Even Murder in Yonkers is Overlaid by Mayor Mike Spano’s “Telling” that is Devoid of Full Disclosure for Political Purpose

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Why Does Mayor Mike Spano Believe He Has a Right to Toy with the Public’s Right to Know?

16-year-old Michael Pettiford Murdered 19-year-old Daij Asante Thomas

Daij Asante Thomas had Weeks Earlier Allegedly Attempted to Cut Michael Pettiford’s Throat in a Gang Related Incident.

Saturday, April 15, 2017 Killing of Daij Asante Thomas by Michael Pettiford was Payback

The Blue Truth Hezitorial 

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

YONKERS, NY — April 19, 2017 — Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano omitted and camouflaged his telling of the capture and identification of Michael Pettiford, the 16-year-old assailant of 19-year-old Daij Asante Thomas in the first hour of Saturday April 15, 2017th at the Showcase Cinema De Lux, located in Ridge Hill at 59 Fitzgerald Street, where Thomas was employed and on the job at the time of being wounded.

Pettiford, a Yonkers resident living at 26 Rollins Street had fled the theater before Yonkers Police Officers and emergency services were on the scene that Saturday morning. Pettiford was apprehended at an apartment located at 125 Yonkers Avenue yesterday mid-afternoon. Pettiford has been charged with second degree murder.

“We do know that this was not a random act,” asserted Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner. “We believe that it was the result of some prior incident or dispute.” Editor’s Note: People in the know, with knowledge shared with the Yonkers Tribune in confidence advise that the incident is gang related!

Emergency services had arrived on the scene at last Saturday’s at what proved to be a fatal stabbing. Mr. Thomas was enroute toward medical attention and either succumbed to his wounds while in the ambulance or at a local hospital where was declared DOA.

Pettiford is expected to be arraigned in Yonkers City Court today.

YPD recovered the “alleged” knife used at the scene.

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eHeziEven Murder in Yonkers is Overlaid by Mayor Mike Spano’s “Telling” that is Devoid of Full Disclosure for Political Purpose

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  1. Who claimes responsibility ?

    If we don’t all come together with real solutions, this is an unfortunate signs of things to come…

  2. The Scared and Childish McLaughlins

    So I guess Liam is nervous about newcomer Khader. It shocked me seeing Liam nervous and his brothers spreading lies about Khader in DPW and Parks. The worst part is the so called democratic mayor mike Spano allows it. Vote against McLaughlin and show his family they don’t own Yonkers.

  3. Code of the Streets

    Yonkers is gang central, especially the southwest. Preet’s office has done some solid work to stem the gang/drug/gun violence (e.g. Da’Quan Johnson received 30 for murder, racketeering, and narcotics last year), but it’s one of those open secrets in Yonkers. Even Hezi only covers it when the violence spills over into white areas such as Ridge Hill. Google gangs such as Grimy Motherfuckers (GMF) and Strip Boyz, which will lead you to gangs in Cottage Place Gardens, Warburton Avenue, Highland Avenue, and Riverdale Avenue.

    It’s a classic failure of city government. Unable to create jobs and kickstart the economies in the poorer areas of the city, politicians just ignore the problem and the media dutifully remains silent. Shit schools + no economic opportunity = gangs, drugs, and violence.

    The most dangerous gangs gangs, however, are the respectable ones in suits down at City Hall. PEACE

    1. Sure

      Another blame game piece-always everybody else fault-the easiest way to deflect responsibility and accountability is to blame someone else and not yourself.

      1. White privilege

        Easy to say from your cozy white privilege on the east side of Yonkers. But if you were black and born in the ghetto, then you’d be more likely to be unemployed, underemployed, in prison or dead. Racist white America never admits to its privilege and never reflects on its sins. That’s one reason why no one in the local media covers Yonkers gangs and the drugs and guns and stabbings and shootings that are a part of daily life on these Yonkers streets. But a white kid who plays baseball gets 24/7 coverage. Anyone looking into the man who was shot to death in broad daylight at 2PM on Warburton Ave just before Mr. Mayor’s speech last month? But let’s all gather round the campfire while Mr. Mayor tells us about the new Segway scooters and police dogs and how Yonkers is the safest city for its size. You’ve got to be joking, son.

        1. scoopemup

          Doesn’t condone murder and other violence.Perhaps if some adult intervention on behalf of these youths were in place,we would see less of these crimes.

        2. East Side Whiteboy

          If you are poor and from “the ghetto” as you call it, then you shouldn’t have eight children with 5 different men by the time you are 20…Don’t blame politicians and shitty schools as you call them,for failures in financially depressed minority communities…education begins at home…kids having kids for generations without taking responsibilities, with the mentality that
          someone else will take care of it, (usually some sort of governmental institution) is a vicious cycle in itself…16-17 year old young single mothers who have one or two kids and have to drop out of school now have no hope…they become stuck, another vicious cycle…take this as a racist , stereotypical rant from the white devil all you want…but deep down you know their is a ligitimate truth to it…

        3. Westside Brother

          White privelege: your comments clearly illustrate your ignorance and racist hate-your another one of the expanding grievance cottage industry crew who spews racial hate and plays the race card every chance you get -you failed to mention the black on black crime at Ridge Hill which got 24/7 coverage. People like will you never change because you have that entitlement mentality you know have everything handed to you without working for it-look at the deplorable Westside of Yonkers-your kind has made it the shithole that it is today-nobody else.

