A Steady Hand and Offensive Posture Needed Now for White House to Endure

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Hon. Michael Grimm represented New York’s 11th congressional district, comprised of the communities of Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn. Grimm is a member of the Republican Party, and during his time in office was the only Republican to represent a significant portion of New York City. He is a former FBI agent, businessman, attorney, and U.S. Marine, having served in the Persian Gulf War.

The Democrats smell blood in the water and they are excellent at closing.  Now more than ever, the bold leadership of President Trump is needed, but an adjustment to his style may very well be required.  While I am not so arrogant to presume to give the President of the United States advice, my own observations of the current situation, along with my personal experience with the familiar play book being used right now may be offer some useful insight.

Hopefully the White House will take a step back, slow down their pace, fully digesting the gravity of what is happening. The President is under heavy attack with every element of opposition power against him, and from every angle: the media, the Democrats, Hollywood, the Establishment and the deeply rooted bureaucrats in every agency that actually regulates the entire country. However, after a deep breath and employing a little introspection, then accepting that they must right their ship, the White House needs to deploy every tool and arsenal at its disposal to go on offense.

This shouldn’t be a surprise though, because if we learned anything from the campaign and first 100 days of Trump’s Presidency, it’s that Washington doesn’t like change.  Too many people in powerful positions like the gig they have and don’t want anything disrupted.  Combine this with the Trump agenda, of which the President is actually following through.

Thus, the President has two problems that result in a massive target on his back: He is trying to change business as usual which neither side of the isle is keen to do and; his agenda if even partially implemented, will almost certainly ensure a second term, and the Democrats would rather burn down the White House than accept that fate.

Therefore, they have employed the “play book” that they regularly use on opponents.  They use the media to create scandal after scandal, even where there really isn’t one. Then they call for investigations; since they do not have Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch to pull the strings, they call for a special prosecutor.  The investigation will become a fishing expedition, which is against DOJ policy requiring a very narrow scope.  Democrats will push for the prosecutor to delve into everything to find whatever could stick, regardless of how tenuous or far from the original allegations.  Once they find the smallest of infractions, like an obscure tax violation, they will unify and then the end will justify the means.  It will be the excuse for all the false stories/scandals and the original allegations become irrelevant.

President Trump needs to fight fire with fire. Republicans do not unify or circle the wagons like the Democrats do, so he needs to go it alone, and be offensive. Since his opposition are so concerned with the handling of classified information, and the statute of limitations has not yet run, the Attorney General should consider reopening the Hillary Clinton matter.  The unmasking investigation should be pushed to full throttle, and a thorough review of everything concerning Loretta Lynch should be front and center to even include her private meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac, and her refusal to empanel a grand jury to investigate the e-mail issue or the Clinton Foundation.

The Russians are coming the Russians are coming is what every Democrat and liberal cable show are broadcasting, so a copious and public review of the Uranium One deal should be initiated at once.  Lastly, aggressively pursuing the leaks and prosecuting those responsible needs to be a top priority; Trump cannot survive if the White House has enemies within.

The President can settle things down inside the White House and show he has a steady hand on the rudder in tumultuous waters – which he is surely in.

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eHeziA Steady Hand and Offensive Posture Needed Now for White House to Endure

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