Blue Truth Revelations Demand Corrective Outcry by Yonkersites By HEZI ARIS

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Political Insinuation Has Failed

Elected Officials Avoid Issues that Challenge a Failed Status Quo

Public Outrage is Left to Bring About Order by Demanding Respectful New Standards

The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano had this January 1, 2016, won re-election to enter his second term in office. His most formidable challenge was lobbying for the much needed $2 billion Capital Improvement Plan to construct and revive a long neglected school buildings infrastructure. Further still, Mayor Mike Spano needed to revive planned, albeit languishing development projects that would change the physical landscape in the Yonkers downtown that were first envisioned by former Mayor John Spencer’s administrative guidance, yet disintegrated under Spencer’s successor, the former Deputy Mayor Phil Amicone.

On top of that, taxpayers had tired of the promises that lobbyists said they would deliver over steak dinners. Mayor Mike Spano had an ace in his sleeve; he became mayor of the City of Yonkers (CoY) with the support of union membership of every union in CoY. While the first term held the promise of fair, balanced and respectful discourse with Mayor Mike Spano and the disparate unions, the Mayor chose to delegate responsibility and negotiation to those who were dismissive of union membership concerns. It did not take long for those unions whose contracts had expired, some for as long as 7 years out to those who presently continue to work without a contract for 3 years. While responsibility for contracts that began 4 1/2 years ago languished under the Amicone Administration, those whose contracts continued unresolved within the past 4 1/2 years demand resolution and agreement yet go unsigned and are not immersed in negotiation.

A disappointing and growing anger against Mayor Mike Spano’s simmers as the mayor is perceived to have retreated from his promise of fairness and respect during a negotiating process at which he is often not in attendance, and where dates and times for negotiations are withdrawn at the last moment without prior notice. These are some of the bullying tactics employed by the Mike Spano Administration that have created a schism within Yonkers that permeates every aspect of governance. Yonkers is in an undeclared state of war. Even undeclared, people sense the anger, the fear, the helplessness, and the growing desire to remove the overbearing insult of the executive office who places blame for Yonkers’ financial woes solely on the back of labor. What is outrageous is that Mayor Mike Spano did not run on a platform of such cynicism when he first ran for Mayor of Yonkers. Likewise, when he ran and won his re-election effort he did not acknowledge much less give expression to his cynicism. Did Mayor Mike Spano not recognize the issues that beset Yonkers? That is exactly what he said. Why not? Does he comprehend the complexity of the issues facing CoY today? What should Yonkersites expect from Mayor Mike Spano as CoY contends with old and new issues and concerns?

Did the leadership of Yonkers’ many unions send a “wish list” to the North Pole last Christmas in hope they would get Santa’s help for fair and swift passage of raises for their respective membership within specific time constraints? It seems many have lost faith in Santa Claus and Mike Spano, though this writer continues to believe in Santa Claus!

One would suspect a stronger and more meaningful approach would have been devised to prepare a solid and unified negotiating team that would share collective responsibility for all union members. It seems the expression of unity and purpose of a unified approach is nothing more than spin. The privacy of negotiation has also failed a system in which there is a lot of talk and yet little action.

Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Det. Keith Olson chose a different route. Olson sent out superfluous emails. He sounded the “horn” calling for “unity” for consumption by his hungry and trusting membership. The subterfuge allowed him to walk over the bridge from the PBA Office located at the Cacace Justice Center to Yonkers City Hall. Olson cut a sweetheart deal for “himself and his family”, doing so just before the mayoral re-election contest was to take place in November 2015.

No one was left to wonder whether Olson, the Yonkers PBA union president had communicated with other union heads. Olson ran to his office with his self-fulfilling contract that gave away significant changes to New York State Municipal Law 207-c. Within four days of the memorandum of understanding Olson divulges what he believes the contract he had negotiated was the best working police contract ever agreed to and voted upon. It didn’t take much time for The Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA) and the Yonkers PBA membership to find out that what Olson told the members was in the contract was in fact contrary to what was written in the agreement. It was nothing more than “smoke and mirrors”. They believed Olson. Yonkers Tribune has been advised Olson gave Mayor Mike Spano his personal assurance that he would deliver for Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration for some unknown quid pro quo “favors” down the road.

In the meanwhile, other union officials attempted to communicate the lack of protection and the potential hazards Police Officers would face should some tragedy befall them during their career without the protections of Municipal Law 207-c. Olson would dismiss their warnings and admonitions. It was later learned that the “deal” Olson agreed to was of benefit to “him and his family”‘ and not of benefit to the PBA membership.

Some unions have devolved from at one time serving their membership to the present where union leaders are longer devoted to their membership. Gone are the day to day in-house labor issues or the violations of policy and procedures. Sources advise that the Yonkers PBA is focused on maintaining an opaque, rather than a transparent, explanation of the PBA’s money trail; both the collections of cash and the expenditures that go unexplained and unaccounted. Yonkers Tribune is advised that at issue is that the Yonkers PBA membership is not afforded an accounting breakdown of where and how dues are spent.

Yonkers Tribune insiders advise the Yonkers PBA has not informed its membership about Olson’s spending of funds intended for legal counsel protection with the Quinn Law Firm specifically over the questionable and seemingly illegal impeachment of a Yonkers Police Detective who was no doubt a political threat to Olson because the impeached detective spoke openly on behalf of fellow members.

Sadly, it appears that using Yonkers PBA membership dues can and does buy positions, jobs, and “Yes!”, if you are a PBA member, getting a slap on the wrist for conducting an unauthorized investigation against CLSA members and others within the Yonkers Police Department and is allowed to continue because of the protection by political puppet masters. For Yonkers PBA President Olson and those who hang around him like groupies, as if he were a psychedelic rock star, targeting and threatening civilians, is just an added bonus for paying his lobbyist bills on time. And that is only the beginning. Just imagine what may reside in an internal computer drive or found on a secure iCloud account.

Fast forward… Under the leadership of Yonkers Police Detective Keith Olson there is no doubt that Mayor Mike Spano, and those who speak in his name, have stepped on these union heads, since the mayor took his second oath to the office of Mayor of the City of Yonkers in January 2016. So what are the positive aspects gained by the Yonkers Police Department under Olson? For starters, Olson was able to hold on to his political seat. He got a nice city vehicle, recently upgraded to a newer All Terrain SUV that most Yonkers Police Captains and other Yonkers officials are not afforded. Olson also got his sister Kelly Chiarella her first paying city job; first assigned to Constituent Services and now to the Office of the Aging as its Director. All these benefits gifted on the taxpayer’s dime and paving the way for Yonkers City Hall to screw the Yonkers PBA membership by having them vote to make changes to Municipal Law 207-c, which coerced many of the members to choose between the legal costs of engaging arbitration or forced retirement. They are and were performing their duties when suffering injuries, They are now pariahs. The Yonkers Police Department patrol force is unfortunately too new to have recognized Olson’s self-serving conduct, and even less able to judge his lack of moral integrity. Further still, Olson’s petition style leadership has no success record. That is except for being accused of serious internal corruption as he, Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller and Det. Sgt. Brian Moran are in the yet to be heard 1983 Civil Rights Federal Lawsuit.

By now it is no secret that Yonkers International Association of Fire Fighters – Local 628 President Barry McGoey negotiated a more respectful contract for his membership than did the Yonkers PBA Union membership. Local 628 did not accept diminishing Municipal Law 207-a that applies specifically to Fire Fighters. They negotiated minimum manning seats which, if necessary, demands Yonkers fill those seats on an overtime basis, as well as an increase in longevity benefits. All accomplished without personal benefit to Barry McGoey personally, his family, or friends.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano continues to maintain an unabridged ribbon cutting schedule into the first 6 months of his second term while CSEA, Yonkers Federation of Teachers, among others are still without contracts 3-years on. Signs have been sighted chastising the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency accusing the YIDA incentivizing the City of Yonkers to hire non-union workers in a city built by union labor.

The Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) was in negotiation for a new contract until a video sting operation taped by Reporter James O’Keefe of Project Veritas exposed YFT President Pat Puleo and YFT Vice-President Paul Diamond for advising an individual thought to be a teacher in the Yonkers Public Schools District how to cover up possible abuse. A media storm ensued only to dissipate as quickly as it began. There was outrage among some in the Yonkers Public Schools yet tepid concerns among elected and appointed office holders. There has been no known inquiry until but a few days ago that purports to engage in any ethical investigation. Will it become a white-wash?

It was however not too long ago when Yonkers PBA President Olson complained about the Yonkers Tribune‘s report of the tragic demise of Yonkers Police Det. Frank Fernandez in which Det. Fernandez drove head-on into a Yonkers Fire Engine. The pending toxicology report is spoken about among esoteric circles to established as we reported that elevated alcohol levels were a contributing factor to his untimely passing. As media await the findings Yonkers Tribune have noticed that some among the Albany Delegation were inclined to censor our reporting of the tragedy and our substantiated findings then so that the facts and truth be allowed to wane.

Concern over lead in the drinking water of the Yonkers Public Schools has also been brushed aside. Again, no concern for the cognitive capacity of students attending those schools. No interest in focusing on an issue that was unknown to be of concern many years ago. Local politics and politicians maintain their silence by not acknowledging lead to be harmful to children of developing age.

Similarly, Project Veritas exposes those in education, principals and teachers among them, who will defend abuse among specific schools so as to maintain their employment by getting along to get along. Parents are also marginalized in this process. The riff-raff is in charge.

The Project Veritas videos underline circumstances that cannot be expunged. The responses by Puleo and Diamond are their responses. Their responses were not scripted by Project Veritas Reporter O’Keefe. Their responses were extemporaneous. They not only hurt themselves, but they hurt the YFT membership. Puleo and Diamond seem to be laying low while Mayor Mike Spano and his negotiating team refuse to engage in contractual negotiations with the YFT. Mayor Mike Spano is using the circumstances that are swirling about Puleo and Diamond as a convenient excuse to avoid negotiations because CoY doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to conclude a contractual agreement for the benefit of the teachers union.

What are the ramifications for CSEA President Lionel Turner and the employees he represents as he maintains his best efforts for fair and equitable contracts for his membership that lapsed 3-years ago.

CSEA President Turner has been seemingly left to hold up against a steady headwind whereas the “unity horn” sounded by PBA President Olson for all union members in the past are now muted by Olson engaging Lobbyist Nick Spano to represent him and his “greatest friends” on the PBA membership’s dime at a rate of $$48,000 per year. Turner has gained more credibility as he continues his efforts on behalf of his members and not for himself.

The Yonkers Police Department has been plagued with internal union corruption since Yonkers PBA President Olson took the helm. At issue is whether such an office holder can be immune to all sorts of wrong-doing? In fairness to Mayor Mike Spano, such alleged conduct had begun before Mike Spano became the Mayor of Yonkers, but the buck has passed on to him. It is the responsibility of every elected official representing CoY as Yonkers Councilmembers, Westchester County Legislators, NYS Assemblymembers, NYS Senators, and so forth, to address allegations expressed and/or part of the so-called folklore, or await the Department of Justice to intervene on these concerns, if they aren’t already investigating these, among other allegations as this is written.

