Blue Truth Saga Nears Its Ignominy By HEZI ARIS

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The Hezitorial Telling Over Blue Truth

Deny, Deflect, Deny and Deny, and Deflect Even More

Connecting the Dots for Followers of Blue Truth 

The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) Union President Keith Olson just can’t help himself. He recently commented on internal social media issues over concerns in the City of Mount Vernon. Olson’s concern was with respect to Mount Vernon Fire Lieutenant Omar Lanier’s comment on July 7th in which he expressed support for the sniper who gunned down five Dallas Police Officers and support for the killer of Dallas P.O. Micah Johnson. A typical deflective standard that has become part of the union president’s arsenal, the same person who “fathered” the social media site, “Yonkers Isn’t Safe”. Olson continues to find cover from the rancid stench of hypocrisy that he promulgates within and among select PBA members who are known to be perjurers; there are others who stand accused of extremely serious allegations of violations of law by civilians and Yonkers Police Department (YPD) personnel who are evidently targeted in order to put a kabosh on the insurgency within the department. It is in fact union corruption that has the potential of igniting the unrest and hostility that many among law enforcement officials across the nation encounter today. Grave and deleterious perceptions, some real, others imagined, that have given rise and exacerbated anger among people dismissed by a system that is misunderstood.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

The misnomers exist. It should be noted, though it is often not given credence, that most people who enter policing do so to protect the rights of the people they come to serve. Do not ever lose sight of the fact that police departments, and banks, and Internet companies, even households grow an internal structure that places them into the role of a scapegoat. Yonkers Police Department is such a scapegoat. The puppet master is none other than former New York State Senator Nick Spano who encourages the likes of PBA President Olson to run roughshod over the PBA membership while at the same time exacting $48,000 per year of PBA membership dues for Nick Spano to represent the membership in Albany, the state capital, but not in the City of Yonkers, NY, where brother Mike Spano is Mayor. Does anyone believe that the two brothers are not on talking terms, that they don’t meet on a regular basis, or that when their mom and dad gather the clan together for a holiday, or a celebration, all the brothers don’t speak? They all gather now without needing Mom and Dad’s invitation, yet the rogues in the PBA and the CLSA are aided and abetted their misconduct. CLSA members (Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association) pay Nick Spano $24,000 per annum to lobby on their behalf and are also allegedly encouraged and permitted to step over the line. Each membership, part of the inner circle of loyalists and friends are respectively protected by the very same people who exacerbate undermining the Yonkers Police Department. Let’s keep this on the down low because we would not  want anyone else to know this. We tell this without malice or to stir a bee’s nest of stings and/or cause danger but instead follow their lead to manage the alleged corruption they permit to fester. While they make one error after another, we continue to undermine their plot that continues to hurt governance and the people who cannot be silenced by the adoption of a superficially imposed “Stop and Shake” program that doesn’t go toward resolving collective community anger but is another method that is a false remedy for the lack of employment opportunity, law that has sidestepped justice, the lack of education standards that teach toward capacity of employment into an ever transforming future, lack of affordable housing, and the lack of investment of resurrecting an old and dilapidated infrastructure, and issues of immigration and citizenship. Please recognize that each of these concerns can move toward responding to the issues from the political right, the middle, and/ or the left. The lack of transparency in governance and business alike is less than the public interest is demanding be corrected, as are all the issues expressed.

The citizenry has expressed its desire in the race for POTUS to some extent but it was controlled and managed so as to keep the likes of Bernie Sanders from gaining a victorious outcome among the Democrats. The old guard had a rear guard game plan. Likewise the old guard protecting the front runners among the Republican. Despite their efforts, Donald Trump eclipsed them all. The nation will likely choose between Clinton and Trump and to a much lesser extent, Johnson and Stein.

