The Bleak End for Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is Looming Ever Closer- Crystal Ball NOT Required

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

There was no show of emotion when Yonkers Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Keith Olson and his “personal” legal firm, paid by all PBA men and women members, suffered a stunning legal defeat that is now a stained marking revealing the illegal misconduct by PBA President Keith Olson and the Yonkers PBA Trustees. Their collective and unconstitutional support of the union’s aberrant conduct is memorialized for all time in Google, as well as other search engines regarding the New York State Court of Appeals case history. The civil rights of one union member, in good standing, that of decorated Det. Ray Montero took on the City of Yonkers and Yonkers PBA President Olson. Four New York State Supreme Court Appellate Judges, immersed in law, sensitive and astute to aberrant human behavior in defiance of the civil rights of member Det. Montero were quick to recognize the political witch hunt designed to dominate Det. Montero by ostracism and submission. The Hon. Appellate Court Justices defended the U.S. Constitutional rights guarantee of freedom of speech that Olson and his cronies have yet to grasp. It seems unfathomable that PBA President Olson, also by a roundtable show of hands representative of the Affiliated Police Association, comprised of a few smaller police departments looking to change politicians’ views, much like lobbyists, had not defined wise and prudent legal conduct. The adage that speaks to the inability of a leopard to change its spots is evidently true.

The Blue Truth

The Blue Truth

After this stunning legal defeat, one has to wonder what union member would ever consider placing their confidence in Olson’s leadership. What apparently seems to keep Olson’s pulse beating is the give away and changes to the General Municipal Law 207-c labor contract of 2013. Since he was elected to office, the opportunity to keep his employ and gain ever greater benefits, as he ran roughshod over the union membership by feeding them falsehoods proven to be deceptive lies. In fact, Olson’s election to PBA President, made Olson the FIRST union president to get benefits that gave him a car for his personal use, fueled at the city’s expense, and likewise insured. He was also able to win employment for his sister, Kelly Chiarella; her first city job to which she had no experience whatsoever. This took place while most of the PBA membership were still awaiting their long overdue retroactive pay. Only recently has the membership recognized that Olson led them unsuspectingly as easily as lambs to slaughter.

Since then Olson has become a lap dog to each of the Spano clan members. olson hangs around with them, he attends events and parties at their behest. he has literally prostituted himself and by his conduct undermined and continues to undermine the union membership to their detriment.

He has been seen attending the Spano brothers at just about every freeloading Yonkers “dog and pony show”, albeit 3 paces behind them.

There are allegations that Nicky “The Felon” Spano wants Yonkersites to cower at the mention of his name in expectation that Yonkersites will believe that Nicky has locked up the running of everything in Yonkers, from building contracts to lobbying on behalf of unions. The PBA pays a fee of $48,000 per annum, and the Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA) $24,000 per annum, while Olson lives high off the hog and the Yonkers PBA credit card. The contractual lobbying agreement with Nick Spano‘s lobbying firm is not supposed to engage Nick Spano in lobbying his brother, Mayor Mike Spano, over issues that concern the union’s interests and concerns in Yonkers because that would be a conflict of interest and the felon would never break the law. Am I right? No? If not, how do you explain your conduct?

The Spano Clan are using every tool at their disposal to dominate Yonkersites into submission and acquiescence. The tactics incorporated are many. Eminent domain is engaged so that property may be given to the “friends and family network”. Yonkers City Hall enforces non-payment of mortgages so that foreclosures may be accomplished so benefit the “family and friends network” so that they have the first opportunity to purchase such properties that are initially known through the Office of the Clerk, Vincent Spano. In fact is was Vincent Spano that recently purchased such a property; no conflict there! Right. Neighbors have complained that DPW crews are working late into the wee mornings, as late as 1am, burning wood at that hour without a permit. City Clerk Vincent Spano is using DPW equipment, DPW personnel, and wearing out taxpayer paid equipment, and taxpayer paid for fuel, and dumping trash illegal under the guise of DPW camouflage to fix and/or build the property purchased off the foreclosure list of properties. Yonkers City Clerk Spano is engaged in theft of services from personnel who are employed by Yonkers Department of Public Works, and the equipment they are using to upgrade the house. DPW Commissioner Thomas Meier, who also happens to be the Yonkers City Democratic Committee Chair is permitting the DPW equipment and personnel to be used to benefit the Yonkers City Clerk, the youngest of the Spano Clan illegally. Amazingly, the Spano brothers have undermined their youngest brother by having him believe that theft of services upon his behalf is OK.

