John Spencer, Poor Little Rich Man Gets a $30,000 Pay Increase

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Original Publication 0n February 12, 2017

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris.

Hon. John Spencer

Hon. John Spencer

It was in the opening days of March 2015 that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano announced that Yonkers Office of Veteran Services has hired decorated veteran and former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer as the department’s veteran advocate.The “no show” position was spoken about as if replete with responsibility as expressed by Mayor Spano when he said, “We are proud to have John join the City’s workforce once again. There is no question of John’s commitment and passion for our city, especially towards his fellow veterans. When a veteran comes home, he or she may be vulnerable in adapting to home life. John will be available to these veterans 24-7, every step of the way. John’s first-hand experience and compassion for the needs of our veterans will be a great addition to the services our VA provides for our community.”

In fact it was none other than the Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin who beseeched Mayor Spano to hire his friend John Spencer to the position that would come with a $65,000 per annum remuneration.

Yonkers Tribune has learned through anonymous sources in the know that Mayor Mike Spano has been so impressed by Hon. John “The Little Rich Man” Spencer’s “No Show” responsibilities that he was allocated an additional $30,000 more to his salary.

Many have recently learned that John Spencer and wife Cathy Spring Spencer and their children have suffered foreclosure proceedings and must therefor vacate the premises by the end of next month.

Spencer can now count on an approximately $100,000 pension for serving as a Yonkers City Councilman and as Mayor of Yonkers, the new salary of $95,000 for the responsibilities, such as they are, for the Yonkers Office of Veteran Services, and the income of his wife Cathy Spring Spencer who serves at the pleasure of Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin at a remuneration of $140,000 per annum. for those who may have welled up with emotion in the opening paragraphs, no need to find a tin cup in order to collect funds for former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer.

No updates to John Spencer’s accomplishments have ever made the light of day since his appointment.

eHeziJohn Spencer, Poor Little Rich Man Gets a $30,000 Pay Increase

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  1. yonkers rep

    As a Yonkers republican, I like to see small government helping to bring more capitalism in Yonkers. I don’t look for a guy like Liam who hires political hacks like Kathy Spencer and lobbies for old, rusty politicians aka John Spencer. Liam wants to raise my taxes and water but wants to continue the patronage of friends and family. I won’t allow that. I am willing to volunteer and vote for anyone who primaries or runs in the general election.

    1. Liam is a crook

      Such a long history of swindling with the Spencers and Springs. Where should we start? nValley? Briarcliff Manor? Alder Manner?

  2. Veterans Memorial in front of Shitty haul.

    Thanks for letting the illegals trash it and you and your entire staff just stayed inside ! Then acted like you all had no knowledge of what went on outside Mr. No show and no show staff shame on you. Let them dump and rip up those American Flags there for 2 days till I called your office after I cleaned up and brought those American Flags to the Post for proper disposal. Your All full of shit the Spanos too.

    1. Patriot

      The problem is you punch one of these filthy little communist pricks and YOU get arrested! This country needs to be taken back by real Americans from these anarchists & crooked pols who made this mess. CW II now!

  3. Post
    Hezi Aris

    Spencer Foreclosure
    APRIL 12, 2017 AT 6:05 PM


    Please do the John Spencer Foreclosure story as did the Journal News, today.

    You seem to be avoiding that story for some strange reason.

    1. Post
      Hezi Aris

      Here is the link to the original article written February 12th, 2017th, that is 2 months ago. It has taken others 2 months to tell you what we already advised. Perhaps it is others who may be reluctant to tell you the news.

      Thanks for the mention.



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