In Yonkers, it is Nick Spano that now controls the entire operation that governs the City of Yonkers. The Republican Party boss now controls the entire Yonkers City Democratic Committee from its Chair to its Ward leaders.  The Yonkers City Democratic Committee has engaged in serving themselves and have lost control to Nick Spano, possibly even sold out to Nick Spano, as it is known that former Chair Symra Brandon did not even stand for office against DPW Commissioner Thomas Meier. She retreated from the challenge and surrendered 5 hours before the convention began. She should have been kicked out the door five years ago. Instead, the Democrats used those years for their own patronage mill and in the process have destroyed the party likely for the next 25 years.The Democrats soiled themselves in public. No apology. They also lost every possible leader within the Democratic Party that is African-American without even a whimper.

Just as the Yonkers City Democratic Committee has failed, so too are the puppet masters who control the Yonkers Police Department, and the Yonkers Fire Department, regarding Fire Chief John Darcy, and the continuing crisis with regard to the Yonkers Federation of Teachers President Pat Puleo, whose expose on camera earned a response from Mayor Mike Spano where the mayor asserts he will not engage the YFT in contract negotiations until Puleo is ousted as YFT president. Mayor Mike Spano has no such legal right. He says one thing to the public when it is known that Pat Puleo has accepted a full year’s salary to not be seen until the end of the one year at which point she will step down at her “own” volition. Deceit and lies seem to win the day in Yonkers. The Darcy situation is one in which he is padding his pension by now having been paid approximately 20 percent of a $500,000 Federal Grant which he applied for. Yonkers Tribune has learned that Yonkers City Hall is working on easing Darcy out the door. Why is it taking so long? Another alleged underhanded slight of hand to keep the “crisis” only among those who need to know. Hush. Hush. What about criminal charges against Darcy over his conduct during last year’s Christmas Party assault against a fellow Yonkers Fire Officer? Will that ever see the light of day?

The “culture of denial” and subterfuge has maintained control over the City of Yonkers for at least three generations. Mayor Mike Spano did not originate this “culture”. It cannot however be denied that under his watch he is failing the electorate and emboldening his prospects, or so be believes. If Mayor Mike Spano is not to be awarded attribution for continuing this “culture” scam, than who is? As unthinkable as it may seem to the likes of former Senator Nick Spano, it is time for him to hit the road before he is collected by those who will drag him out of Yonkers through legal means. Not a threat, but certainly something to think about. It may perhaps be pertinent of Mayor Mike Spano to ponder who speaks and/or manages upon his behalf.

Yonkers City Hall’s capacity to operate its “rogues” within the Yonkers Police Department that goes to undermine and permit civil rights violations by the Yonkers PBA and CLSA is both an indicator and a warning to the union members that they must take personal counsel for learning about future contracts with the city as well as make informed knowledge of the “characters” who stand before them beseeching their support for elected office. It can be asserted that the Yonkers PBA has inflamed the outcry of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as other civic and community watchdog groups. Not every tenet espoused by the Black Lives Matter movement resonate with every member of society, as some does not sit comfortably with this writer, but the initial concept does. I disagree with aspects of their agenda allowed to be melded into their effort for greater recognition through growing their base through alliances with others as that dilute the essence of their message. Even so what is correct must be applauded, what is bigoted in their litany of issues must be expunged.

The reality is that PBA President Olson, among those cronies who assist and abet him, have no doubt divided and cast a dark shadow over a once more prestigious Yonkers PBA and the police department which employs them. Olson’s tenure as PBA president, and also while in lesser office with the Yonkers PBA has been one of the major catalysts who unveiled what has become the principal of accepting the “get along to get along” concept that does not entertain criticism that is based on what is and is not legal conduct by the PBA. The aftershocks that demand silence from within and will not allow for scrutiny by outside departments has the capacity to keep the Office of the Yonkers Inspector General at bay. Yonkers City Hall, whether they define themselves as Democrats or Republicans have become  party to a Yonkers City Council that is totally controlled by the the Spano Party.

