Yonkers City Council President McLaughlin Attempts to Disparage YFT President Puleo by Assaulting the Union on Behalf of Mayor Spano

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Yonkers Federation of Teachers.

Yonkers Federation of Teachers.

Yonkers City Council President Seal-colorYonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin Friday, February 10th advised that a joint meeting of the Budget and Education Committees was convened earlier in the week, On Tuesday, February 7th, discussion over the proposed contracts for the Yonkers Council of Administrators, negotiated by Yonkers City Hall, and approved by its membership months ago, and the Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT), likewise negotiated that and membership approved, defined both as “fair contracts with concessions from both sides, and further, that Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada had “indicated that the funding for these contracts is in place in the upcoming budget.”

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

McLaughlin stipulates that “while the Council of Administrators contract was referred to the agenda for next Tuesday evening without issue, the YFT contract was held over pending an agreement on an e-mail policy that requires teachers to respond to parents emails.” In language that attempts to disparage the YFT and its leadership, McLaughlin advises, “you might be surprised to learn that even though e-mail has been around since 1972 and has become ubiquitous throughout society since the mid-1990s, the Yonkers Public Schools still has no formal e-mail policy on the books and there is no requirement that employees respond timely to parents concerns, or even reply at all. Nearly every other district in the state has such a policy.” What McLaughlin fails to advise, is that the broadband capacity available to interact with email inquiry or discourse was lacking due to an inability or a lack of interest to bring the Yonkers Public Schools District to modernity. Yonkers Chief Operating Officer (COO) Robert Cacace can attest to that fact that the infrastructure has only recently come online.

Further disingenuous expression by McLaughlin asserts that: “We on the Council feel this should change. We know there are many Yonkers teachers that do already communicate by email and we applaud them for it.”

Continuing, McLaughlin states, “This Council wants to encourage parents to communicate easily with their children’s teacher. The proposed contract includes a provision for the creation of a board to hash out an email policy next year. I think we can do better and get this done now.”

McLaughlin gave notice to his assertion when he knew full well that the issue of reaching an accommodation was still underway. In fact, Yonkers Tribune, having gained information from sources in the know, and gaining further corroboration from other sources with knowledge can affirm that accommodation was reached in defining parameters of engaging the parents / guardians of children attending the Yonkers Public Schools District. Proof that the email issue was not previously resolved can be inferred by Yonkers City Hall’s negotiating team not including the issue as part of their negotiation requirements when agreed to and thereafter approved by the YFT membership. The reality is that broadband capacity did not exist.

McLaughlin has revealed through his preference for “alternative news” by his own writing as opposed to divulging all the facts and circumstances with gravitas.

McLaughlin’s dishonest telling telling speaks to his demeanor. He intends to undermine and harangue the YFT leadership in an effort to exact political support for his re-election bid for Yonkers City Council President from them in the upcoming November 2017 contest in which he is known among political insiders to likely face a formidable challenge from Michael Khader, Esq. who will challenge McLaughlin for City Council President.

The Yonkers City Council cannot help but bring the two contractually agreed to and membership approved agreements by approving a 2017 IMA that incorporates these contracts.

At issue now is when will Yonkers City Hall conclude an agreement with respect to the 1,500 members of CSEA Unit 9160 that has yet to be resolved. The CSEA membership’s last contract was signed over 3 years ago. When will Yonkers City Hall recognize the least paid of all union members in Yonkers?

eHeziYonkers City Council President McLaughlin Attempts to Disparage YFT President Puleo by Assaulting the Union on Behalf of Mayor Spano

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  1. Keep term limits!

    The lep is in panic mode he plays it off well,but we all know he is on zanax and cant think straight all the unions and spanos can save you this time bye bye…..

  2. Preet

    Show-boating to give “perception of oversight”. My question is why isn’t there more INSIGHT into renegotiating the contract the city has with Empire city?? This again shows the back-door deals made in the past, yet the working stiffs get unlimited politcal micro-managing. Perception of being cost conscious……like counting pennies at the front door, while the money bags are carted out the back door (NYS taking revenue from city of yonkers taxpayers). Uncle Nick Spano was the mastermind, in payment to NYS for all the past santa claus deficit fixes. PATHETIC!

  3. Tax payer

    The teachers are typical of all that’s wrong in Yonkers. The decent ones are drowned out by the ones who just collect a wage – they show up and punch that clock, then leave the city for the burbs. The new superintendent- just another ‘yes boss’ puppet- has no intention of cutting out the waste , in fact he tried to defend the bad teachers as if the YBOE can’t fire them – yes you can! again like Lame and Mike. Keep the cronyism going at the expense of regular yonkersites – where did the $50 million come from that was spent in lieu of the state IOU? Bet Perazio and Yarzulo know- but hey a nice golden parachute to keep quiet !
    Recently there was a “merger” of BOE and the city where employees were shifted from BOE onto city payroll- No layoffs – Yarzulo claimed the BOE saved $7-9 million-Lame, claimed that it only cost the city $300,00 in extra payroll – must be common core math!
    Robbing Bas**rds. Where is Phreet – must be so busy in Albany.

  4. Interested Observer

    The YFT is never going to support McLaughlin
    The only member of the City Council who will get YFT support is Councilman Johnson as he was the only one to support the YFT Contract being approved by the City Council. Councilman Johnson was the only one brave enough, or smart enough, to see that the City Council was venturing into an area that is not within its authority.

  5. Just curious

    Why is Puelo still employed in the City of Yonkers?

    And are we really to believe that YPS teachers don’t have the needed bandwidth to respond to e-mails from parents?

    Some of these teachers are making six figures and they can’t answer e-mails from concerned parents?

    And McLaughlin is the bad guy? Sorry, Hezi, but you’re losing the plot.

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