Authorities Advise Lip Service Won’t Do; Federal and State Authorities Investigate Whether Yonkers Adhered to Grant Funding Stipulations

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The Hezitorial Telling of Alleged Theft of Taxpayer’s Funds

Funds Granted and Authorized by New York State and Federal Governments to Benefit Yonkers Come Under Investigation for Allegedly NOT Adhering to Their Stipulated Intent and Purpose(s)

Yonkers City Hall Refuses to Respond to Inquiry Over Whether City Agencies and Department’s Complied with Stipulations for Funding Grants; Yonkers City Hall and Yonkers Board of Education Auditor Nick DeSantis Has Yet to Return Telephone Inquiry of Him at His Home and Business Telephone Contact

Law Enforcement Agencies Review Conduct of Governance by Yonkers Mayor’s John Spencer, Phil Amicone, and Michael Spano for Integrity and Proof of Grants Funding Expenditures

At Issue is Whether Federal and State Grants Were Disbursed in Compliance to Specific Stipulations and Guidelines or Morphed Into and for Other Not Approved Purposes

State and Federal Authorities Question How Funds Were Spent; Who Scrutinized the Funds; and Question Why Funds are Either Unaccounted or Have Gone Missing

Yonkers City Hall Will Warn Everyone to Disburse, that There is no Problem or Issue. They will Contend its Rumor and Nothing More. Yonkersites Know the Facts, the Coverups, and the Truth


Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — February 17, 2017 — It seems Yonkers City Hall is under investigation for its alleged misconduct over the disbursement of Federal and New York State grants. Yonkers City Hall can’t seem to prove its integrity of effort as requested of them by higher authority. Inquiry and scrutiny of the three most recent Yonkers Mayors John Spencer, Phil Amicone, and Michael Spano is underway.

Some people remember the destruction suffered years ago throughout the metropolitan region and specifically the Yonkers Waterfront. There was one very highly visible circumstance regarding a failed business owner and developer that filed with FEMA to rebuild his business. While awaiting federal funding, the businessman relegated his subsidiaries unaffected due to their distance from his destroyed operation in Yonkers to compensate the local operation’s inability to operate, maintain, and serve his business clients. It took quite a while for FEMA to make the operation of the Yonkers business operation to gain the infusion of funds to make the operation whole. Instead of using the funds as stipulated, people in the know assert the funds were received but were not used to resurrect the operation to function, he instead chose to close his shop and abscond with the FEMA grant funds. The businessman thought he got away with it however that is seemingly not the case.

Yonkers Tribune has learned that similar financial crises due to a lack of governmental oversight, despite the constant use of the term “transparency”, will soon reveal the misuse of taxpayer funds that the City of Yonkers did not allegedly scrutinize as they are demanded to do upon acceptance of such funds.

Which also begs the question what other departments and/or agencies have not abided by the stipulations that govern their accepting the funds. Why are funds not divulged to the public in Yonkers, specifying their purpose, rationale, and efficacy of the expenditure prior to the disbursement and a public vetting to reassess its success or lack thereof thereafter?

Yonkersites are fully aware of the alleged “theft of services” that have undermined the City of Yonkers for generations. It may be best for Yonkers’ City Hallers to ‘fess up before they individually and collectively find themselves thrown behind bars.

Will the Federal and New York State governments clean out the riff raff? It doesn’t seem as though Yonkers has the will or interest to scrutinize itself. Even so, that day may visit Yonkers sooner rather than later. Stay tuned!

eHeziAuthorities Advise Lip Service Won’t Do; Federal and State Authorities Investigate Whether Yonkers Adhered to Grant Funding Stipulations

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    Hezi, I cannot believe it.
    Yonkers Firemen stealing from the Federal’s.
    Spencer, Amicone, and now Spano.
    There is something very rotten in Yonkers

  2. I am not a crook

    Federal Grant Money for a Non-Existent PARAMEDIC program.

    Do you know who is talking ?
    Not around here. It’s way too hot.
    In a very nice cool place

    1. Tommy the Soldierboy

      Now that guy needs to spend on a new wardrobe he has been wearing the same clothes since his troops turned on him a haircut to wouldn’t hurt just go to a pro and pay for it not from some shoemaker.

