Mayor Mike Spano’s Assertions to Protect Life, Limb and Property Proven Nothing More Than Empty Words with Respect to Replacing the 21-Months Ago Condemned Fire Station 1 Formerly Situated at School Street

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Red Truth

The Red Truth Hezitorial

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Firehouse Station 1 was designated condemned and closed within 24 hours on Friday, June 5, 2015. The 88-year old structure which had housed two companies was deemed structurally unsound, summarily condemned. It was emptied with 24 hours. The promised but long-delayed necessity to protected the most densely populated district in The City of Yonkers has been eviscerated because the prudently located fire stations and their specific capacity to save lives, limbs, and property by the very equipment and personnel that defined them is no longer func ironing. A cohesive and effective infrastructure of firehouses no longer exists because they can no longer function to serve neighborhoods in a remedy manner. A response time of 3 minutes when Station 1 was in operation, may now take 10 to 15 minutes when there is no traffic at 11 o’clock at night and during commuting hours may delay response time to ½ an hour. The necessary equipment for high-storied rescue is now situated miles from the community that most needs it, not the single and two-family structure that dot Yonkers East Side. The Resuce truck is now parked across Yonkers Raceway.

Yonkers Fire Station 1, situated at 5-7 School Street, Yonkers, NY 10701 has been condemned and awaits to be replaced 21 months since it was closed.

Yonkers Fire Station 1, situated at 5-7 School Street, Yonkers, NY 10701, has been condemned and awaits to be replaced 21 months since it was closed.

Southwest Yonkers is the most vulnerable district in the entire city. It suffers the greatest loss of life, the most number of dislocated people due to fire, and property that is least resistant to fire due to the the old housing stock, the closeness of the structures to one another, and the lack of fire mitigating systems, such as sprinkler systems, electrical systems that are quickly overloaded and prone to fire be of use beyond capacity due to use of space heaters, air-conditioners, among other uses that exceed electrical systems capacity.

Southwest Yonkers is represented by Christopher Johnson, District 1, and Corazon Pineda-Issac, District 2. District 1 is designated an African-American opportunity district, while District 2 represents a predominately Hispanic populace. Both districts have been deficiently represented by their Yonkers City Councilmembers due to their silence and lack of leadership in giving voice to the constituencies they are tasked to represent. Neither they, nor Minority Leader Michael Sabatino, District 3, have divulged the public’s concern in deference to the dire safety requirements of the people they had sworn to represent. The silence among the elected officials who represent the most marginalized communities of the City of Yonkers puts into question their purpose, capacity, and responsibility to the electorate which they swore to represent and interests they promised to express.

Were it not for the leadership taken by the International Association of Fire Fighters – Yonkers Local 628, the dire threat to lives, limbs, and property would continue to gain little notice. Yonkers Fire Fighters continue to focus on the issue of respecting people of every culture, ancestry, house of worship, age, gender, economic circumstance, sexual orientation, political perspective, or financial wherewithal. Neither fire, nor Yonkers Fire Fighters discriminate. Yonkersites can trust and be comforted by Yonkers Fire Fighters’ unswerving focus and resolve to protect all lives, limbs, and property when so many other centers of power have long ago abandoned their purpose to serve they people they are asked to serve to the best of their capacity.

The looming 2017 campaign trail has already begun, some expressed while others are obliquely spoken about. Every elected official, and those that vie for elected office must attend to the needs of Southwest Yonkers in support of a quick and purposeful rebuilding of a replacement for Yonkers Fire Station 1 and the equipment that it must be capable of housing so as to best serve the entire city. Words expressed with heart, resolve, integrity, and consistent and unwavering resolve to bring about the necessary replacement of Fire Station 1 in order to resurrect the one-time well positioned infrastructure of firehouses and equipment that served the entire city effectively and in a timely manner.

This is not a time for silence. Yonkers Fire Fighters are making the rounds to make people aware of this dire concern. They began their effort by presenting the concerns of every resident in Yonkers by reaching out to disparate, yet equally concerned people at the Yonkers Women’s Catholic Association (YWCA), to the Hudson River Community Association (HRCA), and the Nepperhan Community Center (NCC), among many more they will reach out to. They do so on their days off, offering some snacks and water to satisfy people’s hunger after a long day at work, and digging into their personal funds to bring the importance for their safety to them, so that they may remind their elected representatives. The issue of lives, limbs, and properties in Yonkers must be immediately be funded, engaging the Yonkers Fire Commissioner Sweeney, the Yonkers Fire Fighters, community interests, and stakeholders, with respect to the city’s needs recognized so long ago, that is, to return to center stage today the dire needs of all Yonkersites for demanding quick remedy within days to mitigate future concerns tomorrow.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has the opportunity to give voice to the needs of the people he has sworn to serve, and must further direct the Yonkers City Council to move toward approving and cementing the financial capacity of the city to fund the replacement of Fire Station 1 on the periphery of Chicken Island and the corner of School Street with timely purpose and effort.