Further still, construction bids are siphoned only though Nick Spano. Certificates required by Yonkers City Hall are processed through the once esteemed, but now disgraced former Senator Nick Spano who decides if you will get the certification required or not. Those astute to the ploys of he “Spano Clan” know how to gain the required certifications. All the while, if you listen carefully or buy into the spin, and it is either a buy or a bye-bye, the Spano’s cover their tracks with a litany of Yonkers woes asserting to anyone who will listen, that they are not being bankrolled equitably by Governor Andrew Cuomo, when in reality, had Yonkers City Hall had the capacity to prove their trustworthiness to Gov. Cuomo, as well as the Albany Delegation, and thereby the New York State Legislature, Yonkers would have long ago gained the funds CoY needed to resuscitate the people’s future prospects and even their own, but they are greedy S.O.B’s. The reality is that no one trusts the Spano’s with even one penny.

The Spano’s, under the aegis of Mayor Mike Spano, presiding only as an impotent figurehead, is eclipsed by Nick Spano, the felon commandant, Or should one say the puppet master. Under the bullying tactics of Nick Spano, and his ruthlessly cunning although fake and disarming smile, he has evicerated the checks and balances of government. The Office of the Executive Branch, that is Mayor Mike Spano, is told what to do and he knows all to well to do just that, to follow orders. The Judicial Branch is a placeholder for one of Nicky’s boys, Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath. Lastly, the Legislative Branch, the Yonkers City Council is populated by sycophants who are conflicted by the relatives that are employed by Yonkers City Hall so that a vote can be cast as per instructions received from the Office of the Mayor and those who speak for the mayor so as to guide or demand the Yonkers City Council membership vote as they are told they must, or else.

Editor’s Note: Despite what anyone has told you, you are permitted to contemplate this conundrum. You are infused with the necessary knowledge afforded you as a citizen, resident, even as an employee of Yonkers because your forefathers have won those rights in these United States of America, permitting you be allowed to arrive at your own conclusions. You are not required to share it with anyone. What matters is that you permit yourself the prospect of assessing your own reality. In fact, I warn all readers of this Hezitorial, a/k/a an editorial telling, that you best keep your conclusions to yourself lest you find yourself unemployed. If you speak truth to power you may be deemed to have lost your loyalty to the Ivory Tower that looms detrimentally over Yonkersites’ collective lot of Kool-Aide drinkers.


The loss of and lack of employment opportunity, the educational decay that takes place under the watch of Yonkers City Hall, have effectively mismanaged the efficacy of the teachers and ancillary workforce to conduct an effective program to teach the student population a curriculum standard that can accomplish the Yonkers Public School DIstrict’s charge. Alas, only if the YPS District, over the last 5 years a department of Yonkers City Hall, were not stymied by the lack of financial wherewithal. It is because of a lack of prudent fiscal governance and the lack of studied planning that has brought about the lack of success by the Yonkers Board of Education. The adage to “get along to get along has failed our student population, their parents and guardians, and exacerbated the crime rate, as well as the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency inducement of businesses with seed money that comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket in the form of Payments In Lieu of Taxes (PILOTS). These “carrots” are given to so-called insiders, called developers, who use taxpayer funds, e.g. other people’s money so they can take the promissory notes to banks to borrow more money against a proposed project. It was only a few days ago that NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli suggested if the return on investment (ROI) is questionable it should be reassessed and considered for replacement of alternate means of attracting inversions to a municipality. The City of Yonkers (CoY), like a candy store, hands out the “goodies” to the “friends and family network” because they can and because they know that no agency anywhere in New York State will unlikely take these “shakedown artists down”. Yonkers IDA spends $4,008 per job promised to be created yet no one is validating the claim of the number of jobs actually created. Even if the jobs created were deficient from the initial jobs conjectures to be created, there has never been one incident in which those inducements to create jobs not created had any of the inducements clawed back. Not even one.

