Alleged Pension Padding Darcy, Former Yonkers Fire Commissioner to Soon Retire By HEZI ARIS

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Police Benevolent Association President Keith Olson Groomed for Retirement

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — October 11, 2016 — One cannot imagine the conduct of one-time Yonkers Fire Commissioner John Darcy, suggested by first time around Yonkers Fire Commissioner Robert F. Sweeney to be his replacement when he stepped down as Yonkers Fire Commissioner about two years ago. During the Christmas of 2015 an incident of rage took place during a gathering of firefighters, their spouses, and staff workers at a Christmas Party which deteriorated into an assault on Lt. Michael O’Connor. Lt. O’Connor worked at the Office of the Yonkers Fire Commissioner. Lt. O’Connor wanted to gain the attention of a female co-worker at the party. To do so, he knotted a linen napkin and threw it at her. Instead of getting her attention, the napkin clipped Fire Commissioner Darcy cornea. The pain must have been excruciating. FC Darcy, seated in a chair, fell out of it onto the floor, seen writhing in pain. Having witnessed what had transpired, and the pain caused to FC Darcy, Lt. O’Connor walked from where he was seated to the opposite side of the table to apologize to FC Darcy who had now risen onto his knees. Lt. O’Connor approached FC Darcy to apologize. FC Darcy responded by pummeling Lt. O’Connor in the solar plexus claiming later that he did not recognize Lt. O’Connor standing before him and had meant him no harm. FC Darcy was so enraged, he grabbed Lt. O’Connor by his legs, lifted him off the ground by his lower limbs, and throwing him up and forward into a trajectory that created a somersault from which Lt. O’Connor would eventually land by striking onto the ground with the back of his head. It was quickly recognized that Lt. O’Connor was foaming at the mouth and snoring; signs indicative of him suffering a concussion. Lt. O’Connor was driven by car to a hospital 35 miles away rather than one within 3 miles, or 5 miles away in order to avoid telling the entire circumstances to local medical authorities. Yonkers Tribune reported the incident, but no disciplinary conduct was exacted toward anyone.

Only when FC Sweeney returned to become Fire Commissioner for a second time did Darcy find he was to be demoted. Now Chief Darcy, who had preciously filed for a federal grant, valued at $500,000, intended to train Fire Fighters to become familiar and proficient as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), won approval. Within weeks of getting access to the funds over which he designated himself the overseer, and decide who will be allocated the opportunity to earn time and money for undertaking this 18 months-long program did Chief Darcy submits his time sheets, validated by colleagues, that are an accumulation of many hours of his work at one time rather on a bi-weekly basis. Within a couple of months, insiders allegedly in the know advise Chief Darcy drew a little under $100,000 to his benefit alone. Yonkers Tribune now learns that Chief Darcy, believing his pension is padded and cannot be clawed back, will step down by retiring from the Yonkers Fire Department within days or a few weeks time. Notice of his retirement may or may not be divulged. Yonkers Tribune believes this is a done deal.

Yonkers Tribune now learns that Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Detective Keith Olson, having proven himself to be an embarrassment to Yonkers City Hall, is being pushed to resign. It seems the union president despite following orders, went beyond what was demanded of him and without their express permission. He, like Chief Darcy are thin skinned and quick to anger. Their quick respective turn to anger has diminished their ability to represent the Office of Mayor Mike Spano among the union membership and the public alike. Even an incident witnessed by Mayor Mike Spano was never validated despite many YPD Officers witnessing an assault against one of their own

Some will place blame onto each to one degree or another. In permitting and accepting the politicization of their relationship with Yonkers City Hall’s “puppet masters” they have lost their standings and stature because they went beyond the pale. The “puppet masters” made them believe they were safe when they have since learned that they have instead been cast out and will need to fend for themselves. So much for insider “protection” guarantees!

In question now is what are City Hall’s intentions? Are each mentioned herein simply pawns to be played with? How long will it take for Yonkers City Hall to adopt a culture of respect of themselves and respect of Yonkersites? While Yonkers City Hall did not invent the conduct of “permitted freedoms” of allegedly illegal conduct, they must recognize that in order to govern, they must infuse a sense of fairness onto a public deserving nothing less. An apology may not be necessary or even required. What is demanded is a transformation from the past toward the promise of a new beginning pertinent to the public interest. Introspection is worthy to be pondered. The culture of governance in Yonkers must chance. Will Mayor Mike Spano step up to the plate? I should hope so! What say you?

