castro

            Does anyone know who heard Keith Olson brag about leaving Yonkers to act as a Vigilante?

  17. Bye Gang fools

    Looks like the crazy old Coot and his bands of lackys are at it again! LOL You jerks don’t get it, everyone knows exactly who you are. The gig is up idiots.

    1. Say bye bye to the bad guy

      I’m going out on a limb here but I’d say KO will be handing in his resignation long before the Gang unit goes bye bye. Silly rats, corruption is for the Olsonettes,

    2. Gangs of YO

      Yeah yeah, we know. You will continue to go behind their backs like the rats that you are. Everytime you try to confront these guys face to face you wind up all choked up, not being able to get the words out, lololololol. Keep begging the third floor ding bats to do your dirty work. How’s that working out for the Olsonettes? Awwww not too good huh. Don’t worry, one day you’ll all grow up and be women. Until then you will still have to stand to pee. I know it’s hard but hang in there.

        1. most corrupt police union in the state= Yonkers PBA

          Okay stop it or I will send Johnny DVD to pick up the evidence and bring it to the PBA office before the District Attorney’s Office gets it.

  18. District Attorney's Office

    Did you not threaten or ticket a local businessman there Mr. Yonkers PBA President Keith? Is there not a County complaint filed? Yeah other then the two recent indictments for things that were common place in Yonkers, don’t be so quick to say that the dirtiest police union in the State is off the hook yet. Hope you Yonkers thugs don’t need references. You may not like what will be said Moe.

    1. can I go to Federal Court KO?

      When Louieeeeee the Liar is not feeding Olson cheese, he is showing up to support his Greenburg buddies in Federal Court. Who knows Louieeeeee maybe you can tell us about your business.

  19. the crying game

    Hey hamburger eater, or evidence tamper, or file creator. First of all it was in your eye that no one from his unit got transfered. It wasn’t too long ago that that looney tune John Mueller went to Internal Affairs with that 200,000 a year say anything Quinn. What did the crying shoulder parrot of lying Olson say? ” I did not have a beer fest in the precinct”. Then he had his fink drunk Sgt. Viviano lie also. Then after $48,000 of union members money… well that’s why that other lying rat Brian choke chain Moran carried his boxes to the third floor.
    So Keith go get Quinn and get your store ready for the Feds. Start with the Rui job or how Pataky never flaked teenagers. Don’t forget how you send text message out to supervisors, and how your internal circle tamper with evidence at jobs.
    Now how will Mueller ever make PC? What will be his first move? Sending Donaghy to gather files and evidence? Or breaking into the narcotics office? Lol

    1. got summons Keith?

      Hey lying Keith, when is the last time you ran down Warburton Avenue? Not punched someone from the rear.

  20. Big Gulp Made Man

    Whaaaahh whaaaaaah please don’t transfer me and make me do real police work. I know I mocked Mueller when he cried about his transfer but don’t transfer me! Come on Moe, I’m a made man, can’t whack me! The “Family” loves me, so what I took a few cheap shots at Jailbird brother-Nick, he don’t know that, he loves me too. So what that I’m late every day of my career and do nothing but pudge around drinking Big Gulps all day. At least I do bring back orders now, that means something. Besides, I gots no suits.

  21. DVD Johnny

    Keith I told them exactly what you made me do. Why did I take the video equipment from Dunwoodie? IAD came to my house. Anyway do you have any other jobs for me? It was just like our street crime day’s.

    1. Office of the PBA

      Hey, Debbie can we type up another petition for the Yonkers Tribune for reporting accurately? I will call the other unions to have them cut public communication for there members. Make sure you don’t mix up the DD Captain’s file with the Tribune petition. Also put in that we are not trying to intimidate or threaten Freedom of the Press or Free Speech, we only search without probable cause and without search warrants. Shhhhhh
      Now be safe and support the Yonkers isn’t safe union.

    2. forensic files

      any body get indicted any body getting sued ?????wha the fuk this same old diatribe is sounding like a broken tuning into channel 59 some re runs of 20 year old murders

      1. dirty Olsonetts

        Not yet, two cops just got indicted there Johnny boy. Remember your DVD tampering. How does Locust sound or the fight club?

  22. butch olson

    Maaaaaaaaa I promise not to invite anyone into the woods this year at the old timers picnic. Maaaaaaaaa that includes punching other cops ma. Now can I get another cheeseburger?