Who among Yonkersites are willing to take those in government on to expose their plots and ploys to correct the harm and enforced silence among residents for decades? So far not one, that of course for decorated Det. Ray Montero. rumblings among the PBA membership reveal that PBA President Olson continues to advise the membership that the PBA members will not need to pay any part of their $1,350 yearly contribution to the Quinn Law Firm to pay the costs demanded of the PBA as per the unanimous ruling of the New York State Appellate Court ruling that the PBA is liable and must follow their directive. Further, there is no way to overturn their decision.

Those who believe Olson will find out soon enough if their legal representatives are telling Olson the truth but that Olson is not ashamed to deny, deny, and continue to deny the truth from the PBA membership. It would seem reasonable that the Quinn Law Firm be asked to issue a statement to validate the expression given the law by PBA President Olson. Someone is in error. Why not ask the Quinn Law Firm to send the membership an email explaining what the NYS Appellate Court Justices unanimously instructed the PBA to do, what the legal terms used mean, and who will pay Det. Ray Montero.
The CoY has been forced into the political rut that has kindled internal corruption. This is the very same ploy to claim an effort to resuscitate, the still faux and flawed $450,000 Generation Yonkers advertising campaign that denies crime is running rampant, not like the absurdity and false pronouncements that crime is down. The reality is that the Yonkers Police Department is not permitted to report the crime statistics as they take place. If the crime is not reported, it stands to reason and logic that there are fewer incidences that take place. Lies, lies, and more lies. In Ridge Hill, gang wars continue unabated, cell phones are stolen from unsuspecting shopper, cars are broken into, items stolen from the cars, the cars stolen, items stolen outright from stores, and credit card fraud is escalating. YPD cannot and will not validate the reality because they have been admonished in no uncertain terms to keep their mouths shut. There is also the assertion that 20 percent of the crime rate takes place on the west side of Yonkers rather than in any other part of CoY. Yet, after hearing Mayor Mike Spano’s State of the City address one would think everyone was living in the Colorado Mountains sleeping with their doors open and their car keys left in the car ignition. No, that may be in Colorado, but it is far from Yonkers’ reality. The truth of the matter is most of the crime is targeted, right in the heart of where Generation Yonkers work or play and where robberies, stabbings, shootings, and daylight murders are running rampant. This while all the tenured office holders are either cutting a ribbon or sucking down a free meal at a newly opened restaurant. It has been a relatively short five years and four months since Mayor Mike Spano said we are one of the safest cities of between 160,000 to 200,000 population size in America.


Since then, the Yonkers Police Department have been bandaging up one of the safest cities in America. Even the Ridge Hill Shopping area has been plagued with assaults, robberies, and recently had a security guard murdered despite the fluff press releases managed by Thomson & Bender that purports Yonkers is on the rise. Yea right, get into one of the new Generation Yonkers apartment elevators, get to your front door, insert the key to open the door, enter, and immediately lock yourself in your apartment as quickly as you can. This way only your parked vehicle is prone trouble, mischief, or worse. If however you don’t mind politicians who have been in office in Yonkers for almost a decade, and former mayors are still on the taxpayers payrolls, and where some union leaders are more interested in getting perks for themselves rather than being concerned about their membership, and where everyone is just about related or owned, one might look to purchase one of those new luxury apartments sprouting up with virtually nowhere for anyone to shop or eat without running the risk of running into that remarkable statistic that crime on the westside of Yonkers other than what is asserted.