Since promised to succeed his predecessor Detective Eddie Lee Armour, the Yonkers PBA has plummeted into what can only be described by any big city as “grave police misconduct”. This, seemingly inspired and supported by what appears to be dirty covert union corruption and power and misuse of funds is enabled for self-serving union bottom feeders.

The City of Yonkers (CoY) is just as liable, especially when it believes the “Stop and Shake” program can shake the dirt and filth that has accumulated on the desk of the Yonkers PBA. The dark side of the Yonkers PBA has made it consistently difficult for any community outreach effort to succeed in regaining the confidence of the city it patrols. It also seems the rank and file of the department is overall divided and because of the many underhanded tactics of the Yonkers PBA morale is at an all-time low. Despite the circumstances noted the department as a whole, under the consistent and focused leadership of Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner is providing police services while contending with an unrelenting assault on his leadership that is intended to undermine legitimate and studied police concepts and behavior that are known to function efficiently everywhere are at times scuttled by the newly appointed Police Chief John Mueller, a Nick Spano “groupie” and BFF of Keith Olson. Mueller and Olson have a relationship that dates back to their early school days. The thought of making a person police commissioner, the very same person who refused a transfer order, with the assist of PBA President Olson, and the quiet support by Nick Spano is not only reprehensible but is allegedly illegal. YPD Commissioner Gardner has been swimming effectively against the insinuated political elements and lobbyists who as noted earlier accept, some allege, extort those fees from both the PBA and CLSA. The lack of acknowledgment of the telling herein is that the unions are being used to shield the political insinuators from effective police standards as the process is maligned and forced to intended to blind outsiders of internal police misconduct.

It is quite evident that there is no one person that can lead the YPD under conditions described herein, and certainly not Olson’s choice and close friend John Mueller.

The conduct of and by the Yonkers PBA and its trustees must be addressed by the city before Preet Bharara gets the opportunity to focus on Yonkers PBA and CLSA misconduct. If I were a betting man, my money is on Preet Bharara. The final score will find Bharara the winner and CoY the ultimate loser.

Likewise, the Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) is holding the YFT membership hostage as they legally maneuver to quietly remove YFT President Pat Puleo. Puleo was taped on video by reporter James O’Keefe that went viral for aiding an alleged teacher to get around standards that are known to be unacceptable and illegal and discriminatory and bigoted . Yonkers City Hall knows it is financially destitute and cannot afford to engage in negotiations with the YFT. Therefore, Mayor Mike Spano’s ruse. Chatter has revealed that Patricia Puleo is getting a fully paid one-year sabbatical. She is then expected to quietly retire and will be obligated by court order to never breathe an iota about her conduct of acquiescence that is a fraud against all Yonkersites. Why should YFT members have to wait another year or two when their contract is approaching the fourth or fifth year since it expired for the truth. Since this issue is under wraps and Inspector General Brendan McGrath is not permitted to finding illegality or some other finding(s),  the issue must find remedy in higher court. So is this sabbatical a message or a threat and what gives City Hall the right to exact an additional one-year salary, likely over $150,000 from the coffers which is filled by Yonkers taxpayers. Would the courts also pay off Pat Puleo her alleged coverup as scene on the video tape?

Yonkers PBA members would be wise to reflect on how consistently Yonkers PBA President has besmirched the honorable institution it once was. There is an indelible stain on the uniform because of the “see something, say nothing” culture that is nurtured within the Yonkers PBA. Yonkers PBA Union President Olson is currently attempting to ward off a federal lawsuit from a Yonkers Police Detective who insiders advise will expose internal union police corruption allegedly committed by Olson, among others. What is most shocking to the Yonkers Tribune is how many insiders, Yonkers Police Department employees and civilians are cognizant of some or much of the allegations.

