Teamsters Local 456 Endorse Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President

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Teamsters Union Local 456 Endorse Khader

Teamsters Local 456 President Lou Picani (third from left) stands by Yonkers City Council President candidate Mike Khader (fourth from left) stand by other Teamsters members at the union’s headquarters in Elmsford for a rally in support of Mike Khader.

MIke Khader, Esq., practices law in the City of Yonkers.

MIke Khader, Esq., practices law in the City of Yonkers.

ELMSFORD, NY and YONKERS, NY — April 18, 2017 — “The men and women of Teamsters Local 456 are proud to endorse Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President,” said Lou Picani, president of Teamsters Local 456 at Monday’s April 17th union meeting and endorsement rally of Mike Khader. “When our country needed him, Mike Khader answered the call. This is just what we need on the Yonkers City Council, a leader who will stand up for working families and protect the values that make our country great. We know that Mike will be a strong defender of labor, and we look forward to partnering with him in the Council.”

“It’s an honor to have the endorsement of the Teamsters,” said Mike Khader. “Their membership represents a true cross-section of our society, protecting workers across countless fields and protecting middle class jobs right here in the community. At a time when organized labor is under attack, I intend to stand strong and defend the rights of working men and women.”

After the endorsement of Mike Khader and Local 456 President Lou Picani’s endorsement was announced, Picani, Khader, and the leadership members stepped down from the elevated podium from which they initially addressed the membership, and immersed themselves among those congratulating Mike Khader by words, shaking his hand, and slapping him on his back.

One of the McLaughlin Brothers with Daughter in Tow Confronts Khader with the Never Substantiated Allegation that He is a Wife Beater

As this was taking place, one of Liam McLaughlin’s brothers, with a daughter in tow insinuated himself among the crowd of well wishers and accused Mike Khader of being a wife beater when there has never been any substantiation of such an allegation. Were the young daughter, seemingly around five-years of age, not held in hand by her father, believed by this reporters to have been Devin McLaughlin, the crowd of Mike Khader well wishers would have likely beaten that man into a pulp, such was the anger at that man’s audacious and unbecoming behavior.

Yonkers City Council President candidate Mike Khader took a moment to respond, he forcefully advised the union members present that the outrageous behavior by the incumbent’s sibling was meant to silence and detract from Teamster’s Local 456’s ability to express their concerns and demands of and from a responsive Yonkers City Council President. Mike Khader said they intended to take away your options.

Described as North America’s strongest and most diverse union, the Teamsters represent 1.4 million members in occupations in both the public and private sectors. Their members include construction trades, sanitation, healthcare, secretaries, police officers, and newspaper workers, to name a few. With Teamsters Local 456’s support, members are secured decent wages, fair promotion, health coverage, job security and other benefits.

The Teamsters’ endorsement of Khader came during an evening rally at its headquarters in Elmsford, NY. President Picani addressed the membership, numbering in the hundreds. The energized crowd showed full support to unseat incumbent Council President McLaughlin in the November election.

Khader is a successful business litigation attorney. The Yonkers born and raised son of immigrant farmers from a small village is the first in his family to graduate from college. After the September 11th attacks, Khader decided to serve his country by joining the CIA. The first-time candidate is using his campaign to highlight the many issues still facing Yonkers residents, including in long-neglected communities on the city’s southwest side. This includes what he calls the many hidden taxes in resident’s homeowners assessments, and the need for more funding for Yonkers Public School District.


Khader will face McLaughlin in the November 7th general election.

eHeziTeamsters Local 456 Endorse Mike Khader for Yonkers City Council President

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  1. Who wants to run this crooked city any way

    Who would wanna run this Piece of shit corrupt city anyway. Why the argument over who wins the same shit will continue in this City anyway. Do you really think a savior exists you people are all retarded in this rat room I mean chat room I guess ?

  2. Bobblehead Liam's head is exploding

    Can’t seem to figure out why no one likes him anymore except the Spano’s. But they hate him too and laugh at how they have him wrapped around their fingers. Hehehehe

  3. 461 Riverdale Avenue Tenants' Association

    We’ll offer our perspective on Khader. Let’s call it a view from the trenches.