Those into coffee might want to participate in a supposedly “nice” public relation gesture, that is, to shake the hand of a Yonkers Police Officer and enjoy a cup of coffee. Foot patrols engender familiarity and trust between residents and any police department, including the YPD. While a handshake and a cup of joe is a losing gimmick, foot patrols win the day among residents and visitors alike, reducing the crime statistics legitimately rather than by false pronouncements devoid of truthful and verifiable statistics.

That is because since the release of the new Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s FY2017-2018 Budget Proposal, and the announcement for a new police precinct to be situated near the waterfront was in juxtaposition by elected office holders who had previously decided to eliminate five police officer positions from the budget. Ironically not a peep out of Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson that is until someone had to be murdered at the Ridge Hill Shopping Center.

Olson’s ruse and feigned concern over needing five more Police Officers will be the leverage that Olson needs to claim it was Olson that forced Mayor Mike Spano’s hand to hire five more Police Officers. The exchange, you had to know that was coming, is the the Yonkers PBA president Keith Olson will endorse Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin’s candidacy for a second term.

All this coming from a union leader that not only dropped his promise to advise all the union presidents that they would receive a phone call from Keith Olson when he had come to an agreement with Mayor Mike Spano’s contract negotiating team for the PBA membership. Either Olson forgot or he chose to contact no one. Olson did not forget how to ram the labor contract down his member’s throats even though he knew it was detrimental to them.

If someone should ever run into the Yonkers PBA President ask him why he prances and dances with the Spano’s? Perhaps you might want to ask him why he made a public statement about police manpower? Is it because someone was murdered at the prestigious Ridge Hill Shopping Center? Or that he may have forgotten to read the part of the budget where five positions were cut from the recently proposed budget. The facts are that the police budget and overtime have been sliced and diced for years under Spano and Olson without a word acknowledging the circumstances. It is evident, and facts underwrite the fact that Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner is handcuffed. City Hall demands Commissioner Gardner combat crime and cut overtime. Even a blind man getting robbed in Getty Square can tell you it can’t be done! Since the controversial police union leader came into power in 2010, he has not once made any public statement(s) that suggested any precinct in the city needed more personnel, or that a new police precinct was necessary. FYI, there was a mini precinct in downtown Yonkers that was shut down because of budget concerns. Now Mayor Mike Spano boasts about a new precinct but shorts the public of the needed funding for the personnel required to man such a precinct. is Mayor Mike Spano a proponent of fear mongering? Olson, most definitely asked the Spano’s to place his best friend forever (BFF) John Mueller into a Chief position way before he went on cable news asking for more police officers. Olson is now trying to suggest that the gang related murder at Ridge Hill was the catalyst that moved him to assert that more police officers are needed?


Yonkers Police Precinct 1 has been maintaining appropriate vigilance covering Precinct 1 for years without Olson’s call for more police. Olson seems to have nothing else better to do than to insinuate himself into the public limelight to maintain his declining relevance prior to the elections that are scheduled for his running another term in January 2018. Will he become too embarrassing for the Spano’s to let him keep his job? WIll they make nice – nice for as long as they want him to endorse the re-election bid for Liam McLaughlin’s re-election bid? And then adios?

The truth is apparent; Olson has been bought and paid for many times over by the Spano’s. It is time for Olson to step down, pay his legal bills to his membership, and stay out of politics.

The recent endorsement of Teamsters Local 456 this past Monday, April 17th is a sign that the Yonkers PBA leader is out of step with every other union leader in the city and its membership. On Yonkers west side, crime is running rampant and the Yonkers Police Department needs a lot more than five positions. Bottom line it is the elected politicians who need to cut their use of city owned cars, employment by City of Yonkers for jobs and also for no-show jobs, jobs designed to satisfy the need for political patronage, and political patronage jobs for members of the “family and friends network”. As for the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association they must vote for an entirely new Board of Trustees with the enlightened vision that is inclusive of all its members. They may perhaps consider giving the yearly $50,000 police stipend and the PBA credit card to a hired private C.E.O. similar to what is standard protocol in the private sector. At least they would pay for their own vehicle and gas; and they would be permitted to take a tax deduction for using their own car or use public transportation instead.