          1. Westside Whitey

            Your kind? You racist whites will never get it. Your kind brought my kind here in chains and my kind built this country with our blood and sweat while your kind were raping our women. My kind made this country great while your kind sat back and reaped all of the rewards from our hard work.

            In the 20th century, your kind continued to keep my kind down through segregation. Your kind preferred separate and unequal. Your racist zoning policies systematically created inner city ghettos (Google redlining, whitey). When manufacturing left our cities, your kind got those bank loans to move to the suburbs while my kind was refused even though my kind and your kind were on an equal economic footing. Your kind rezoned cities to confine my kind to ghettos. Your kind benefited from double standards regarding criminal sentencing, while my kind was subject to racist laws and overzealous policing. And your kind had to make sure that brothers like Malcolm and Martin had to die.

            In Yonkers your kind was forced by the federal government as recently as the 1980s to de-segregate Yonkers public schools because your kind preferred its racist discriminatory ways rather than equality of opportunity.

            Your kind starts wars all over the world, ruthlessly exploits second- and third-world countries for their resources, drops atomic bombs, mother of all bombs, invades and destroys at will.

            Your kind came to this country, stole the land, and exterminated the native populations. Your kind then built this country with the slave labor of my kind.

            Your kind doesn’t want smart brothers and sisters. Your kind likes its ignorance, illusions, self-righteousness, and privilege.

            And your kind runs this city and THAT’S why Yonkers is a shithole. Your kind can’t stop lying, can’t stop the double talk, can’t keep their hands off taxpayer money, can’t do the right thing because they’ve never been able to do the right thing. PEACE

          2. Foreign

            To Westside Brother- your racist, hate filled rehtoric talking points are really sad-your kind continues to play the blame game-you are the ones who have made Yonkers the shithole it is today-families on the public dole for decades-Westside families whose children can barely read and write and come home with bundles of cash and the parent does not seem to be concerned where it came from-females doing everybody in the hood and the taxpayer ends up paying-where are your civic and religious leaders they are ripping off the taxpayers with their non-profits-ripping off the very people they are supposed to help-Larry Seabrook, John Sampson, Malcom Smith, U.S. Congressperson Corrine Brown Rep C. Fattah all convicted of ripping off the people they are supposed to be helping -Al Sharpton a racist and FBI informant-those names ring a bell-How bout the male in Fresno, California who killed three people-I quess because of his skin color he is not a racist-my friend I feel sorry for you because you need help and the sad part because of racist rants you don’t realize that you yourself are a racist-I hope you seek help-I also forgot to tell you that I am a dark skinned Hispanic immigrant from South America-so your rants about people who reside on the East side of Yonkers are pathetic, sad and unfortunate- Adios mi hermano.

        4. Parental privilege of ethics & morals

          My only privilege as a poor kid was that I had parents who provided me me values and morals.

        5. Report all truths not Just some

          Why are you not reporting on the true story behind the Nolan case? He was part of a gang that beat up a Black man. Use your FOIL! NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE AT THE HAND OF ANOTHER!!!! This article is prejudice because you fail to write the truth about another murder that was one of Yonkers youth that was more than what was reported. Is it because his family is friends with the Spanos? Someone tell me how many families of kids killed did Spano visit in the hospital ? His family has profited from this young mans death. His brother is full time employment with DPW. Spano where are the jobs for the relatives of the other children of yonkers murdered? His brother James used the money raised for his brother to buy his brothers Mercedes Benz that he speeds around Yonkers in. Now he is trying to pass the Michael Nolan law against racing which is something his brother participated in with his friends. His brothers choice of friends were the same as the boy killed in the movie theater. All were not bad kids just trying to survive in a city that should be spending money on the youth instead of the politicans pockets.
          Where does all the money they are fundraising go? James claims he is going to buy first car confiscated -with what money? they have none! So, it will be the fundraiser money! There is so much more but we will leave this here. There are laws already in effect against drag racing but they are cocky and want their name out there. It should never be about color because we all bleed red! The only black and white in the articles should be the words on screen.

      2. It's a privilege to live in the city of seven hills

        This tradegdy is not a race issue. Two families are changed for ever. Not everyone who is poor person resorts a life of crime. Where were the role models in the killers life. Tell me who you walk with and I will tell you who you are?

    2. Post
      Hezi Aris

      Since you are in the know of areas that I do not cover, you may wish to advise me by email. I have the capacity to FOIL for information and I have sources that may or may not be able to verify. I guarantee you that Yonkers City Hall does not inform me. I don’t get email from them, they don’t take my calls. Such is their conduct. you will hear more from me when I can verify the telling I need to expose for your benefit, which is demanded by everyone in Yonkers. I can’t imagine your keeping it on the down low has worked for you or anybody else. IF Yonkers will not speak up for Yonkers who will? Iam doing my best. Perhaps with your input more can be noticed and exposed.

      Kindly, Hezi

  4. Raul

    What a crock of bull from Mayor Spandex he states Yonkers is one of safest cities for its size, they are definitely under reporting crimes. They are doing what White Plains has been doing for years, their were numerous rapes and other creamers committed in parking garages around Galleria mall and were kept hush hush.

  5. Safe city

    Even the CoY workers are thugged up Hezi ever wonder how many of them have active Warrants I hope someone will look into that your going to be surprised and who is protecting Them!

      1. Murder and Robberies a Yonkers Must see

        Mike Spano lines up next to the Police Commissioner then tells him to cut cut cut.

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