Westchester County Legislator Testa Proposes Resolution Opposing New Oil Barge Anchorage Sites in Hudson River

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Legislator Testa with State and local officials at the Cortlandt Waterfront Park on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, speaking in opposition to the anchorage sites

CORTLANDT, NY — August 23, 2016 — Legislator John Testa (R) Peekskill, The Westchester County Board of Legislators’ (WCBoL) Minority Leader is sponsoring a resolution voicing the WCBoL’s opposition to a proposed U.S. Coast Guard rule which would create anchorage sites in the Hudson River for vessels carrying oil to refinery’s south of Westchester County.

The Resolution has been placed on the agenda for review at the next WCBoL Environment and Health Committee meeting with a vote of the entire WCBoL is expected at the next scheduled meeting on September 12th at 7pm.

The Coast Guard proposal would create 10 sites for up to 43 oil vessels between Yonkers and Ulster County. Nearly 1000 acres of the Hudson River would be used by the anchorage sites off the shores of Westchester alone.

Legislator Testa stood with lawmakers from the state and municipal governments at an event on Tuesday in opposition to the rule. “I am absolutely opposed to allowing our beautiful and historic Hudson River to become a parking lot for dozens of barges laden with volatile and toxic petroleum products. In my hometown of Peekskill and in communities up and down the river we have worked hard for decades to reclaim our waterfronts from post-industrial wastelands and turned them into open spaces, trailways, housing and retail centers. The idea that the Coast Guard would unilaterally turn this waterway into a staging area for refinery’s in New Jersey and points south is an outrage.” Testa said, “This resolution, which I hope will be supported unanimously by my fellow Legislators adds our voice to the growing opposition to this misguided proposal.”

Legislator Terence Corcoran (R) Bedford is Chair of the WCBoL Environment and Health Committee. “I look forward to taking up this resolution in committee and I will be voting in support of it. Advocates have fought mightily for decades to reverse the effects of the environmental abuses that were inflicted on the Hudson River in the first half of the 20th century. To store millions of barrels of toxic material in barges up and down our waterfronts exposes our residents to potentially catastrophic health and environmental risk. Too many people have worked too hard and for too long to clean up the Hudson River to allow this rule to move forward.”

SOURCE: Matt Richter, WCBoL Communications Director

eHeziWestchester County Legislator Testa Proposes Resolution Opposing New Oil Barge Anchorage Sites in Hudson River

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