Mike Khader to Receive Teamsters Local 456 Endorsement at Elmsford Labor Rally

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Former CIA operative to receive union’s support in race for Yonkers City Council President;

Event comes on heels of Democrat‘s formal campaign kick-off;

Builds early momentum in Khader’s bid to unseat Republican incumbent

MIke Khader, Esq., practices law in the City of Yonkers.

MIke Khader, Esq., practices law in the City of Yonkers.

YONKERS, NY — April 17, 2017 –Just weeks after formally announcing his candidacy for Yonkers City Council President, attorney and former CIA operative Mike Khader will join Teamsters Local 456 for a labor rally announcing the union’s endorsement of the Democrat. This early support gives the first-time candidate considerable momentum in his bid to unseat incumbent Republican Council President Liam McLaughlin in the November election.

Teamsters Local 456 Presiden Lou Picani, union members, and supporters are expected to attend the union rally in support of Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President.

Teamsters Local 456 headquarters, located at 160 South Central Avenue, Elmsford, NY 10523, is the venue. The endorsement and rally takes place tonight, April 17th, at 6:00 pm.


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eHeziMike Khader to Receive Teamsters Local 456 Endorsement at Elmsford Labor Rally

Comments 66


    Could never vote for Lame in a million years. However I could never trust a “Former CIA operative”. The CIA are America’s secret International police who have atrocities all around the globe. They are accountable to no one.
    I guess he’s fit right in in Yonkers. Cause all them fuckers are accountable to no one. Especially the unions.

  2. The behavior of the McLaughlin family

    Pls Hezi write about Liam’s brother Patrick’s awful and uncivilized behavior. Let your 90k viewers know

  3. Liam's blood was boiling over when he got wind the Teamsters were going with Khader

    Liam spent too much time listening to Nick and Mike and in the end they are the ones who double crossed him, not the Teamsters.

    Nick brilliantly had the City endlessly bust the unions balls, all of them, knowing that every union leader had a long history with Liam and that they would go to him for help. Instead Nick had the City twist the screws even more and Liam came across a useless backstabbing liar. Well played Nick. As usual you were able to make it look like it was someone elses doing but you pulled all the strings.

    The sad thing is that Liam probably still believes he is on team Spano. They’re in the managers office behind home plate signing the deal to replace you Liam. Pretty soon youll be pulled from the game and never seen from again.

  4. Think Like Jumbo

    If 456 and other unions get behind Khader, the reality is that Nick & the Spanos are fucking Liam and Spencer.

    Why? Because they could never trust the Carrot if he were to be Mayor, especially with Spencer and Spring calling his shots.

    Khader is no political threat. He will never advance unless they bless him. And he’ll do as he is told.

    Besides the Spanos have one of their inner circle marked for the next Mayoralty. May be Jim.

    Liam is too fucking Irish to understand “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer”. That was Vinny Spano’s role all these years as to the red man.

    Liam is finished ala the screwing of the Spanos.

    1. Little bit dumbo

      Good analysis about the Spano’s screwing Liam and never letting him have the helm. He can’t be trusted especially with the Spencer Spring baggage that comes with him. The Spano’s will sabotage Liam when they are done with him that’s for sure. They will latch onto anybody but Liam. They don’t trust him and that’s why they have had Vinny be Liam’s foney butt buddy these past few years. Just to keep an eye on Liam especially when he’s drunk with truth serum. But in the end the Spano’s will be done too.

    2. Stick a Fork in them the Spano's are done

      Dumbo and Jumbo thought they could control who wins by controlling the party leaders. How’s that working out for ya! The people of Yonkers are on to your bullshit. Fat Nick the Felon and Mikey double Chin have eaten their last meatball on the taxpayers dime.

  5. 456 for Khader

    As a female at yesterdays union meeting, I was not sure who to support. I must say that after hearing Khader speak, I was impressed with his passion. His words were strong and for the people. I am confident 456 made the right choice. Especially after the way he handled himself with great composure during McLaughlin’s our burst.
    A true gentleman.

    1. Inquiring minds want to know

      Can you please elaborate on McLaughlin’s Alleged behavior yesterday.Voters have a right to know!