Before any city can begin to address community issues, concerns, and problems, there must be a transparent cleansing of such a department in order to rid such a department of even the slightest level of police misconduct and by every member of such a department. For the Yonkers PBA, the internal misconduct has been ongoing and has since been defined under the term: “Blue Wall of Silence”. As the realm of social media eclipses the phrase, so has social media and the “acid-tongued bloggers of the Yonkers Tribune” engaged in a continuing effort to expose aberrant and shameful misconduct. It does seem to be that it has been the likes of the PBA leader, the police chief, among others, who have brought to light what has been herein alleged by their own doing or the surrogates forced to assist them. It does seem evident that it was their respective and collective conduct that obliterated the “Blue Wall of Silence” by their hubris and thinking they could break the unwritten code that was just and right and good.

It was Yonkers PBA President Olson that negotiated one of the worst contracts intended to undermine the PBA membership. Olson had earned trust among the YPD membership over many years only permitting that trust to erode among those in Blue learning of his deceitful use of their trust to gain membership approval over a contract he had to know was derogatory to their safety and well-being on the job. It was Olson that created the fire storm of controversy about himself and his inside supporters. Reports of Yonkers PBA President Olson striking other members during his drunken stupor are true. It was he who issued parking summonses and spit out a tirade of verbal threats of physical harm against others, including civilians. The arrest of Yonkers Police union officials over perjury charges is what projected him and the City of Yonkers to the limelight.

According to Olson, and in his own words, expressed at a past Yonkers PBA Installation Dinner he said, “I am a dying breed” and perhaps he was “correct”, but at whose expense? These are only some of Olson’s legacy that will not go down to reveal that he presided, coerced, and nurtured plots, plans, and ploys that his once better reputation since eclipsed by his more recent conduct. He engaged the following:

* Unauthorized investigations against CLSA members and others;
* Union Trustees who have admitted to perjury carrying Union expulsion petitions and voting while under criminal investigation;
* Tampering with evidence under the pretense that the PBA was conducting their own investigations;
* Union intimidation and retribution;
* Issuing summonses to civilians as a form of intimidation and retribution;
* Premeditated targeting of members with intentional write-ups by using rogue supervisors to sign and substantiate and validate documents submitted;
* Federal Civil Rights Lawsuits filed by families of deceased victims and by members of the Yonkers Police Department;
* No transparency accounting for income, expenditures, and the union’s cash receipts for money spent; and
* No transparency over what the membership has paid The Quinn Law Firm, for whom, and for what.

The conduct of the Yonkers PBA Office has seemingly  self-inflicted its own wounds. It is those very wounds that have abscessed causing the aforementioned self-governing style adopted by the Yonkers PBA’s “dying breed” methodology. Further, it seems Olson’s petitions have gone silent and buried deep, as did the YPD’s findings on that deadly and tragic accident that injured Yonkers Firefighters driving to a fire on Palmer Road on Valentine’s Day this year. The Westchester Medical Examiner’s toxicology report is still being labeled as open, awaiting completion 7 months after that tragic morning. Is that because the deceased was an active Yonkers Detective? Are others among the community held to the same standards? Who is at fault here? Was the deceased DWI or under the influence of other substance(s).

As Yonkers City Hall goes after YFT President Pat Puleo, holding other unions leaders at bay while they respectfully attempt to negotiate long expired contracts for their respective membership, how is it that Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is driving about on the taxpayer’s dime, using the union’s credit card issued in his name for everything as if it were a business expense, when greater scrutiny may reveal that it is not. Ouch!

As the POTUS campaign accelerates, ever nearer to a conclusion on Tuesday, November 8th, tomorrow being the first one on one debate, Hillary may indeed be in lockstep with the Office of the Yonkers PBA as evidenced by her bleached / sanitized emails, the destroyed Blackberry cellphone, while juxtaposed to her, Tump has defined the system as “rigged”, called the Democrat designee “Lying Hillary” or did Trump intend the derogatory term to define “Lying Keith”.

