Yonkers Detectives Investigating Structure Fire at 1 Hawley Terrace

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Yonkers  Police Detective ShieldYONKERS, NY — March 16, 2017 — On March 15th, 2017, at approximately 3:45 AM, members of the Yonkers Police Department responded to an apartment building at 1 Hawley Terrace on a report of a fire. Responding Officers met with the Yonkers Fire Department who were actively battling a substantial fire engulfing a large portion of the premises. Officers secured the area, established traffic posts, and escorted residents and members of the public to safety.

Working fire at 1 Hawley Terrace as called in a few minutes before 5:00am DST on March 15, 2017. the fire was quickly escalated to a 4-alarm fire.

Working fire at 1 Hawley Terrace as called in a few minutes before 5:00am DST on March 15, 2017. the fire was quickly escalated to a 4-alarm fire.

A temporary shelter was established at the Yonkers Police Athletic League building at 127 North Broadway. Affected residents were provided with provisions with the assistance of the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management and the Red Cross. Representatives from the City of Yonkers Office of Constituent Services and the Office of the Aging were present to assist residents and facilitate social services.

Members of the Yonkers Fire Department reported they located a deceased occupant in one of fire apartments. The decedent was subsequently removed by the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s Office. Detectives from the Yonkers Police Fire Investigation Unit and Crime Scene Unit are actively investigating this incident, interviewing witnesses, canvassing the scene, and processing forensic evidence. Due to the extent of fire and water damage to the building, the investigation may span several days. The identity of the victim will not be released pending family notification.

Working fire at 1 Hawley Terrace as called in a few minutes before 5:00am DST on March 15, 2017. the fire was quickly escalated to a 4-alarm fire.

Working fire at 1 Hawley Terrace as called in a few minutes before 5:00am DST on March 15, 2017. the fire was quickly escalated to a 4-alarm fire.

Latest reports indicate that the main body of the fire has been knocked down; residents are still urged to avoid the area pending removal of heavy equipment and treatment of local roads. Affected residents of the building will be advised if and when they may re-enter their apartments.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Yonkers Police Detective Division at (914) 377-7724; all calls will remain confidential. 100% anonymous tips can be sent by texting the key word YPD plus the tip to 847411. Anonymous tips can also be sent to us directly through the Yonkers PD Tips app which can be downloaded for free to any Apple or Android device.

Photos by and courtesy of Yonkers Fire Chief Thomas Fitzpatrick.

eHeziYonkers Detectives Investigating Structure Fire at 1 Hawley Terrace

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  1. Long Time In The Works.

    M- 29 ? Greed is Good !
    Cheating is the only way !
    How much for the answer key .
    I will fix your house, Sir. You can pay me in test answers.
    The cat is out of the bag

    1. Who was watching ? Nobody !

      Don’t foighet Tone-eeeeh !
      Hee taught da guys about many tings while he wuz da guy !
      Like how to backstab does dat yah know wuz in his way.

    2. Vulcan Exterminator

      Cat is very much in the bag. It’s how we counter the idiotic consent decree. They hijack our hiring practices, we choose who gets promoted. For every action there is a REaction. We will always stay one step ahead. Now pay for my candy.

  2. N.Y.S. Fire Investigators

    Should look into this first they say smoking in bed how in the world could Yonkers determine that from nothing left of top floor assholes. Why did they let it get out of control the fire house is less then 3 minutes away Maybe it’s true they were drunk and the officers did cheat on tests can’t even put out a light. We are paying theses fools millions someone must be accountable for this but that will never happen in Yonkers the just make sure they get that overtime slips in.


      Master Stream in action in the first photo says it all !
      Plenty of Water for master streams. What happened to
      Frozen hydrants ?
      Master Water Streams in a one apartment envolved fire ?
      This drove the fire to the rest of the building.
      Against the Wind.
      Hezi, I need a copy of that first picture. I want it for my
      Volunteer Firehouse on what not to do !
      Remember my overpaid brothers a picture
      is worth a thousand words !

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  4. You want a new firehouse?

    Get a firefighter on the City Council. Pineda’s seat is up along with others too. Otherwise just keep wasting your votes by endorsing these know nothing, do nothing council members.

  5. goldilocks

    NO worries. when was the last time YO built ANYthing new, maybe the school on riverdale av a few years ago. Everyone currently working will be retired before another new firehouse or school is built.