Reports of Yonkers Police offices being broken into and files gone missing will not be a credible defense, much less an excuse in the pending Dario Tenor Federal Lawsuit. High profile legal eagle Bonita Zelman, Esq., enters into the deposition phase to be gleaned from Yonkers Police personnel in which two former Yonkers PBA Trustees have pleaded to perjury charges. Will the infestation of internal union misconduct have bearing on the outcome of the case? Is it time for union heads to be held accountable as they are charged with skirting the law? What good is it to have an Ethics Policy or internal investigations when political interference is permitted to insinuate the outcome? Is the allure and stench of union money the vehicle by which one buys cover and by which law can and is obstructed? What therefore is the sense of having an Inspector General when he was and remains a political hack, gets paid by the taxpayer, who submits meaningless, and inane reports of no wrongdoing, and he seemingly cannot comprehend or deduce corrective action. Case in point, the Yonkers Police Insignia Placards that are the “parking anywhere you like” passes. The findings were reported, yet no corrective action had taken place, and the Yonkers PBA continues to hand them out to the “friends and family” network while tax paying Yonkersites are racking up parking fines; all controlled through Yonkers City Hall, whether designated to be the charge of Mayor Mike Spano or others. In a “strong mayor form of government” every action is either approved or disapproved by Mayor Mike Spano!

Perhaps CoY would have been all the wiser to have spent lobbying money to gain fair and equitable contracts for Yonkers city workers instead of nurturing a bevy of developers who continue to await anticipated promised contracts and seed money that are not finalized. So while many wait their turn as Yonkers City Hall waits out the clock, Olson, his family and friends are eating high on the hog, drinking pristine lead-free bottled water, while others are getting parking tickets, and continue to pay ever increasing parking fees in government parking lots.

The summer months began without a chirp from the likes of NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayer who chose to cozy up to the likes of Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson whose failed petitions to silence media about the inner workings of the Yonkers PBA has gained some traction, but not with all media. It just may be propitious to advise the likes of PBA President Olson, and other union leaders that their commitment may best be carried out in serving their membership. They need to be reminded that their job is to oversee contract and employee issues, and not to attempt to obstruct the law or engage in any wrong doing concerning the welfare of the public interest. Olson gets about $4,000 a month , not including the free city car and free gas and insurance for that vehicle, plus a credit card to wine and dine his buddies. Yet collectively they are not bound by New York State or Federal Laws like all others. Why?

Conduct by all union leaders must be held under public scrutiny no matter how many politicians accept campaign contributions, or how much money they throw to their lobbyist firms. Is the lobbyist’s cash horde hush money, or a get out of jail card?

City and State representatives have a fiduciary responsibility to their constituents to do the right thing. The allegations presented herein are serious for any city attempting to grow a stable of business investors and developers. Tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, repetitious and blatant perjury are not conducive to societal woes. Attempts to manage, silence, ostracize, or spin reality for political influence and expediency is anathema to concepts we claim to adhere. Attempts to silence freedoms of speech and assembly by throwing members out of organizations by fabrications and frivolous petitions will come to light and will even force media long silenced to find their voice lest they become irrelevant by their not telling.

Yonkersites are changing. Reporting the news is protected by the U.S. Constitution. While Yonkers City officials, county, and state representatives may not like what they read, hear, or see, they have taken the oath to uphold the rights of all Americans as defined by the respective Constitutions of the city, state and nation.

It seems as though some of Yonkers’ politicians have morphed into union leaders and some union leaders have become politicians. So for now, union leaders like Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson run silent and deep until they are fished out of office or removed by external circumstances. For the many CSEA, YFT, among other union members stymied without a contract pondering their next move, do not be dissuaded by the slow turning wheels of justice piecing together a credible case against an out of control PBA leadership who maintains an entourage of people willing to perjure themselves before authorities.

Yonkers disavowal of selective outrage can only be dismantled by public discourse and appropriate corrective standards becoming adopted by Yonkers City Hall. At issue is how long will the process take before it becomes respectful of Yonkersites?

eHeziBlue Truth Revelations Demand Corrective Outcry by Yonkersites By HEZI ARIS

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  1. the cleaner

    Have to disinfect the Yonkers PBA President and others like Neil Vera before the community can regain the trust of the Yonkers Police.
    Luckily for Yonkers that all the activist are given political jobs. Still Dario Tenor is dead at the hands of lies.

  2. Neil Vera former Yonkers PBA Trustee

    Want to personally thank the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson for providing me with free legal representation. Do worry I will pay you guys back. Lol

  3. mother's with beards

    Come on tit man, Johnny I refused to transfer is a 14b. KO you keep calling out these names that have nothing to do with your dirty bullshit perjury board. Yeah its kEIth oLson that is posting these names.
    Is Mueller bouncing up and down on your lap? A real union rat.

    1. coming to a CLSA member near you

      Be careful of your files boys, these guys are on the move again in the DD again. Remember the last two Captains.

  4. Worth repeating

    ** I can’t take credit for this post but it hit the nail on the head and worth reposting. These are the same guys who walk around like their shit don’t stink yet they would give up their mother to get ahead! They sold us all out. Tisk, tisk, shame on you all. SMH ***

    When are you so-called “Blue truth” gals going to learn, it’s dirty Yonkers Politics as usual. It was well known that Keith was selling you guys out on 207C, that was blatant and obvious; business as usual if you will. That was Quid Pro Quo 101. The beauty of the “Quid” was what happened several months later under the radar (102).

    Our beloved CLS was holding firm on voting NO to the 207C changes. Until Lt. Timmy, Lt. Joe-Moc and Lt. Tommy suddenly started selling us on the notion that it’s not as bad as we thought, “it’s the best we’re gonna get”… “the Mayor is not caving in”… “he’s going to retract the raise offer”… kind of gives you the feeling of where it was going. Throw in a 4th precinct Lt. Chia and Johnny Mueller spreading rumors of who is against it, you start feeling like this is the way they want us to go or else “for our own benefit.” The vote went in favor of the new contract, albeit narrowly.

    Fast forward over a year later and surprise surprise, all the contract pushers got what they were promised the “Quo.”

    Timmy Hodges is now a Chief in charge of Detective Division after serving one week as a Captain, was never a Detective not even for a day.

    Joe-Moc Monaco is now Commanding Officer of Detective Division, receiving Detective Captain Stipend the moment the Mayor promoted him, not one day as a street Captain, and was never a Detective.

    Tommy Phalen is now Executive Officer of Detective Division, was never a Detective not even for a day.

    Anthony Chiarella is now Detective Division Major Case Coordinator, was never a Detective either.

    And lastly, most shockingly John Mueller was promoted to a Chief as well, a man who has openly criticized the current Mayor during his first term, then suddenly had a change of heart and pushed for the 207C contract.

    Is there any wonder how we all got sold out? Yonkers Cronyism Politics 101 and 102 aka Quid Pro Quo. You gotta love it.

    1. Office of the Yonkers PBA

      Tomorrow only the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson will sponsor a class on how to violate citizens civil rights.
      Brian Moran will be giving you tips on how to search without warrants, and William Pataky will provide dirty tips on how to make and then search vehicles without probable cause. Jon DVD with is there quest speaker. He will give a class on how to collect evidence and edit or erase potential evidence. Now KO how can I get that midnight shot so I can work with a honest Captain?
      Hurry limit room, KO is getting fatter by hour.

  5. Righteous collar

    I see Ralph Carozza is now in IAD.. He is a rat ,always was and always will be. He was never a cop
    Good ole stuck eye..
    Add him with Freddy HELLthaler , another rat rodent, who also was never a cop. Worked late tour desk as a PO studied there. Got promoted . When was Sgt in third on late tours had a PO who had a righteous collar, Po was also injured btw, void an arrest cause he didnt agree with stop.
    Lt. Barrett who was exec at time came in the morning to work and saw injured PO in sling and said he hoped the perp was tuned up, PO said no ,nothing close. See sgt HELL thaler,, Well the great Lt. Barrett ripped into little freddie, telling him he was never a cop.
    Now just send Lt., I mean secretary, McCormick back to IAD where he was and now you got a nest full of rodents that even NYPD would be proud of.. A true trifecta

    1. Brian Moran and Johnny DVD

      Hey KO how we going to lie our way out of this? Should we break into more offices and steal more police files? Jonny DVD wants to know if you want him to tamper with anymore evidence? Hurry KO

      1. Zeka Head Olson

        The Yonkers PBA President will not only be spraying his office for rodents while they move the files and DVD they stole but will also be spraying for the mosquito carrying Zeka Virus. They were reports of a very large male sitting in the office with what appeared to be a coconut shape head. Meanwhile Vera was planning his defense with Quinn as the PBA is defending him.

    2. Always your man or is it planter?

      It’s a good thing they don’t put out my pay off. Wait I see four teenagers riding in a car. Let me do a quick car stop and make up some charges. Yonkers PBA forever. Thank god I am a union trustee.

    3. Whos wa cant

      im boat my boat to bizzy because it too bizzy and running i have babywith sue and cannnt be ther all nite everyday boat sell 2000 thurs 3000 fri and satsunday dont open plese call me boat 2 floors and is 1200 as a giftthis is some thar can put life lover alot to be here setup phone cary thriving setup major at@t andnet tell now pba what is you got me.

  6. Neil Vera former Yonkers PBA Trustee

    Short time just a heads up the Yonkers PBA President asked me to look into you without a search warrant. You know how the Olsonette’s roll. They have been doing it for a while. That’s how I got my skills.

    1. current history

      You forgot Keith Olson, Brian Moran and I can’t be transferred Jon Mad Man Mueller I did not have a beer festival in the precinct. Now that’s PBA lying rats.

  7. Short Timer Thank God

    When are you so-called “Blue truth” gals going to learn, it’s dirty Yonkers Politics as usual. It was well known that Keith was selling you guys out on 207C, that was blatant and obvious; business as usual if you will. That was Quid Pro Quo 101. The beauty of the “Quid” was what happened several months later under the radar (102).

    Our beloved CLS was holding firm on voting NO to the 207C changes. Until Lt. Timmy, Lt. Joe-Moc and Lt. Tommy suddenly started selling us on the notion that it’s not as bad as we thought, “it’s the best we’re gonna get”… “the Mayor is not caving in”… “he’s going to retract the raise offer”… kind of gives you the feeling of where it was going. Throw in a 4th precinct Lt. Chia and Johnny Mueller spreading rumors of who is against it, you start feeling like this is the way they want us to go or else “for our own benefit.” The vote went in favor of the new contract, albeit narrowly.

    Fast forward over a year later and surprise surprise, all the contract pushers got what they were promised the “Quo.”

    Timmy Hodges is now a Chief in charge of Detective Division after serving one week as a Captain, was never a Detective not even for a day.

    Joe-Moc Monaco is now Commanding Officer of Detective Division, receiving Detective Captain Stipend the moment the Mayor promoted him, not one day as a street Captain, and was never a Detective.

    Tommy Phalen is now Executive Officer of Detective Division, was never a Detective not even for a day.

    Anthony Chiarella is now Detective Division Major Case Coordinator, was never a Detective either.

    And lastly, most shockingly John Mueller was promoted to a Chief as well, a man who has openly criticized the current Mayor during his first term, then suddenly had a change of heart and pushed for the 207C contract.

    Is there any wonder how we all got sold out? Yonkers Cronyism Politics 101 and 102 aka Quid Pro Quo. You gotta love it.

    1. Just sippin and smokin by the Cheetah

      You only sold yourselves out. Now you have a Chef that refused a transfer order and threw a beer fest party after he sucked on some politicians balls. So throw out names that have nothing to do with your actions. Go back to stealing wives and committing perjury you Yonkers PBA Rats.