  3. Frozen Funds

    Nothing like your debit and bank accounts frozen 👮🏿👮🏿👮🏿👮🏿👮🏿👮🏿👮🏿👮🏿👮🏿🕵🏻🕵🏻🕵🏻🕵🏻

      1. Ice offices renting in welfare building

        Nice sanctuary city where are all those friends and family and don’t forget those cheap fireman and cops gonna get to run all there jobs and who gunna rent them slumlords buildings and there 31 family private houses lol


    What aah LIAR,
    Justin Case is trying to shut down the comments.
    I say will the defendant please rise, is more of
    who JUSTIN CASE is.

  5. Justin Case

    Ok… So, I’ve been subpoenaed to give a deposition in reference to comments I have made here in the past alleging knowledge of certain Confidential Information. (Info that was WELL ABOVE my pay grade!)
    Apparently your email is confidential here, but NOT your IP ADDRESS!!

    No written reference to the tribune, but next to my name on the document, it says “aka : Justin Case”. Never have I used that handle ANYWHERE ELSE!

    Yes boys and girls…. Soon who I am will be WELL KNOWN. And I am assuming a good amount of others whom post here will as well…

    One thing I can assure everyone of is this…. It is do to “Accessing the site known as “The Yonkers Tribune” via a COY teledevice during working hours”.

    Good luck to all!
    I’m spilling beans like a mob rat! I don’t give a FUCK! Especially when seeing those SICKENING Salaries on the same day I get served!!!


    Time for ALL to Lawyer up!

  6. No shortage of funds here

    The top 2016 earners were:

    • David Dronzek, assistant fire chief, $285,382.99

    • Robert Capurso, assistant fire chief, $266,848.30

    • John Darcy, assistant fire chief, $266,374.21

    • Timothy Fitzpatrick, assistant fire chief, $263,952.25

    • Richard Ruyack, police lieutenant, $255,736.41

    • Daniel Higgins, police officer, $253,759.86

    • Edward Nehrebecki, fire captain, $250,690.32

    • Michael Simone, fire captain, $250,616.07

    • Michael Murphy, police captain, $250,489.06

    • Frederick Hellthaler, police captain, $248,932.43

  7. It'stime

    Gotta love the yO. Spanclan is as trashy as trash comes. City clerk brother does blow off his desk. Mayor Mikey doing his aide with no respect for his family. Fat nick lining his pockets with corrupt proceeds as usual from city contacts – quid pro quo get it ? Countless nephews cousins got Dpw jobs. All the wives and sisters turn to the bottle for solace. And we pay the price. When will the spano cancer end ?

      1. Time will tell

        3 assistant fire chiefs make $260,000 and a lot of that overtime was made by being in a paramedic class funded with a federal grant. Capurso Darcy and Fitzpatrick all were in the paramedic class. Imagine taking a class to become a paramedic when none of them at that level would ever use those skills in Yonkers. But they apparently got a ton of overtime. Mike Spano knew about the scam and he did nothing about it. It’s was his payoff to Darcy.

        1. Spano pays off Darcy with Federal Grant money

          Seems like that’s a CRIME. I heard that both unions informed Spano and his commissioner and they did nothing about it. Even the Inspector General did nothing. They’ll all go down.

    1. Enough of The Lies Already

      Not as bad as the civil servants who use trust,
      and insider connections, to hurt and steal from the tax payers and
      their co-workers.
      Just ask Chief J. Flynn about all the cheating that goes on in
      his work place. Bribing and stealing of state exams.
      How about disabilities 3/4’s. ?
      The Spano’s are nothing compared to the Darcy’s

  8. It is The Federals Fault for Not Watching The Candy Store. Period !

    How dare the Federal Government look into the books.
    The Federal Government is to blame for trusting.
    Where do the fed’s get off suddenly demanding accountability ?
    Next thing you know the justice department will be interviewing.
    We cannot believe that they dare !
    I mean it is obviously their fault ! Right ?