Keith Olson, no matter how he gives it expression has no business throwing stones into our neighbor Mount Vernon, or any other place for that matter. Most importantly, according to many insiders, they share that this situation has gone on too long and most would welcome legal exposure and eventual justice and remedy in a court of law!

It seems legal recourse is the next stop. That train has already left the station.

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eHeziBlue Truth Saga Nears Its Ignominy By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Why don't Darcy and Olsen Toughman it Out for Charity ?

    I bet the place would be sold out.

    Who does the guy who beats up his roommate in the commercial;
    :My roommate got angry when I took the
    remind you off ?

    1. Yonkers PBA sludge

      First Olson would have to put Moran and Mueller in charge of the cash before the fight can go forward. Then his trustees would have to be guarantee overtime to work the fight. That is just for openers from a rogue police union.

  2. Yonkers perjury association

    In the wake of the most recent report from the Westchester County D.A.’s Office, it was just the plain truth. So where is that petition the Yonkers PBA President circulated around? Who signed it and what was the purpose KO? to cover the real facts of the accident or to mislead taxpayers to get more cash?
    Dump Keith Olson

    1. Scare Tactics

      The petition was for him and his crew to see who was with them
      or more likely intimidated by him and his crew by their signatures.
      And the non-signers go on another list.

        1. the article is amazingly the absolute " truth"

          Yeah there was more non voters than creeps like Frankie crash who started the petition.

  3. Frankie the Rat Almost Three Times Over DWI Limit

    Frankie the Rats blood level was .22 BAC. Holy Crap.

    Why did Yonkers wait 8 months to release this? Were they waiting for Frankie the Drunks retirement papers and other insurance papers to be approved? Wouldn’t this be fraud?

    Is DA investigating this and if Yonkers lied and said Frankie the Slug was working or recalled to duty?

    1. karma is a mother Keith Olson

      The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson couldn’t cover this one like all the others and couldn’t pin it on the traffic conditions or the Yonkers Firefighters.

    2. the wife stealer from behind the computer

      A real tough guy…
      was that why your were calling out chef Mueller’s name while you were getting chased?

  4. 9 months for a DWI

    2x the limit. Say he was working, no say it was recall, ahhhh blame the Firefighters. Keith said it will work.

    1. Frankie The Rat

      When will we see the blood test results for Frankie The Rat? Did Yonkers commit fraud by telling retirement agency that Frankie Two Times was working or was recalled to duty? Did Yonkers commit insurance fraud by lying to insurance company about Frankie Two Pieces?

    2. 1 Hudson Street

      Yooooo dudes, it’s feel so could to be down next to the fat man’s office. Dudes I don’t talk too much because Yo I am not in the house anymore. Dudes, I like my new crib. There is plenty of ghetto roses and Yo dudes some cops wives. Yeah I thought I was tough until I got made. Dudes, did you ever run around d tables yelling Mueller will get you? Yo that was close. Now I just hang on the fat man’s left fat nipple.

    3. Tough shit

      The news was not a shock by no means. He was a Yonkers PBA liar and a dirty cop. You Firefighters almost felt the Yonkers PBA President’s perjury spray. Now make sure you shake his hand at the toughest liar show.

  5. Now don't be shy

    Now you politician that are looking for endorsements make sure you snuggle up close to the dirtiest union leader in the State. Read his resume and make sure you get your money. Now smile because you probably were recorded. Lol

    1. search and seizure by Keith Olson and B. Moran

      We didn’t know that we need the department’s permission to do investigations against other police personnel or search warrants to gather materials. God hope the Judge don’t find out. Thought we were back in Greenburgh.

