Maeve Scott Announces Her Run for Yonkers City Council – District 4

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Maeve Scott Leaderboard

YONKERS, NY — April 21, 2017 — Maeve Scott has officially announced her candidacy for Yonkers City Council, for the 4th District council seat and her campaign kick-off event will be held on Sunday, April 23rd at Dia & Noche Restaurant, 640 McLean Avenue, from 11am to 1pm.

MAeve Scott - Green while Orange sash“I look forward to being an independent voice on the council to represent the entire city, including our youth, working families, seniors and diverse ethnic communities and neighborhoods. I consider serving on the council not as politics, but as public service. I want to do all I can to contribute to preserving all that’s great about Yonkers, and to make it an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”

Maeve Scott - among womenAs a resident of Yonkers for the past 36 years and a long-time homeowner, Maeve has a deep appreciation and attachment to the city. She is a wife and mother of three adult children who were raised in Yonkers.  She has been active in her community for many years including serving on the parish council of St. Paul the Apostle Church, Board Member of the Beverly Crest Homeowners Association and member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division #19.

Maeve Scott at home officeUnlike the typical candidate, Maeve is a political outsider.  She has not served as an appointed insider on any of the city’s many boards or commissions.  With that said, she is completely independent and unencumbered and will work tirelessly to serve the city of Yonkers.

What Maeve brings to the table is experience; she brings over 34 years of significant management, business and financial experience from a successful career on Wall Street.  Her focus is on improving transparency and accountability, enhancing fiscal responsibility and budgetary discipline, improving schools and city infrastructure and focusing on the many quality of life issues that impact Yonkers residents every day.

Maeve Scott Leaderboard

Learn more at the Website.

eHeziMaeve Scott Announces Her Run for Yonkers City Council – District 4

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  1. Robert

    So refreshing to see a long time Yonkers resident with such an intensive educational, and career background step up to help tackle the issues that plague the city. This Lady has had much success in her career while raising a family, this is a true testament to the core values she inherently possesses. A better candidate this fine city has not seen in long, long time. If you do not know Maeve I suggest you go out of your way to meet her before posting negative remarks.

  2. Yonkers Resident

    Who better than Maeve Scott to bring the people of Yonkers REAL results and just answers! A fresh face, a fresh approach, a fresh beginning to our council!

  3. Concerned Neighbor

    Maeve has been an active and vocal member of her community in Yonkers. She has the education, financial experience and love for her community that Yonkers so desperately needs. Maeve is the Best Person for the job!

  4. Liz

    Good luck to Maeve!
    Who better to represent District 4 than a woman who comes with vast financial and managerial experience from a successful Wall Street career? She raised her children in Yonkers and now she wants to give back and share her business expertise with the city she loves.
    She has my vote

  5. Eastside

    Another wannabe who comes out of the woodwork around election time-states she has resident of Yonkers for thirty-five years which translates into she just moved here-fresh face but the same ole worn out political rhetoric-you hear the same crap year in and year out an-all of them proclaim they will not be part of the machine and a year later their family and friends are on the city dole . The white loser we have now for the 4th District has been not been seen he was elected and he has been proven to be just another bloviating political hack who represent the 4th District. Vote no to this political hack

    1. Concerned Citizen of Yonkers

      Obviously you don’t know Maeve, she’s a long-term and active resident. She’s probably over qualified for this position but I am happy she is running as she is not a political hack and its time to get new and qualified citizens of Yonkers on the council. If you’re so disgruntled why don’t you run?

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