    1. Way To Go

      Who’s the braciole next to Spano !
      Que Fa ! OOowch ! Mama Mia !
      Madone a mia !
      Maybe I should run for Mayor !
      Not so bad

  23. No cheddar for you

    The half ton bum was seen circulating petitions at the river front brewery while chugging pints of Guinness. Please don’t wrap the city car around a tree or strike down any pedestrians. Yonkers can’t afford anymore lawsuits at your hands. Besides they need the cheddar to pay the firemen on their sweet deals they cut. You know, just like the super shhhhhweet deal you cut for your members.

    1. slobbering union dirtbag

      What can one expect from a dirty union leader. Oh no Hezi, it’s all lies. KO where is your lying petition ? Is it with your files?

      1. Office of the PBA

        To all union leaders please make sure you boycott the Yonkers Tribune for reporting accurately. We can only say to the Dario Tenor family that we lost the best of the best. So what that they lied. We do that all the time and against our own members. Don’t tell anyone or we will deny we spoke to you. So if you don’t want to wake up with a package or get parking summons you will boycott the Tribune. You should know not to speak to the Feds when they get here. Now you other unions sign my lying petition or ?????.

  24. City guy

    Seems like the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson will never answer any of the allegations because it all happen. He is a disgrace as a Yonkers Police Officer and union rep.

    1. Need Volunteers

      The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson needs a few members to show with him in Federal Court. Please come out and show what the Feds how we roll. So what we search without warrants and tamper with evidence against other cops. If you speak up we will get you too and throw you out of the union. Lol
      Now no verbal arguments. Louieeeeee the Liar just couldn’t help himself from attempting to intimidate a plaintiff. Way to show spirit the Yonkers PBA way.
      Now show up and we will get you detailed to Federal Court for the day.

  25. Yonkers PBA Blue Wall of Fear

    Its not old by no means or you would not be showing up in Federal Court with a bunch of feared cops, who fear the truth. The Department won’t cover-up what you really fear, and that is fear itself. Now let’s see who is friendless.

  26. the cleaner

    The crimes done to citizens and members of the CLSA union by Keith Olson and a handful of union PBA members are never forgiven by law. We ask all whistle blowers to come forward and don’t be intimidated or afraid for the Wheels of Justice will flush these dirty cops out. So Keith, since you labeled them blue truthers, so be it. Although what you have done to the Yonkers Police Department will never be old or go untold. Remember KO we will legally protect our Yonkers Citizens and others from being set up by dirty cops like yourself.
    Now let’s go to the video tape as of 2016, did you not punch Santobello from the rear while politicians were trying to show the Yonkers Police Department respect? Get the point? Never old or try with dirty cops.

      1. Perp Walk comming sooner than later

        Want to elaborate on what you mean ?
        Are you threatening someone or other groups ?
        Please let us know what the hell you are saying.

        1. really ?

          Did you ask those questions when you guys broke into the narcotics office or when you and cops search without warrants, or threaten civilians and lie on reports? Ask Santobello about the time you attacked him from the rear or the two Internal Affairs Supervisors you threaten to fight.

    1. DOJ

      Asking for Justice from the system are no threats KO. You the only threat to the department. Ask Tony Castro Mr. PBA perp.

  27. It's Getting Old.......

    This whole “Blue Truth” thing is how old now? Has to be a couple of years. Talk about beating a dead horse! Oh my God! What a waste of bandwith……

  28. Office of the PBA

    I did not investigate other members and civilians without the department’s authorization. Also, no way do we target people who associate with other cops who we suspect are R.M.s friends. We also don’t tamper with evidence.


    1. Friendless

      R.M.’s “friends?”

      That’s a good one! He couldn’t buy a friend!


    2. PBA Frame others

      Don’t think RM is friendless boys, he is one of the most respected Detective’s on the job. Never walked away from things that weren’t right. The Yonkers PBA picked the wrong members to fk with. Guess that’s why Keith and Johnny boy run to City Hall to tell on Ray and others after drunken cops try to assault him and other members. Better get help. Justice is coming to the Yonkers PBA. Should call it the Dirty 20.

  29. crickets

    Come Mr. Olson can you the Tribune and your friends what you did with the files? Let DVD Johnny answer if you won’t. or that snoop Brian Moran who is always snooping around without warrants. It’s all rumors right KO? Lol

  30. 1 Hudson street

    Yo dudes, the fat man told me to go to Ashburton Avenue to make sure I give out some parking tickets. I said, dude I about to meet another cops wife in Greenburg. Dude you know Greenburg.
    So dudes I stroll up to Ashburton and get my tickets out. Yo as I writing tickets to a car that is parked legally, this cock eyed Sgt. stumbled over to my cruiser with tickets in his hand. Dudes then the guy passed out and threw up liquid all over my cruiser. Dudes it was crazy. Yo, the fat man should have did this shit himself.
    Yo, I should had went to Greenburg dudes.