  6. The Fix Is Always In

    >Copied from another story, but fits here, this is how corrupt COY runs<

    Worth repeating
    SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 AT 6:55 AM

    ** I can’t take credit for this post but it hit the nail on the head and worth reposting. These are the same guys who walk around like their shit don’t stink yet they would give up their mother to get ahead! They sold us all out. Tisk, tisk, shame on you all. SMH ***

    When are you so-called “Blue truth” gals going to learn, it’s dirty Yonkers Politics as usual. It was well known that Keith was selling you guys out on 207C, that was blatant and obvious; business as usual if you will. That was Quid Pro Quo 101. The beauty of the “Quid” was what happened several months later under the radar (102).

    Our beloved CLS was holding firm on voting NO to the 207C changes. Until Lt. Timmy, Lt. Joe-Moc and Lt. Tommy suddenly started selling us on the notion that it’s not as bad as we thought, “it’s the best we’re gonna get”… “the Mayor is not caving in”… “he’s going to retract the raise offer”… kind of gives you the feeling of where it was going. Throw in a 4th precinct Lt. Chia and Johnny Mueller spreading rumors of who is against it, you start feeling like this is the way they want us to go or else “for our own benefit.” The vote went in favor of the new contract, albeit narrowly.

    Fast forward over a year later and surprise surprise, all the contract pushers got what they were promised the “Quo.”

    Timmy Hodges is now a Chief in charge of Detective Division after serving one week as a Captain, was never a Detective not even for a day.

    Joe-Moc Monaco is now Commanding Officer of Detective Division, receiving Detective Captain Stipend the moment the Mayor promoted him, not one day as a street Captain, and was never a Detective.

    Tommy Phalen is now Executive Officer of Detective Division, was never a Detective not even for a day.

    Anthony Chiarella is now Detective Division Major Case Coordinator, was never a Detective either.

    And lastly, most shockingly John Mueller was promoted to a Chief as well, a man who has openly criticized the current Mayor during his first term, then suddenly had a change of heart and pushed for the 207C contract.

    Is there any wonder how we all got sold out? Yonkers Cronyism Politics 101 and 102 aka Quid Pro Quo. You gotta love it.

    1. Yonkers PBA Familia

      Keith ” fat rat” Olson
      Brian ” snoop” Moran
      Jonny ” PC” Mueller, aka ” it wasn’t me” sung by Joey arms Mahoney
      Jonny “DVD ” Donaghy, sorry the tape did not come out. Just ask the locust hill family.
      Newest Soldier, Jonny Viviano Jr., ” senoirs”. Usually berates old seniors on traffic stops and keeps Olson’s dish full of exotic old cheese. Showed up in Federal court with his father who threaten to lock up a businessman for his placard.
      The Yonkers PBA Crime Family coming to a job near ” you”.

        1. Justice trumps Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson

          The lying fat man is just a street thug that crossed the line. No going back now for a dirty police association.

  7. Female City employees

    Can’t be seen talking to certain people in town or I may get targeted by the Yonkers PBA. No wonder they don’t trust law enforcement these days.

    1. another PBA choice

      Thanks so much KO, I am in the Detective Division after sniffing your wide ass. I only have five years on the job and became 2nd vp of the Yonkers PBA lie and deny board by a quick last minute resignation. I dont remember my best job because all I did was sit in your office while others answered the calls for service. I did show up to Federal Court for you KO. Please don’t list my traffic stop of an elderly woman. I almost had to arrest her after I was so unprofessional.
      Thanks KO I just took my first statement. Anything you want me to add KO?

      1. Clarification needed

        It’s obvious you are mocking John Viviano Jr. But you need to clarify, he only became VP of the dirty PBA because when Mike Mueller had enough of the BS and stepped down from VP, nobody with any time on the job wanted that position. Viviano got hand picked by the Fat guy because nobody wanted anything to do with the Fat corrupt P.O.S. And why did the Fat Man pick Viviano,… because his old man John Viviano Sr has had his face buried in Olson’s fat ass cheeks and doing his dirty work for him. We see the Overtime reports, John Viviano Sr. harasses a civilian business owner with a fist full of bogus parking tickets, Olson’s BFF Capt. Mueller (now chief) rewards Viviano doubling his salary with Overtime. This department is so fucking corrupt.