Must residents die because Fire Fighters are too far away from serving all sections of the city’s residents? Must people be removed from their homes by fire in order for this concern to be mitigated? It is best to move on rebuilding Fire Station 1 than await a death or deaths with feigned pain, agony, and despair.

Are prudent, pragmatic, and benevolent response unwarranted? How so?

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has run out of excuses since none are valid no matter how this concern may be judged

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eHeziMayor Mike Spano’s Assertions to Protect Life, Limb and Property Proven Nothing More Than Empty Words with Respect to Replacing the 21-Months Ago Condemned Fire Station 1 Formerly Situated at School Street

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  1. Ywampers

    With the salaries they all make it’s time for to drain that swamp.
    GPS trackers on all city vehicles and have an independent auditor examine. Millions in savings I tell you millions .

  2. Angry Blog Boy; because you are Exposed by This Site

    Hezi, Bless you for letting us know all !!!!
    Must have hit the nail on the head.
    Whats a matter ? “Can’t Hide Anymore” ?

  3. Justin Case

    God forbid the fucking FF’s TAKE CARE of the cities property!!
    You don’t have to chop holes in a roof for it to fall in! Just check and CLEAN THE DRAINS as needed!
    A window or door hinge loose,?…. Get a fkn SCREWDRIVER!
    Door stuck,…. WD-40!
    Toilets leak?… ADJUST THEM!!

    But the REAL REASON that building was “Condemned”…..
    They were taking pictures of Mikeys people dumping in Chicken Island!
    As soon as the “City” was forced to act on the illegal dumping, a week later they shut that place down!
    Check the archives… 10 days later. 😉

    1. Dick Tracy

      Yes that whole area was under surveillance by outside agencies. They also sent a very strong message to a city employee with a camera and tinted windows Hyundai.

  4. Several fed teams are all over it

    The feds have been combing through all of Yonkers grants for the past decade or so at FEMA and other agencies in DC. Nick DeSantis has been very helpful in complying with the Yonkers financial documents the Feds have demanded of his firm. No need for a swarm of blue windbreakers carrying boxes out of City Hall. All of the evidence needed is in electronic format and on secure Zip drives. Happy Day will be Here Again.

    1. Dick Tracy

      I hope so but don’t believe it but no results and the scams still go on they don’t care I don’t know who is protecting the guilty going on 3 years I have lost hope and just don’t care anymore and moved on.

  5. Hezi , Please Give Us Your Contact Info Again.

    Could you please give us your private email. The last two three four commissioners. A few of us are retired but hang around the gossipers.
    You’d be surprised at what is talked about.
    You will be very surprised.
    It is You or “Him”. Hezi.
    Govt Grant $$$$$$$$$$$$
    You will be very surprised.

    1. Post
    2. Post
  6. You gotta be in it to win it

    Funny how the fat man and his minions move at lightning speed to build all of those private hotels in our fair City of Shills. But when it comes to public infrastructure like schools and station houses and parks and decent roads…

    If you firefighters want to change something, then get one of your own on the City Council. Run against Pineda, for example. She’s a know-nothing, do-nothing who hasn’t accomplished anything during time on the Council (perhaps because she’s been too busy having two kids during her tenure as others below have noted). Johnson is moderately more accomplished, but not much so.

    There’s no God-given rule that says that the only people with a law degree or a real estate background can run for City Council.

  7. Should of spoke up about the roof 10 years back

    Like you firefighters really care you don’t live anywhere close to Yonkers just your cash cow shut the fuck up. Go away .

    1. Post
    2. Any zip code but one that starts with 107...

      Nope! We live elsewhere but still deserve adequate equipment & facilities. Check numerous other stations/precincts. The level of neglect borders on criminal. It’s a shame I have to work in this godforsaken city, I shouldn’t have to be subjected to it’s disgusting surroundings

      We DON’T care. We are simply looking for newer equipment & facilities. Additionally, once we get the rescue back on the south side, we’re going to rile up the east side residents to get ANOTHER rescue & increase our manpower. Keep working & pay those taxes. My car needs new tires with all the mileage I put on them living elsewhere.

