Anthony Merante Announces Bid for Yonkers 6th Council District

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Seeks Seat Currently Held by John Larkin Who is Term limited

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Anthony Merante, candidate for Yonkers City Council, District 6.

Anthony Merante, candidate for Yonkers City Council, District 6.

YONKERS, NY — March 12, 2017 — Anthony Merante, a local businessman, CPA, husband and father of two has announced his candidacy for 6th District of the Yonkers City Council. Merante has received the endorsement of the Yonkers Republican Party. He is seeking his first elective office.

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A lifelong resident of Yonkers, Merante 56 is running on a platform of holding the line on property taxes, increasing safety by greater community policing, improving and rebuilding Yonkers Public Schools, and better city services to improve neighborhood quality of life.

Anthony has been married to his wife, Yolanda, for (33) years. They have two children, Anthony Jr. (22), Gianna (16), and their dog Snoopy Rudolf.

“I love Yonkers”, said Merante. I’ve lived here for over 30 years, and this is where my wife and I are raising our children. But, like countless other Yonkers families, we have great concern about the future. Taxes are rising yet services remain stagnant, and our school children are receiving less services and activities. Merante said. “I’m running for City Council because there is a better way. As councilman, I will focus on safer, cleaner streets for our families, better schools for our kids, and holding the line on property taxes to protect homeowners and seniors on fixed incomes”.

(L-R): YOnkers City Councilman Dennis Shepherd, District 4; Yonkers City Council Majority Leader John Larkin, District 6; Yonkers City Councilman Michael Breen, District 5; and Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin.

As a CPA, I will use my skills to make certain that Yonkers taxpayers are getting better value for their tax dollars. I’m committed to making city government work smarter and more effectively on the issues that really matter,” Merante added.

Anthony Merante has received the endorsement of the current 6th District Councilman and City Council Majority Leader John Larkin. Larkin stated “I met Anthony more than twenty years ago through our involvement in our neighborhoods and we became friends. Anthony truly has the best interests of our City’s neighborhoods. I know Anthony will continue to represent the District with care and professionalism to insure residents’ voices are heard. I support Anthony 100 percent and look forward to his representing the people of the 6th District”.

Mr. Merante has also been endorsed by Dee Barbato, the former 6th District Councilmember who noted, “I’ve been a friend and neighbor of Anthony for more than 20 years and know him to be a hard working, caring individual who has devoted himself to his community; he truly cares about the City of Yonkers as witnessed by his involvement in countless organizations over the years. I’d be proud to have him as my representative on the city council and know the 6th District would be in good hand”.

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Anthony Merante is a 30-year resident of Yonkers, He graduated Saint John’s University, Bachelor of Science in Accounting and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1987. Merante is also a member of the New York State Society of CPAs. He is a Yonkers businessman; the owner of Anthony J. Merante CPA, P.C., and Co-Owner and Vice-President, Westchester Kitchen & Bath, Inc.

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Anthony has been married to his wife, Yolanda, for (33) years. They have two children, Anthony Jr. (22), Gianna (16), and their dog Snoopy Rudolf. The Merante children attended Yonkers Public Schools and the family are Parishioner of Annunciation–Our Lady of Fatima.

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Over the years, Anthony Merante has shown dedication to his community. He has been Sprain Lake Knolls Civic Association President for 7 years and a member for 20 years. He has also served as a former treasurer to the First Precinct Community Council, and spokesperson for Yonkers Education Advocates. He is a member of the Enrico Fermi Educational Fund and a treasurer for the Yonkers Columbus Day Celebration Committee. Anthony has been active in Yonkers schools as a former member of the Patricia DiChiaro Elementary School PTA, and the Yonkers Middle/High School PTA. He has been a supporter of law enforcement as a volunteer at the Annual Police National Night Out.

eHeziAnthony Merante Announces Bid for Yonkers 6th Council District

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  1. New leader?

    Hearing a fresh name about to come out to challenge mcgoey. I’m curious as to how this rolls out. Lot of us are listening because regardless of what you are, many of us are not happy with our President.

    Hint: John is the challengers first name.

    1. Piss clam

      You wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for McGoey, you dic*head. Barry took us through the worst years and we came out in top. You should be thanking him for what he’s done and STFU.