  6. sameNAME

    yfd leadership is a broken bunch of insiders, that’s why the bldg burned! when you have generations of scam artists and family ties, the outcome is what we have today. this didn’t start two years ago, it started fifty plus years ago and ALL the sons and grandsons that are ON the job now are part of it. nothing new, just look at the rosters and the repeating NAMES…….

  7. Much love for firefighters ...

    But your contracts suck. You’re salaries are too high, especially since the city doesn’t have money. And the same goes for teachers and police. I have nothing but respect for people in front of the classroom and on the front lines in our city’s streets, but upper-level cops and teachers make way too much money. When your salary approaches the quarter of a million mark (and you don’t even live here) you know you’re milking the city coffers and that’s just greedy, reckless and selfish.

    Now if we can protect the unions in this city and lower some of those salaries AND get rid of the chumps on the city council and the Spano apparatchiks then we might actually get somewhere.

    1. Stoopid foiafighter

      Salaries are commensurate with the surroundings. FDNY I hear actually does BETTER. At least some of those other communities have schools you are comfortable sending your children to. There are no requirements to live in Yonkers. There IS a non-resident tax for (most) city employees that addresses the issue.

  8. They're obviously afraid of Barry and and 628's slate of candidates

    3 City Council Seats and the President of the Council. Just the beginning of a new day in Yonkers. Sleep tite Spanettes and dream of getting rid of Barry. Meanwhile he’s going around the City making you all look like lying dopes.

      1. Teachers Firefighters DPW CSEA For Khader

        There’s a lot more races going on than in the 4th. Rubbo doesn’t stand a chance. Neither do any of the other “party” candidates.

  9. fire every single firefighter and then we take out that crook Barry

    We don’t need all these firefighters. How much money do these crooks want to take from the budget? Will they need 500 million to save a life? Barry wants saunas for these firefighters, funny. I will vote against Anyone endorsed by barry

    1. Let my house burn

      If my house was ever in a fire I don’t want those stupid clowns coming trying to put out the flames. Let my house burn. U firefighters have the best equipment and are the highest paid in the country, but can’t put out a fire every couple of months. Every single firefighter and Barry are disgraces.

      1. Basement dweller

        I’m sure you meant your mom’s house. Living in the basement of your parents house doesn’t make it yours. Don’t worry though, if there is a fire we will make sure we save your blow-up friend too.

        1. Let my house burn 2

          I am a homeowner and own commercial real estate in Yonkers i agree it is fine let it burn, firefighters obviously can’t save lives but they still want the city to go broke with their ridiculous contracts.

      2. Numbers check

        Not highest paid, not highest manning rate per populous, do well but check around, better places exist. Just the numbers, but it is what it is.

  10. We should have FF's working OT at ConEd digs.

    Seems more appropriate. Have ConEd have private flag men with orange vests and have a fire truck on scene in case there is a ruptured gas line or electrical fire or confined space emergency.

  11. Haha. You Spano dopes only wish Barry had any opposition.

    Barry doesn’t even have to consider an opponent even if he was up election. Just shows how stupid the Spano’s are. There is not one “John” on the YFD who is stupid enough to put himself up for the humiliation of a lifetime.

    1. baa-ry

      Heard Barry became a Dobbs Ferry volly, he wants to run for mayor. he just got his exterior firefighter certification. You know you’ll never get him into a burning building. He talks a good game though

  12. Let's see what happens. Some guys are upset but not sure if it's enough to take out Barry.

    I’ll say it! John white!! He is very well liked. Barry should not take him lightly.

  13. 628

    Barry is getting heat from membership. People will quickly come on this site and dispute this but it’s the truth. A young up and coming man is coming for Barry. His name is John. Can anyone guess his last name? He is very popular and Barry is not happy about this.

    1. Lol

      I can see it now… Election night…Barry McGoey vs “John”… everyone waiting for the votes to be tallied… a FF comes crashing through the door!… “John one” he says… shock and dismay quickly envelops the room… “yeah” he says, “John 1 vote and Barry 305”. RIP D.R.

  14. Y.F.F.

    Don’t 99% live in VOLLY towns,villages,hamlets, and so on you should thank Hastings and other mutual aid company’s stop acting like your City Officials right Barry? Do act like you don’t see this post!

  15. Not a Volly

    Doesn’t Sweeney still have contacts at the FDNY? Surely they could have been called for support with manpower, equipment, and knowledge.