      1. Failure and a flop

        Two people that never refused an order. Suck what?????? A transfer order? That’s Fat Olson and Jon Mueller’s job. Lovers of lies. Lol

    2. Rat Runner Olsonette's

      Quinn and Olson sold you boys down the river. Give 207c away for a job and a car. Union saps. Suck it wife beater and fat rat losers. KO why don’t you stop along the wall by life cleaner and scurry back and along the bottom of it. Leave your heart attack cheeseburgers behind. Give them to that other wife stealing Brian Moran. Trash pails

      1. cRAzY old 14-B

        Get a life you cRAzY asshole. 4 years later and you’re still at it. What a fucking joke.

        You are nothing more than a sick, sad, pathetic old man.

        1. DVR Donaghy

          ^^The fastest evidence ^^ tamperer on the east coast and biggest YPD worm. I hope you wear your helmet when you’re banging on your keyboard. You make Pataky look like a winner, lmao.

    1. ask kEIth oLson

      Ask the union rat president who sold out his membership and is now defending another former union trustee Neil Vera with your cash cow.
      Remember he did not go to Greenburgh and break a head. No pond intended.

  8. Why hasn't Yonkers and the D.A. released Frankie Two Times blood test results?

    Was Frankie Two Times drunk or on drugs when he killed himself and almost killed five Yonkers Firefighters? why are Yonkers and District Attorny covering this up? Is it because Frankie Pieces was their rat?

      1. Frankie 2 Times. A Liar and Rat? A Drunkard too?

        Liar and a Rat? Two great qualities. I guess Yonkers doesn’t want to add drunkard to Frankie Two Times resume.

        1. Frankie 2 pieces

          And if he was drunk, a criminal.

          If an off duty Firefighter drove drunk and crashed in a Yonkers police car I’m sure we would hav known all the details the next day if not sooner.

  9. Fraud surrounding Frankie Two Times retirement submission and insurance claims?

    Did Yonkers commit fraud by submitting fraudulent retirement papers and insurance claims on Frankie Two Pieces behalf by lying that he was on duty or recalled to duty? Is the Westchester DA involved in fraud or covering it up? Did Yonkers file a claim with Frankie Two Times insurance company for YFD members who were injured and for damage to the YFD apparatus?

    1. perjury by the Yonkers PBA

      Olson drives to Greenburgh.
      Olson punches another member at Christmas Party while out injured then fixes computer back to full dury. Predated … Rat Face
      Vera guilty of causing death by intentionally committing perjury. Olson sinks Koch.

  10. Quinn Firm defending Vera :

    Just amazing how the Yonkers PBA Union rats are defending a former union trustee. Now who is paying the way and why? He is a convicted criminal who with the legal guidance of the Yonkers PBA is going after ALL supervisors. Next time Keith Olson walks into your office run a blue truth check.
    Vera did intentionally lie which caused the death of a civilian.

      1. KO takes the 5th

        Keith Olson can’t comment because it’s all true. The guy is truly a sag of union lies. He tells lies to cover lies.

      2. whistle blowers

        They arise out of internal union corruption. Now there is a Red Truth burning. State and Federal rules are for all. Olson needs to call Darcy so they can leave together. Maybe Darcy will make Olson his barbell hump.

      1. DOJ

        The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson can lie to the city, the department, but can’t lie to the DOJ. They will have access to the files and reports Olson has tried to remove.

    1. Worst of the worst= Yonkers PBA President

      Get a bowel for lies and cover-ups. Remember this Neil Vera has hundreds and hundreds of a awards, he is the best of what Yonkers has to offer.
      Fats liar Keith Olson Yonkers PBA

  11. Thetruthsetsyoufree

    These Spanos have brought a level of corruption to this city like never seen before. Amiclown looks like a saint in comparison. Every level of city government is corrupt. Police fire buildings DPW. Every one. The entire Spano clan is on the payroll one way or another. They all shake down the bars and restaurants for free meals and drink. Nicky the felon getting his payoff from unions for no show “consulting” Everyone’s mistresses in the payroll. Little Mikey can’t run for county exec with this baggage – Astiorino would wipe the floor with him and up county would never elect these corrupt south Yonkers wops. So they are gonna pillage while the city burns. Only one thing they forget – don’t think for a moment that they haven’t come up on Preets radar while he goes after Deblowsio and Cuomo. Remember – Preets looking to make his mark even still – another Spano will just be icing on his cake. Sleep well fellas. Lol

    1. Office of the Yonkers PBA

      You’ll find no truth at the office of the Yonkers PBA. You will find a bunch of perjury tellers, unauthorized personnel files on supervisors, tampered evidence , and can get a lesson on how to do searches without warrants. You still will not find Wayne’s money. You will find a large disgusting union rat president with a Detective Sgt. giving him a cheesy lap dance. Oh by the way Olson did assault another cop just like Darcy. Only the fat man had to sneak up on his victim and still almost got his sagging tits knocked back to his rat office. Welcome to the dirtiest police union in the State.

    2. kEIth oLson president of the Yonkers PBA Perjury squad:

      Come on down to the Yonkers PBA President’s office and you will get a crash; no not Frankie Pieces, a crash course on how to lie on others. Come on down a see the big filthy bearded rat who sneak up on others and gives civilians parking tickets himself.
      Come on down and get your embarrassing perjury sign.

  12. short on credibility = two lying rats

    Two real good dirty liars kEIth oLson and dirty Darcy. Only fat boy Keith Olson is a repeat offender.

    1. Darcy is stiking around to milk Mike Spano and COY

      How much money can I get from those stupid feds for overtime that I will glom up for myself and my minions at special operations. I have no friends so I need the overtime to buy people to talk to and pretend to be my friends. Plus I get to take thousands and thousands of those federal dollars for my self and my pussy cats at home.

    1. Just another criminal act in Yonkers

      How many crimes can one loser ex commissioner commit? Fraud, theft, assault and battery are what we know of so far.

    2. Johnny DVD

      Keith should I tamper with the tape from locust hill? I can wipe clean the tapes. This time I won’t take them home or mention your name. I will call Quinn Vera’s current lawyer that is going after the bosses union. Now I am going to the Yonkers corrupt office a swallow with choke chain Brian Moran.

    3. Hello. Is this the FBI ?

      Fraud involving federal money should be reported to the FBI. I think I will make a phone call to the Feds right away.

  13. Darcy is now over $50,000 in overtime in less than 2 months

    How much can Darcy get paid in overtime riding an ambulance in Scarsdale before Mike Spano wakes up and shuts the spigot off? Rumors have it that Darcy has the goods on Spano and is cashing in big time so he can walk away with a $200,000 pension and brag that he was smarter than everyone else and got the biggest pension to prove it.

    1. Spani must be too busy working late with his Chief of Staff

      Whose got time to keep track of overtime abuse by those in the highest ranks in government? There are late night chief of staff meetings that need the Mayor’s attention. Move on. Nothing to see here. Stupid citizens.

      1. Darcy is Special for sure ICK

        Darcy was is and always will be a dick

        Thought he was walking tall and carried a big stick

        Instead he butted heads with one too many guys named mick

        Now everyone knows Darcy want too slick

        Just a little bit weird and deep down he’s sick

        You must either be him or his fat little accomplice either way we still all call both of you DICK

  14. Yonkers PBA Go Fund me: Johnny Mueller

    Come Yonkers PBA members, this is kEIth oLson and we now need to come up with more than the $48, 000 yearly lobbying money. We need to make Spanish Johnny Boy the Commissioner so Olson and others can continue to search without warrants and committ more perjury. Who knows maybe Olson can bring back Neil Vera and make him the official petition writer. No let’s get that money up, so I can get it to another lobbyist. Remember Mueller for PC and I guarantee you members can violate everyone’s civil rights and never be punished.

    1. Coolhandluke

      Yah boss Olson. We need to give Nicky the felon 48k a year and the CLS 24k a year cause he can’t find no job anyways. Who would hire that guy? The members want to know what we got for that cash KO ? We gots us a real good contract. Bosses too. Gave up all our 207 rights. Now that’s a contract ! And all the boys gots their gigs. All Union got in traffic. Your sister gots a good job. Gots the chia a major case gig. CLS prez gets his DD gig. Lazy eye gets IAB. What we get ? We gonna get cooky chief for PC. Is it too late to join FD ? Now that’s a union. They spanked mayor and had him say thank you. Smart fiofitas

  15. med examiner report complete

    Ha, ha, ha, they gave Frankie pieces the Keith Olson plant a heroes burial. What should we do for civilians that drive DWI and nearly kill others?
    Wondering if they told the Insurance company that paid out if he was 3x the limit?

    1. Frankie Two Pieces got a heroes funeral?

      Yonkers should have kept Frankie Two Pieces in his car and just brought him and his car to the junk yard.

      1. Ghosting

        KO should I motion now or try to assault another member. I know I will grope another female in the Tyrone house. Thanks for going to Greenburgh a whipping ass KO. You are real tough with 6 others.

  16. Frankie Two Times

    If the Westchester District Attorney knows that Frankie Two Times was drunk and Yonkers may have committed fraud in the way they handled his retirement filing and insurance claims then why no arrests?

    Did Frankie Two Times get an enhanced pension by fraudulent means?

    Did Yonkers sue Frankie Two Times for the injuries to YFD Firefighters and damage to YFD apparatus.

    Rest in pieces Frankie Two Times. You rat.

    1. Jose Taxpayer

      This is not going away and Frankie “goodtimes” widow will not be living the next 40 years off the NYS Police and Fire pension system…This guy was drunk and reckless….and now this is not a cop…

      1. Jose Can You See?

        I hope your right about Frankie Two Times not getting any kind of enhanced pension. Probably should have only gotten 3X his salary as a death benefit. Any more than that was probably fraud.

        Yonkers needs to be investigated to see if they submitted or attempted to submit fraudulent retirement papers for Frankie Two Times.

        Since the Westchester District Attorney appears to be involved in this coverup maybe Preet Bharara needs to get involved.

        Rest in Pieces Frankie Two Times. You rat.

      2. Take two

        Can’t believe the fat man is feeding channel 12 is propaganda. Olson was out cheeseburgin in the sun and it was a very light turn out not hundreds. Heard that sound bite before, ” hundreds and hundreds of awards for Vera”.

  17. Frankie Two Times

    Six months and Yonkers still not releasing the report of Frankie Two Times accident. Was Frankie Two Times drunk? on duty? recalled to duty? Until they do rest in pieces Frankie Two Times. You rat.

    1. Westchester District Attorney's Office Knows:

      They know that Keith Olson try to kick the can down the road and make no mistake about it would have pointed the finger at the Yonkers Firefighters. The Yonkers PBA President and that pathetic Chef John Mueller who could not even accept a transfer order is taking anyone to lunch who will make him the 14b PC. Now can you or anyone get a fair investigation?

    2. Office of the Yonkers PBA

      Starting on Monday, Keith Olson will be looking for new plants. All you have to do is just committ perjury. Frankie ” pieces” Vera ” shorty” and Joey” sweets” can’t lie for Olson anymore. No worries Pataky ” plant” is still around.

  18. How the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson Operates

    Teen struck in the back, officer struck from behind like Olson. Vera lies to get into someone’s home leaving one civilian dead. No wonder they carry petitions to rid the truth.