    3. Earl

      Hey I love living here, born and raised. I’m a Yonkers FF, Lice, eat, play here. Even if I didn’t live here, do I not love this city?? Lame argument

  8. I Believe In Yonkers

    Hmmm – Let’s see now. Back in August of 2015, Mayor Spano committed to the public that a New Fire Station 1 – Fire Headquarters would be built, with architectural plans in place and a developer contracted by the end of 2015. Well that didn’t happen.

    Then, word got out that the RFP for the New Fire Station 1 – Fire Headquarters called for the new building to be built on the grounds of the former Longfellow Junior High School on Seymour Street in the Hollows. Well that didn’t happen.

    Then word got out that the original RFP was scrapped and a new RFP was to have been created by the COY, to have the New Fire Station 1 – Fire Headquarters built on the corner of Palisades Avenue and Elm Street. Well no word on that every happening

    Then word got out that, as part of the Downtown Development Project, there was talk concerning reactivating Engine Company 301 and having it quartered at the New Fire Station 1 – Fire Headquarters. Well no word on that one either.

    Bottom Line – ZERO Communication from the Mayor’s Office or from any one of the Councilman tied to that area of the city, regarding any of this. This on top of ZERO Communication as well, from the same (and prior) city administration as to the where-a-bouts of the MISSING $3,000,000.00 put aside for the Ridge Hill Fire House and when that “promised” (as agreed upon and part of the Ridge Hill Site Development Project) will happen

    1. Out Where the Buses Don't Run

      And not a peep from the Journal News that is more worried about filling their “local newspapers” and website with more and more over sized pics of the Tappan Zee bridge project every day, ad nauseum. . Not LOL….where are the local council members and who is chairing their public safety committee???

  9. Out Where the Buses Don't Run

    Both YFD Unions should hire their own independent engineer to evaluate the HQ structure. The city had planned on conveying it to developers going all the way back to the early 70’s when a retail mall was envisioned by DelBello and this is still the case with the RFP results that they are sitting on but won’t release to the public. .so they were not about to throw money into a building that was to be demolished anyway… Remember when the School District said Commerce HS had to be knocked down and was absolutely beyond rehab which somehow came to fruition. Same b.s. story about the 87 Nepperhan city hall annex.

  10. renter

    Station 1 is not the only building in this city that’s gone to shit. It has taken years of neglect and dollars diverted to the friends and family club. Just look at the schools, other FD buildings, PD buildings. How about reporting how much its costing renting buildings for city departments rather than city owned buildings.


    Word is Darcy did not want to relocate Fire Headquarters back in
    Its old local.
    So he found a city engineer he could “bamboozel”.
    Then– who opened the roof ? up to the elements?
    Hezzi someone chopped holes in the buildings roof.
    This has caused most of the buildings damage from the rain.
    This is beyond negligence . All under D’Arcy !

  12. longtime

    I echo Curious comment both the YFD and the COY were both asleep at the wheel which is normal in this city-both sides are too engrossed in reading their press clippings and drinking their cool aid.

  13. Curious

    Seems that the current FD and Mayoral administration are sitting on this for sure. Hezi, my curiosity is what did past YFD and mayoral administrations do that led to the deterioration of this building. You say it is 100 years old. It didn’t just fall apart the day before it closed. Did they let it fall into disrepair over the last 10 or 20 years.

    1. Post
      Hezi Aris

      It is total neglect. It need not have come to the point of being condemned if funds were allocated to maintain it. AN easy 5-10 more years until a replacement could have first been built. then again, that would take planning.

    2. Post
      Hezi Aris

      I believe it was exactly 88 years old when it was condemned. Money was foolishly allocated elsewhere rather than to recognize Station 1 was integral to the connected infrastructure to protect life and limb and property.q

  14. What's the City Council's position in this?

    Awful quiet out of the council chambers. Haven’t heard one word from any of them about this issue in almost 2 years. Has Liam or the 2 councilmen who represent the area have anything to say? Johnson and Sabatino are about as useless as they come. Liam is so far up Mike Spano’s ass he only does or says what he’s told. It’s time to get rid of them all.

  15. Why was Station One Closed in The 1st Place ?

    I’m still standing just like I ever was !
    What gives ?
    Really ? What Gives Here ?
    London Bridge, Station One Is Not !
    Why was Station One Closed ?
    It has not had one brick move since Darcy shut it down.

    1. Former CONnissiomer Darcy

      How’d all your plans work out douche bag? Precision Valve? Battalion 3? Special Ops company? We all knew you were a dick but most of up were surprised when it turned out you were a thief too. Hope you don’t spend all your overtime money too soon. You’ll be giving that back as part of your plea deal. And how’s your lawsuit going? No where like your career. Haha. See you at the gym.

