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  1. Wondering?

    Just wondering out loud…. who is our Democrat/Mayor Mike Spano backing?

    Is he publicly endorsing a fellow Democrat/Mike Khader? That would be the honorable thing to do. Or is he secretly pulling the strings for Republican Liam McLaughlin because he knows Liam is his lap dog.

    Taxpayers want to know.

    1. Bought and Sold

      Why would Spano back a LOSER, khader is the farthest thing on taxpayers mind. He has already given the city’s purse to the unions.

      1. Rude awaking

        I don’t think a loser would have your attention. Everyone who knows Liam and his campaign are all worried and watching Khader for a reason. You guys got a challenge and you know it.

        Keep sleeping on Khader.

        1. liam is on life support

          all union contracts have been settled dick head,and who helped fuck unions over ????SPANO AND CARROT TOP

      2. spano expired

        spano is the kiss of death not liked if he was he would be the front runner for county exec…he shot his load game over.

  2. Shish Kabob

    I wonder if the food will be like Fat Johns shish kabob at the county sponsored Heritage BBQ-It tasted like my cats shit

  3. Drain the swamp

    A new face is exactly what Yonkers needs to clean up City Hall. I wish you lots of luck Mike Khader.

      1. liam is on life support

        too bad Liam and spano will be working thier asses off this summer instead of being in mastic or LBI…LOL

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