  19. Neil Vera former Yonkers PBA Trustee

    Really KO, your not helping me talking about a guy from Mt. Vernon Fire Department. You know Quinn has to defend me in this City. You’ll soon see. Do you still have the DVD of the fight at the PBA meeting? I am on there, can you send Johnny DVD to edit me out like he usually takes care of things for the PBA?
    Bonita wants to know what you guys were looking for when they broke into the narcotics office. Lol

    1. Stay out of Mt Vernon

      You got your own bag of shit MT. LIAR . Where the fk is Wayne’s money? Wasn’t it you and Quinn that said your going to fry supervisors over the Vera case a street thug that should have been fired the first time for lying? Isn’t Quinn defending him now? Who is paying for it? Wasn’t you and Donaghy they got the DVD about union members at your meeting? Your a plain old lying union President rat. How about you tell Mt. Vernon Firefighters who the real thug is. An statement of opinion vs. police misconduct.

  20. anyone but you

    I was watching the news when I suddenly saw the Yonkers PBA President / lying rat making remarks about a person from Mt . Vernon?
    Really Keith, you single handedly investigated more police personnel, assaulted and threaten them as well as civilians amongst other police misconduct, and you have the berries to comment about a issue or person from Mt. Vernon Fire Department? You did a lot of grimy shit as well as your small following. Your a lot more detrimental to others than some other jurisdiction problems.
    Shit, for a second I thought I was watching a wild life show about large rodents. You really are a dirt bag hypocrite.

    1. loser

      Is Yonkers any different with the Olsonette’s ? At least the guy is not in the Yonkers PBA mode of ” deny and lie” when your caught. Loser


    On another note …I would like to see every police job in Westchester come together and publicly call for the resignation of the FDMV Lieutenant who wants to see more police dead…You Cops know if you were on social media calling him or someone else a NIGGER, you would be fired in a second…

    1. off script

      What happens in Mt. Vermon, stays there. Your right about calling for him to step down, but only if he takes that fat fkin rat Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson with him. Olson’s did a lot more that.

    2. unbelievable

      Fk off fat man, at least they were verbal remarks than 7 cops stumping on one civilian susoect, or threatening to fight a civilian and giving him parking tickets because he is friends of law enforcement, or searching without warrants. Your union trustee caused the death of a person and you defended his admitted illegal actions.
      Here is a quarter bud, stop at the first bathroom and take a shower.

  22. Fed Day at the Yonkers PBA Office

    Starring I don’t need warrants first string; Northend trash perjury team Keith Olson, Brian Moran, Johnny Donaghy and yes I am not going to attend another Hispanic event because they know what I am up too Johnny lying Mueller.
    Mueller is the same guy who had a beer festival in his precinct and refused a transfer. A real first rate perjury squad. Hey fat boy is that what you mean by unity or the best of the best? When can we go to Greenburgh a beat up one person or search without warrants?

    1. Forest Gump

      Has anyone seen the Yonkers PBA President? He was missing from the cheeseburger stand at the picnic. So civilians were also looking forward for the forest tour.

  23. Stay retired loser Joey Jizz

    Your no Floridian, your a retired Keith Olson fat sucker who sits in some other State worrying about nonsense. Hope all you Olson rats end up in Front of the Investigative Bureau. Lord knows you dirty boys need it.
    Joe Mahoney you don’t have to wait for Federal Court, a retired member already smacked you around for shooting a defenseless dog and laughing about it you demented 2 dollar bill. Feels good to shoot a dog and shit in dirty urinals you less than a man loser. Imagine that Joey arms, you sucked Olson fat disgusting jizz for 5 years of straight traffic overtime. $237,000 OF STRAIGHT JIZZ. Make sure you jump Monte like you tried with Pilot and got smacked around again.

    1. Eddie Lee Palm Trees

      You fked everything up. Come on down to Florida Keith and I will start you on a low cheese diet. Bring Neil Vera if you and Quinn want. Tell him to leave his cousin home. Leave Brian Moran home too, I don’t want him searching my neighbors home without applying for a warrant.

  24. Retired in Florida

    I see the name Ralph, for IAD, is it Carozza ?? That little midget, Geez never a cop, a total rat ,rodent, a total 14b.
    Will be perfect for rat squad. Also Mahoney said he is getting better and will be in Federal court if needed. Think about it Hellthaler that cop hating commie and now Ralphie boy..In IAD Glad I retired.

    1. ByebyeEH

      Ralphie boy! What a joke. That guy couldn’t find a whore in a whorehouse! Unless of course she was a crazy dispatcher !

        1. Clamber

          Hey Mo! Hey Mo ! Lol. Ignorant uneducated dope. The SpanClan should be embarrassed that they call you one of them. But then again, they are just like you. Hey mo! Hey mo ! Duhhhh.

          1. Honor roll

            Keith is the smartest rat that’s ever crawled out of a sewer. Just look at the last contract he negotiated. Other than his butter teeth he has a very commanding presence on the boob tube. Super wide lens almost worked. lolololol

    2. false faces

      Yeah a that lying Chef Johnny Mueller can ? He studied on duty while others handled the radio runs. As for his push Keith Olson, he is good at 7 on one and good at perjury. The New face of the Yonkers PBA. Wow now make sure you make that 14b Mueller Commissioner and Olson will give more money to the lobbying firms.

      1. late tour

        Keith you must have done something. I heard you and your boys broke the golden rule and went after your own members. We need a new face now.

      2. Yonkers isn't Safe by Keith Olson

        Johnny Donaghy,
        Hey John can you go over to the Dunwoodie property and collect all their DVD and take it home. I told them I was sending you there. Leave them your card. Don’t say a word about this investigation.

        Unity, Yonkers PBA President
        Keith Olson

    3. Balony tits KOok

      You ain’t retired in Florida you loser. You’re retarded in Yonkers. Now go shove your keyboard up your mothers dirty box.

    4. Wanna b's

      I’m glad you retired too you trash pail. There’s only one midget on the Y.P.D. and one hint, his nickname is “the wife thief”, aka kiss fan lt., aka the bottom feeding basement dweller. Lucky his ex rat brother in law sold out the PBA or he’d be panhandling in Getty square. Anybody see Johnny “DVR” Donaghy? Wanna see if he could tamper, I mean recover some video for me. Pete just finished a huge mob sweep, the PBA will be the cheese atop the trap.

  25. false personation by the Yonkers PBA

    Talk about the Feds? Keith can you make up a couple of more false police identities again or can you falsely report breaking your hand or falling in the stairwell while you were suckling on steak fries? By the way you did a good job of ripping the stair rail off the wall you lying trash pail.

  26. On the fat man's sagging tit:

    Does the Yonkers PBA President know why the CLSA booted Quinn and why he is still representing Neil Vera a former union trustee who tells the truth like Keith Olson? Does the other unions in the County know he got the boot from one of the largest unions in the County?

    1. drunken Viviano

      Please tell that drunken Sgt. Viviano to give that placard back that he threaten a civilian over. If he does we will leave him a six pack in the Yonkers PBA Office next to Wayne’s money or was that Hoffer money?

      1. Butt pirate

        Yea, we’ll buy him a new eye. We’ll even bump it up to a case of brewskis. Then top it off with a limo ride home to the Bowery, fucking bum.

  27. get in line KO, Frankie pieces won't be motioning for your fat smelly ass no more

    KO you will be two short in Federal Court. Hope you bring out your best threatening Yonkers PBA members. Ray will be really scared and may forget to say who broke into the narcotics office and who has the Dunwoodie fight club tape. Johnny DVD told IAD you made him do it. Please don’t bring those cops you took to Greenburgh. What was it 7 on one. Real tough Yonkers PBA boy’s.

    1. Union strong ha ah

      The Yonkers PBA stands by their union strong values:
      unauthorized investigations
      Tampering with police evidence, Locust Hill Johnny
      Threatening civilians and Police Officers
      Phony traffic stops by William Pataky and others
      Targeting civilians with summons
      Falsifying official reports
      Targeting members for speaking out
      Attacking members
      Keeping fundraiser money…Wayne
      Filing false reports
      Committing perjury to cover their acts of misconduct
      Stealing personnel files
      Creating false police identities
      Assaulting civilians and police personnel
      Breaking into Police offices and file cabinets
      Searching places, vehicles, and homes without search warrants
      Throwing people out of the union for speaking out against them
      These are the best of the best

      1. mothers with beards

        The Olsonette’s are good cheaters and liars. We stand by our dirty cops. I said we stand so they can’t plant stuff on us mama’s.

  28. rogue club

    Hispanic and the Afro American Officers do not trust the Yonkers PBA or J. Mueller. So don’t put up that false front.

    1. butch olson

      Maaaaaa, I called them racists and I called out Ray’ name again,just like I called the other Captain’s and bosses name too. Maaaaaa, should I keep calling them blue Truthers too or just racist mama. Maaaaaaa, can I sleep in your bed mama I don’t know who else to blame. This is different than me sneaking up and punching another member or going to Greenburgh with Brian Moran to beat up one guy mama.

  29. Bonita and Castro

    Show time Yonkers PBA,; it will all come out in the wash today. To think that Neil Vera did it just once right Keith? Ha, ha, ha. Now make sure you CLSA members get a photo op with Olson and Quinn and take a walk into the woods.

  30. Office of the Yonkers PBA

    You all come on down to the most corrupt office in the City and see the Yonkers PBA rats sitting in the office. Moran will be searching for Itzla’s file, Mueller will be lying to Internal Affairs and trying to sink the current bosses, and Johnny DVD Donaghy will be waiting to get on the stand for tampering with evidence. Now make sure you DD bosses go sit in that office that reeks with corruption. Hey Quinn will blame you anyway.

  31. Northend trash

    About time the CLSA booted that bullshit artist Quinn out. He was Olson’s wingman. On that bullshit contract that fked the membership. Please Mayor Mike give me anything to keep my seat. Lol

  32. to bad love it

    Where do you stand with the fkin crooked Yonkers PBA President? We agree it is a sad state when there is union police misconduct.

  33. Loveit

    The state of the YPD and city is pathetic. A level of corruption in city haul never seen before (makes amiclown look like a saint). Think about this for a minute : the olsonettes absolutely hate the spanclan leeches mingy, RM , 3rd XO , Phelan , etc. but still kiss spanclan ass anyway, knowing they can’t be touched. They give up their honor pride and integrity not to mention cops benefits to advance one man. North end trash and park hill trash. Lmfao

    1. Sionara morons

      Mr. “Loveit” get your story straight. He ain’t the 3rd. Pct. XO anymore. I hope you’re not on the job. He’s the Det. Lt. of IAD tool box. Don’t get caught doing anything shady cause we know who you are. And you did get one thing right in your post: North End TRASH. The Park Hill posse is in control now so get in line and kiss the ring. KO sucks the big penis and knows his place. He has sold his soul and the souls of the PBA to get what he wants but in the end he will get slapped back to reality. He’s a 28 year rookie in the political arena. Can’t wait until that nut case Mueller becomes commissioner and then shortly thereafter must resign for all his illegal actions. Thanks Edward, you turned our Union over to the North End TRASH-PAIL

      1. well said

        Well said Sionara, these guys have been outed for all the dirty shit they did. No doubt they are Northend trash. Any Union President that attacks another member his a thug. If they make that 14b John ” I can’t be transferred ” Mueller then there will no doubt be a Federal take over of the Yonkers Police Department and rightfully so. Only one thing for the City of Yonkers to do and that is boot that smelly lard ass out with his push Jonny Chef.

      2. Loveit

        ^^^^oh sorry Ralph, forgot about you getting IA – just wipe the Spano jizz off your mouth before you go. Oh, and BTW tell Miss that Ossining, New Rochelle and County send their regards ; ) LMAO

      3. Loveit

        ^^ “don’t get caught doing anything shady cause we know who you are” … preceded by “I hope your not on the job” …..uh, if you knew who we were wouldn’t you already know if we were on the job ? LMAO ! Dummies. Go get your shinebox.