    1. DOJ

      Since the Yonkers PBA crew likes to go to Federal Court , maybe they would like to go on the record from start to finish.

  31. best of what Yonkers has to offer :

    Does anyone know if KO picked up his award for the dirtiest liar of the Yonkers PBA? Did he stand next to his girl with the permanent ” Joker ” smile? Lol

  32. in Keith we trust

    Yes or no KO. Do you still have the file you complied against the DD Supervisor ? Just a yes or no.
    How about the copy of the parking summons you gave to J.K.?

  33. just saying

    Lionel for Yonkers PBA President. At least he won’t set up other union members that speak out. Is that free speech Keith?

  34. Yonkers PBA isn't safe

    Headquarters can you send a R/C to 21 Ashburton Avenue this is Keith Olson. I want to issue parking tickets to a local businessman because I feel he does like me and has police officers as friends who are not my cup of cheese. No HQ, I can’t give you any details now because I am being recorded. Remember be safe and Yonkers PBA Pirates forever. Remember our brother Vera. Now send those cars.

  35. Congrats Keith

    We hope this week passes by very quickly for the Yonkers PBA. Under that dirt kicking rat union leader Keith Olson, it’s been the dirtiest law breaking union in the State.

    1. CLSA Knows

      What’s the CLSA say about you Keith after you conducted investigations against there members? Any references for you?
      Not likely except your wanna be push, John ” I did not have a beer fest, in my precinct” .

        1. National disgrace award

          This award goes to the Yonkers PBA Union President and those operate outside the oath they took. They also should be wearing red gowns for red ants.

  36. Guilty Verdict

    The truth is the Yonkers PBA Union President and others are dirty and try to intimidate whistle blowers with union tactics and physical threats. Yonkers PBA, your quilting as charged.

  37. 2 VCPA

    Keith or Brian the landlord said you still have the former tenant’s keys. He need them back, he has a broken water line.

  38. to Yonkers PBA

    Please don’t give our civilian friends parking tickets and please don’t have your best planting union trustee pull us over and write the exact same job over and over. Does it start with plain view, like the file you made up on a CLSA member. Please don’t threaten I.A.D supervisors either you low life cheese eater. Vera can’t help you anymore KO. He can’t lie for the union anymore, he already caused the death of a civilian for lying like you. Hope they don’t call us for a reference because your whole block of cheese will crack.

  39. Utter nonsense

    There you go again Keith. You got mayonnaise squeezing out of your mouth and rat droppings sliding down your leg. Calling out Ray and his friends won’t change what you have done within and out of the department. No one fears you or your thugs. You stand guilty of All what his said. Now don’t you have someone to threaten or punch? Or is it file stealing or file gathering? That’s right Keith Olson, is searching without warrants. Perjury is your specialty. Lol Dick

    1. retired guy

      Keith, did you punch Santobello at the Christmas party? Yes or no. Post your answer now. We know the answer because we were there. The word from inside the department is that you have been operating outside the law for a while.

    1. sugar rat Olson

      Hey KO rumors of another office comprised. Was there cheese blocks in the ? That’s what your guys have been doing for a while. Breaking and entering , then searching. Lol

  40. Morning glory

    Keith Olson was a dirty cop from his street come days where he worked with all the same players that are mentioned. That’s what was passed on to guys like Pataky and Vera.

    1. ?

      From his street “come ” days?
      If you mean his street crime days that shows how new you are to the job. Olson, Venturino, Amodeo, Penzo, McMorrow, Mike Di Caprio, Donheny, Menton and Brian Moran were the people he worked with in street crime. So I don’t know what players your talking about.
      All good cops.
      Get your facts right fool !!!

      1. dirty O

        Get your fact right. Those guys never worked with KO except Venturino, A.KA Louie the liar and Louie the Olson cleaner with that other tamper J.D. Ask Pam how they treated her. Those other cops wouldn’t give Keith Olson the time of day. They knew how he rolled and stood far away from the Olsonettes jobs. So smack off fat man.

      2. Johnny street crumb

        Good cops? I don’t know a Donheny. But if you’re referring to John “DVR” Donaghy, he may be the worst cop in the history of the YPD. He may be able to collect and download video without a warrant but I don’t believe he owns a pair of handcuffs. ….ing pussy!

