Yonkersites Comprehend the Failed Political “Talk v Walk” Reality

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I Thought Ridge Hill Was Safe!

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YONKERS, NY — April 16, 2017 — Read this and you are sure to be weeping at its conclusion. Some will be repulsed by the language, but most will recognize the validity of its telling as they contemplate if the vision was intended to be nothing but a mirage.

I though Ridge Hill was safe! That’s the story that was spun before they started building it, that is after many envelopes and prison sentences were handed out.

The condos are in receivership.

The a**hole Yonkers City Council have no idea how much Yonkers is earning from sales tax revenue. The biggest argument expressed by former Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone and the New York State Assemblyman and present Mayor Mike Spano for developing this site in the first place.

In addition, there are no additional police or fire personnel designated as initially promised and budgeted to secure Ridge Hill. There are still a few million dollars floating around somewhere that were earmarked for a new YPD/YFD station(s) up there.  Where are the plans? Where is the money allocated toward that purpose and promise? What happened to the money?

Silly me, believing a “promise” from a politician!

That bloated POS (piece of sh*t) John Larkin and his band of idiots voted to make the City of Yonkers (CoY) responsible for the snow plowing and maintenance of “all the roads, culverts, and storm drains at Ridge Hill”.

What a nice “f**k you!” to the taxpaying schmucks a/k/a home owners.

FYI:  Nick “The Convicted Felon” Spano and Al “The Convicted Felon” Pirro both receive monetary royalties from the indoor parking lot structures at Ridge Hill.

The best line I ever heard was out of the mouth of that other useless “**sshole” Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Democratic Conference Senate Leader and beloved “scarf lady” asserting that a Lowe’s would not be built at Ridge Hill because it is too low brow. Lo and behold, guess what’s coming to Ridge Hill? Lowe’s.

These people are completely useless and deserve to be used as cargo ballast or shark bait!

eHeziYonkersites Comprehend the Failed Political “Talk v Walk” Reality

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