  34. Fraudulent retirement papers for Frankie the Rat?

    Is Yonkers covering up or assisting in potential fraud involving Frankie the Rats retirement papers? Word is the Rat wasn’t working or recalled to duty so what did the retirement papers say? Was the Rat drunk? Where are blood results? Did Yonkers file a claim with the Rats insurance company for injuries to YFD personnel and for damage to YFD apparatus?

  35. protected by perjury KO ?

    Very surprising that Olson would even use the term protected. You been protected from the City for a long time pal. Keith Olson and guys like Vera have been protected and continue to be protected by union money. Union money is sweet for guys like you. The powers to be should have stepped on you and your boys a long time ago. Go watch your friend Vera.

    1. butc9h Olson

      Maaaaaa, I am calling them names again and no one is helping me maaaaaa. Please don’t let me put another hole in my doors maaaaa.

    2. rogue club

      Rats= Keith Olson, Brian Moran, Chef Mueller, John Donaghy and of course the wife stealer Little Wayne pass me a blunt dude.

  36. It all comes out in the wash

    152 comments to date. Probably 150 of them from that 14B Montero. Lucky for him he’s protected by Chucky and Timmy. Why? Don’t those two have enough on their plate?

        1. Office of the Yonkers PBA

          This week at the Yonkers PBA office we will be giving out free lunch specials. Behind the lying counter will be Jonny DVD. The Yonkers PBA special will be the triple ” pull pork” sandwich. It is a comb of special pork of Olson, Moran and aged top shelve pork Mueller. It comes with perjury pepper and a taste of evidence tangerine, with a splash of Vera and Olson cream.
          Enjoy the pull pork. Bring your taste tester and yes use the stolen placard that the drunken taco Viviano took from a civilian. Cheers Johnny beer Mueller.

        2. Birdbrains

          Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the biggest Ratpacker weasel of them all? Why of course it’s John “dunsky” Donaghy. You will eventually get locked up for all the fictitious ID’s you’ve created over the years. Tell your girlfriend choke chain Moran to stop using the company computer to post comments on the Yonkers Tribune. I’m hearing he’s the most obsessed with Hezi’s site.

    1. shades of threats?

      Protected from who? Does he or others need protection from the Yonkers PBA Union? Well at least your starting to admit it. Lol

  37. no justice, no peace

    The Yonkers PBA Union has been behind a series of sponsored police misconduct that created the Vera’s and others. Perjury is just part of the course. The City of Yonkers is worried about the comments of a woman who put over 30 years to the education of children, and turn a blind eye to police misconduct committed by the Yonkers PBA.
    Good luck with Vera , your going to need a lot of money. A civilian is dead because of the culture of the Yonkers PBA.
    Quinn your going to need a bigger boat when the Feds come aboard. The CLSA was smart to unload you. Now they are saving 15 dollars per member.

  38. Short arm of the law

    I was on my Pokemon hunt Friday which led me to Cook field. I finally found me that slippery KODINI. He’s the Pokemon leader that can make a 12 person picnic look like a Justin Bieber concert.

    1. rat attack

      A test of character when a Union President attacks another person behind. That is who Keith Olson is folks. Truly a dirty cop.

    2. Snake oil

      About time the CLSA dumped the Quinn Firm. The Yonkers PBA gives the guy 20 dollars a person per check at 485 Yonkers Cops. No charge for Johnny I want to be Commissioner or for the fat man. That’s 20 dollars times 485 twice a month. Do the math baby.
      Big Fitz is washed up and Quinn is a getting like KO. He will say and do anything for the defense cash. Just look at Vera.

  39. kIEth oLson

    The scene was just pathetic at the Yonkers PBA picnic. The parking lot was half full and there was more civilians than members. It’s a reflection of a shit contract, and the fact the Yonkers Firefighters did way better without giving up there 207a.
    Olson wasn’t around to ask civilians to take a walk into the woods to fist fight. He was trying on flip flops.

  40. Federal monitor

    Think we can find those petitions that Keith Olson started against his own members or the Yonkers Tribune?
    What about that DVD equipment from the Westchester County Dunwoodie Golf course?
    What about who broke into the Narcotics Office?

    1. misconduct goes a long way

      Sounds like the big union rat hid behind the members money and behind the politicians that looked the other way as he and others committed police misconduct. Vera is an example of a police union that gone wild, and got so much union support until he admitted to perjury.

      1. sandbag union men

        Sounds like the City allowed the Yonkers PBA President to sandbag others including civilians.
        Pataky and Vera are the unions best sandbag trustee. Well now only one is left.

    2. Bonita Z. nips at perjury

      Make sure you find out who broke into the narcotics office. Call on Monday and start with the fat guy who sits in the PBA office. Ask him if he still has Itzla’s workup.
      For the record you will be on audio and video.

  41. little Wayne major case

    Yo dude you might find them under Wayne’s or Jimmy’s money, or under the stolen personnel files of other members, or under a CLSA file that was put together by that other wife stealer and who needs a search warrant I have immunity by the Yonkers PBA Choke Chain Brian Moran. Dudes, although the rarest are Pataky I slap around young teenagers for nothing and then flake them with charges and Johnny Donaghy, Keith Olson made me remove evidence from County Property which IAD found at my house, but it was not an unauthorized investigation.
    Dudes, now Olson’s best union trustee and best perjury man Neil Vera will be rarely seen. Dudes let’s go find some dirty Yonkers PBA members.

    1. say what

      Vera says he was just following the normal protocol of the Yonkers PBA. Claims it was just common practice of the way the Yonkers PBA ran the City.

      1. Office of the Yonkers PBA

        All you new members come on out to the Yonkers PBA President’s picnic. Since you lost your 207c benefits we will make sure you get a nice juicy steak which by the way you saps pay for anyway. We won’t talk about the twenty dollars each of you saps pay the Quinn Law Firm everytime you get your measly checks.
        So come on down and suck a cheeseburger or two with one of the biggest largest gray river rat union leader this crooked city has ever encounter.
        Now mine your dog’s and beans or the dirtiest union leader in New York will either set you up with a parking summons or invite you to fist fight in the woods. Now watch out for Johnny fingers because Olson usually sends him out to tamper with evidence or splice out sections of DVD that don’t look good for the thugs of the Yonkers PBA. Make sure you bring your swim suits for the famous Yonkers PBA ” search and lie slide” . According to Keith Olson’s own words that is the best of what Yonkers has to offer.
        Photo ops with former Yonkers PBA Trustee Neil Vera my cousin bought the drugs when he went to Ohio. Come on down we promise not to plant drugs or steal files or search you and come up with a traffic ticket.

  42. Bluetruthemon Go!

    Has anyone found the rare Montezard yet. I’ve checked under every rock but can’t find it! I hear it usually has a Mingychu attached to it’s ass. If anyone finds one, let me know. It rarely surfaces. You’re not gonna find that big gangly Itzlakazam, it’s been caught. In the end, they’ll all get caught.

    Gotta catch ’em all.

    1. Office of the Yonkers PBA daily routine

      Yeah you won’t find them at the Yonkers Brewery or the Tyrone house groping young women or bringing 7 police officers to Greenburgh, or taking another cop’s wife to Greenburgh or investigating other union members or tampering with evidence on and off the street or lying to Internal Affairs or asking business owners for videos of patrons, or holding Wayne’s money, or giving McCabe his half stolen money five months after the event,or giving civilians parking tickets, or threatening to fight civilians, or threatening to lock them up for their placard, or intentionally causing the deaths of civilians and then committing perjury.
      Find these creeps and you will find the way of life for the Yonkers PBA President and others.
      Hurry now they are NOT RARE.

  43. Neil Vera former Yonkers PBA Trustee

    Going to be interesting this week. Keith Olson’s ” best of what Yonkers has to offer ” will be singing his perjury song. Wondering if his good fat union President will show him support like the handful of losers that showed up for Olson in Federal Court? Probably not the two rats no longer eat off the same chunk of PBA cheese.

    1. life in the Yonkers PBA

      A Yonkers PBA Union bag of lies leaves a Yonkers citizen dead. Which award will Yonkers give him? Hundreds and Hundreds of coins.

  44. Yonkers isn't Safe by Keith Olson

    Come on down to the Yonkers PBA Office tomorrow and get a hard copy of Yonkers isn’t Safe by the Yonkers overweight Union President. He will be signing it personally and you may even get a glimpse of those two great petitions he has stuffed in his stinking sweater vest. Holding the ink will be the famous Greenburgh midnight rider choke chain Moran and you may even get a photo op with the famous precinct beer man. Johnny I am the PC Mueller.
    This is not a class on how to search without warrants, please. Limited room only because of the large one.

  45. Retired January 2010

    Cant figure out Mahoneys pension.. If its a sixty hour cap, how did he make roughly 240000?
    It doesnt add up. Obviously he went over the cap , alot. Not his fault , if they let him why not work. Blame Perotta, Mullins, and the chiefs for allowing it.. I retired when that joker EH was PC.
    I could not go over cap.No complaints I capped out every check, but did not make what Joe made.
    Im 20,000 short. But what I hear he will never enjoy his money , due to his accident.. Any updates on him??

    1. karma

      Your 20,000 short because Joe gimp was a Yonkers PBA Union trustee that swallowed the rat lava out of Keith Olson’s fat ass. He did absolutely nothing but sell Olson’s lies. He assaulted jumped another member and did what a trustee usually does and lied about it.
      So karma got him while he was DWI on an ATV. Now he has short arms so he can never really enjoy himself. Now his mama has to feed him again. He won’t be in Federal Court anymore when he is retired. Karma is a mother Joey boy. Can’t get out bed ?

  46. the summer dirt

    Just in case you are catching up, and didn’t know but Chef Johnny Pumps and Keith the lying union rat take strolls to City Hall to rat on bosses and to try to stop promotions for other union bosses they do not like. Wondering if the two rats hold hands while they are walking together. Lol

    1. little Wayne major case

      Does that mean I can hit on other Detectives wives now that I am in Major Case. My word is my bond, now let me meet your wives.

  47. Are Frankie the Rats retirement papers and insurance claim fraudulent?

    If Frankie the Rat was drunk when he killed himself and not on duty or recalled to duty then the paperwork submitted on his behalf to the retirement system and insurance companies may be fraudulent.

    Is the District Attorney assisting in possible fraudulent claims either directly or by turning a blind eye?

    1. Yonkers PBA scum

      Took five months for Keith Olson to Jimmy his partial cash raised. Remember Keith Olson decided to record the DPW stealing Jimmy’s money out of Olson’s desk.
      KO were you holding Jimmy’s money for a 5 month CD? We know Wayne never asked again.

  48. DOJ

    There is no doubt that the Yonkers PBA President and others did and said exactly what has been reported. The Dario Tenor case which is in motion is another example of how the Yonkers PBA bave been operating under Olson. Vera who was a union trustee with the help of the Yonkers PBA had unsuccessfully lied to cover up the death of Mr. Tenor. If he had not died, Vera would still be at it sitting at the Yonkers PBA President’s table laughing. Sad but no doubt true. Olson must go.

  49. Are Frankie the Rats retirement papers and insurance claim fraudulent?

    If Frankie the Rat was drunk when he killed himself and not on duty or recalled to duty then the paperwork submitted on his behalf to the retirement system and insurance companies may be fraudulent.

    Is the District Attorney assisting in possible fraudulent claims either directly or by turning a blind eye?

