Extremist McLaughlin Wants to Drag Parents to Court

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MIke Khader, Esq., practices law in the City of Yonkers.

MIke Khader, Esq., practices law in the City of Yonkers.

op-ed-b:w“After all the wasteful spending Extremist Liam McLaughlin has incurred over his twenty years in City Hall, he now wants to DRAG Yonkers parents to court because they failed to pay for school lunches. Since 72% of the students qualify for free lunch paid by the State, the problem seems to be poor oversight, and understaffing by school officials that was allowed under his time in the Yonkers City Council.

“Extremist McLaughlin has once again demonstrated he is out of touch with Yonkers citizens and doesn’t understand that not all Yonkers parents can afford to send their children to private schools. Instead of wasting Yonkers taxpayer money on mean spirited lawsuits, the solution should include outreach to hard working Yonkers families.

“As a public school parent and taxpayer, the Office of City Council President needs real leadership with compassion. The citizens of Yonkers deserve better representation with empathy, not a politician that uses Trumpian threats of lawsuits and bully tactics.”

eHeziExtremist McLaughlin Wants to Drag Parents to Court

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  1. chucky cheese and crooked mclaughlin

    The former city council president and current(soon to be former) city council president. They are much alike. Both raised taxes and were apart of the collapse of the Yonkers school system. Chucky isn’t even relevant in Yonkers politics, his time has long passed. Little Liam is washed up. He is only well known for shaking down the mayor to give jobs to close friends and family aka John Spencer and his two brothers

  2. Chucky Cheese

    Extremist is to have other people pay your bills. Only a democrat could come up with these extreme views to make working middles classes to pay for the bills of those who can’t pay. If you can’t afford the kid then don’t have them.

  3. Bill Nuckel

    Yks. BoE has not revised their transportation plan since it was initiated in the ’80s. They will spend close to $36 million this year on busing. Even the BoE trustees believe they can save $14-$16 million with a change to transportation. Since the Mayor has oversight of the BoE it is his responsibility to make sure they are “running”effectively and efficiently but if he did he would not have a platform for Albany nor a soap box for election day.

  4. The Spencer Family

    Kathy Spencer- 130k as the chief of staff to Piggy McLaughlin
    John Spencer- Former Mayor and Current Crook who scored a 90k no show contract with the city of Yonkers

    Fat Spano should cut that loser John Spencer’s contract. He is a nobody who doesn’t have a pot to piss in.

    They haven’t paid property taxes to the city in a while and now their home is in foreclosure. All the money they make on the tax payer dollars, they can’t even afford to pay taxes. Liam should be ashamed of himself for surrounding himself with the slimiest people of Yonkers- Kathy and John Spencer.

    1. Karma

      It’s a shame that any family would have to be put in this situation but you have to think – with all the years of service in Yonkers, between the both of them, $3 million is a good estimate of how much the taxpayers paid them. What happened to the financial planning?
      Maybe, “what you do comes back to you.”

      1. Give it a Restiano

        What about all that fiscal conservatism? I guess that was only for others. How could a fiscal republican conservative do this? I guess he’ll blame Albany on this just like he did when he underfunded the schools system, gave raises to all in every other dept and bloated every other agency in the City to this day.
        Lame is also responsibe so is Chuck, SpaNO, AmIcon, and lets not forget Martinelli and Restiano.

  5. Yonkers conservatives

    Liam is a pig. He is only good at running his mouth. Taxes has gone up so much throughout his tenure and he thinks he stands for conservative values. He only stands for what is good for his and his friends pockets. John spencer who was mayor of Yonkers 300 years ago scores a nice big contract. We should drag them to court


      Speaking of Spencer and Spring (who created Frankenstein McLaughlin), they are being booted out of their house on Kingston Ave in FORECLOSURE and after having stiffed the COY for over $40,000 in real estate taxes.

      Can’t afford to pay their mortgage even though she makes about $130,000 in McLaughlin’s office, he makes about $65,000 in a virtual no show job in City Hall, thanks to Dumbo Spano and he gets approx. $100,000 in pension from his time as mayor (hard to believe that a loser like him became mayor).

      Close to $300,000 per year in money from the public and they lost their house and screwed us for back taxes.


  6. Heard it before

    Mr Khader it seems in your mind that you the solution to what is the problem within the Yonkers school system as it relates to the lunch program but unfortunately Mr. Khader you appear to be another in a long line of wanna -be politicians who all of a sudden have the answers and solutions to all the problems that trouble Yonkers and who come out of the woodwork months before election time but have not uttered a sound about these problems which have been around for a while-election time brings out the windbags like you who once your ass is kicked crawl back into your hibernation cave and go to sleep until the next election cycle .

  7. Sing Sign

    Liam ask your brother about the food he ate for years. You know there are a lot of convicted felons on the city payroll didn’t you get him a nice job on city payroll? Try the Shepards pie.

  8. Liam

    This is a low blow this will ruin your career children are always off limits illegals or legal it don’t matter have a nice day.

  9. Mo Taxes

    Look lets cut through all of the political rhetoric. If you have a kid you are responsible for it and not the friggin taxpayer. If you can’t afford to feed it and cloth it then don’t have it. It’s as simple as that.
    I could never agree with Liam on most things, in this case he is right. Actually a list should be published of all scofflaws.
    If you don’t pay your property taxes the city publishes a list and puts a lien on your house. Why is this any different.

