Latimer Gains Early Committee Endorsements in Campaign for County Executive

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Senator George Latimer candidate for Westchester County Executive.

Senator George Latimer Democrat for Westchester County Executive.


RYE, NY — April 11, 2017 — Five local Democratic committees have thrown their support to the election of State Senator George Latimer (D – Westchester) in his bid to become the Westchester County Executive. The committees are Rye City, Rye Town, Harrison, Mamaroneck, and North Castle. The committees cited Senator Latimer’s ability to win tough races, knowledge of the issues affecting Westchester, and his outstanding representation of his constituents.

“George has had some of the most challenging and expensive races in Westchester County history. His ability to overcome being outspent drastically, and the false negative attacks that his opponents have thrown at him show that he is the only candidate who can beat Rob Astorino,” said Harrison Democratic Committee Chair Frank Corvino.

“George has been and continues to be an outstanding representative for his constituents. He makes himself available to each and every one of them like no other politician I’ve ever seen, and his grasp of their needs – that is, our needs – is unrivaled,” Rye City Chair Meg Cameron said. “We are supporting George to ensure that all of Westchester gets the treatment it deserves from its County Executive when he defeats Rob Astorino in November.”

“We need a champion for the people in White Plains, and not someone who has consistently played politics with the county budget in an attempt to run for higher office. Without a doubt a race to unseat the current County Executive will be a difficult race and we believe that only George Latimer a champion of the people can beat Rob Astorino in November. That is why we wholeheartedly support George Latimer,” said Barry Malvin, Chair of the Town of North Castle Democratic Committee.
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SOURCE: Jon Greenfield, Communications Office on behalf of George Latimer * Democrat for Westchester County Executive.

eHeziLatimer Gains Early Committee Endorsements in Campaign for County Executive

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  1. Astorino, Jenkins or both?

    “We need a champion for the people in White Plains, and not someone who has consistently played politics with the county budget in an attempt to run for higher office….” said Barry Malvin, Chair of the Town of North Castle Democratic Committee. Is this a swipe at Astorino, Jenkins or both?

  2. Taxpayer49

    Why are the idiots from Greenburgh running a debate between Jenkins, Latimer and Abinanti. Abinanti has not even announced, and has NO chance of winning. A vote for Abinanti is a vote for Astorino. Jenkins can say he will get more voters out in Lower Wetchester. Latimer will do will in the North and Sound Shore. Abinanti is a clown. What does he advocate for? Oh yes, higher salaries for legislatures for part time jobs, while he gets committee money AND his pension AND legal referrals from courts to do estate and probate work.

    1. Greenburghregular

      I think Abinanti is just doing this “campaign” as a charade to try to raise money. He had to self fund much of his last campaign for Assemblyman. Much of his money comes from Democratic party, and whomever they tell to contribute (trial lawyers, unions). No real support. Comical, because he runs with no real opposition, so he does not need much $$.

    2. Greenburghregular

      To add. Abinanti does not have a website for any “campaign” for county executive, has not announced his “candidacy” on his facebook or twitter. Not in any newspaper. BUT he has scheduled two fundraisers. Draw your own conclusion.

  3. Quiet Before the Storm

    Do not underestimate the SpanClan. They have their nails in deep! Look at the posting for Rubbo’s fundraiser- Vinny Spano’s name is on it… He is the Yonkers City Clerk and the Mayor’s little brother … that not a conflict of interest? Only in Yonkers! If I was Rubbo’s opponent I would have something to say about that. Then everyone wonders why Trump is President. As far as Spano do not count him out yet for County Executive! Lets see when Astorino runs for Governor and wins then we will see what Spano does then? Hmmmm…….. Yonkers needs new faces and someone that is going to be accountable! Do not blame the players or the game blame the voters! Astorino and Latimer will be an interesting battle and level playing field. The next few months are going to be very interesting.

  4. Where in the world is George?

    I heard Latimer’s vacationing in London instead of in Westchester where we need him. What’s up with that?

    He’s a part-time Senator, he’s going to be a part-time County Exec.

  5. Gene Tozzi

    In New Rochelle even people who usually don’t like Democrats love George Latimer. His blunt honesty helps you understand what is really at stake.

  6. What about MIKE ?

    Why isn’t Mike Spano running for County Executive? He won reelection in a landslide against a strong well know and rich opponent. He won so big we all thought he would go on to be County then governor and then President. Don’t you remember? What happened? Where did all the confetti go? Its awful quiet around Yonkers. Too quiet.

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