  9. And these dopes actually thought about running for County

    And some of them actually thought maybe even Governor one day. They sit around listening to themselves and agreeing with each other. The only place north of Yonkers this crew is heading to is fenced in.

  10. Quid Pro Spanquo

    The Feds have been looking very closely at how Nick and John and Jim and their surrogates have been shaking down businesses, developers, vendors, ,contractors, suppliers and others who do business in the City and with the City. It’s like a following a sticky wad of gum. Preet is going to chew them up.

  11. Face it !

    Everybody knows it just a matter of time till it gets exposed or the guilty blame it on you even if your clean. Hold on its about to get bumpy hide that cash if you can trust them. Those College Educated boys that have been going up and down the stairs are going to take it to the next level let’s see who snitches first ⏳⏳⏳💰💰💰💰💰💰💰⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖⚖

  12. Losers

    Most of these comments are from the same few losers.

    Joe spezio (crook)
    Mike Maier (2x loser)
    Bill knuckle (enough said)
    Barry Mcgoey

    One day just one day you clowns may run and actually win something. Till then, keep enjoying the few from the cheap seats.

    Hezi, keep printing your fake news. This is why you are being sued. More lawsuits to follow. Lawyer up

    1. Thanks for your input Vin

      You and your wife and half of the rest of you losers should start looking for real jobs. Times running up. And for some of you you’ll be counting down the time.

    2. Huh?

      Don’t you just love the irony. Darcy disgraces himself in public by assaulting a fellow firefighter and is eventually fired for his actions, and yet he’s suing Hezi for defamation. If Darcy had any class or decency, he’d disappear up his own ass and give us all a break. Instead he’s accusing someone of making his shitty reputation even shittier and wants $2 million in compensation because his feelings were hurt. That’s the Yonkers way.

      As far as I can tell, the only fake news in Yonkers is coming from City Hall – bullshit PR pieces by overblown egos in the Spano admin who think they’re clever because of their six-figure taxpayer-funded salaries. Christina Gilmartin, for example, is Spano’s Chief of Communications, but she can barely string a sentence together. I’ve heard her on numerous occasions – she’s an incoherent mess. And this is Spano’s Director of Communications. She earns a nice salary on our dime, though – $120,000 in 2016 – to tell us how rosy and safe and wonderful Yonkers is. That’s your real fake news.

      And then there’s that “Yonkers in 60” drivel that Spano puts out on Twitter. I wonder which rising star in the Spano admin came up with this gem. If you haven’t seen these videos then you’re in for a treat. The fat man himself sits behind his desk and talks nonsense for a minute about how wonderful Yonkers is – more fake news.

      As to the commenter, you’re either a Spano shill or a lackey, or worse – one of the countless inbred Spanos sucking from the public teat, but under the mistaken impression that you’ve actually accomplished anything on your own rather than through lying and cheating. Give yourself a pat on the back. Yonkers has become a byword for corruption and most of its residents think of their own city as a cesspool.

      You Spanos are all too familiar with lawyers, what with felon big brother Nick Spano. Mikey will have his day in court soon enough. The wheel of fortune may turn slowly, but it most assuredly turns, just as day follows night. Lawyer up, you crooks. You’re going to get yours.

    3. Hillsonhills

      Joe spezio should worry about his new scam mt. Vernon and stop commenting on this Yonkers site, only a matter of time before he gets ran out of mt Vernon like he did to Yonkers #hispanicsmatter

  13. Yonkers has been corrupt for years

    Yonkers has been corrupt for years but these Spano’s are the worst. And Liam the clown and the blind monkeys on the city council are guilty as sin too.

    It’s time to drain the swamp of yonkers once and for all. Starting with Liam and then with the rest of the garbage on the council and in the mayors office.

    1. City of Hills

      That is a Bold Ludicrous statement.
      The worst-izers ever-est !
      Dude ! That is nothing compared to Spencer !
      Dude ! That is nothing compared to Amicone !
      All you needed was a bag of mo money.