        1. Where is the placard you drunken fool?

          No doubt then the two Vivianos follow that 14b Johnny Mueller to Federal Court. What was that about Johnny boy? Didn’t he take a hit for a beer can at the beer fest. Lol

    2. is it legal?

      Doesn’t the PBA fall under IUPA, for a small fee? Aren’t they lobbying for all unions paying fees? Then why is Nick getting lobbying fees from a variety of unions in Yonkers? $ 48,000 from the YPD and $125,000 plus to the Quinn and Olson Firm.

    3. parking quota

      Be on the look out KO needs his quota for this month. He usually keeps it in the fourth because his girl Chef Mueller use to be around and could swear for him. Now the Chef is washing cars for the fat man.

  8. please Keith Olson

    You know we can’t answer questions because it’s all true. Do you have any more of the members cash so they can make me Police Commissioner? Who cares that you and I refused a transfer order. Look at the bright side you and I can cover up all the misconduct we do. We can even tell Pataky to stop and frisk 15 year school kids too.

    1. Olson's way

      There is no Federal Law suit, and I did keep Wayne’s money, more did we investigate others. By the way, we do tamper with evidence but don’t tell anyone. It’s the Yonkers PBA way.

  9. ebonics

    Ikno i bizy sue and baby but you kno you told me i kno saw god he is a squirrel no more time on boat bizy with baby and 1000 on thur and fri sat too i kno not andu kno not you tpold me that i kno not and not heard him moved to back but not kno where to move but will move you told mebut did i kno i was there you saw me not there pba good

    1. training day at the Yonkers PBA office

      Starring Keith Olson, Johnny DVD, Neil Vera and the new 5 plus year Johnny Viviano Jr, I only threaten old ladies. Starting at 9 am you can get authentic autographs from these Yonkers boys. Pictures will cost you extra so as to go to the Vera defense fund.

  10. breaking now

    The Yonkers PBA President and others did every bit of it and more. Send in the exterminating crew for rogue union officials. The fat man can’t publicly comment because just look how the Yonkers PBA Lawyers are defending the former rogue cop Neil Vera. Pure rats

  11. City of racketeering

    The good old days of the Chicago wise guys can’t measure up to the rackets of Yonkers. Own a Yonkers PBA President and you would be surprise the things they would do.

  12. Just a shame

    They should have deal.with this boss hater a long time ago. He has always hid behind ” it’s union business “. So we guess it’s okay to break the law then.

  13. County Executive

    Mike Spano, if you expect to have a shot at County Executive , you should problably get your house in order HERE…the rest of the county is watching…

    1. Gonelongago

      Fat Mikey has no chance at County exec. Do you think they want Yonkers trash running the 2nd richest county in the country ? Mikey should just fade away up fat Nicky’s ass and “consult”. LMAO. The whole span clan is trash as well as their groupies. Can’t even hold an intelligent conversation with a Yonkers schools fifth grader !

      1. sad sack of moquette rat dropping

        Did Keith Olson the Yonkers PBA President punch another member in front of the Mayor? Oh what’s that KO? No comment.

  14. They have a one day deceive residents and officers

    It about time the City furloughs another union leader. This article accurately points out why the Yonkers PBA must be looked into. Olson refuses to discuss anything to date, because he knows it is all true even his good friend John Mueller who intentionally celebrated his refusal to be transferred.
    Now is John Mueller and Keith Olson good for the citizens of Yonkers? You decide.

    1. upper county don't want PBA President trash

      Yeah and make Keith Olson in charge of the raw sewage plants. Maybe he can search the plant without warrants or have someone swear they bought drugs from the plant.
      No chance for the County boys.