There is so much more, but there isn’t enough time.

eHeziThe Bleak End for Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is Looming Ever Closer- Crystal Ball NOT Required

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  1. Tip of the iceberg

    Interesting editorial, it was a bit long winded I might say; it could’ve easily been broken into two or three separate articles. You should’ve left this story up on top for more Tax payers to read, I just happen to come across it scrolling through and saw it’s already a few weeks old.

    Being a Yonkers taxpayer myself, and having friends who work for the COY, I can tell you first hand that all the corruption and sleazy antics you pointed out in this and other articles is so true. Yonkers is more corrupt than ever before, the Spano family is sucking the city dry. It turns my stomach when I hear my friends talking about the tens of thousands of dollars their co-workers are making in (phony “on the books” overtime). That’s overtime paid in your check for hours you didn’t really work (wink). That’s paid to people who do “favors” for the Spano’s on company time. IE; The DPW crew using city owned DPW trucks to pick up and deliver materials to Vinny Spano’s new home. Or the DPW crew working inside Vinny Spano’s home during company time. Yeah they don’t get paid overtime for being there, they are on straight taxpayer time. But a few paychecks later they get a thank you in the form of (phantom) overtime pay in their checks. This is made easy by the DPW Commish himself who turns a blind eye, and who has also been to the site. Some of the crew even brag about filming themselves on Vinny’s property using their cell phones, just in case “Fat Mike’s” little brother forgets to do the clerical thing.

    This city is a joke, that whole family should be locked up. The “friends and families” jobs given out by the Mayor is rampant in every department in the city. It’s no bargain though, once the Spano’s do anything for anyone the Spano’s consider them indentured servants. Lots of city employees have a whole lot of dirt on this family.

  2. Drain the fuckin swamp already

    Bottom dwellers. You know what Hezi, FUCK YONKERS !!!
    Why do I pay taxes and this place is run like GANGSTER LAND !!
    Why would anyone live where the employees will not.
    City Hall can’t control its work force

    1. Fake Workforce in Yonkers

      A crap hole full of lazy hack hoods !
      Just look at the shoddy workers .
      Fake warrants-Buildings Burn to Ground
      Teachers take Half the Cities Budget and Pat Puleau
      tells members to lie. Perjure.

  3. free speech for all union members

    The membership want Olson gone. Over 425 members did not sign Olson’s fake petitions or vote to oust his political rival. Write the check Mr. Unity and leave the keys. Maybe you can bartend at the Brewery. Just don’t drink to much, it is bad for diabetes.

  4. Republican observer

    Hezi is writing the truth. Olson took a loss. Republican leadership is nervous about new comer khader. It is obvious Olson is backing a losing candidate-mclaughlin

      1. get help or get a life

        You are really hating on this guy, also known as jealous, envy, and obsessive tendencies can be treated by a doctor or by getting a life. stick to the topic people. grown men and woman behaving worst than teenagers shame on you.

    1. Yonkers PBA and their entire board went rogue under Olson.

      Keith Olson has no credibility any where in the City. Four NYS Judges saw through his actions as capricious and arbitrary. They sent a strong message to the Westchester County and the City of Yonkers rogue PBA Loser Keith Olson, I never lie. Mclaughlin has no choice because every union and there members will stand with Kader and not with Spano lackeys. Remember the Spano’s and the Council President were no friends of the unions. Olson settled to keep his seat and fked his entire membership. The Yonkers Tribune is very credible. Soon keep tuning in to get the real Yonkers scoop.

  5. If you build it they still won't come...

    Generation Yonkers is Spano’s Field of Dreams. His plan is basically this – tell everyone how great Yonkers is, how safe it is, how perfect everything is, how much energy there is and build, build, build with debt, debt, debt (and bonds and tax breaks). And all of the millenial snowflakes will abandon Brooklyn in droves, come to Yonkers, live and play by the beautiful Hudson River in all of those beautiful empty buildings, they’ll all open hipster cafes and everyone will work in tech and IT or found start ups or make great art and Yonkers will be the new Williamsburg and gentrification will push up property prices and push out the poor blacks and hispanics. And if the millenials ever get bored of the energy of Yonkers they can commute to Manhattan in just under 30 minutes.

