Surviving the Donald

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Bob K. Bogen served as a community and regional planner for dozens of communities including New York, Washington and Boston as well as resident project director in the Karachi Metropolitan Region for the United Nations Development Program.

Bob K. Bogen served as a community and regional planner for dozens of communities including New York, Washington and Boston as well as resident project director in the Karachi Metropolitan Region for the United Nations Development Program.

As we complete the first month of the misbegotten Trump Era , we had better take stock of his handiwork while the nation still can effectively deal with it. .

The long term history of experiments in democratic self-governments for areas larger than clan domains is not encouraging. Historians warn that the brilliance of founders runs dim and tends to fail over three centuries as concentration of great wealth and power swamps all attempts to maintain democracy and popular decency. Ancient Greece is the most familiar case study. Still, European nations have stumbled and sometimes regenerated their democratic institutions as populations archived more substantial education and press freedom.

Among Trump’s most atrocious actions that have given us dramatic warnings are his repeated and vicious attacks on the Constitution’s essential First Amendment for Free Speech and Free Press. It has been suggested that a free press may be the most important single Constitutional protection of democracy. With a continuing free press even the Trump television style scenario may not finally do us in with his grotesque ignorance and excesses.

It does seem that Trump will never admit he lost the popular vote by millions of citizen votes and cannot recognize he has no legitimate public mandate. He also seems to suffer from a Putin style inclination to do in the press, if not by the Russian style of murdering reporters.

But the longer lasting curse of this corruption is by grotesque appointments to run our world admired institutions into the ground. This may actually repeat the historical pattern cycle of a three century end of democracy in the United States..

We saw an early version of this corruption in the ninety thirties Republican leadership under the same Trump banner of America Firsters that destroyed the League of Nations {the precursor of the United Nations] and led to Hitler’s Second World War. And as the world’s most powerful nation, as well as with a hugh arsenal of nuclear weapons, either of these causes may damage or even destroy the wider civilianization

As a prime example, and In all probability, Trump’s current nomination to the Supreme Court would, if confirmed, produce his most long lasting impact, I would say curse, on our citizen’s civil liberties, especially for women.

The judge involved, Neil Gorsuch, may have a solid gold educational training, but he is a 200%, seriously devout reincarnation of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, if not with Scalia’s wit. Scalia died twelve months ago. In the weeks that followed President Obama nominated a qualified middle of the road judge.

The powerful Senator Mitch McConnell not only failed in his specific Constitutional duty to hold a Nomination hearing, and even refused to permit a Nomination vote. Amazingly he even declared he would block any such nomination, ever, by any Democratic president! All that may not be treason, but at least there should have been an impeachment bill introduced, even if his impeachment would not be passed by his Republican congressional majority.

As a result, many readers will have noted, Democrats and some others referred to the still empty seat on the Supreme Court as a Republican “stolen seat” that should have been filled by a Justice named by President Obama in the nearly twelve months the seat has remained vacant.

All this hemming and hawing is no minor matter. Trump himself bragged that his nominee would be making decisions on the court for decades, probably thirty years and maybe more. [perhaps as others explained to him], thus likely affecting the application of United States law for a century.

Scalia’s intellectual brilliance and wit had a major influence on the Supreme Court and its public reputation for much of his thirty years on the Court. The addition of other Justices with similar religious views seemed to justify a characterization of many Court decisions as by a “Sharia Court” [that is, a Muslim nation system where the religious view of some Justices will be law upon all citizens, whatever their religious views.] All this is of some personal interest in my family as my father had a good handful of Supreme Court cases on civil liberties issues. I suspect he would have won none of his cases in the Scalia-Sharia Court, and would probably win none in the Supreme Court with the proposed addition of Neil Gorsuch.

In any event, we will likely survive four years of this clown in the White House, even if the Republican Party fails to do as that party did in the second term of President Richard Nixon, and impeach him. By that time I was running a major program for the United Nations in Pakistan. Of course impeaching Trump in Congress would leave us with one of the two similarly benighted officials, named in the current Constitution, who would have to move up to the White House.

Nixon was first elected to be my Congressman in California in 1946. I had quite a bit of contact with him even as a student, but that is another story. Suffice to say I was well aware of his leadership with the infamous Joseph McCarthy’s Un-American Activities Committee, and knew he was rotten, though not nearly so dangerous to our nation as Donald Trump.

The real problem we face, if the current amazing explosion of Resistance local and national efforts does not succeed in restraining Trump, is in the grotesque gang of anarchists, quasi-fascists and other unfortunate souls he is appointing, don’t destroy the good works of Democratic and even some Republican Presidents going back a century or so, back to 1900.
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Bob K. Bogen: B.A. Antioch College and, Master of Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania; Director of Planning for dozens of communities, New York Metropolitan Region, Boston Metropolitan Region, United Nations Metropolitan Region Plan including nuclear power plants, for Karachi Region, Pakistan.

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eHeziSurviving the Donald

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  1. Joe Blow

    Firstly, I am not a Trumpster. Secondly, journalism is dead. It is and has been for a long time controlled by liberals with an agenda. The only difference is now it’s exposed like you are. “Clown in the White House?” Really? That clown won an election because millions of Americans and a majority of states are sick and tired of liberal elitist like you telling us how you think we should think. News flash…your opinion is just that, an opinion. No more and no less than the guy who owns Joe’s towing company. Actually, I’d rather listen to Joe than you. Joe actually works for a living! So, get off your high horse. Maybe go get a real job… clown!

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