  16. Hastings Volunteers Pride before Pay !

    What was left to burn after 16hrs ?
    Was there any roof left ?
    Y.F.D. is The Laughing Stock of us Hastings Volunteers.
    We live where we work. OUR VOLUNTEER PRIDE runs DEEP !
    Nice Stop Chief Flynn !


      no clue regarding firefighting operations. battling a serious fire under freezing, windy temperatures and the only loss of life was that of the occupant of the apartment where the fire originated. no other lives lost at a fire that began in the early morning hours with everyone sleeping in a fully occupied building. clueless. when is the last time you’ve been to a fire, no one else here knows what color the hastings fire apparatus is, thats why you are a volunteer and always will be, you can’t even pass a test and get on. that also goes for all the guys below complaining about salary, sitting at home in their pajamas with a cop of coffee watching it on the news, while guys with families and young children are going inside of a burning building

          1. Stoopid foiafighter

            Don’t feed the trolls. No Hastings volunteers here to see, folks. Yonkers does interior firefighting. Hastings surrounds & drowns upon arrival. They know it & would never engage in the type of rhetoric posted here. Anyone PRETENDING to be a volley here is probably one of those basement dwellers who wouldn’t be accepted by the volunteer towns they’re so impressed with. By the way, you may want to post with SOME hint of literacy before calling someone else a moron. That’s the REAL giveaway that it wasn’t a Hasting s post. They have far superior schools!

        1. Stoopid foiafighter

          Hmmmm….I understand they have to enlist but hasn’t the U.S. govt tripled the PAY to entice people to enlist the past couple of years? Not exactly volunteer then. Having said that, a property tax break counters the fully volunteer premise as well. Compensation in ANY form is compensation.

  17. How did a one room fire turn into that ?

    It cannot be all blamed on the WIND. It is telling !
    Telling of obvious incompetence.
    Frozen hydrants ?
    THE Fire expanded because of improper attack period.
    Send in the hastings volumes next time.

    1. NO WAY


  18. Dutchess County

    Mutual aid and YFF didn’t answer phones yea like there really going to get stuck in snow in Yonkers and make Mr.Sweeney look good no way!

  19. Fire all the firefighters

    Anyone who gets an endorsement from Barrey McGoey I am voting against. Firefights are paid so much for nothing. Mike should layoff every single firefighter and bring in a new squad without the union idiot Barry. Barry likes to shakedown elected officials for ubsurd contracts that taxpayers can’t afford. Barry that is called extortion

    1. Fire all of the political Spano hacks

      That’s funny because almost every person running for office almost begs for the firefighters support including Mike Spano. Now Barry and the firefighters are going around the political “parties” and encouraging numerous real citizens to run for office. You can expect that almost every office holder in Yonkers will face at least a primary challenge going forward and perhaps even minor party opponents in the general elections. The days of 3 or 4 people choosing who will be an option to select from on election day are over. There will finally be an alternative choice on the ballot. The days of Denis Robertson and Bill Nuckle are over.

  20. SweeetSweeney

    That’s ok, YO builds to new fire codes and there’s NO need for more fire support. Yet, on days of significant storms, NYC put additional fire support on duty. That’s preplanning!
    Also, promotional exams have a reference standard, NOT an inherited insider answer key. So, real leadership happens over time, NOT in increments of 2-4 year periods!
    Two firehouses closed and the people that are now displaced are the victims.

  21. GPS needed in Fire Engines

    These guys are lost they all live in Dutchess County they just know the Yonkers exits of parkways. Dam shame making $260,000 a year and don’t know where your driving to in Yonkers factor that in the arrival factor!

    1. Who you talking about? Fire Commissioner Sweeney?

      The fire Commissioner never lived in yonkers a day in his life. Actually he has never spent 24 consecutive hours in Yonkers. And we don’t need GPS to see where he takes his City car skiing and boating. We have guys following him and have it all documented in pictures and video. Same thing for the SpanClan.

  22. I Believe In Yonkers

    Can’t wait for Hezi, LoHud, and Local 628 to seek out and obtain, thru a FOIL request, the run and response times for the responding apparatus, notably Rescue 1, to reach the fire scene. Heads will begin to roll, if it is determined that if Rescue 1 personnel, were able to get to the fire scene, even 5 minutes sooner, the loss of life might have been prevented.

