Gorsuch Appointment Hearing Threatens Democracy

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Bob K. Bogen served as a community and regional planner for dozens of communities including New York, Washington and Boston as well as resident project director in the Karachi Metropolitan Region for the United Nations Development Program.

Bob K. Bogen served as a community and regional planner for dozens of communities including New York, Washington and Boston as well as resident project director in the Karachi Metropolitan Region for the United Nations Development Program.

IMG_2958WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — March 21, 2017 — Trump’s First One Hundred Days are half gone and we’ve been cursed with day after day of grotesque insults, errors, and threats of disastrous appointments.

Some are only consequences of ignorance and result of foolish, embarrassing missteps that which may be corrected over the months Trump manages to stay in office

Others are costly and destructive over the long term. Trump himself noted that his current nominee for the Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch, due to his youth, may have a serious impact on U.S. law for over several decades due to the unlimited lifetime term ‘of Supreme Court Justice Appointments. Trump was probably briefed by more experienced advisors to add that Court decisions impact can extend beyond the lifetime of a Supreme Court Justice, perhaps a century or even more.

Despite the nominal gold plated education of Gorsuch, his views are in an unusual extremely serious match with the Justice he would replace, Antonin Scalia.

Scalia died just over a year ago. He had an enormous influence over the Court. His very high intelligence and his charming wit notably even engaged some friendship with liberal Justice , Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The serious fact here was that Scalia led several other so-called Conservative members of the Court into his religious view that the Court was entitled to follow the Muslim sharia law notion that the Court was entitled to force all citizens to follow their moral, religious views.

Step by step this is leading the Court into a reversal of the Court’s established views of Constitutional civil liberties, which have been grown in much of the developed world over the recent century.

Among other major issues of democratic government, the Court,[ along with governments in other nations] has, in many years of key decisions, built recognition that women have a civil right to control of their own bodies, notably in regard to contraception and abortion.

Gorsuch has been a rigid and dramatically devoted follower of Scalia and would without question follow his principal moral-religious views on these matters against which the Supreme Court has built up freedoms over manty decades.

These rights are now a key feature of women’s lives. Along with other human-rights laws establishing these rights around the world, we have built our national sense of democracy. But now other backward legal and social views of Trump are threatening our democracy

Historians tell us democracies do not last forever. The laws of nature call for the survival of the most fit and strongest. For animals this has deal largely with size and muscles. For Humans this has generally to do with economic strength, that is, money.

Democracy is different. It often helps those who have less power and who will become creative.constructive, and productive citizens with training, education, and other aides.

Historians report their observation indicates that democracy tends to fail after many generations as wealth concentrates. Some Democrats and many Republicans have become prosperous, some so wealthy they can take over, buy government to build their wealth and their power even further.

The historians conclusion is that 300 years is about the extent of such experiments with democracy as in ancient Greece, perhaps even earlier in Mesopotamia, later in European societies, Italy, Spain, now Britain, and even our own experiment with constitutional democracy reaching, moving toward that old limit of several hundred years!

One Republican President who seemed little inclined to this tendency was Dwight Eisenhower, who ruled when the marginal income tax for income over several hundred thousand dollars was 91%.

Who now dares to even mention that, or half that, or even one quarter of that, marginal tax rate. Or who wil seriously consider a single digit increase in our hundred year “experiment” with a progressive income tax in the face lof howls by the flat tax fascists.

Please remember Fascism was not the invention of Adolph Hitler, but the creation of Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini.

And FDR nailed it: “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism.”
Surely our two greatest presidents have been Lincoln and FDR.

The Republican Party probably began its decline shortly after the end of the Civil War and the murder of Lincoln, the first great advocate of the so-called Grand Old Party.

Southern mobs reacted to the end of the Civil War with terror: . Beatings, lynchings, and massacres, were all in a night’s work for the clandestine Ku Klux Klan, the KKK. As the years went on the Republican Party changed from Lincoln tendencies to leadership by wealthy funders. The result was growth of conservative notions of so-called American Firsters and destruction of the League of Nations in the 1920s, and support of Hitler’s Germany by American corporations such as DuPont in the 1930s.

All this is to say there are many very serious decisions made or at least proposed during Trump’s First 100 Days, but it is surely of enormous, overwhelming consequence to block the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. If confirmed he would become the fifth Justice that would overcome the four Justices who would restrain the “Sharia-Scalia” decline of the Supreme Court role in defending our liberties in the current brainless onslaught by Trump.

This would be vital inasmuch as we are faced with the thoughtless continuing support of the remaining branch of our government, in Congress, at least until the next election in 2018.

Perhaps the old GOP could adopt the wearing of the white sheet gown some southerners still seem to favor. Some Supreme Court Justices, perhaps, even Gorsuch could abandon the old black robes in favor of nice clean white sheets.

They might join with major advocates claiming to support the Second Amendment and wear white. The Second Amendment dealt with muskets, so they might be given special permits and even be required to carry their muskets always except on planes and in legislative bodies.

Or this should be the great opportunity to Make Our Country Great Again, at least with a Great New Party,a GNP. Surely we don’t have to suffer more government indignities until the next presidential election, in 2020!

We have had the recent grotesque charade with its two round court defeat of Trump, on his insane Great Wall on our border with Mexico. This clearly demonstrates the crucial role of our court system in the face of our would-be dictator.

Trump clearly seems to crave the dictatorial powers of Putin to make any or all government decisions, to murder newsmen he regards as “liars” or otherwise in his way. He cannot even tolerate courts. Trump seems to believe his fantasies are the final word on all matters, regardless of the law and the Constitution.

None of this pathetic dance might have been necessary if the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, would not have spit on the then President and on the Constitution’s requirement that he hold hearings and a vote, up or down, on the president’s nominee to fill Scalia’s seat on the Court over nearly all of last year. McConnell even declared that he would block any nominee named to the Court by any Democratic President in any year! Premature Trumpitis? After all. In the age of Putin and Trump who needs an old constitution or an independent court system?

In any event, with the clear attitudes Gorsuch demonstrated in his many unfortunate lower court decisions, it should be clear Gorsuch would add more “coffin nails” on our democracy before the conclusion of the historian’s threat of a 300 year “term limit” on our historic experiment in self-government.
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Bob K. Bogen: B.A. Antioch College and, Master of Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania; Director of Planning for dozens of communities, New York Metropolitan Region, Boston Metropolitan Region, United Nations Metropolitan Region Plan including nuclear power plants, for Karachi Region, Pakistan.

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eHeziGorsuch Appointment Hearing Threatens Democracy

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  1. d

    “Southern mobs reacted to the end of the Civil War with terror: . Beatings, lynchings, and massacres, were all in a night’s work for the clandestine Ku Klux Klan, the KKK” As I recall from reading, most if not all were Democrats. Like today, they did not get their way and reacted violently.

  2. Wrong, but right

    Got it right being wrong Bob. Neil should not be appointed because he is an idiot. Like one of those kids who read the instructions but can’t build the model. Not your reasons which are peculiar to say the least.

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