Why Has the Yonkers Federation of Teachers’ Negotiated and Agreed to Contract with City Hall Still Not Gained City Council Approval

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — February 7, 2017 — The Office of the Yonkers City Clerk had last week given public notice of the joint Budget/Education Committee Meeting scheduled for tonight, Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Yonkers City Hall, 4th floor, for the purpose of ameliorating the lethargic movement by the legislative branch of government. Sources with knowledge advise that may not be the case!

Yonkers Federation of Teachers President Pat Puleo.

Yonkers Federation of Teachers President Pat Puleo.

Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Esq.

Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Esq.

The first item on the agenda is as written in last week’s notice is a “Resolution – approving the Memorandum of Agreement between the Board of Education and the Yonkers Council of Administrators to supplant the Agreement which expired on June 30, 2014. (Negative Fiscal Impact).”

The second item is a “Resolution – approving he Memorandum of Agreement between the Board of Education and the Yonkers Federation of Teachers to supplant the Agreement which expired on June 30, 2014. (Negative Fiscal Impact).”

Both noted Resolutions are necessary to update the Memorandum of Agreement that has lapsed since June 30, 2014th in order to facilitate and gain capacity for Yonkers City Hall to conclude its agreed to the negotiated agreement with respect to the updated contractual agreements ironed out by the Yonkers City Council of Administrators and likewise the Yonkers Federation of Teachers. Both unions completed their respective negotiations, had each respectively gained approval by their membership sometime last month or earlier, yet neither union has gained the agreed to revised and updated contracts. And that seems to have created a backroom political brawl.

Some among Yonkers City Hall, sources with knowledge, suggest the Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) President Pat Puleo has not gained a consummated deal because she is wrongfully under the impression that the agreement between the YFT and Yonkers City Hall should have triggered the final and necessary approval by the Yonkers City Council that has not moved the necessary Memorandum of Agreement so that the agreed to and approved contracts become effective. As City Hallers spin the issue, Pat Puleo needs to beseech the Yonkers City Council for their support. that telling seems intended to paint Ms. Puleo as shirking her responsibility despite the YFT having no say or sway over what issues are brought before the Yonkers City Council. Yonkers Tribune is in the belief that the Mayor Mike Spano, the head of the Executive Branch of government proposes the agenda that is taken up by the Yonkers City Council who approve or deny the proposals presented to the City Council membership.

CIty Hallers in the know advise under the cloak of anonymity that it is none other than Yonkers City Council President Liam Mclaughlin, seeking a second term in office, and expected to be challenged by the yet declared effort and candidacy of Michael Khader, Esq., among other lesser contenders who expressed interest, that the need for the Memorandum of Agreement update for 2017 is being deliberately stalled. Which begs the question as to why.

Five sources in the know have advised only under the promise of anonymity that CIty Council President McLaughlin is intent on not reaching City Council approval of the necessary new Memorandum of Agreement for 2017 in order to gain YFT President Pat Puleo’s endorsement for McLaughlin’s candidacy for re-election.

In the meantime YFT President Puleo has not seemingly not capitulated to the political pressure.

How do Yonkersites in the know view this crisis? Is everything in Yonkers tinged with a political agenda? Is there no other prudent and on the level conduct among those in governance vis-a-vis agreed to union contracts?

As has been said about Yonkers politics oftentimes and ad nauseum, you now “know the rest of the story”!

eHeziWhy Has the Yonkers Federation of Teachers’ Negotiated and Agreed to Contract with City Hall Still Not Gained City Council Approval

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  1. Interested Observer

    Did anyone research the extent to which teachers and administrators use email to interact with parents? Certainly that would be a good starting point for the email discussion. Certainly those in charge of technology can tell exactly how many teachers and administrators use email. Can probably provide a list of names of the users and slackers if necessary!

    1. Shame of the Month award

      Shame on the Yonkers school system, shame on the council, shame on Yonkers Teachers Union, lets just say there is enough shame to go all around that she is still president of the teachers union.

  2. Fruck Liam and his republican cohorts especially Mike Spano

    No bigger lying rats than Mike and Liam Spano. They have lots in common especially the fact that both of them are in the last term of their last elected position ever. Extend term limits Liam and Mike. We want your replacements to have a longneck time in office to undo the damage you have both done.

  3. Still in Yonkers

    I thought it was just me and others that I talked to that were wondering why Pat Puleo is still head of the yonkers teachers union. We couldn’t believe she is still there. Isn’t it suppose to be about the children? So I was glad to see the post that mention it.

  4. Because Liam is on a political career suicide mission

    Liam is drunk on the Spano Kool-Aid and has effectively ended his political career. Pat Puleo and the YFT are going to mobilize the democratic base (that never seems motivated to come out in force to vote) to vote against Liam and to make sure he is the first one-term City Council President in God knows how long, if ever. Mike Khader just won the lottery and Liam paid for his ticket. It won’t be long before the fat ass Spano’s are standing next to fat ass Khader and supporting him over Liam. Can you spell Veritas ? Now look up what it means.

  5. Questions but no answers

    Let me guess, Lame is protecting the taxpayers by not sticking us with this tax hike?
    How much will all this cost the taxpayer?
    Why is Peas Pullao still the union head?
    Why has no one from YFT union not challenged her to get her out?
    How can anyone in this union allow her to still be head?
    Why are all YFT members silent?
    As for what goes on the council agenda, this is all a game of horse trading, done with private emails and second off the records phones. Why is this allowed?
    Why are we left will all of these political garbage operatives always running the show?

  6. Twinkle, twinkle little star

    After her conduct captured on that hidden tape, I’m surprised she has the temerity to show her face in public. Decency is in short supply in the City of Shills. What an ignorant, inarticulate, corrupt, retrograde individual – a perfect fit for Yonkers politics.

    As for Strawberry Shortcake, Esq., the sooner we’re rid of him and the rest of the hacks on the City Council the better. And I have no interest in seeing brothers Mansaf and Jameed in any official capacity on the Council or anywhere else in Jonkers. Top class, eh? I think not.

  7. McLaughlin- The Carrot Top of Yonkers

    Those washed up crooks enjoying city jobs and contracts should be investigated. Does Piggy McLaughlin and Little Patty know that this is quid pro quo?

  8. educator

    because carrot top is holding the union hostage and Pat to gain support for his council pres run, typical of spano style tactics…

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