    The reality is the city is run by a corrupt cartel, including Felon Nick, Meatball Mike, Liam and his 20 family members on the city payroll, a thug PBA president, and a cast of clowns on the city council, and gold plated police and fire who live counties away. Downtown Yonkers is gangland USA with drugs and shootings and stabbings. The schools suck. The taxes are out of control. The city is broke. And there isn’t a snowflake in America that would park their trustfund in this shithole of a city. Spano tried to build it, but they ain’t coming.

    1. Crime infested waterfront

      Well said, the rebuilding of Yonkers was inevitable and started long before fat Nick went to prison and fat Mikey learn he could ear brownies. They stole fromantic the taxpayers and All the unions. Throw the bums out starting with Liam. After elections the Spano cronies will be lame ducks.
      Now go take a stroll and get stabbed or robbed.

  6. You can't handle it stymie

    Hezi the City is corrupt and they can’t get handle the truth. Good job. Your the Fox News of Yonkers

  7. Augie

    Thank you Hezi for keeping the pressure on. Your support of all of us in 628 is just fantastic. Keep up the pressure on fatso Keith and the rest of his compatriots. Do not be intimidated. …tell the truth! Blue truth!

  8. The stupid PBA

    Backing Carrot Top is a mistake. Carrot Top will lose. Republicans can’t win anymore. Picani didn’t endorse Khader for nothing

  9. Make Mine a Super size! Please-zzzzz

    Hezi, Thank You muchos !
    First you exposed rat darcy. A violent hoodlum.
    Like Olsen bullshitted/bullied his members and “YES”, physically brutalized them,
    Both’s of em have been accused of pocketing / misappropriating funds,lying,bullying, pummeling weak unsuspecting members,(cowards).
    Then doing anything violent or devious to protect or advance their careers.
    Yonkers City Hall must be in on it !
    How else could this go on ?
    Maybe Dumbo Darcy and Jumbo Olsen can share the shuttle ride to
    Club Fed together.

    1. True lies

      Just pay your legal bill or tell the NYS Appeals Court that your getting an orange jump suit with a snack bag and a big gulp.

  10. Hiram

    Great article Hezi I hope the people of Yonkers wake up and see how the Spano’s have been deceiving them,it’s all about them and the family network. Did you know that Lou Mosiello one of Nick’s lackeys who has a jewelry store which is not doing well,got Nick to give his son a job in city haul.He has no experience and was another family and friends appointee, wake up people they are screwing you big time

    1. Fact check before you slander decent people

      Hiram or whatever your name is you’re very uninformed. The person you speak of applied for an open position that he is more than qualified for. Obviously your type likes to spread false rumors. Do your homework and stop blaming City Hall for all the woes of Yonkers. The City is finally developing under this administration. Funny how Amiclown never gets blame for anything and he was as shady as they come. Haters spew hate but in fact the City is doing great. So remember before you speak about a decent man as Mike Mosiello, know what his credentials are and know he was the right choice for the position he holds. I’d argue he’s overqualified but hey, that’s just me.

      1. Really

        Tell me fact check how Jose Alvarado and Jose Roman got their jobs-sorry that you have been drinking the Yonkers City Hall cool aid and that it has distorted your thinking abilities-and finally what are your impeccable credentials other than a GED.

      2. Hiram

        Your so full of shit it’s coming out your ears, it’s a friends and family favor, the store is not doing well and they put him there to do his father a favor, so blow it out your ass.

      3. Hiram

        And fact check the city is doing well that’s a joke, the crimes are under reported people are stabbed daily, gangs running rampant, the east side is decaying. I guess you belong to the Spano clan.

    1. Real news

      Tell that fat lying Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson to pay the court order and stop threatening civilians and union members that are professional. Why don’t you pick on your search warrant expert Brian Moran or your other friend, I will not transfer…. Right KO… Nick????

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