      1. DoucheDarcy

        Also, why was station 1’s roof opened up ON PURPOSE? That building is still able to be fixed. The Boyce Thompson building was open to the elements for 20 plus years and now look at it.
        Darcy and nepperhan sleeze were behind this mess and nothings gonna happen anytime soon!

  16. Rufis

    Hezi you have to realize that Sweeney is just a puppet for the Mayor, they dictate to him. Also if you think about it the more fires in Southwest Yonkers will benefit the Spano’s,they can get rid of the eyesores and the lower class community. Then the builders can come in and pad the Spano payroll.

    Comment below by Hezi:
    I concur wholeheartedly. You have shown the plan for what it is. It resonates with me. Kindly, Hezi

  17. Just the Facts - Just the Facts

    Statistics speak loudly concerning all of this. The population of the City of Yonkers has significantly increased from 1975 until now (2017), especially in the Southwest Section of Yonkers. In 1975, the COY had 13 Engine Companies, 7 Ladder Companies, and 1 Rescue Company, all housed out of 13 strategically placed Fire Houses throughout the city (notably 5 around the old section of the city [Station 1 on School Street, Station 2 on Vineyard Avenue, Station 3 on Vark Street, Station 4 on Radford Street and Station 6 on Oak Street, with 5 Engine Companies, 2 Ladder/Truck Companies, and 1 Rescue Company covering that specific area). Today (2017), the City of Yonkers, with it significantly increased population (and adding to the fact that the YFD supports the “First Responder Program” which wasn’t in place in 1975), has only 11 Engine/Squad Companies, 6 Ladder/Truck Companies, and 1 Rescue Company [that took 24 years to reinstate after it was de-commissioned in 1976] all out of 11 Fire Stations (to which now of which ONLY 3 Stations [from 5 in 1975] currently exist in the oldest section of the city.

    Allot of time has past since Mayor Spano stood at the podium on the corner of Elm Street and Palisades Avenue, just a few steps from the Condemned Station 1 back in 2015, and promised the Citizens of the COY that the design and location of the New Station 1 would be in place by the end of 2015. Its now February 2017, and only the other day, Mayor Spano said that an update would be forth coming in his upcoming (when the heck will that take place) State of the City Address. [a little bit late, with no updates between the Summer of 2015 and now] . That’s not response communication

    PS – to add to “Out Where The Buses Don’t Run” no one from the City of Yonkers Administration, including Mayor Spano has NEVER responded to requests from its citizens to ‘Where is the $3 Million Dollars that Forest City Ratner set aside for the Ridge Hill Fire Station”? Commissioner Sweeney has been quoted in saying that the construction of a New Station 1 is more important, but that doesn’t answer the question, that Commissioner Sweeney failed to answer during his first tour of duty, as Fire Commissioner, while Station 1 was still active, is “Where is the $3 Million Dollars for the Ridge Hill Fire House” and explaining to the citizens of the City of Yonkers, WHY the Ridge Hill Fire House hasn’t been built?

    1. Keep term limits!

      the city has been giving tax breaks to all the donors of spaNo inc. Money was put aside for the ridge hill fire house ask dumb and dumber what happened to it….

  18. Its getting hot in here

    The only fires that Corazon Pineda has been concerned about are the ones in between her legs. She’s been squeezing out kids since she got into office. Never seen her around the southwest at all and most don’t even know who she is.

    1. Rules are only for the silly voters... not the elected officials

      The question is where does she live? The answer with her babies daddy in NYC. She is supposed to live in Yonkers…….. she learns quick

      1. Inquiring minds

        If you know the address, then post it. She’s a public servant and the public deserves to know if she doesn’t live in Yonkers.

  19. Out Where the Buses Don't Run

    Where is the $3 million set aside by Forest City Ratner for the Ridge Hill firehouse????
    Fire proof construction at Ridge Hill does not negate the developer’s responsibility here.
    And Sweeney was not a part of this agreement and won’t worry because he is a non resident and commutes from Queens via city funded SUV and free EZ pass. The new YFD HQ is supposed to be paid for by the Chicken Island designated developer, soon to be chosen.

  20. jonsey

    You are kidding right? A 1/2 hour response time? The nearest companys are still 306, 303, and 304. Any of these companies could easily get to any location in sw yonkers. While enough time has passed, station 1 should be rebuilt, but I would be more concerned with relocating 310 whose house is obsolete. What ever happened to the money for a new station at ridge hill.

    Hezi’s Response:

    Yes, you are correct, but they don’t have the all important rescue company vehicle that needs a home on the west side of Yonkers by the height of the structures of the dwellings there that are none existent on the east side. kindly, Hezi

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