      1. Yes we would love to know how he made an ass of himself

        You were there Hezi and saw and heard the whole thing. Please let your readers know what kind of white trash we are dealing with

      2. Khader will be next city council president

        You want to know how Khader gave a great speech last night; and as Lou and the rest of union officers and members tried to take a group photo, the lowlife walks in out of no where using derogatory language in front of his little girl. Tried to confront Khader. he carried on like a little bitch and until they threw him like the garbage he is. I was really hoping someone knocked the shit out of him. Mike held his composure and was a gentleman. He didn’t stoop to his level.

  6. Teachers will be on Team Khader too

    Liam went after Pat Puleo and tried to use an unfortunate incident as a way to squeeze the teachers during contract negotiations. I’m no fan of Puleo but the teachers know what Liam’s motivation was. It had nothing to do with the children or the schools. He was just trying to screw the teachers who he has always hated. We hate him too.

    1. New York STATE teachers for Khader

      Between YFT and NYC’s UFT and NYSUT we will show McLaughlin and Spano just how many of us “live” and “vote” here.

  7. Ownership has its Privileges!

    Please YFD! Liam has been ass fucking your members as Mcgeoy and Treanor watch. No way will they go against Bully Bitch Liam. He owns them!

    1. Not from what I hear

      Local 628 is the real deal. Barry told us he warned Liam but Liam did nothing. Liam is screwed. 628 will get the last laugh. Haha.

      1. YFD For Liam

        Please!! It won’t be the first time Mcgoey has bent over for Liam. He will do what he is told, like he did last election. He’s playing Kader and he is gonna sell out his own sister as well.

  8. Disabled Firefighter for Mike Khader

    I was down at ground zero and got so sick I had to retire and Liam stood by idly while Mike Spano took money out of my pocket that I desperately needed to pay the bills and get my kids through college. I’m making my last college payment in about 2 weeks and next month I’m sending Mike Khader the biggest donation I can. Then I’m going to send an email to the other guys and ask them to do the same if they can afford it. I moved out of Yonkers about 15 years ago but I’m thinking of moving back since I don’t need the schools anymore and I have to pay someone to mow the grass and do things around the house. Either way most of my family still lives in Yonkers and they hate Spano and McLaughlin for what they put me through. Game on. Payback is a bitch BITCH.

  9. Observer

    I heard Liam McLaughlin and Mike Spano put Liam’s brother Patrick up to cursing at Khader in the union. Only if they saw how ugly and disturbing it was.

  10. Khader has McLaughlin and Spano freaked out

    Mike Khader is working it hard all over the city. Not just in Southwest yonkers but also up and down the East side too. He’s not just going to impersonal photo ops but he is going neighborhood to neighborhood shaking hands and talking to people. That’s how and why he is going to win BIG.

  11. Fools

    99% don’t live in Yonkers can’t vote. Hope Khader helps R&S Joe his buddy get the contract from Yonkers to pickup trash those Mexicans work 8 hours and won’t leave messes or block traffics I’ll save taxpayers millions.

    1. You are the fool

      you are a pure idiots Devin and Patrick. If it weren’t for political patronage you would be working at Wendy’s flipping burgers

    2. Why is Liam so pissed off then?

      If only 1% live in the city and can vote then why does Laim even care? Because Laim knows that there are HUNDREDS of 456 members that live and vote in the city. All Spano and Laim did was bring the membership closer together. Minus the handful of Spano and Laim supporters. We are the tip of the iceberg. Expect more big endorsements to follow soon you fare weather members. I wouldn’t want to be you guys when your relatives are not in office. And that will be sooner than you think.

    1. Idiots

      You are an absolute idiot Devin. Spreading lies about 8 hours garbage days. Khader was endorsed by the union that represents you. Cut the shit Devin and Patrick. Everyone knows you guys are full of shit

  12. John P

    I commend the leadership of the Teamsters. It takes courage to stand up to the bullies in city hall. This is the beginning of the end of the Mclaughlin regime. What the Spano’s don’t understand that we live in a democracy, they run the city like a dictatorship. There shenanigans will catch up to them soon and it won’t be nice.

    1. Hope the Firefighters and the YFT endorse Mike Kader

      Remember the Alamo, you few unions that fought the Spano clan are few a far between. Change the City and boot them out. Every single local politician has been there too long. Don’t screw your membership like the Yonkers PBA and the CLSA for personal fringe benefits. Pat and Barry make the right decisions.