eHeziAlleged Pension Padding Darcy, Former Yonkers Fire Commissioner to Soon Retire By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Rebecca Dalmas

    I subscribe to this paper because it exposes the corruption and lack of regard for humanity in the comments. the words in the articles, at times, call out the behaviors within the system and actions taken to change them. Yet, it seems another member of the club of dis-regard-for-life-hiding-behind-momentary-acts-of-good takes the place of the previous member playing this game.
    I have driven through Yonkers and was appalled at the state of the roads and some of the houses. What really amazed me was the article about the new high rise on some Yonker’s square where a previous one had been built- announced as a triumphant good ( the voice of greed for the super-hero masters-of-industry superman false narrative) by the paper and the politicians of this aforementioned dogma of self interest without regard for life state-of-being. After all, it is all a math, that within and its relationship to the without. The comments in the announcement of this good project were that the first building was pretty much empty, and that no one could afford to live there- reminds me of those empty cities in China.
    Human beings have basic needs, they are clean water, nutrient dense food ( stuff with magnesium in it) and a stable shelter with the opportunity to expand in awareness. Economic stress, constant bells and whistles are a form of stress in that they suppress fellow through into understanding. Thus, the allowance of lack is a violent form of suppression towards allowing the inherent potential of me to blossom. There is no greater crime than to participate in a system of lack towards one’s fellow men. Doing nothing is the same as committing the crime. And, in this system, as this paper reveals, the stories are from the victors point of view. The comments help reveal the real story.
    If men, as women and men, do not have the stability to self realize, they become actions of lack, as a perfect practice informs awareness- and the same is true of an imperfect practice, it informs the directive. Thus, to not, with every breath, make sure that all fellow men have the means towards a perfect informed directive within is a state of ignorance, and, again the same as doing nothing- an action in itself – that is equal to the violence of creating projects that build high rises that sound pretty on paper and yet serve no real purpose in supporting mankind.
    It is cognitive dissonance to point out the good firemen do, when this is a given, to justify other actions that are in themselves the greatest welfare babies of the system, that then spend their time calling those in lack welfare babies- it is well know that we project what we are being onto others to distract from our own accepted and allowed actions. A classic ego action and a marker of a lack of real self responsibility. Like the story Lord of the Rings, such welfare babies tend to congregate in groups, as weakness cannot stand alone. And yet, this reveals the power of humans standing together. Ironic how lack can also reveal the means to the end. After all, the math of life is always right in front of us, so there is no excuse.
    Yet, then again, such behaviors accumulate, and become less than agreeable, in such behaviors of a lack of communication ability that will manifest as violence- evident in all educational research that the less words one knows the greater a tendency towards violence, so that comfortable place is a place where life is never really lived. Throwing a knotted napkin towards a woman is not clear communication skill and certainly not sexy in any way, and the reaction towards such stupidity as throwing the man to the ground is simply more of the same, thus the so-called leaders are no better than the followers! Who would want to be a member of this club? And, having said this, I am sure there are good men in this group. Nothing is ever all bad.
    The point is that for humans to live their utmost potential, basic needs must be a given, no matter what. Within this, the monetization of our labor, would flow to all men, and our world would become a place where the roads were in order, and the housing in compliment with nature, and our children could walk down any street knowing they could discover how life works and that they would have a journey in this life that allowed them to reach their full potential. The promise of what our system offers is a false promise, as it obviously breeds violent response instead of right actions that consider all things, taking that which is good and does no harm to this home we call earth.