  14. Shell game

    How many City agencies “rent” space in buildings rehabbed using IDA funds? A sure way to guarantee a building is occupied and avoid scrutiny of IDA deals. Just shift the funds from one City agency to another to give the appearance that IDA funded projects are achieving a grant’s goals. And don’t forget to funnel any ill-gotten gains into developing the waterfront and the pie in the sky Chicken Island ballpark.
    It would take Preet two lifetimes to unearth all of the corruption in Yonkers.

  15. Spanomores united

    Many of the people who have been screwed by the Spano’s over the years are joining forces in Spanomore United. Our members are many and some of us are still under the circus tent. The revelations about the misuse of federal and state grants to BOE and COY are just the beginning. Hold onto your fat rolls boys because your house of joker cards is about to collapse.

  16. We're coming for you Spandicks and Lamers

    Hold onto your dirty whore mistresses guys. You all cheat in personal relationships and business dealings. Time to get CAUGHT.

  17. Somber

    Yonkers is the worst! Sell your home. Oh, the city even has a hostage tax, pathetic. Mt Vermom and YO both are coming closer together.

  18. Dirty stinking SpanoRATS

    These crooks have created a paper and money trail that can’t be wiped clean and will lead them right to the big house.

  19. BS Caller

    Grants, especially disaster grants and more importantly grants from FEMA and NYS are reimbusement grants. This means the City lays out the money and has to complete several audits to be reimbursed. What these agencies put the City through to be reimbursed almost wishes you never agreed to the grant in the first place. They City is still waiting for money from Hurricane Irene which was six years ago. Never mind Hurricane Sandy….The premise of this story is ridiculous and it’s completely made up. I could see the regular taxpayer reading this nonsense and start to ask questions. Rest assured, there’s a lot of hard work involved in applying and being approved for these grants. City labor works hard to do the work. Do you know how much work needed to be done after a disaster like Sandy. Mostly by City employees, including YPD and YFD. Nobody is running around with Grant money. It just doesn’t work that way. Sorry.

    1. Wrong.

      You sound like you have a clue but you don’t. If what you say is true then you should welcome and investigation and full disclosure.

      1. JOHNNY CASH says "I See The Train a Coming"

        It does sound as if: a “GUILTY PARTY” is trying to deflect from
        Could this be the lawsuit disgraced former comish ?
        All about the Benjamins
        Expose the Swindlers

    2. Stealing you Tax Dolla

      Wasn’t Darcy involved in a lot of this, when he was chief of operations ?
      $$$ Federal Grants $$$
      Wasn’t Darcy involved in Yonkers Fire Operations during the last
      Hurricane. He, and Chief Capurso, spent a week on Federal Grant Money doing their overtime on Long Island.
      Commissioner Sweeny had to put a stop to it when he realized the scam.
      What else has been done while no one was watching ?
      Check all Grants ! A-lllllllll of them….

    3. Shackles

      ^^^^^Spano flunky. Probably has a GED just like 90% of the Span clan. If he actually was smart he would know that ANY federal funds and grants are always subject to audit and review – regardless whether they were reimbursements or funding grants. Good luck Dummy. Spanclan are real dopes.

      1. BS Caller

        Schakles: Exactly. You confirmed point, thank you. Grants are not open checkbooks. They are probably the most vetted and scrutinized source of funding for governmen. Nobody is stealing any money idiot.

        Wrong: No. I’m right. There’s more back up for Grants than an investigator could handle.

        Darcy and YFD misused Grant money during Hurricane Sandy? I have a house in Long Beach and guess what you ass…..YFD was the City of Long Beach’s Fire Depaetment for weeks they covered Long Beach, because our FD was WIPED OUT.

        All the same crap, it doesn’t matter who the Mayor is. They’re crooked thieves getting rich. Then do something about it. Get off you ass and runn for election. Otherwise, shut you mouth. That incuded the shit starter ‘editor’ of the rag.

  20. #preetbharara

    Hezi you should FB Twitter and Instagram this and your other corruption stories and tag and hashtag preet bharara.
    This way in case he is not investigating Yonkers he or his office will see the allegations me perhaps investigate. You can bet he has at least 1 staff member who scours social media keeping track of him and his office

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