    In addition, having to bring in a Ladder Company and an Engine Company from New Rochelle FD to help fight the fire, goes to show that the manpower and apparatus levels are not what they need to be, for a city the size, population and hills that it has. Its about time that the City of Yonkers begin to look very hard at re-establishing its levels to that of Pre-January 1, 1976 levels of 13 Fire Stations, 13 Front Line Engine/Squad Companies, 7 Front Line Ladder/Truck Companies, and 1 Rescue Company

      1. "Sweeney" Murtey

        Nope. Our elected officials just continue to sit on their butts and never question either Mayor Spano or Commissioner Sweeney concerning any of this and now see what has happened. It would be a real shame if it took a catastrophic event, such as this, to open peoples eyes. I’d bet if you sold Commissioner Sweeney’s city paid car and factored in the cost of maintaining it annually, you might be able to pay for at least 1 of the 4 additional fireman needed to man the new ladder company up at the proposed Ridge Hill Fire Station. Hmmmm???

    1. The relatives of the man who died should sue

      The family should file a lawsuit against the city, the mayor, city council and the fire Commissioner. Sue them all for wreckless negligence and malfeasance. If I was on the jury I would vote for the maximum amount the other jurors would agree to. Damn shame.

      1. Yonkers resident

        How is any of this on our elected officials? Please enlighten me.
        If going by the last articles I read it was possibly from someone falling asleep while smoking. If that is true how was this their fault for this gentleman to fall asleep while smoking?
        They don’t control the temperature that caused the water in the closest hydrants to freeze. (Which is right next to the gusty cold river)
        I’m all for holding all elected officials accountable for their actions or inactions, but I don’t see how this would be on them here. Please point it out for me. Thanks

        1. 628 and Strong

          To Yonkers Resident – It “IS” on our ‘Elected Officials’. If, and right now, one can only say IF, the life that was lost could have been saved, if those firefighters who are specially trained to perform aggressive interior life and rescue efforts (RESCUE Co. # 1) were able to get to the site 5 minutes earlier and could have rescued this individual, simply because Rescue 1 responded from the Newly Constructed Fire Headquarters/Station 1 down the street from the condemned former Station 1, rather than from way across the city from Station 7 (by Yonkers Raceway) where Rescue 1 is temporarily quartered, then it DEFINITELY is on our “Elected Officials” for allowing the City of Yonkers Government to drag its heals on getting the New Fire Headquarters/Station 1 from getting built SOONER. WAKE UP !!!!

    2. GPS Needed

      Another reason we need GPS tracking on all City vehicles. It will stop them going the long way round putting miles on the trucks and burning gas. Ditto for the return trip home to base.
      Anyone who lives in the City see this every day.

  23. What a joke

    Is this part of Spano’s Generation Yonkers gentrification media blitz public relations campaign? Smoke ’em out and make way for the trust fund millennials who are going to make Yonkers great again with their artisanal firewood and forty dollar t shirts? The only national news Yonkers makes is due to its gun violence like the other day when a 31 year old male was shot to death at 2:15PM IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

    Or is this how May’ah Spano justifies all of those $200k+ police and fire salaries?

    Condolences to the family of the person who lost their life in the fire.

  24. No cops for foot patrol but half a dozen to investigate a fire?

    And we wonder why the city is a broken mess? Is there anyone trying to fix anything that is broken in this city?

  25. More beat cops needed

    The solution is this. Get rid of the PD arson unit and put those cops back on the beat preferably foot patrol in the various business districts. Will someone stop the insanity in Yonkers?

  26. Another total waste of money

    The Fire Department has a team of 5 arson investigators and it is the Fire Departments duty to determine the cause of all fires in a jurisdiction.

    Most fires are accidental and not crimes. Why do we have Police Detectives investigating fires? What a waste of money and police resources. We have people getting shot and stabbed in broad daylight in Yonkers yet we have Police Detectives investigating a fire which most likely was accidental.

    1. Yonkers resident

      There was an unattended death. You don’t think that should be investigated by the PD? I think any unattended death that occurs in the city which a medical doctor will not sign off on a death certificate should be investigated for a potential crime (If your loved one was found deceased I would assume you would like it to be investigated to find out the cause and if there was foul play, you would like the person to be held accountable, right?). Most fires might be accidental, but that small percentage that is not accidental and is arson. Arson is a crime. Therefore, it necessitates all fires with a death to be investigated. Would I rather have more Police Officers on patrol in the more problematic areas of the city absolutely, but the city does have to perform their due diligence and investigate all potential crimes even if it is just to rule out “foul play”.

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