    1. Tony Castro

      Keith Olson not Insurance Fraud too. Not telling the company of what really happened is fraud. Bad enough you dragged a guy from Greenburgh to a Yonkers Hospital. No wonder your good friends with your former union trustee Neil Vera.

    2. Frankie the plant

      Now when I give you the nod make sure you stand and motion to throw another member out of the union. Then go hide in the Tyrone House bathroom.

      1. Office of the Yonkers PBA

        Just a reminder that we will need two more volunteers for Federal Court to hold the fat union leaders hand. Please no verbal threats, it is Federal Court with the Vera thing going. Lol

  50. a police story by Keith Olson

    This year bragging rights goes to Keith Olson the Yonkers PBA President who openly bragged about dispensing Justice. Did not know he was a Judge too. We know he steals files and searches without warrants on supervisors.
    Most corrupt Yonkers PBA President ever know to the City of Yonkers. At least Patty girl never set up civilians and her own members.

    1. Olson the woodsman

      Don’t forget to get your union dues steaks at the crooked Yonkers PBA picnic. There will be lots of lies told and lots of tips on how to search without warrants. If you stay late you will get to see Keith the Woodsman ask a civilian to go into the woods to fight. Now make sure you go with a witness or Olson will lie to Internal Affairs. Good luck and never turn your back on a rat union leader. Just ask Santobello. The

  51. the Yonkers PBA fix

    Just remember, when your dealing with the Yonkers PBA, the fix is in and there back up plan is always deny when you get caught. That’s the Yonkers PBA President’s Keith Olson motto with the help of choke chain Brian Moran and Chef Johnny boy Mueller who to this day claims that he did not have a beer fest in his precinct. That’s the fabric of the three way connection. The wife stealer Anthony Chiarella is certainly a dwarf without morales. Thanks to his constant swallowing and promises that he will fix anything that comes up. The citizens of this city can feel at easy that their wives are safe, but can an accused be treated fairly? We all know that answer to that question , just ask the former Yonkers PBA Union trustee Neil Vera.

  52. Castro and Bonita

    Does anyone thing that this was Vera’s first lie to another police officer or about some poor civilian he flaked with made up charges? If you believe that then Keith Olson never sent John Donaghy to the Westchester Dunwoodie Gold Course and removed evidence against other members. Lol

    1. according to the Keith Olson's good book

      These people are all liars according to the Yonkers PBA book of perjury:
      The PC and several Captain’s, Sergeants, Police officers, Detectives, and male and female civilians are just not believable. Even Tony Castro that knew Olson lied on the stand. That is the good word spread by the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson and his dirty crew.
      And Wayne’s money is with Jimmy Hoffa.

  53. poor marketing

    You Firefighters should have went it alone for your lawn signs. Nobody wants to associated with that dirty Union President Keith Olson the guy who secretly conducts unauthorized investigations and sneaks up on you. Now keep it quite or you will get a parking summons from him personally.

  54. Bonita Z. and Tony Castro

    Hope she doesn’t find out who broke into the narcotics office this week. Yonkers former PBA Union tustee will be in the chair. Yes, he became a queen and told on supervisors, while he was carrying a petition to expel another cop from the Yonkers PBA. All backed by that Greenburgh stomping fat pig rat Keith Olson, the guy that started the Yonkers isn’t Safe blog. Boy was he right , just ask Rui Florim.

  55. Rest in Pieces Frankie the Rat

    As long as Yonkers and the d.a coverup the details of Frankie the Rats crash he can not rest in peace.

    1. LGBT for Joe

      The way I heard it he was wearing six inch pumps which ain’t great for for doing wheelies on a four wheeler. Then he flipped over and impaled his anus on a twelve inch dildo as his short plaid school skirt flew up. They say after several more surgeries the dildo will finally be removed but Joe is still steaming mad about his broken high heels.

    2. Yonkers PBA Saps

      Another Olsonette as kisser. The broken fool worked 5 years of traffic overtime and yes had the rainbow draws to show up retired to hold hands with that Louieeee the Liar from the DD. Now the DD Capt has to worry about Moran and that wife stealer the dwarf about his back. Good luck
      At least now Olson don’t have to stand as the dwarf looks for his small small very tiny ball berries..

    3. living at home with mom for over 45 years

      Mahoney another drunk cop crashing into a traffic three. Another union trustee who made $ 237, ooo in his fifth year of traffic overtime. That what you get when you become a bobble head for the lying file stealing fat Keith Olson.
      Olson hasn’t address any of these allegations because it’s ALL true. He is no doubt the dirtiest union leader in the City.

  56. Is that a hint of a threat Olson?

    kEIth oLson the Yonkers PBA President, do we smell a hint of a threat? Well say the name and why who is hated and why ? No Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson you hate the people YOU labeled “Blue Truthers”. The people YOU threaten, lied and even punched. Then again what can we expect from dirty Yonkers PBA President who praises dirty rogue cops like Pataky and Vera. Now since you like to threaten and punch other cops and civilians, do yourself a favor a skip some rope and then go find these people your dirty Yonkers PBA Union labeled. No doubt you will get a helping hand across that perjury aisle. Now run along Keith, don’t you have some evidence to steal or some Captain to investigate or some office to break into or some complaining to the Spano’s about whistle blowers. Lol your a fat funny rat

    1. Yonkers PBA Union President needs volunteers:

      No it not for the free search warrants classes or how to testa lie. Yes it for going to Federal Court and trying to intimidate the Federal Judge. Since the last pathetic showing, the Yonkers PBA will be running two short. Now make sure you look out for those Yonkers crime emails that the fat man sends out. Really 99 percent of the job didn’t show and for good reasons.
      Even Vera never showed. Now remember your all on camera and JD was there to erase frames of the DVD. He even does work from home.

  57. Chill pill

    You are right so If yonkers released Frankie the Rat dWI levels and explain why they gave him on duty benefits when he was off duty and explain why they didn’t file a claim with the rats insurance the questions would stop. Karma is a bitch for fraudsters to.

    1. now who cares

      Dario Tenor case caused by one Yonkers PBA former trustee a member in good standing when he went to jail for perjury.

  58. perjury by the Yonkers PBA

    Neil Vera screwed this job and his partners. Then he became a queen and blamed supervision. Vera a former union trustee was brought back to the job by Keith Olson himself and carried a Yonkers PBA petition against a another cop whole was set up and the only person to ever be thrown out of the Yonkers PBA by any PBA President. Not only that the guy they threw out sat on the Welfare Board years and received one of the highest awards any on duty cop could receive.
    Now who would believe anything that the Yonkers PBA President says. It is all perjury. Now raise your right hand Keith Olson. Nice try trying to blame other for Dario Tenor’s death. How many note lies to come ?

    1. cRAzY old fool

      You got kicked out of the Union, are the most despised person in the YPD and you only keep making it worse.

    2. no show up ah?

      Guess you couldn’t put the DWI plant on the payroll or recall huh Yonkers PBA Fool? Thank god the P.C. showed up or you would have.

  59. Olson the woodsman

    Make sure you go to that dirty Yonkers PBA picnic. This year’s feature will be Keith Olson asking others to take a walk into the woods if they want to fight. He will be wearing his tutu with white tights and a tee shirt that says ” help the Yonkers PBA find Wayne’s 4o,ooo”
    John DVD will be wearing a tee shirt that says” I tamper with evidence ”
    Brian Moran will be wearing a tee shirt that says” I search without search warrants”
    Now come out for some nice misconduct games all sponsored by the Yonkers PBA President.

  60. no justice, no peace

    No forgiveness to a union rat president who lied and set up others in no other than pure police misconduct and then hid like a rat behind the Spano’s wearing his union disguise. No pal Olson and others went after good dam people. He clearly is why citizens don’t trust the police. As for Frankie, he was a sucker who sucked Olson’s small berries because Olson beat a man for him and other cops that got their asses kicked for grabbing a woman’s ass. Then they set him up with charges like they did to there own members.

    1. hmm

      When Keith Olson steps down then maybe it will go away. According to the article’s Olson , Moran, and Mueller will be judged by a Federal Court. Last we heard there were still laws on the books along with FREE Speech.
      Maybe if they start writing you parking tickets, and pulling you over and then twist some facts you may think different. So go play that Karma double talk at that dirty corrupt Yonkers PBA Office. Maybe the fat scumbag will write a petition against you, you holy roller .?

  61. nope

    wow. in all seriousness, i think that some on this site should start reading the gospel (we all should, really). if you have a grudge against someone (dead or alive) it may be a good idea to try to forgive. we will all meet our maker sooner or later and will be looking for as much forgiveness as possible…….no?
    some of the anger on here is flat out demonic……

  62. Curious

    Hezi, why have you still not looked deep into a certain ff that died a few months back. You may be very surprised at what you find.

    1. Dan Marino

      What is it you’re trying to say. If you have some earth shattering news then just say it. If not then let Anthony and Frank rest in peace. Neither were angels but they were good people and good at their jobs. So either make your point or move on.

    2. Take a chill pill and call me in the am

      Guys please let the dearly departed rest. If you truly are curious as to the circumstances of the passing of a civil servant then you can ask others in person rather than bringing it into this forum. Also post your real names when asking questions as serious as these and making strong innuendo. People always post about karma on this site so just remember two wrongs don’t make a right and karma cuts both ways. Everyone be safe, it’s a crazy ass world we are living in and life is way to short to hate so long.

  63. Did Frankie the Rat commit suicide?

    Frankie the Rat crashed head on into a very large fire apparatus on the wrong side of the road on a road that was well known to him. Was it suicide? Was he being investigated or ratting?

  64. is Yonkers covering up crimes by Frankie the Rat?

    was Frankie the Rat drunk on Feb 14th? Was he hangin wit his goodman? It was Valentine’s Day

    1. DOJ take down

      The biggest rat thug is none other that the leader of the Yonkers PBA. We know you and that other lying fool Chef John Mueller report in to City Hall on other cops. What to stop a transfer, or to big for mercy because you punched another member, or to make sure another member is punished, or to get insurance money for another drunk cop who crashed into a City truck on Valentine’s Day?
      Maybe it’s to bring ex-union trustee Neil Vera back so he can get another cop fired.
      Maybe you can rat on who broke into the narcotics office before it goes to trial. Wow, and Mueller wants to be head Chef? Then more cops like Vera can operate in the shadow’s like Olson.

      1. Was Frankie the Rat drunk and with a goomah on Valentine's Day?

        Yonkers and the da are covering up for Frankie the Rat. Why?

          1. Is Yonkers committing fraud for Frankie the Rat?

            Did Yonkers commit fraud by falsely saying Frankie the Rat was on duty or recalled to duty in order to fraudulently get him a bigger pension and more insurance payouts?

  65. dirt convention

    To all Yonkers PBA members that support a union leader that left the City to beat down one man in front of his girl and threatens civilians with beatings and tickets, just should up at that empty PBA office and get yours. Also please sign the petitions against free speech that Keith Olson has been carrying between his fat ass next to the file he composed against another member.
    Please don’t ask about how to search without warrants. These are tough times for honest non ass licking police officers. Don’t forget to say hello to the Minnesota rat union President. He the guy that reeks of police misconduct.

  66. Frankie the rat. is DA and Yonkers assisting a criminal?

    It has been five months since Frankie the rat met his fate. Why no reports or blood tests? Coverup?

    1. gone and forgotton

      Frankie was a union whipping boy that got nothing for grabbing a girl’s ass at the Tyrone House. He is the guy that moved to impeach another member after KO whispered nighty night in his ear. Then the DWI Detective showed up in Federal Court attempting to intimidate a plaintiff. Lol losers

  67. Federal Judges make right decision

    Hold those drunken cops responsible who assault and threaten others and hide behind their union status.