      3. Sabastian Shaw

        Donkey, I mean Donaghy was never a cop, let alone a good cop. Neither was Penzo and McMorrow all total ZEROES.. I think the last two got booted from unit for lack of activity..Just saying

    2. butch olson

      Maaaaaaaaa, I am spinning out more lies like you told me ma. I should have never fked with these guys I call Blue Truthers. I did steal Wayne’s money and I lie all the time mama. Should I invite them into the woods or threaten a woman? Maaaaaaaaa?

  41. Boycott blues

    To all Yonkers residents the PBA is urging a full press to boycott the Tribune for printing the truth on how the Yonkers PBA rolls on the citizens of Yonkers. Now if they find out its you, it could spell legal trouble from parking tickets to petitions or being assaulted. They are going after all whistle blowers who tell the truth. Be safe.

  42. sign up now

    Tomorrow the Yonkers PBA will be offering free classes on how to search and remove property without ever having to apply for a search warrant. Also they will be union trustees on hand to show you how to falsely report anything. Please come early and leave your personal cars home so you don’t get flaked by Pataky or J.D.

    1. I got some computers and a boggus complaint that need to be picked up ASAP

      It seems to work. This one was the red heads idea. Well if it works to get an old Supt out to get a new one in then why not.

  43. Yonkers isn't safe

    Come on Fat man tell us what kind of pussy asshole you and your boys are. Show us. Are you going to beat us up in front of our family with 7 other cops helping you or your going to break into the narcotics office. Oh we know, you’ll be telling people to boycott the Tribune for printing the truth asshole. Weren’t you the asshole that threaten a cops sister. Is that what you mean by asshole fay man?

    1. just a gray river rat

      Oh maybe your push John Mueller will lie to Internal Affairs again and call another CLSA member a rat. By the way is he hitting on you again chubby.

  44. Worst job in the County

    We all know how we got the best contract in the State, which now makes it the worst job in the County. For you guys that are out injured make sure you look for the hired private investigators. Anything else you want us to believe KO.

  45. Pataky

    Listen Keith, I not pulling anyone over for a while. It’s hot. I going to stay away from the 4th. You better do the same and leave your parking book next to your sushi.

    1. Justice is coming

      Keith Olson can you tell the City why you needed 20 union thugs to show up with you in Federal Court? Did you really need Louie the Liar there?

  46. Chief forever

    Hey we paid, so why can’t I be the next PC. I promise to tell the truth. Keith, use Wayne’s cash.

  47. sad but scary

    You should be worried about this. It could be you or what happened to Dario Tenor. How is that for same old. See if Olson and his boys do it to you.


      Same Ole why don’t you disagree and prove that it is all lies as according to your PBA President. Sounds like you can’t same ole. Maybe you should call Quinn and get another petition going. Bottom line pal, your a rogue cop with a badge and have never stop. So it’s all new as you walk to City Hall.

      1. should I stay or should I go?

        Yonkers P.D. won’t be the same without Keith the truth Olson . Now be careful or you will find a package or file near you.

  48. Same ole

    Can’t read these anymore, they say the same thing over and over. Same story, diffrent headline. It’s annoying.

  49. Olson the woodsman

    Book now for your walk into the woods spring tour. The elastic strechie pants tour guide is booking quick. Olson promises not to punch you from behind, but cannot guarantee it. Remember he will blame someone else and tell the PC it never happened.

  50. file and evidence tampering not a problem

    Need a file or a bunch of IP addresses collected not a problem. Just stop by the Yonkers PBA Office and put in a request.
    No worries Keith Olson will just say he found it on his desk. That it just appeared after Brian Moran had stop by for a piece of cheese. Then he will carry it to City Hall and deny it was unauthorized.
    If that don’t work for you, he will send his best evidence collector, Johnny DVD. He also stores it at his home.

  51. wonder boys

    Under the Olsonettes the Yonkers Police Department has reached an all time low with its moral. The fat sushi sucking union prez is the rot in the department. Guys like Pataky are the face of the PBA who can’t help but lie. These are the types of dirtbags that are sucking up the overtime.

  52. a moving perjurer

    Can you tell the membership how much YOU are costing the membership in legal fees from the Quinn legal fund and are you and others being sued. It’s not true right ? The petitions are lies too. Does the petition say it’s all lies Keith Olson?

  53. Lyin Olson

    The Fatman did every bit of this to civilians and union members. They should call him “Lyin Olson”.

      1. Dunwoodie investigation by KO

        Hey is this the Dunwoodie hall? Yeah, this is Keith Olson. I will be sending my Detective there to do an unauthorized police investigation into some cops. Please give them all the DVD tapes and all or any computers.

        1. petition "blues"

          Be careful Yonkers Tribune, the rogue union leader will start another petition. Please print the signatures.

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