  15. ground ball

    Remember you CLSA members, Keith Olson and Neil Vera blamed the bosses for their dirty actions when Vera lied to others to get a search warrant . Keith can you be transparent and show the members how much the members have spent with the Quinn Law Firm?

  16. Go figure

    Now Pat Puleo makes some verbal remarks and she is forced into a year off with pay. Now a bloat like Olson goes around and steals files, tampers with evidence and targets civilians with tickets and verbal threats and he is still cutting steaks with St. Nick.

  17. Yonkers isn't Safe by Keith Olson

    Come on fellows do we have to bring up bad memories? You know it’s all true. Now let me take a ride up the Parkway in my City truck.

  18. no justice, no peace

    Nothing old about a rogue union which continues to taint facts. Can’t call back the Tenor incident or the continued lies. Your a real low life union rat that screwed a whole department just so you can put your boyfriend and another double talking boy at the top post.

  19. Morning America

    Is not the story Keith Olson, it is the actual truth on what has been happening and continues to occur in the Yonkers PBA. Your a dirty cop as was Neil Vera. Breaking State and Federal laws is not brown. Dead citizens and targeting ordinary people will never be stale. Why don’t you answer ?
    The whole City knows what you and others have been doing for a period of time. Did you not punch another cop when he was not looking? Pure rogue. Step down and shed the perjury.

    1. The DA knows all about the Yonkers PBA President

      The Westchester County D.A. knows all about the handful of dirt bags from the Yonkers PBA. You will get no sympathy from them.

  20. This Blue Truth Expose' Is Getting A Little Brown.....

    How many years now Hezi? How many years has this explosive expose’ been wasting precious internet bandwith? Same stories. Same 3 or 4 moron commentors with an axe to grind. Pathetic is what it is….

  21. a police story by Keith Olson

    Keith are you going to send that drunken Sgt. Viviano to give Kader more parking tickets and threaten him with an arrest if he did not unlock his car?

    1. No chance

      Mayor Spano has absolutely no chance of winning the County race as long as there is a sneaky Nick who controls him. Nope no chance at all. Not with the recent tax rate and a crooked PBA Leader with dirty cops.

  22. Yonkers isn't Safe by Keith Olson

    The Yonkers PBA President defends an admitted perjurer. That is why the community does not trust the police.

  23. WTF

    O me big union rat, oh deny something. Did Jon Mueller really have a beer fest? Did Jonny DVD really take the equipment from the Westchester County Dunwoodie Golf course? Ohhhhh, you are truly the worst.

  24. crooked Keith Olson

    Are you ever going to give back the files you made up on the CLSA members? The one you told the PC you found on your desk?

  25. Who is in Charge ?

    Hezi. Without a shadow of a doubt Yonkers City Hall is in on all the scandles.
    There is no other way that this can go on without Yonkers City Hall’s consent.
    The Feds must step in.

  26. the article is amazingly the absolute " truth"

    Tell your story walking fat man Olson. Take your dirty tampering crew with you. Please don’t invite anymore civilians into the woods to fight or slither up on other officers and punch them with they are not looking.

  27. Yonkers Union President just wrong for Yonkers Officers

    It’s the Yonkers PBA President’s casual relationship with the truth is why he can’t comment on others. He has yet to comment on why he and other dirty cops decided to conduct secret investigations against members of the Yonkers Police Department. Is it words that are more dangerous or a bunch of dirty Union Officials that commit perjury ?

  28. FYI

    Just curious did Olson answer or comment on ANY of the allegations of his involvement in deceiving the public about his own actions. Oh, yes he called the union trustee a great cop or was it cops that committed “perjury” in applying for a search warrant that not doubt caused the death of Dario Tenor. It’s not about the hard working police that do their jobs everyday, its about dirty cops like Olson who promote internal police corruption and hide behind their uniform.

  29. Just curious

    What did Olson say about the M.V. firefighter promoting the killing of the Dallas police officers that was so bad that you had to write an article about it?

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