    1. Yonkers PBA cold hard facts:

      Get rid of union rats like Keith Olson and Pataky and the community can begin to trust the real hard working cops. Not cops who set up others and then commit perjury.

      1. Failure and a flop

        Haven’t seen one stupid Yonkers PBA support sign yet. No thanks to the crooked Yonkers PBA President . Barry you should know better than to make a deal with a lying rat that sold his membership out and threatens and tickets people he don’t like. Remember Olson’s words, “fk the Yonkers Firefighters “.

        1. Justice starts within the Yonkers Police Department First

          Justice will be served when the Yonkers PBA President is investigated police misconduct against civilians and internally.

          1. cRAzY old B

            Where can I get a “BLUE TRUTH” sign for my lawn? Do they have them at 28 Wells?


          2. Crooked Quinn

            Wells is fresh out of “blue truths” signs pimple ass. I hear there are plenty at shady Quinn’s office though. They are sitting right next to the safe holding Wayne’s money and the three quarters of a mil that drunk stole from the hard working cops of Yonkers. When you jokers are spanked in federal court Quinn won’t even be able to get you a job at the Alamo sucking farts out of the movie theatre seats.

  68. Richard

    Asshole firefighter who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Rip am

    Who have you not looked into this Hezi?

  69. Yonkers said Frankie the rat was recalled to duty and he wasn't?

    Sounds like fraud. Wouldn’t be surprised if fraud on Frankie the rat retirement and insurance papers too. Did Yonkers sue Frankie the rat for damages to YFD firefighters and YFD apparatus? Is da waiting until after ins and retirement money is collected to announce Frankie the rat was drunk?

    1. Tyrone blues brothers

      No doubt that Fernandez was a Tyrone House pet and an Olson ball bearing swallowing rat. Wondering if the Welfare Insurance was informed he was D.W.I. Hope the truth was told swamp rats.

      1. talk about police relations

        Isn’t that the place Keith Olson and Johnny ” I what to be Police Commissioner bad, so let me take you to lunch a smile like a deranged fool at you”, Mueller stumble to after Olson assaulted another police officer while he was out injured? Oh, that’s right someone changed the script in the computer and back dated him. Lol

      2. Frankie the rat. is DA and Yonkers assisting a criminal?

        It has been five months since Frankie the rat met his fate. Why no reports of blood tests?

  70. Five months later and still no reports

    Where is the reports on Frankies crash? Five months and still waiting. Still trying to blame YFD?

    1. cops like you have to be removed - Rui

      The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is a pure lying rat. There can never be anything positive for the civilians of this city as long as he allowed to commit official police misconduct. Keith what ever happened to Wayne’s money? What a joke that they are doing an internal audit on the Firefighters. They should check the Yonkers PBA books. Remember you shorted McCabe. You had the money in your draw. Why? For months too.
      Why, because your an over weight sugar crazed union rat .

      1. karma is a mother!

        Try to set up others, right Olson? That has always been your game. Too bad for that plant Frankie F. He was was part of the Yonkers PBA Perjury tag team. Couldn’t blame a Firefighter huh? No cans to kick to there side of the road.

    2. let the games begin

      The verdict has been in . The Firefighters and the District Attorney’s office have known for a few weeks now. Just waiting for Yonkers to get their marching tune right. Everyone knows it certainly was no recalll. That excuse was as bad as when the fat man was out injured at a Christmas party and attacked another cop in front of the Mayor.

    3. Show up less two lying parrots

      You think that other drunken pension padding blood suckered Mahoney will limp into Federal Court again?

  71. KO takes the 5th

    Q: What did you do with the DD Captain’s file?
    A: On the advice of my Attorney, I plead the 5th
    Q: Did you tell Det. Donaghy to investigate another cop under the false pretense that it was official business on Westchester County Property?
    A: On the advice of my Attorney, I plead the 5th
    Q: Did you attack another member at a Christmas Party?
    A: On the advice of my Attorney, I plead the 5th
    Q: Why did you impeach another PBA member?
    A: On the advice of my Attorney, I plead the 5th
    Q: Did you ever invite any civilians into the woods to fight, or police personnel?
    A: Again I plead the 5th.
    No further questions

  72. case should be reopened


    August 4, 2008 3:47:26 PM PDT
    Eyewitness News
    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – — A man claims he was viciously beaten by police in Yonkers, and now he is suing them. “Something’s got to change, sooner or later,” said Rui Florim, who hopes a 20-million dollar civil rights lawsuit filed in White Plains will help spark that change inside the Yonkers police department.
    On May 18th, 2006, the 23-year-old came to the Tyrone house on Main Street in Yonkers. According to the lawsuit, an early-morning fight involving several off-duty Yonkers police officers spilled out into the street. Florim was forced to defend himself.

    Later that same day, Florim says two unmarked Yonkers police cars followed him after he completed his shift at Oporto restaurant in Hartsdale and forced him to stop.

    “They beat the crap out of him. Then they cuffed him to the rear, then they dragged him in front of the headlights, threw him in the back seat where the front seat cop put on black gloves and beat his face,” said attorney Jonathan Lovett.

    1. Tony Castro

      I knew Keith Olson lied about the whole incident. Instead of looking at the books the DOJ should be looking about the actions of the Yonkers PBA President and others.

  73. who drove the 2nd car

    Detective under investigation ‘relieved’ of badge
    Jonathan Bandler, 9:02 a.m. EDT August 4, 2014
    YONKERS badgeBuy Photo
    (Photo: Mark Vergari/The Journal News)

    narcotics detective allegedly lied to get a search warrant targeting a suspected drug dealer who died when he fell out a window as police raided his apartment, The Journal News has learned.

    Detective Christian Koch and another officer involved in the search warrant, Neil Vera, are under investigation by the Internal Affairs Division and the Westchester District Attorney’s Public Integrity Bureau. Several cases one or both were involved in are under review and prosecutors have dismissed charges against at least six defendants, including three who were facing serious felony drug charges.

    Hours after The Journal News asked about the probe, a police department spokesman said Friday afternoon that two officers had been “relieved of their weapons and shields” but he declined to name them or answer questions.

    On March 21, Koch swore to an affidavit supporting a search warrant at 141 School St. When anti-crime and narcotics officers went to the third-floor apartment, Dario Tena, the target of the investigation, tried to escape out one of the windows but fell three flights to his death.

    Investigators determined that details Koch swore to were not true and that he had included information from Vera.

    Tena’s death remains under investigation and authorities are awaiting a final autopsy report, said Lucian Chalfen, a spokesman for the Westchester District Attorney’s Office.

    Bennett Gershman, a Pace University law professor, said the dismissal of multiple cases indicates the prosecutors are taking the matter seriously, as they should.

    “Making false statements when you’re getting a search warrant has serious consequences; the bottom line is you’re sandbagging the prosecutor, who doesn’t always check on the veracity of what leads to the warrant,” Gershman said. “It throws a dark shadow over the integrity of the process if cops are going to lie to make their case.”

    On Tuesday, the sentencing of three men convicted in the May 2013 armed robbery of a Yonkers car wash was adjourned. Koch had testified at a pre-trial hearing about spotting guns in the getaway car.

    Randall Richards, a lawyer for defendant Marc Rispers, said he asked for the adjournment so he could consider whether to file a motion to overturn the verdict.

    “It was best to raise it now because, if after sentencing something comes to light, it’s too late,” Richards said.

    Authorities have confirmed that a Class A felony drug case involving three defendants from March 2013 has been dismissed as part of the probe. Less serious felony drug charges against a fourth man who was waiting in a car to pick up one of the defendants were also dismissed this past week.

    Chalfen, the D.A. spokesman, confirmed those four dismissals and two others. He was unsure how many others there have been or how many cases are still under review. Chalfen said that the allegations regarding false statements on search warrant affidavits “are under active investigation.”

    Koch, but not Vera, was involved in the September 2013 arrest of Samuel Pizarro, a 38-year-old Yonkers man accused of having more than 200 glassine envelopes of heroin. Pizarro pleaded guilty in April to a reduced drug felony and is undergoing court-ordered drug treatment before being sentenced.

    At a recent compliance hearing, a prosecutor let his lawyer know about the Koch probe.

    “The investigation indicated that the affidavit submitted in support of the search warrant for the seizure of controlled substances (on March 21) was found to contain material false statements,” said the prosecutor, according to a transcript obtained by The Journal News.

    Affidavits of dismissal were provided to defense lawyers whose cases were tossed.

    The affidavits indicated that drugs were seized and that Koch and/or Vera were involved. Prosecutors reviewed the circumstances surrounding the seizures, the nature of the crime, the quantity and quality of the admissible evidence, the impact of the dismissal on the safety of the community and “any exceptionally serious misconduct of law enforcement personnel in the investigation, arrest and prosecution of the defendant,” according to the affidavit.

    “The dismissal sought herein is the just result in this case and is in complete accord with the public’s confidence in the criminal justice system,” read one of the affidavits.

    No one answered the door at Koch’s home Friday afternoon. Vera could not be reached and his lawyer, Andrew Quinn, declined to comment.

    Detective Lt. Patrick McCormack, a department spokesman, would not answer questions citing the ongoing investigation.

    “The Yonkers Police Department takes any allegations of wrongdoing by members of our workforce very seriously,” he said in a statement.

    Koch, 39, who has two brothers who are also Yonkers officers, joined the department in 2001. Vera was hired in 2007.

    A decade ago, Koch was one of eight Yonkers officers recognized at The Journal News Police Honor Awards for their efforts in disarming a gun-toting suspect during a May 2003 robbery. Three years later he was honored for breaking up a robbery while off duty.

    Koch has been named in at least four federal and state lawsuits, one of which is still pending. He was among several Yonkers officers named in a 2008 police brutality lawsuit filed by Rui Florim, a Greenburgh waiter who accused the officers of beating him after he left work the night after a bar brawl involving several off-duty Yonkers officers. The city eventually settled the lawsuit with Florim for $35,000, a city spokeswoman said.

    The detective also played a role in the Virginia murder trial of Thomas Porter, who was convicted and sentenced to death for killing a Norfolk, Va., police officer in October 2005. Porter was arrested later that month at his ex-girlfriend’s home in White Plains.

    According to news coverage of Porter’s 2007 trial, Koch testified that weeks after the arrest, he and a fellow officer chased a suspect into a Yonkers apartment after seeing him make a drug sale. When they searched the apartment, they found a T-shirt stuffed into a mattress. Inside the T-shirt was a black gun that turned out to be Officer Stanley Reaves’ service weapon, which Porter had taken after killing him.

    According to the news coverage, Koch said he had the superintendent’s permission to search the apartment.

  74. Office of the Yonkers PBA Motto

    Always break into apartments
    Always perjury yourself
    Always do unauthorized investigations
    Always tamper with evidence
    Always search vehicles , offices and people’s home without warrants
    Always target civilians with parking summons
    Always ask civilians if they want to fight
    Always threaten Internal Investigators
    And most importantly don’t get caught breaking into Yonkers Police offices.
    That is Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson’s motto.

    1. zzzzzzz

      Zzzzz I am with another cop’s wife now. Can I go to major case KO? I promise to inform you of any of the cases before the DD Captain and most of all City Hall. This way we can tamper with it….Zzzzz

      1. butch Olson's

        Maaaaaa, why did I attack another cop in the bar while I was out injured? Maaaaaa, I know, I will just deny it like everything else.