    Recently, the owners of our building, George Nukho and Michael Nukho, served an eviction notice to a family with two children. The family had lived in our building for over two decades and had raised their children here. The husband and father runs a successful independent business that has been serving local residents for years. The family had been paying their rent for years without issue and continued to pay their rent on time each month when the Nukhos bought the building in 2008. The basis for the Nukhos’ eviction was a technicality. The family were living in a large apartment below the market rate, and such tenants have become targets of unscrupulous landlords who will stop at nothing to empty buildings of rent-stabilized tenants.

    The family was referred to Yonkers lawyer Andrew Romano, who in turn referred the family to Michael Khader. The case moved swiftly and the family was evicted just as swiftly. Mr. Khader performed exceptionally poorly in court, which disadvantaged the tenants’ case. He was ill prepared and almost appeared disinterested. Had they had the benefit of a more able and better prepared lawyer, they might still be living in their home today instead of having had their lives uprooted as a result of the Nukhos’ actions. Whether or not Jordanian-American Khader felt sympathetic to fellow Jordanian-Americans George Nukho and Michael Nukho, as some have speculated, is a moot point.

    The salient point is that Michael Khader failed to protect the rights of a hardworking Yonkers family with children and his failure cost them their home. For this reason, and for others, we are urging our tenants and their friends and families not to vote for Khader.

    1. liam is scared

      hey liam lacky khader never represented any nukos the article you put up does not mention him i guess when your desperate you do what ever you can when the ship is sinking….

    2. Not easy being a landlord or homeowner in Yonkers

      The Judge granted the eviction.
      based on landlord complaint and proof that the tenant was in violation of the lease.

      No Judge is going to Grant and evict a family without just cause.

      If the conditions at that location are that bad, why would anyone want to stay anyway.

      The lawyers involved are both reputable. The tenant would of lost no matter who took the case. Everyone knows it’s not easy to evict especially families with children.

      It’s takes months to evict. If the judge granted the eviction,it’s for a good reason.

      I am sorry to hear the family was evicted but I know the law, they had plenty of time to relocate.

      1. Eastsider

        No horse in this race myself but if what the TA says is true about the family then someone should look into whatever law allowed this. Hardworking family, no problems, no trouble, live in a building for years. Nukhos buy the building and then they’re evicted? GEM bought and ruined a building not too far from me by fillling it with section 8. All of the rent stabilized folks moved. Surprised Khader lost this one. Wouldn’t be surprised if he took a dive for his fellow Jordanians.

          1. High class moron

            Nobody is saying that he was a lawyer for the Nukhos, dipshit. Learn how to read.

    3. G.E.M.

      Is as currupt as they come they are the most wealthy family in Yonkers. They have the whole C.o.Y. In the pockets some of the county and state also. But then to rather loss a dime will tell every single criminal act to police to avoid just one minute behind bars that day will be arriving soon very soon.

  4. Good luck Yonkers

    Vote Khader and you’ll be exchanging one asshole lawyer for another asshole lawyer. Vote McL and you’ll get more corruption, patronage, etc. It’s the illusion of choice, folks. Either way, Yonkers loses.

    By the way, can anyone come up with a good reason as to why the only “qualified” candidates for City Council Pres seem to have one thing in common: a law degree. When did we give away control of our city to these litigious lowlifes?

  5. A losing incumbent

    Liam knows he is in trouble. Does he really think being stuck to Pasta Mike’s fat ass will win him the election? Liam is showing weakness and this time around he won’t get a lightweight like Rotanelli. This will be the end to the Spencer’s and McLaughlins abuse of power and political patronage from city hall that Mike Spano has allowed.

    1. Don't need it

      All the unions will back Kader except the fat lying police union pres. He stays sucking on the Spano nips. Kader don’t need them anyway because most of them don’t live in the City.

  6. Which union will abandon Liam next?

    Will it be teachers?
    Will it be firemen?
    Will it be custodians?
    Will it be police?
    Will it be clerical?
    Will it be construction workers?

    Spin the wheel Khader. You can’t lose.