  2. Jonanon

    Your all a bunch of thieves,I guess the sense of entitlement you guys are born with,let’s face it Yonkers is a city where you are born with a job .Most people would be happy with ,shifts that run in such a manner as to happen to include time to workout,sleep and when’s the last time you heard of cooking,food shopping,and taking showers while being paid.What is it with Stop And Shop,the fire trucks are parked outside daily,while uniformed firefighters are prepping for Thanksgiving weekly.Nothing against Stop and Shop ,the good lord knows I wish I could afford to shop there,I’m just wondering if firemen are doing q.c work and if so could they include the local Foodtowns,the produce looks in violation of something.Hey, I’m not saying you guys should suffer the indignity of working 8 hour shifts,or have to commute.Just wondering why every job can’t be this condusive to a “dreamworld”.Im sure someone in city hall has a tailor made excuse for these 3 day shifts.What I can’t figure out is why e.m.ts barely eek out a living !,I have no vested interest in this either way ,I know more firemen than EMTs ,I don’t here them complaining ,but feel indebted to do it for they have saved many a loved ones life.I had run into one ,when I was first forced to beg for help at the department of social services,I had hit a bad time,misery had visited me and decided to stay for a while.Allthough my Unemployment had run out I had high hopes,for the words of the men I had worked side by side with for over twenty years often ranted on daily about our highly taxed checks(mainly Yonkers residency,ridiculous to us for we rarely worked there)went to people who never worked a day in their lives,drove around in brand new cars,and made tons of money in cash(drug dealing,or running illegitimate contracting businesses,often employing illegal immigrants).So when they told me,what I was entitled to less than 25$ a week for food and drink only .and no help with rent because the property was owned by a relative just as well because the most anyone is entitled to is under 600$ regardless of the rent.Suddenly their reasoning became apparent ( a relative may except this and not evict on grounds of compassion).Oh let’s not forget the 33$ phone allowance which wouldn’t be bad as their are many prepaid phone companies that will give unlimited text,talk,and data for less ,and being that you are to immediately begin a work search ,this could be the one fair helping hand,IF!! Their wasn’t a catch the aforementioned 33$ is to be spent directly by dss for an anouloge phone with 300 minutes a month no long distance,no free incoming and anyone trying to get a job in this world knows the unwanted necessity of emails.The one time someone actually seemed interested in hiring me(without the implied agreement of going to their online “university “),was promptly hung up on at the end of my minutes.In case you are wondering these phones,or any upgrades you can beg,borrow or steal to get have built in assurance that free wi-fi is a no no ,funny the guys at work left out talking on the phone all day at the taxpayers expense out.It seems to me the guys at work just might have been talking about civil services,not social services.Their are plenty of hard working people willing to do what any of these dillatants that believe they should run around for a couple of hours a day and get paid for eight,or believe they shouldn’t spend money on gas,or lunch and have placards that read Yonkers parking authority,that don’t match the vehicle or area marked because why should they pay for parking,after all at least they still actually live in the city they so readily steal from.To find these people you only have to look ,where we are sent to earn our 300minutes phone time ,in what could only be someone’s sad idea of a joke we work side by side with civil service for supposedly 8hrs a day ,though I must admit they send us home in 4,they don’t mind that we watch them stand around watching them talk ,most of the time bragging about how little they do.But hey ,it’s nice to have something to hope for .All it takes is the right marriage, the right last name,and the rite friends.You can be in charge of people,without ever having been a person.Welcome to Yonkers,where nothing is on the level,but that’s because of the hills,wright?”If it don’t apply let it fly “

    1. Bottle and Can$$$$$$$$$

      Get dss get Medicaid workfare 12 hours a week get job off books live tax free. There is hundreds of people doing it join the club better medical than Fireman got just ask them.

  3. FOR THE GOOD OF THE JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of Course it is stealing !
    Why else would that crew be PARAMEDICS.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$ That’s why !
    Darcy wins again $$$$$$$
    Smartest guy ever.

  4. Outed By Their Own Deviousness

    How about the other three chief’s at the Federal Trough !
    Oink Oink Oink.
    Too bad James wasn’t a chief for this tax payer frenzy.
    Wait he already had his felonouis munch time.
    Thanks to Tony,Amicone, and Fat Billy.
    He lives another day.
    You have Disgraced us all.

  5. Grease the Pigs Up !

    Oh what a web we weave !
    You have no business being a paid Ff’er.
    In fact you have made a mockery of The City Of Yonkers.
    40 plus years old ! Criminal Mind.
    Guy , as long as you live in Yonkers when you are
    Appointed. RIGHT ?
    From day one you gamed the big Y.O.
    Now look !
    Just want to say a big Thanks…. a-hole.

  6. Michael Scissorhands

    Who you callin’ FATTY ?

    EDITOR’s NOTE: I have deleted your photo not to squelch you ability to express yourself, but to point out that you have posted this same photo many times. Its intent, such as I can comprehend, is tiring. Please consider giving your expression in future in words so that whatever your intent may be understood.

    Thanks for understanding…


  7. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    You have a great job and contract with top salaries and benefits (thank you stupid taxpayers) and yet some of you little bitches endlessly bitch and moan and viciously attack each other like preschoolers. You know who you are F–king Losers.

      1. OK GUY

        Hows your class going fatty? Better be prepared to account for your overtime slips. And that will be under oath lardo. Have a shitty night and life.

        1. Let the Cards Fall Where They May

          Fatzy Fitzpatrick is the original and only “Fatty” in the YFD. Better come up with another nickname.

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