    This is another reason why taxes are high because working people are paying for other peoples lives. When I went to school way back there was no free lunches or breakfasts, no free anything. There were no school nurses or psychologists and the school was run by a principle and vice principle with 1 or 2 office workers. Now it’s a whole friggin office block. My parents (plural) were responsible for me. It’s time to go back to that way of living.
    The nanny state is way out of control.
    As for Khader, is he a DemocRAT? Must be because he’s advocating for higher taxes. Perhaps he can pay for all the “childrens” lunches.

    1. Lame

      There is no accountability in most schools when it comes to who gets billed and when. I for 1 cannot get an answer as to how/ when we got billed for kids lunches when the child has allergies and won’t take school lunches period – we pack a nut free lunch and snacks as usual no response as to how she was billed and who did this. Why would I waste my time arguing over a $16 bill when we have been robbed by water dept of $$$$’S since we moved and they incorrectly billed us. Again no response from COY.

  10. Lola

    Educator- I’m an educator and I work at Head Start program. Have you visted the homes of your students? I have. Twice a year, as a matter of fact. For you to complain about the parents not sending food with their children as oppose to getting free school lunch, is very ignorant to say. These families are extremely poor. They don’t receive welfare, childcare subsidy, or any type of housing program. They can’t. The very little they manage to scrap up, they do so by taking jobs Americans refuse to do,
    gets them By barely.

    We’re talking about FOOD. I am more Outrage that the BOE is over
    Charging the families for food I wouldn’t feed to my dogs.

    So no they cannot send their kids with lunch to school because they won’t
    Have any food avalaible for dinner, if they did. As a matter of fact, sometimes parents ask me to save the left over so they can have a meal during the weekend.

    1. Working hard

      Lola as you looked the around the house I am sure you overlooked the expensive i-phones headphones , i-pads and all the other electronic devices in the house not to mention the large screen tv-if your so concerned why dont you have extra money taken out of your paycheck to help this flounering family-I am tired of working 16-17 hrs a day to listen to flaming liberals like you.

      1. Lame

        I’m sure Lola is taking the extreme but how come when I stand at local grocery store I constantly see WIC cards and designer clothes bags etc. we work and considered middle class – catch a grip Lola
        A lot work off books for cash while we pay for them hook line and sinker- spamo and his buddies are fleecing us

      2. Lola works hard too

        Working hard- Let me say this politely, “Go Fuck Yourself”. Typical Trump supporter, bitter and salty, because they have to “work hard”.
        Damn cry babies! Get over it! Your job come With benefits. I’m sure there’s mobility. Be thankful you have a job!

        Now, let’s talk about the homes I visited. Yes, there were iPhones & Samsungs. I know this because the older child was using it to work on study island for homework. You’re also right about the big screen TV!!! I know this because it was the one I donated, a Sony 52in Wega TV. While donated, the family had to incur the cost of getting basic family cable so their little ones can watch tv. Their clothes all second-hand donated by fellow teachers and church.

        The only govt help these families received is Foodstamps and Medical coverage. Two things you can’t deny an animal because it would be considered animal cruelty, food and medical attention.

        As a matter of fact, why don’t you look for a head start program in Yonkers and ask
        if you can volunteer? These programs are federally funded and its TRANSPARENT! You are allowed to see what is being done with your precious coins.

        I can’t believe that in Yonkers we are now fighting over school lunch money! Y’all quick to go after the less fortunate but won’t dare challenge Spano about the no-show jobs & the friends & family network of patronage, paying big bucks!

        Please….. get yourself together and
        Ask What Would Jesus Do!!!

    2. Enough

      As far as free lunch goes, they don’t even need a social security. Some students get dropped off in escalades and Mercedes and they take advantage of the free lunch program. I’ve seen it all. If we didn’t have the burden of all these illegals, we would have a surplus for our legal population. Enough is enough!

    3. Dave

      I am very worried about the type of education the children in the COY are receiving. If you are one of the educators in this city, than these kids are in big trouble. You really should learn to write properly before you take a job teaching our youth. How does the COY hire people that can not write a proper sentence? This comment has nothing to do with your views.
      PLEASE, quit and allow a more qualified person the job.

  11. Concerned Republicans of Yonkers

    Liam has no problem finding it in the budget to give pathetic contracts to washed up- recycled politicians like that old hag John Spencer. Spencer is a has been. When it comes to patronage for close friends and family Liam has no problem funding. I say lets drag that crook Liam to court. I voted for you last time, this time around I would rather vote for Mickey Mouse. You disgust me.

  12. Educator

    The problem is that we have so many illegal immigrants that have no form of ID to fill out the application. As a person who works in the schools, I can tell you first hand that we feed many illegal children. It’s sad. Parents won’t even send them with lunch from home. Tax payers are carrying the burden for these parents. I think we are at a point where cities can no longer as its citizens for more money.

    1. Liam is the tax man

      taking parents to court is wrong. Since when does Liam care about tax payers? The rise in illegal children registered in YPS is something he allowed.

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