  13. yonkers politico

    I have never seen an incumbent like Liam be this nervous so early. People are tellling me he started going to events that he had never went to before. I learned of Liam’s Brother’s uncalled for behavior toward Liam’s opponent. All of those people who feel Liam is an easy win, you are in a big surprise. You know when an incumbent is in trouble when the act nervous and scared like Liam.

  14. Tony boy

    Liam is a hot dog fat spano is a fat burrito don’t get me started with Liam’s brother we need to get these crooks out of office go khader you got my vote #456

  15. yonkers dem

    I was planning on voting for Asstorino until I found out he was actually going to go all out with Liam. I hate Liam from all the family members that work in city hall. Now my Vote will go to the democratic candidate.

  16. Observer

    Mclaughlin’s campaign is in turmoil it. Yonkers voters are going to retire him this fall. Neither Spano or Astorino can save him.

  17. The liars in city hall

    Devin and that idiot Patrick should cut the shit. Liam said on his election night victory that this race is not about me or my family, it is about the city. He is a liar. he secured jobs for 2 brothers each making well above 70k and a niece doing something that isn’t work the salary she is getting. The McLaughlins are liars who spread false propaganda about Liam’s political future and the current political climate.

  18. bye bye

    Very small group of yonkers 456 members will go with Louie and Gio. The rest of us will not and we will work hard to get you all out.

  19. We stand united against union leadership

    Liam stood by and did nothing? Did we receive our contract? Yes dope! Liam was and is and always will be for unions! This Khader guy has publicly stated that we should work 8 hours a day. You try doing a few tons of garbage a day John!

    1. Against your union?

      Real smart. Standing united against your union leadership. For what? An anti-union politician who sat back and watched as we got less than the other city unions and while every construction site in Yonkers went to non union scab workers and companies? You 12 or so morons can stand with whoever you want but the thousands of the rest of us will do what it takes to get rid of Liam.

  20. Fat little brother talks tough

    McDick did nothing but Make himself and Liam look bad. The only thing Liam’s kid brother did was convince everyone else that Khader is the man for the job. Good work boys.

  21. Why aren't Teamsters backing Liam?

    After all, Liam said he was going to stand with the Teamsters when they backed him last time. Oh – I guess since Liam didn’t do shit and stood by while 456 got shit on. That explains it. I wonder when the other unions are going to tell Liam to go fruck himself too.

  22. White Trash is out in full force at The Union Hall

    I am embarrassed to see one of my fellow teamsters McLaughlin act that way. This is the behavior of garbage white trash which I have come to realize he is. His behavior is unacceptable and I hold the union a belong to to a higher standard. It is truly a shame to see White Trash McLaughlin acting that way.

  23. Yonkers Conservative

    Devin makes it like Liam is unstoppable and he will be the next mayor. He says that stupid stuff to everyone. I happen to know politics and see that enrollment has only gotten worse and Liam has raised taxes and water. He can’t fool everyone. I wonder if Devin will still be saying that bizarre and stupid talk after Liam loses the election.

    1. Go ahead you dope

      Are you THAT stupid? You’re own endorsement. Funny. The problem is that you don’t realize that without 456 you are nothing and the city wouldn’t even pay you minimum wage. All politicians are temporary whether you are related to them or not. When the Politiican is gone you got nothing. And if you open your mouth you won’t be part of the union when the next politician comes along and he/she wants to eliminate YOUR job.

  24. First of many labor endorsements for Khader

    Let’s see when the others come out to support anyone but Liam. A Republican in Yonkers can’t win without labor support and minor party lines. That’s why Spano became a Dem. See ya liam.

  25. Come to the endorsement tough guy

    Liam’s toughguys are going to be unified against Lou and Gio? All 6 of you?
    That’s hysterical. Liam’s been feeding you the same kool aid that he gets from the Spano’s.
    Come to the meeting and tell all your “brothers” who are out of work why 456 should back Liam. Is it because of all the union jobs being built in Yonkers? Or is it because a few of you guys got some cushy jobs from Liam and Mike? Just remember that those gigs will be over as soon as Liam and Mike are gone. 456 is going to make that sooner than later. See you later.

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