Fire Protection Issue in SW Yonkers – Community Forum at YWCA – Tuesday, February 7, 2017 @ 7:00pm

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Community Forum to Discuss Fire Protection in Southwest Yonkers

YFD MEeting -feb 7, 2017

YONKERS, NY — February 6, 2017 — After many years of neglect, Fire Station 1 on New School Street was condemned and closed on June 5, 2015. For the past 20 months the residents of Southwest Yonkers have not had their neighborhood firehouse across from Chicken Island. The Fire Department’s only Rescue Company that was housed in Station 1 is now almost 3 miles away.

A Rescue Company is a specialized fire apparatus staffed by highly trained and experienced firefighters that respond to fires and other potential rescue incidents that require unique equipment and training. The main purpose of the Rescue Company is to rescue trapped or injured civilians and firefighters.

Although the Southwest section of the City has historically had the highest number of incidents of fires and the most deadly fires, the Rescue Company has been relocated to the other side of the City. “Plans” to rebuild the firehouse near Chicken Island are progressing at a snail’s pace. To date, not even “plans or designs” have been finalized for a replacement firehouse.

The residents of Southwest Yonkers have been invited to attend the first in a series of community forums Tuesday night at the YWCA on South Broadway in Yonkers to learn more about this critical deficiency in fire and life protection in their neighborhoods. This series of community forums is being organized and hosted by IAFF Local 628 and UFOA, the organizations that represent almost 450 Yonkers Firefighters and Fire Officers.

Elected officials and the Media will be invited to attend this and future community forums to join the discussion and hopefully propose solutions to this crisis.

eHeziFire Protection Issue in SW Yonkers – Community Forum at YWCA – Tuesday, February 7, 2017 @ 7:00pm

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