    1. Overt

      So the PD would do well and back Khader. Unless fat rat makes a deal to further the joker. It’s become a real obsession you know. But he did sell out the membership with the 207c and all so maybe that’s part of his rat plan ? Who knows. Now will the overly metro sexual wine expert stop bloviating enough to realize who to back? Or is he too busy polishing his Maserati ? Inquiring minds want to know. Or will the spano plants feed his ego enough to have him tow the line ? I’m sure there’s a wine set aside for that occasion.

  7. yonkers dem

    I see mike spano and Liam being very close with each other. I see Liam walking into events with Mike. almost like it is planned. I hope someone primaries mike spano from the 1st or 33rd wards which is areas mike spano failed to elect district leaders. I will vote and volunteer for anyone who primaries mike. I liked mike before, but seeing him with liam gave me a bad taste in my mouth

    1. No More SpaNO's, Spencers, Amicon's Lesnicks,m Martinelli's etc

      Are you crazy. SpaNO has always been a republican. Why are you surprised. Liam would become a democrat if he thought he could lose as a republican,just like SpaNO did. Politicians are all ful of shit. End of story.

  8. No Conservative Teamsters for Liam ?

    Since Fox hates Liam more than ever I guess it’s going to be very difficult doing a right in ballot for the Conservative party line again without the Teamsters. I bet they will do one for Khader instead this time.

    1. Maybe Billy will disobey Fox

      Billy needs a C/O for his house so you can expect a offer of a quid pro quo for the Conservative line. That’s Liam’s and Mike’s plan. Sheet. Fox already said “over my dead body” will Liam get that piece of shit get the line. Anyway Fox and Billy are too smart to get set up or caught up in a criminal sale of a political line. Liam’s plan to get the Conservative line is fizzled out too.

  9. Liam should have stood by the unions if he wanted them to stand by him

    Mike Spano got elected in 2011 by lying the unions and as soon as he walked in the door on Jan 1 2012 he went after those same unions.

    Liam got elected in 2013 by lying to the unions and as soon as he walked in the door on Jan 1 2014 he stood by and watched Mike Spano continue to abuse those same unions. Even though Spano is a Democrat and Liam is a Republican Liam hasn’t stood up to Mike Spano in 4 years.

    Now he’s surprised that the unions are and will back his opponent? He’ll probably be even more surprised when he loses on election night.

  10. Don't stand so close to me

    Mike best if you distance yourself from one in the picture he to is going down for corruption charges.

  11. Mac

    I can’t believe that McLaughlin would actually do that a rally for Khader. Why do those white trash McLaughlins think they should get a free ride? Liam has a terrible voting record, he loves to tax and tax. For some reason I always see Mike Spano with McLaughlin. It is pretty obvious you are supporting him pasta man. You guys can’t get any closer in photos. True dems will see past this and elect khader in a referendum against the shady ways of Mike Spano.

  12. Disgusting

    Why would Liam’s brother do that? It just does not make sense. All the McLaughlins keep talking about how he is the next mayor. If he is getting nervous from a first time candidate, then what will happen when a stronger better funded candidate like Shelley Mayer. Then I guess the McLaughlins will be yelling and making fake rumors every where. I personally liked them, but I think I have to reevaluate my choice for CCP

  13. Observer

    Pat and devin would be flipping burgers or pouring my coffee if it weren’t for Liam using his office to secure jobs from Mike Spano. Those guys shouldn’t be acting tough because they and their brother are weak. Liam is finito.

  14. I'm 1000% with MY union

    And 1,000 % against Liam McLaughlin and his lucky to have a job brother.
    I can’t wait to work my ass off to make sure Mike Khader wipes the floor with the “wife stealer” McLaughlin.

  15. Those low life white trash People

    The McLaughlins.It is disgusting the way Liam’s brother acted. I hate them now. I had voted for Liam in 2013, but now I see their true colors. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike Spano and Liam McLaughlin put him up to it. Maybe Vinny too. Vinny probably put him up to it. Vinny Spano is up Liam’s ass anyways

    1. clean Yonkers Corruption

      Is what Fat brother’s gave to the unions= zero. No unions should support any of theservice blood suckers. They raise taxes and the water bills and gave their families and friends jobs and raises. Kader will be the no vote.

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