      2. the black eye of the Yonkers PBA

        Since Keith Olson took over the Yonkers PBA more cops have went to jail and more have been accused of police misconduct. His bragging of skirting the law far surpasses what the YFT Puleo did.

      3. 1 Hudson Street

        You dudes, I am smoking and sippin like my homie Little Wayne. Yo man, my fat brother in law is coughing up union money to get me my due. All my smokin dudes down at the Sharing knows me. Yo hme the major case lie, I mean boss. Dudes I can smack a lot cops wives you know. Dudes I got to go I just wet myself.

    2. Full steam ahead Yonkers

      The Yonkers PBA 400 lb stinking rat had Puleo and Diamond beat 5 years ago and he and others are clearly responsible for a wide arrange of some serious police misconduct. It time to turn up the heat. Any consideration of making that fool Johnny I did not have a beer fest in the precinct Mueller anything more than a fleet Attendant would be detrimental to the Community and the members of the Yonkers Police Department.

  75. Zzzzz...Zzzzz.....Zzzzz.....Zzzzzz......Zzzzzzz


  76. KO takes the 5th

    Seems like the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson can’t and won’t address any of the accusations because he is no doubt guilty as charged.

    1. extra extra

      Waiting for the truth KO. Sorry you couldn’t set up the Yonkers Firefighters. Couldn’t fudge the reports huh.

        1. low low = Keith Olson the Yonkers real thug

          Now just saying Keith Olson is rock bottom. Then again searching without warrants, tampering with evidence, and committing perjury is a badge of honor for the Yonkers PBA Leader and his lickers.

        2. Fat Joe

          Puleo makes inappropriate remarks which clearly attempts to obstruct State Law. The Yonkers PBA has that beat by a long shot. The Mayor should throw Olson out next or the Feds will.

        3. WTF

          At least we don’t commit perjury with the PBA lawyer present. Now run along and find those copied personnel files you stole.

      1. Disgusting

        Disgusting is when Frankie Fingers hid in the Tyrone house after he and his cop friends groped a female ass. Disgusting is when Little Wayne Chiarella dates another cop’s wife. Disgusting is when union officials do unauthorized investigation against CLSA and others. Disgusting is when Yonkers PBA cops remove evidence and bring it home. Disgusting just keeps moving in that stinking PBA office.

      2. Johnny chef mueller- a new Yonkers

        Can you guys say I did not have a beer fest at the precinct? Please I want to be the top chef. Now when I top chef, I will support all of Olson’s actions and make sure we continue to mislead the others. Why I may even give Keith and new car with a chrome rat on the hood and some extra parking summons so he can issue parking tickets to civilians while he licks his cheesy PBA Placard. Why we will even give him rancho extra heavy duty shocks. I will even make Keith find Wayne’s money. Lol

    2. the moquette river rat

      Anytime you are ready to make a statement as why you and Johnny DVD took evidence from the Dunwoodie Golf Course. My IAD can show you guys. Mr. Mayor can I contribute more cash? Lol

    3. repeat offender

      You Westside teenagers better watch out. Make sure you have a witness in the car or if you go out strolling. Billy Pataky is out there riding solo again. That means you could end up standing along side your vehicle while Pataky searches your car without a warrant. Now don’t say a word and just go with it or you may end up with phony charges. If that happens the Yonkers PBA will say he is the best of what Yonkers has to offer.
      So just be quite and get a lawyer.

    1. the blue lies

      Just ask Brian Moran and Keith Olson and the rest you already know. Although if you need more details of the Greenburgh, then Google Rui Florim…

          1. Tyrone blues

            Well maybe the Yonkers Police should not have groped the females ass. That sexual harassment pal.

      1. Tony Castro

        No mention of the beating that Keith Olson, Brian Moran and others threw Rui who was wanted for assault and robbery. Then after he was beaten to a dream in front of his female friend, the Yonkers PBA President dragged him back the the Yonkers Hospital were they just piled it on. The Yonkers PBA way. Find the right one and see for yourself. They are still around.

  77. Office of the Yonkers PBA

    Please check your legal pamphlet for how you are legally covered. The Yonkers PBA President still has not paid the bill for one of his dues paying members since he chose not to use Quinn from the Tenor case. What’s that KO? Oh no Financials or pamphlets? Figures , it must be with Wayne’s cash.

  78. kIEth oLson

    ” I did not punch another person in front of the Yonkers Mayor ” I can’t run because of my weight. A man with diabetes is a forgetful rat. Now let me get back to threatening others and searching supervisors offices.

  79. lab rats

    The Yonkers PBA President has been breaking the law since he took over. Guess the members dues are worth more to the politicians than having a police department with integrity. The Yonkers PBA is as dirty as they come. Perjury is their main course.

    1. ha,ha,ha

      The community and it’s civil service employees need protection against the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. Any cop that can drive out of the City and attack others in front of a female is not fit to be in office.

    2. little Wayne major case

      Please St. NICK I will come to the Christmas party and I will do the right thing. You will be my boo.

  80. DOJ

    Keith we need those personnel files back, including the one Moran put together on the CLSA supervisor. We don’t need the IP addresses you told the PC you had. Also get your books together we are rolling on dirty Yonkers PBA members.

  81. 2 VCPA

    Come on fellas, I need those apartment keys back. The family went back to their town and said you guys needed the keys.

  82. cold hard facts

    Hey KO who did the latest break-in ? You guys didn’t have to damage the door did you. You guys didn’t damage the Narcotics office door, but you guys sure did make a mess. Hope Bonita and the D.A.’ office don’t find out. Lol

  83. Yonkers strong

    Just rode down Ashburton Avenue and saw a gray hair drunk 4th pct Sgt throwing up in a city garbage pale. He had a Yonkers PBA placard stuffed under his arm. He then staggered to his police cruiser which had a no parking summons which was issued by the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson.

  84. NAACP

    We knew the Yonkers PBA President was a dirty liar. Maybe the other fat suckling pig, Pataky won’t set up those youngsters anymore. Can’t believe Pataky is still riding around solo and unleased.

  85. Puleo huh ?

    Pat Puleo is a nun compare to Olson. If Puleo goes, then Olson will be next. Take your stolen files with you pal.

  86. Greenburgh ride

    The Yonkers Police Department and the District Attorney’s office should have dealt with Olson and his boys then. They knew it was lies then and they know it’s all lies now.

  87. the blues

    Make sure you stop by the Yonkers PBA office and get your manuscript of how to commit perjury and search cars, apartments, and police offices without search warrants. John Donaghy will take care of the other jurisdictions. Please no cheese for Keith Olson, just give him personnel files. He seemed to have misplaced them.

  88. the dirty trio

    Need evidence taken or files , and statements altered? Just call in Olson, Mueller and Moran Associates located at 104 So. Broadway. It’s the office with the cheese odor?

  89. pay to play

    olson gave 48 grand to nick spano plus many dinners from members paychecks can you please tell the members what exactly nick has done so far…..????

    1. Theendisnear

      Are u naive ?? Olson got his brother in law major case and his best friend chief. All on the backs of the membership. You guys are real dopes!! Olson and Spano have done nothing for rank and file. Nada. No details, no more specialized units , no posts. So keep voting against yourselves u dummies !!

        1. Itsover

          That’s because there is no legitimate CLS leadership. Hasn’t been for years. And unfortunately the rank and file bosses pay the price , just like the dummy cops. I propose we merge with YFD Union. That’s real leadership. THEY determine their fate NOT shitty hall. Need to get the sommelier CLS president to worry more about the bosses he serves than the wine he drinks.

        2. two short

          The Yonkers PBA is looking for two more fools to show up and take the place of two Olson ball lickers that certainly won’t be attending anymore. Please no threatening the complainant or potential witnesses. If you do you, you run the risk of getting set up by Olson.

      1. the joker

        Yeah the 48, 000 bought Johnny Mueller the Fleet titled. Sure lie to the Internal Affairs about a beer bashing party and cry about being transferred. Now he top fleet manager. Thank god for that. He couldn’t run a dog pound just ask the Westchester D.A.’s Office.

    2. Yonkers PBA thugs

      If you city hallers can’t handle your union thugs then call the Feds for a choke chain. You only have one shot at it.

  90. Can't be trusted

    If a man is out with another coworkers wife, then what makes him qualified to be trusted in an investigative unit. Will the ordinary citizen get a fair shot from the Yonkers PBA President’s brother in law. Laughable

  91. The cRAzY old man is back! LOL

    We’ve been wondering where that crazy old asshole has been. Lord knows he’s not chasing any gang members.

  92. CYO

    The City of Yonkers needs to rid themselves of union leaders like Keith Olson who themselves violate the laws and coach their members to obstruct the law before they can have better community relations.

  93. 1 Hutson street

    Can’t believe this fat man is bringing heat on me now. Dudes I been suckling Nick’s napkin telling him I won’t steal another dudes wife and I gave up weed for now. Do I get to be the Major case boss, huh Keith? I can fix cases for you now and keep you up to date on any of the files. Moran can steal them for you, just like Itzla’s . Come on KO I went with you to Federal Court.

      1. Union strong

        Another solid piece by the Yonkers Tribune who is still waiting for that no signature petition. Hey KO what was the point? How many supervisors signed it? By the way Hector is still waiting for you to punch him like you did Santobello.

  94. Troubling

    Sounds like the Yonkers PBA President and his union thugs did a lot more than Puleo and Diamond. At least the YFT didn’t send Yonkers cops to pretend they were authorized to remove evidence from County Jurisdiction. Don’t think the YFT stole anyone’s files or search apartments and offices without search warrants.

    1. step down Olson

      Keith Olson single handedly tarnished the image of the Yonkers Police Department. Got anymore money KO? Fool

  95. mother's with beards

    This year at the Yonkers PBA picnic, Keith Olson promises not to ask civilians or supervisors to take a walk into the woods. He refuses to say if he will not slap you in front of the Mayor. Now make sure you get your cheeseburgers before the fat man does. Also check your vehicle before you leave.

  96. Johnny DVD

    Do you need a video cut and spliced or video equipment removed without a search warrant? Well, just call the Yonkers PBA office and ask for Keith Olson. Make sure you get there before Brian Moran or he will steal a file or two. Now make sure you donate so you don’t get your placard taken away or a parking summons.

  97. Yonkers perjury association

    The worst thing that ever happened to the Yonkers PBA is when Eddie Lee let those lying dirt bags take control while he worked overtime.

    1. no more ass grabbing

      At least Frankie Olson won’t be grabbing any woman’s ass anymore. Guess he can’t motion to impeach anyone too. LOL

      1. What about the goomah?

        When I was a boy, just about the eighth-a grade, Mama used to say don’t stay out-a late with the bad-a boys, always shoot-a pool, Giuseppe going to flunk-a school.

        Boy, it make-a me sick, all the t’ing I gotta do I can’t-a get-a no kicks, always got to follow rules.

        Boy, it make-a me sick, just to make-a lousy bucks.

        Got to feel-a like a fool and-a mama used to say all-a time.

        What’s-a matter you? Hey! Gotta no respect.
        What-a you t’ink you do? Why you look-a so sad?
        It’s-a not so bad, it’s-a nice-a place.

        Ah, shaddap-a you face!

  98. Rest in Pieces Frankie

    Frankie wont be able to rest in peace until Yonkers relaeses all the reports. Are YFD still being blamed? Was Frankie drunk, working? Did Yonkers sue Frankie for damage to the apparatus and to firemen?

    Some among the Albany Delegation were inclined to censor our reporting of the tragedy and our substantiated findings then so that the facts and truth be allowed to wane.

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