    2. That's funny. Barry rocks the YFD and the YO

      I’d love to see someone try and run against Barry. We’re lucky to have Barry willing to work for us. And anyone who would even think of running against Barry is a moron because they would be crushed. Good luck.

  2. merante for unployment

    if pagano runs merante the day after the primary will go straight to the unployment line. Merante is an idiot

  3. Republishmucks all gave themselves a raise

    These bastards voted to bust the tax cap and to give themselves a raise. Where’s the fiscal conservatism they all promised us? And now this jerk Merante wants to join the club? Fake smiles and greedy hands is all this group of Liam’s merry men are. To hell with them all.

  4. Westchester kitchen bath reviews say it all!

    Very cheap Chinese materials do they use E verify? To hire or just sub contract and sub contract and so on typical Yonkers film flam just like the Shanty Irish Mexicans .

  5. Another Republitaxer

    If you added up all the tax increase this crew voted for in the past 8 years you would throw up. They all suck and not one of them deserves to be in office.

  6. Puke time

    Just when I thought this snowy/shitty day could not get any worse I read about this Idiot who has been a good little boy shinning the cocks of those fucking scumbags called republicans…..

    No they are fronting him as if he is the second coming???????

    What a truly repulsive photo of these pricks!!!!!!!!!

  7. Merante has been in hiding for 8 years

    Hasn’t fought for school aid
    Hasn’t fought against tax increases
    Hasn’t said a word in 8 years
    Do us all a favor and stay silent

  8. Vote Doggy

    I’m voting for the dog. what’s his name? Can’t be as wierd as everyone else the Tubiolo/mutt agh/Larkin/Shepard/Breen/carrot top group.

    Seriously folks, they are all a sad joke on us.

    1. MUTTS

      It doesn’t matter. They are all a bunch of MUTTS anyhow. There hasn’t been a decent human being in Yonkers politics for a long long time.

  9. Pagano crushes Merante in primary if he even wants to

    Pagano should say screw you to Nick Spano and Justin Tubiolo and their republisham party in Yonkers and run and win on the Independence and Conservative lines. Pagano wins easily against Merante and whatever Dem that is stupid enough to even try to run in the 6th.

  10. Pagano for Mayor

    Sorry carrot top, pagano will prevail in 6th district then run for mayor victorious… be prepared for the primary of your life

    1. Pagano? Really? Good God no!!!!!!!

      The Spanos HATE Pagano.

      That’s about the only thing I agree with the Spanos on.

      Pagano is a over bloated Douche bag that has absolutely no shot (thank God.)

      What a tool…….

      1. dist.leader

        if the spanos hate pagano the 6th district he will win easily its a 2 way street many people hate spanos too…lol

  11. Yonkers GOP stinks

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Another politician who will do absolutely nothing. Larkin is held in such high regard by his constituents. That city car he has that he said he would never take means nothing. Voting for every tax increase that came his way Rumor has it that a outsider is going to run for this seat.time for a democrat to take this spot for achange.

  12. Vox populi

    Yonkers government is ripe for radical change, but Yonkers voters aren’t up for it. Ergo candidates like Merante et al.

  13. Asshole

    One Asshole has to go and another asshole has already been ordained to replace him……

    Now you fully understand why Yonkers will always be fucked.

  14. Jan Hammer Ocean Club

    Mr. Merante,

    As a CPA, kindly inquire as to where the $3 million is that Ratner put into escrow for construction of the Ridge Hill fire house as promised by Liam and all the other puppets who voted for Ridge Hill. Also ask what happened to the promised additional YPD sector car.

    1. Mandy

      There was never any money put in escrow for any firehouse on Ridge Hill. Ask Amicon he should know that. Ridge Hill is a private property and pays $uck all property taxes for 20 years as part of it’s PILOT.
      We have more than enough public employees and need to seed the Republicans take some fiscal responsibility and reduce their sky-high salaries. Perhaps Anthony as a CPA will fix this, but I doubt it.

      Standing beside Liam and Breen and Shepherd is the kiss of death.

  15. Primary First

    So, he’s a 56 year old “lifelong resident” (second paragraph) who has lived in Yonkers for 30 years (third paragraph). I’m guessing that means his life didn’t really start until he got here. That’s existential.
    Either way, it’s good that the dog was able to attend.

  16. We Believe You

    Amazing he “LOVES” Yonkers. After only 30years.
    So What’s in it for him ?
    Just sayin ; Just makes one wonder.

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